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08/20/2018 - 8:19am Perfect time to start paying…

Perfect time to start paying attention to the "There are..." posts.  Bring on the Leprechauns!

08/17/2018 - 12:39pm You're right, and that was…

You're right, and that was my implied point.  If you're getting a bunch of shots at the end of a soccer game, its an uncomfortable thing because if one of those happen to go in, the result is immediately at risk. 

This, as you rightly say, is the opposite of garbage time in football where the conclusion is so far out of reach that it's not at risk.  I wasn't just making a cute suggestion for a synonym, I was implying trying to subtly suggest that the use of garbage time wasn't the best term to characterize what he was actually describing.

Edit:  Looking at my original post, I realize I could have done much better to communicate my point.

08/17/2018 - 12:00pm It's garbage time in…

It's garbage time in football.  It's "squeaky-bum time" in soccer. 

08/16/2018 - 10:25pm The desire to go can be…

The desire to go can be overwhelming, which is understandable the desire to be together in times of grief is comforting.  Just ask yourself first, would going be more for you or more for him?  It can certainly be for you both, and the answer to the question isn't dispositive, but you should at least be that self-aware before you drop in. 

Otherwise, you can still be as present as possible via text--make the most of what you're able to do. 

08/16/2018 - 3:52pm wtf does that mean?

wtf does that mean?

08/09/2018 - 2:24pm ....until week 3. 

....until week 3. 

08/09/2018 - 2:23pm Clever.  Hopefully no one…

Clever.  Hopefully no one mistakes the sentiment as an endorsement of bestiality.

08/06/2018 - 11:26am Thinkofthechildren.gif


07/20/2018 - 1:02pm It's savage out there.  I…

It's savage out there.  I think this might be what people might be looking for:

This is such a tired narrative.  It is clearly clickbait.  If Harbaugh were to deliver two national championships in the next four years, then maybe, just maybe, he would consider leaving for the NFLsomething I would understand.

Or they could be looking for excuses to downvote.  I'm guessing the latter.

06/14/2018 - 2:11pm Push


06/14/2018 - 12:33pm Bold.  Not quite as bold as…

Bold.  Not quite as bold as your play for Svestapool, but bold nonetheless.

06/14/2018 - 10:31am USA won't make it out of the…

USA won't make it out of the group stage this year.

06/13/2018 - 7:20am Username checks out

Username checks out

05/17/2018 - 11:53am If this were Diplomacy, you'd

If this were Diplomacy, you'd be begging for a dagger to the back.

05/15/2018 - 3:44pm Thieves broke into my wife's

Thieves broke into my wife's 97 Jeep Cherokee, popped out the ignition with a screwdriver, and left.  I'm guessing that's the point that noticed that it was a stick and couldn't figure out how to get it started.  They did rummage through her mix tapes in the center console before leaving though.   

05/11/2018 - 10:32am I graduated from Michigan in

I graduated from Michigan in 4 years too.  I even paid for the privilege.  I can haz $100,000 in deferred compensation for no additional work too?  I guarantee I put in as many, if not more, hours of work as the football team did.  Only difference in my case is that the University didn't make any money on my efforts outside of collecting my tuition payments.  

Maybe the approach should be some form of profit sharing.

05/11/2018 - 8:30am Never seen that celebration

Never seen that celebration before.  I would be sorely tempted to help that glove find its seat on the other side of the glass.  

05/10/2018 - 10:25pm Soft goals all night for the

Soft goals all night for the Jets.  Love it.

05/10/2018 - 10:24pm Jets sitting deep in their

Jets sitting deep in their zone.  But that penalty is a killer.

05/10/2018 - 10:23pm Had this discussion in

Had this discussion in another thread... Nashville is a young franchise just getting established.  They don't have the history the Wings have.  So while the catfish thing is utterly ridiculous, and a blatant ripoff of the octopus, it is what it is.  Damn kids.  And yes, a very jealous wings fan.  Hoping for a Jets/Lightning finals.  Can't stand the preds or the knights.

05/10/2018 - 1:05pm It's not an apparell thread. 

It's not an apparell thread.  He gets a pass from me.

05/10/2018 - 11:18am * goes off to google "Skate

* goes off to google "Skate with Wolverine" *

05/08/2018 - 10:11am He's an eyepatch away from

He's an eyepatch away from becoming Dr. Evil's number 2. That's probably the only way he could fall from his perch as the GOAT.

05/08/2018 - 9:03am Correction

If Giselle was your wife, you'd wear whatever SHE told you to wear.

05/07/2018 - 6:25pm Bro?


05/07/2018 - 6:25pm Bro?


05/04/2018 - 1:30pm False.  One's personal

False.  One's personal opinion regarding MSU's various issues is irrelevant to an allegation of corrpution at UM.  It might be wise for UM to continually review its own policies and practices, but that bit of wisdom holds true regardless of what is happening in East Lansing or anywhere else. 

But good on you for trying to rile up the masses.  Frankly, however, it comes off as a high-handed attempt to garner consensus by virtue signaling and shaming those who might not have the same opinion as you.  Well done though for living up to your self-established moral code by being equally offended by the same perceived injustice based upon your interpretation fo the facts that you've chosen to believe at this moment in time.  You're a good social justice warrior.  Give yourself a gold star. 

05/04/2018 - 11:32am When you're ready to give up

When you're ready to give up middle schooler games, I suggest Diplomacy.  Same thing, without the dice.

05/03/2018 - 6:46pm I didn't click the link.  Are

I didn't click the link.  Are they actually playing football there now?

05/03/2018 - 2:41pm Subtle jokes go to the

The internet is where subtlety goes to die.  I know the site search is down.  Has been for years. 

Aside:  your avatar's outdated.  no pics of Ibra in a galaxy jersey?


05/03/2018 - 12:48pm This has nothing to do with

This has nothing to do with Hurst's actual health or various teams' concern therefore.  It's (1) a liabiltiy issue, and (2) an optics issue.  Personally, I think #2 is driving the day.  It's kind of a bad look if someone ups and dies on you. 

Imagine, if you will, the completely and  entirely hypothetical scenario in which you put in a player who you know, or should know has a "concussion," and he goes out and gets injured further or, heaven forbid, dies.  Imagine what would be said in such situations.  If you can't, I'm sure a simple site search for "Morris" will do the trick.  From a business perspective, there is absolutely 0 upside to this.

05/03/2018 - 10:53am But is it Gibby or the play

But is it Gibby or the play on the field?

05/03/2018 - 10:52am It's hard to listen to anyone

It's hard to listen to anyone when you grow up listening to Harwell on the radio and see George Kell and Al Kaline on TV.

05/02/2018 - 4:55pm Wait...
What happened to


What happened to Ashleys?

05/02/2018 - 1:38pm I'm not sure we're that far

I'm not sure we're that far apart, really.  If you took the fan involvement out of most college hockey games, there's a greater likelyhood that you're going to get a sloppy product on the ice, which is, as you suggest, boring.  But in the pro game, the skill level is so much greater, so much more sophisticated, that the real entertainment is the product on the ice.  You shouldn't have to add all the extras to make going to the rink an entertaining affair, and when you do, it actually distracts from the experience (for me)..  And yes, there's the argument that if the hockey is good and the antics are good, and so 1+1 equals more, and is therefore better.  But I guess my whole point is that in this case, the equation is more like 1+wtf? = <1. 

One analogy and I'm done.  I promise.  Look at baseball.  You don't go to a minor league game because you're a lover of good baseball.  You go because beer is cheaper, they let you hang out on the other side of the fence down the first and third base lines for $5, because you're going to see some drunk fat ass fall all over himself trying to outrace a 4-year old for a foul ball, and because when the weather is nice, it's just nice to be outside and be around a game.  But as far as the baseball itself, you know that the 19 year old short stop is going to overthrow first base at least once, the outfield is going to misplay a fly ball, and you know that whether the the starting pitcher will make it past the thrid inning without 4 walks is a sucker bet.  When you go to most MLB games, however, you go for the game itself, yes there are traditions that are as much a part of the game as the game itself, but unless you're going to Yankee stadium, you don't hear a lot of "hey, batter batter."

That said, I also hate walk-up music, $15 beers, carousels, ferris wheels, and individual urinals.  *get off my lawn*

And just for the record, I'm talking Wings games from the late 90s.  It doesn't matter how much tradition there is when you're team is sucking on the ice, so I get why a Wings game now isn't ejoyable.  Still, there's nothing like Stanley Cup playoff games, and for that, I'm jealous.  Enjoy.  Good luck.  Go Jets.

04/30/2018 - 10:02pm Your point that sports is

Your point that sports is entertainment makes sense.  For me, different levels of hockey are different experiences that are enjoyed for their unique features.  "It's all your fault," unabashed heckling of the players and refs, and dancing to Bulwinkle at Yost all fall into the realm of enjoyable college antics.  At a Wings game though?  No way.  There's enough history, tradition, tension, and excitement in a Stanley Cup playoff series that you don't need to bring the college antics into the professional side.  To me, it takes away from that particular experience.  Plus, you add in the booze, and now you've got a Lion's game. 

I get it though, fun is fun.  The preds are a young franchise, relatively speaking.  So you do what you can, you're not bound by tradition.  But at the same time, for me, it's missing some of the best things that make playoff hockey great.

04/30/2018 - 4:41pm I don't remember which team I

I don't remember which team I was watching, either the Preds or the Knights, but I think I actually heard the standard "It's all your fault" cheer after a goal.  Didn't sound right at a pro game.  I mean, I know they're human, but do you really think you're going to get into the head of a pro goalie in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

And another thing... Vegas apparently crosses Kanye's "Stronger," Daft Punk, and Midevil Times all into one pregame SHOW.  What utter garbage pro hockey is being transformed into.  


04/30/2018 - 4:25pm Under this line of thinking,

Under this line of thinking, NBC should also be held accountable for its shameless promotion of Notre Dame to audiences of any age. 

I like it.

04/30/2018 - 4:21pm So I know the catfish is the

So I know the catfish is the local version of throwing an octopus on the ice.  But is there any other significance to it than that, or is just a cheap ripoff of something actually clever?

04/28/2018 - 5:26pm Get out of here with your

Get out of here with your objective analysis of the replay.  No one around here wants to hear it.


But you're right.  PSU got hosed.

04/28/2018 - 4:00pm Won't all of this become moot

Won't all of this become moot once our AI overlords take over?  I'm assuming they'll be able to engineer and program anything far better than we meat-sacks.

04/27/2018 - 3:57pm This is his first step

This is his first step towards his ultimate destiny as Khan.

04/27/2018 - 3:21pm I came for the massive

I came for the massive spoilers. Why else would I have come?

04/20/2018 - 12:09pm Rafa belongs to Newcastle. 

Rafa belongs to Newcastle.  Ashley out!

04/19/2018 - 12:36pm Washed a lot of dishes,

Washed a lot of dishes, refereed a lot of intramural sports games, tended bar, shared a room off-campus...

And when Einstein's was there, on days I wasn't working, they let me come in, work a half hour off the clock to help with the breakfast rush, make breakfast for myself, and go to class.  After class, I came back, helped with the lunch rush, made myself lunch, and went home. 

Short answer, you do what you have to to make it by.

04/17/2018 - 5:27pm Or a koala

Or a koala

04/17/2018 - 5:27pm He got one.

I couldn't make it past this without laughing. Thankfully I wasn't there.

"[H]ow long did it take you to jump on this offer?"

04/17/2018 - 9:37am Semester long engineering

Semester long engineering group project in undergrad had four of us assign major roles throughout a design process.  One member, whose primary job was to put together the final report, disappeared a week before it was due.  No communication of any sort.  He just disappeared.  The rest of us were incensed.  We put together a group email threatening to have his grade crushed for bailing on us last second and putting us all in jeopardy.  This thing was scathing.  Anyway, we decided to hold off on sending it, finished the report, and submitted it.  Two weeks later, we get an email from him letting us know that his mother had died unexpectedly (car accident) and he had flown home to for the funeral and to be with family. 

04/03/2018 - 1:19pm DROP THE PUCK!


04/03/2018 - 1:17pm Beilein's plan was spot on.

Beilein's plan was spot on. The team just didn't execute.  Start by getting Wagner going inside.  Check.  This did a couple things.  One, it kept Nova from pulling out to a monster lead if they were hot early.  So it kept the team in it mentally.  Two, it opened up the perimiter to get the guys clear looks at 3s.  If those shots fall, the first half is an entirely different game.  Plain and simple. 

The ticky-tack fouls midway through the first half sucked any momentum and any hope of getting into a grove outside the arc.  From there, it was too much ginger.

Great game, all the pieces were in the right places.  They just couldn't execute.  And in looking at this team, they'll be disappointed, but there's a lot to be proud of.