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Created a central thread to consolidate any commitment or transfer news this weekend. Rumors are welcome as well. Hope we receive some great news this weekend! Go Blue! Edit: I did not intend for this thread to replace the standard HELLO posts. I thought having a central thread for rumors and news would be a good idea since there are some people that are closer to the program than others. Mods- please feel to delete this thread. Thanks,



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Sometimes position coaches, or primary recruiters play a critical role in bringing recruits in. Derrick Henry said Jeremy Pruitt recruited him to Bama and was the reason he chose Bama.If OSU was honest to Mike Weber about the RB coach leaving then he might have stuck with MICH. I'm not saying it absolutely will have an impact on Reese, but at the moment he is committed to us and it could help keep him blue.


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Rumor: Lavar Ball is at Crisler, meeting with Shea Patterson. Shea will announce he will be homeschooled by Lavar, and play Basketball in Europe, and inked Louis Vitton Endorsement deal.


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I got a hot take, again take it for what it’s worth, but Pep in not leaving Michigan and Jay Harbaugh may be relieved of his duties as RB coach and moved to a different position. Word is Harbaugh got a lot of pressure for letting Wheatley go, and replacing him with his son. Pep will also have a bigger role with the offense. I hate posting this stuff because of potential backlash, but what the hell.


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An extended role for Pep make me nervous. Can't be sure what was the root of our offensive problem this year. But Pep's first year here as passing coordinator we saw major Speight regression, couldn't get the QB depth chart right, and installed a passing spread we are terrible at.


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We don't know how Peters looked in practice; maybe he did look unsure.

As well, Speight did come back from a pretty notable injury. Passing looked okay prior to our best (freshman!?) receiver getting injured (well, except for the Speight arm punting to guys part...that could have been better.)

OTOH, by the end of the year the line and running game looked better (not great but better), Peters development as a QB, not bad. The services seemed to be talking up McCaffrey but who knows...

Pep might have been the problem but he wasn't at Stanford...


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So it seemed like the heat was coming internally.. Wheatley was really good at recruiting at inner city schools. We all knew that though. From what I was told there was not much of a fight to keep him and he replaced him with someone who didn’t seem to be qualified for the position. I mean I guess I could understand other coaches not being happy. Imagine if you have been working at a job for years, and your boss turns around and hires his son who is fresh out of college. I mean you can’t really say anything, but people talk.

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Nobody got let go to hire Jay, especially Wheatley. He left of his own accord with Jay already on the staff. Jay was moved to accommodate other moves.

In any event, Jay’s position groups have done very well since he has been here. RBs were better this year than last year. Pass blocking from RBs has been weak the past two years aside from Smith being on the field. If only RB was our weakest position this year....

There is no pressure on Harbaugh except from talking heads in the press who know nothing or jabronis on message boards. Warde will not meddle in Jim’s affairs - that is beyond his capabilities and expertise.


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Your reading way too much into what I wrote..Didn’t say he was let go, there was just no real fight to keep him. I never mentioned the pressure was coming from Warde either. What I was referring too where the other coaches and staff. Like I said, if your boss makes a move that few people agree with, no one will confront him, but employees will talk. That’s basically what went on. Like I said, take it for what it’s worth.

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Obviously Jay was already there and he didn't really get a promotion. He just moved from TEs to RBs. From the outside looking in, the move seems like an upgrade. Not that Frey is necessarily a better coach than Wheatley, but that another OL coach was more valuable for this team.

Obviously having a coach's son on the staff can lead to some questions, but this doesn't look like a case of Harbaugh showing favoritism. More like he didn't think Wheatley was indispensible. 

Mr Miggle

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place. He was under qualified, but I was willing to cut Harbaugh a little slack. That little tradeoff was well worth getting him here. Why the skepticism about Jay now? Our TEs were arguably the most improved position group on offense while he had them. Running back play improved this season. I understand he had help from a GA. So did Pep with the WRs.

At this point, expecting Harbaugh to fire or demote Jay seems completely unrealistic. I wouldn't be shocked to see him get hired away. He might like an opportunity to prove himself somewhere else.


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What possible justification is there for giving Pep more of a role with the offense?  Our passing offense was a lot worse this year under his coordination, last year his Cleveland Browns offense was terrible, he was fired from the Colts the year before, and during his two year stint as OC at Stanford, Al Borges coordinated better offenses (without the benefit of a NFL QB).  Pep's prior stint as an OC was for a dreadful Howard team that never broke .500, and got worse each year.  I also have not heard anything about him as a plus recruiter.  I understand the consternation about Jay as a RB coach, (even though the RBs as a group outperformed Pep's groups, and Jay is a plus recruiter).  But shuffling Jay around doesn't seem tied to Pep in any way.  

One other point: from Speight's interviews, it seemed like Pep expected him to seek a transfer (or at least was not surprised), while the news completely caught Harbaugh off-guard.  Why didn't Pep clue Harbaugh in on the possibility ahead of time?  


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Pending transcript approval

My Name Is Earl
Ole Miss transfer Deontay Anderson has committed to the University of Michigan. Just waiting on transcripts to go thru admissions to make it official. #GoBlue