Thread for Weekend Commitments, Transfers, Rumors

Submitted by MWolverine7 on December 9th, 2017 at 9:17 AM
Created a central thread to consolidate any commitment or transfer news this weekend. Rumors are welcome as well. Hope we receive some great news this weekend! Go Blue! Edit: I did not intend for this thread to replace the standard HELLO posts. I thought having a central thread for rumors and news would be a good idea since there are some people that are closer to the program than others. Mods- please feel to delete this thread. Thanks,



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It would really be something to be able to bring in 3 potential starters outside of regular recruiting of high schoolers.  Brings a whole new meaning to being better today then we were yesterday. 

Longballs Dong…

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I have great news but I'm going to wait until there are over 400 comments before telling you about it. OP if you really want to do this for some reason, you need to aggregate everything to your OP. If you aren't willing to do that, you aren't helping.


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when a game is not happening, like this weekend, what do the visits entail? when do they arrive and leave? what do they do? how much time is with coaches doing football stuff vs hanging out with their host seeing the campus and town?


December 9th, 2017 at 10:19 AM ^

Official visit to ASU this weekend, as my buddies kid was supposed to be his host all weekend at ASU. I spoke w the buddy and ASU is already figured he is gone. His host was a Michigan offer as well 2 years ago.


December 9th, 2017 at 1:52 PM ^

what you are saying, ASU will no longer be trying to keep him with contact etc: he was at UCLA last weekend and cancelled his trip to ASU in favor of us.

Relax peeps this is another reason why I don't say to much about things, even though I'm very well in the know on a lot of topics here. Take it for what it's worth


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I would love it - from a mod perspective - if all this would end up in one thread, but considering that sometimes we can't even help but duplicate effort on more benign events, it would be hard to manage. I mean, if you were around for Committapalooza some years ago, I think the average number of duplicate threads per players about about six, with Michael Ferns getting 13 all to himself.


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Regarding comments from local media with ties to MSU....who cares about their opinion! If taking Shea is such a bad thing for Michigan, why are they fretting? Wouldn’t that mean it’s a good thing for MSU that taking Shea would create a chemistry issue in the locker room. The amount of garbage coming out of their mouths this week has reached record levels. They are afraid - very afraid because Michigan is going after it- Harbaugh is not waiting for something to happen - the rules of the game have changed from Michigan’s perspective and for one, love it!