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06/19/2018 - 9:51am Brings back memories of one…

Brings back memories of one of my favorite Michigan moments: Tuman's game-winning TD in the Rose Bowl for the NC:


I'll take more of that please.

06/19/2018 - 9:37am I like the new darker green…

I like the new darker green turf.  The old one always looked worn out and faded, even from the start.

06/19/2018 - 9:34am Yeah, the fake mower tones…

Yeah, the fake mower tones never look that good and don't fool anybody. 

Just have a rich grass-green color and be done with it.

06/18/2018 - 12:13pm Tony Boles is the correct…

Tony Boles is the correct answer.

06/18/2018 - 12:04pm Beeyouteeful!!



06/14/2018 - 5:28pm Excelling at those two…

Excelling at those two traits can more than make up for whatever athleticism deficit there may be

I'm living proof that's not really true.

It ain't ever happening no matter what.


06/14/2018 - 4:11pm I dunno, they just never…

I dunno, they just never seemed to play as a team.  The stars were certainly there.

06/14/2018 - 4:03pm Thanks!

So . . . why isn't…


So . . . why isn't this kind of information posted somewhere like FAQ, so that each person does not have to figure it out themselves each time through trial and error.

List all of the common frequently used functions like posting videos, images, links, etc., and explain how they are done now in 3.0.

Why in the world would you not do that?  

06/14/2018 - 3:50pm We should have an affinity…

We should have an affinity for England, but I always root against them because they are so incredibly smug and dismissive about all things USA soccer.

USA soccer is not elite, of course, but news flash: Neither is England soccer.  They are hardly in a position to be looking down their noses at us to the extent they do.

The last time that the USA and England were in the same group in the WC, it was the USA that won the group, not England.

Q: What do the USA and England have in common?

A: Neither of us has won a world cup in the last 50 years.

They are the Notre Dame of soccer nations, living off of dusty old glories, and in your face about it while they are doing it.     

06/09/2018 - 10:09pm Next thing you know, they'll…

Next thing you know, they'll let you back in the G7.


06/09/2018 - 9:59pm They should maximize revenue…

They should maximize revenue and sell ad space in the area underneath the avatar picture and to the left of the text. 

They could do it on every single comment.  Then they could have dating sites for every single county in the world . . .

"Date Kyrgyzstan women!"


06/09/2018 - 9:49pm Yeah, that's a good example…

Yeah, that's a good example.  Is that an anomaly to be addressed, or is that just the way it works now? 

Nobody really knows.

If you knew, you'd probably chill and sit tight until it is addressed, or just deal with a new policy if that is what it is.

So why not just tell people what is going on?


06/09/2018 - 2:21pm Can we have an MGoBlog 3.0 …

Can we have an MGoBlog 3.0 "How to" link somewhere prominent and easy to access that tells us:

- How to do functions in 3.0 that have changed from 2.0 (like posting a Youtube video for example)

- How to do new 3.0 functions that we might be confused by, or not aware of. 

06/09/2018 - 2:05pm "the complete lack of…

"the complete lack of communication when they went ahead and did so (and communication in general) is pretty bad. I've seen a lot of people confused over that."

Brian generally likes to be the mysterious-man-behind-the-curtain on this blog that only reveals himself occasionally, at the unannounced time and place of his choosing, and then disappears. 

But now is not the time for that.  Now is the time to let everyone know what has changed, how to handle it, what is known to be broken, how that will be handled, etc.

Feel free to over-explain.  Feel free to dumb it down.  Feel free to post it more than once, in more than one place until us rubes get it.  No need to be too cool for school in this situation.     

06/09/2018 - 1:49pm It's not really better for…

It's not really better for mobile devices, and it's way worse for non-mobile.


06/09/2018 - 1:46pm Or at least a way to set it…

Or at least a way to set it in your profile choices (if I could actually find my profile choices), and then have it persist.

Right now it only holds for the page you are on.  As soon as you go to another page or another thread, you are back to the default oldest-first view.

06/09/2018 - 1:42pm We also publish a list of…

We also publish a list of known anomalies, and some idea of how / when they will be addressed.

People will generally be reasonably patient if they at least know that you know and acknowledge issues, and intend to address them.

Otherwise everyone is in the dark about if certain things will ever be addressed, or are even acknowledged as an issue.

For example, as far as I know now, editing comments will never be addressed and I'm an idiot for even asking.  I'm in the dark.

06/09/2018 - 1:28pm When we do major software…

When we do major software point releases for customers, we publish Release Notes that say what is changed and how to handle the change.

MGoBlog needs "3.0 Release Notes". 

Perhaps update the FAQ's to address the major changes and how to handle them now. 

For example, I still have not figured out how to post a Google Image without having to download it as a file to my laptop, then upload it to MGoBlog.  it's a big pain in the ass. 

Is that the way it works now, or am I just lacking the proper instructions to have it link directly to the GIS link address like it used to?  I'm in the dark.

That kind of stuff.


06/09/2018 - 1:19pm The vast white space is…

The vast white space is blinding and takes up a lot of real estate. 

Less empty spacing between / within the text, and a slightly muted background would help a lot.


06/09/2018 - 1:15pm (No subject)


06/09/2018 - 1:13pm Damn this blog has a lot of…

Damn this blog has a lot of white space.

Image removed.

06/09/2018 - 12:59pm Depends on how our bagman…

Depends on how our bagman does at Belmont today . . .

06/09/2018 - 9:56am That we started the "little…

That we started the "little brother" thing is our fault.

That it keeps being true is their fault.


06/09/2018 - 9:53am I gotta give credit where it…

I gotta give credit where it is due.  He plays that shtick masterfully.  He's found a niche and he maximizes it.  

Good for him, really.

If you're a little brother program like Washington State, Oklahoma State, Michigan State, etc. you need a niche . . . quirky coach, oil money, chip-on-the-shoulder . . . something.

What would you do as the coach of middle tier program that otherwise lives in the shadows?

06/09/2018 - 9:45am He needs some defending help…

He needs some defending help.

Or any defending help.


06/09/2018 - 9:43am Me too.  I thought we were…

Me too.  I thought we were going to decide what color all the vast white space was going to be.

06/09/2018 - 9:41am Whoever finishes second in…

Whoever finishes second in the West should just be allowed in the Finals.

Cleveland played in the Finals, but they were definitely not the second best team in the NBA.

06/09/2018 - 9:38am If I were him, I would do…

If I were him, I would do everything in private and then just show up for the first practice on the team I picked.

I wouldn't personally announce anything.

They'll figure it out when I put on the uni.

06/07/2018 - 12:15am That's just wrong.

That's just wrong.

06/06/2018 - 11:22pm So . . . how do you do it…

So . . . how do you do it now?

it used to be switch to pure text, copy embed code, switch back to rich text, save.

How do you do it now?

06/06/2018 - 11:18pm Yeah, it hurts my eyes after…

Yeah, it hurts my eyes after a while.  Like looking into a lightbulb. 

A slightly muted background would help.

06/06/2018 - 11:14pm Spelll Check!

Spelll Check!

06/06/2018 - 11:03pm Looks like it's working now.

Looks like it's working now.

06/06/2018 - 11:02pm TEST.


06/06/2018 - 10:59pm I have not seen a way other…

I have not seen a way other than to find an old post or make an impromptu one and click on your name (like I am doing now).

Then you can see them.

06/06/2018 - 2:25pm Yeah, posting and getting…

Yeah, posting and getting upvotes (or downvotes) don't seem to be changing the point totals.

My point total is the same as it was at the start of MgoBlog 3.0 earlier today, nothing changed. 

Is that a temporary / to-be-fixed later thing?


06/06/2018 - 2:16pm Thank You for the MGoBlog 3…

Thank You for the MGoBlog 3.0 housewarming gift, Coach B!



06/06/2018 - 1:27pm Yes, each comment takes up a…

Yes, each comment takes up a lot of unnecessary space.

Seems like they could be easily compressed some . . . 

06/06/2018 - 1:21pm You're back!

I hope you…

You're back!

I hope you learned your lesson.

Now give back the Crimea.


06/06/2018 - 1:11pm This is a test


This is a test


06/04/2018 - 10:31am As I posted above, that's

As I posted above, that's similar to how American football got started.  I expect these Russian brawls to evolve into their own more formal "sporting" event over time. 

The article stated that the connection to the local soccer teams is already being lost, and that these brawls and the groups that fight in them are becoming their own independent subculture.

06/04/2018 - 10:26am Rich people problems.

Rich people problems.

If you have a QB recruit that people are not trying to flip, you don't have a QB recruit.


06/04/2018 - 2:43am Cade McNamara . . . "looks

Cade McNamara . . . "looks like a lock to make The Opening Finals."


06/04/2018 - 2:26am They will try to just merely

They will try to just merely "contain" them for the few weeks of the WC, and that will be it. After that it will be business as usual.

06/04/2018 - 2:22am Read accounts of the early

Read accounts of the early period of American football in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  Lot's of parallels.

Young men leading a hard life, trying ot prove themselves.  Show how tough they are.

The early period of American football was basically organized brawls, for many of the same reasons as in this article.


06/04/2018 - 1:47am So he can also coach Michigan

So he can also coach Michigan at the same time.



06/02/2018 - 7:34am Agreed.  Highly underrated

Agreed.  Highly underrated singer.

Hart too.


06/02/2018 - 7:31am They don't have pure orthodox

They don't have pure orthodox singing voices, but I love the vocals of Michael Stipe and of Eddie Vedder.

On the female side, I always liked Michelle Branch for the same reason.

Interesting voices.


06/01/2018 - 8:05pm Purdue = Hot Chicks.

Purdue = Hot Chicks.


06/01/2018 - 5:07pm He'd come right back.

He'd come right back.

The first time he did an autobench after a foul in the first minute there would be a mutiny.