Jim McElwain Did a Really Nice Thing

Submitted by Caesar on April 6th, 2018 at 8:52 AM

Bit of fluff, though a very nice story, and it's the offseason. Looks like McElwain took a pretty sizeable hit on his home's sale price so that a family with disabled kids could afford the place, which is well-suited for their needs (link). 




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Aw, man.  Do we have to stop making fun of him now?  'Cause we were kind of on a roll.

What's Charlie Weis doing these days?

If he ever comes here, I am not giving up the Weis jokes.



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How the McElwains won’t talk about what they did even with the amount of peopling making fun of the loss they took on the house. Absolutely love that!! Program needs more of that


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If McElwain took our offense as O-Cord and turned it top 10 on the way to a National Title....

Would you dress in a shark costume and let him hump you ??

total hypothetical.....

for now


Great gesture by coach, by the way


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Very nice story. From what I have heard, the family's child had a pretty badly deformed head. But McElwain just loves kids though...

(I know, I know, I'm going to hell...) 


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I think they are partial synonyms, meaning they have overlapping meanings and can in some ways mean the same things but in other ways differ.  Ignorant commonly means "uninformed", however, "ignore" is active, whereas "to be uninformed" is purely passive. Being ignorant is more suggestive that you have avoided knowledge.  Where you have avoided knowledge of how something affects someone else, in that context, I think it is synonymous with insensitive. 


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I'm still confused if the shark thing was real or fake?  Either way, we should probably stop being dickheads about it since he's our guy now.  ---Bracing for the downvotes---


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Not only were they willing to take a massive hit, they also left a bunch of stuff (Pool and poker tables, pool furniture) that the family had mentioned they liked. That's next level.


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A generously outstanding thing to do, especially considering that the family probably could have afforded something a little smaller, but just as nice, without the help.  And it kind of helps explain the type of person that Harbaugh hires, too.  I doubt McElwain said anything about it during the interviews, but that sort of thing comes through in a person's demeanor...


April 6th, 2018 at 10:21 AM ^

So . . . that family still bought a $1.4 million house.  That's not quite the spin the article puts on it, where if not for McElwain's generosity the family would be sleeping on the streets.  They would have just bought a lesser mansion.