Shea gave tips about Staee defense to osu QB?

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osu QB Dwayne Haskins said he talked to Shea Patterson Tuesday about Michigan State. “I’ve known Shea since I was in 8th grade...I hit him up asking about how they play defensively, and he gave me some tips.”


Shea you’re from Toledo, you know this is no good!

What say you?



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Yeah MSU has really great coverage and a terrible DLINE.  Yup no need to worry just stay back in the pocket and wait until you see a running lane open up. /s

Denard's Pro Career

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Dantonio: "We vetted the young man."

Outside the Lines Report: "There is no record of Michigan State officials speaking to law enforcement agencies in Indiana about his past or requesting records from them, despite the university's learning that Robertson had been permanently barred from his high school's campus in January 2016;"

UM Fan from Sydney

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Eh. I don't like that.

EDIT: I have to believe Shea understands that an OSU loss to MSU greatly improves the chances that UM gets to Indy, even with a loss to OSU, but wins against Rutgers and Indiana. Maybe he wants both teams to be 10-1 in Columbus.


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Wanting OSU with 1 loss is just [insert expletive demeaning intellect here].  All you weirdos wanting OSU to be as good as they can be are just odd, unusual aliens with the logic of a soap dish.  Please stop.  This is a team that has beaten us 15 of 17 times.  Yet you want them top flight for the game?  How about we freaking win 5 in a row against them before you mince about how competitive they are in boosting our resume...

Give me 0-12 OSU every day and twice on Sunday, forever.

May Sparty crush them this weekend, although Sparty won't.  Book it.  Mork will toss the game to spite Michigan.

Newton Gimmick

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I'm with you.  They aren't discounting their wins over us in the RichRod or Hoke years when we were mediocre.  

I'd rather wrap up the division (essentially) this weekend.  Get rid of that goddamn drought.  There are high enough stakes on the OSU game already: a possible playoff berth, and a rivalry win.  


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There was just an article out about how Don Brown advises NFL and other college coaches in the off season. Oddly, the people who get most uptight about this stuff are the people who don't actually play or coach.

Give away game prep to a foe--absolutely not. Give general thoughts about a common opponent or about the game in general--that's just being decent.

It's possible to have character and still win (with or without cruelty).


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Heck, Urbz got a bunch of his spread ideas by talking to RichRod, who was happy to talk to anyone.  Harbaugh has stated in the past he got ideas from other teams.  Coaches and players talk all the time, it's just networking. 

The fact that Haskins reached out tells me he's at least a little worried. 


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Yeah, I'll pile on here.  These players didn't grow up being enemies of each other, and many of them became friends through the process.  This is a complete non-issue.  Like the other posters said, if Shea is sharing info that the OSU coaches/scouts couldn't uncover themselves, we should feel very good about our game against them.


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Would like to see MSU lose this one. Then we can beat a higher ranked OSU team that will help us in retaining a position in the top 4. As it’s been noted the committee seems to want 2 SEC teams in the playoff with both Georgia and LSU out there lurking so a higher ranked OSU win for us would pay bigger dividends. 


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at this point, I'm happy as hell when MSU loses at ANYTHING. I am equally happy as hell when OSU loses at ANYTHING...IF we just take care of OUR business and beat Rutger, Indiana, then OSU, this weekend in east landfill means nothing to us. WIN OUT. Revenge Tour in full swing. GO BLUE. And glad to know UM players have class, care about being human beings first...non-story.

UP to LA

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Eh. Setting aside everything else, we definitely want OSU to win if the goal is maximizing our playoff odds. There's a real chance that Michigan gets left out in favor of one-loss Bama, Georgia, or ND teams. Beating an OSU team that's looked at as top 10 reduces those chances.

EDIT: Or in other words, what everyone else says.


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agree. an osu loss increases our rose bowl chances greatly, even if we lose to osu.  i would gladly take a rose bowl victory as a consolation prize should we lose to osu.  i really don't see an osu loss hurting our playoff chances should we go 11-1.  a sparty win would likely move both them and osu into the top 15 range.  two road wins against top 15ish teams would be something none of the other teams have on their resume.