3 New Videos of Jim McElwain

3 New Videos of Jim McElwain

Submitted by SkyPanther on April 16th, 2018 at 10:05 PM

Examining McElwain's OFEI Rank and Talent at 'Bama

Examining McElwain's OFEI Rank and Talent at 'Bama

Submitted by Caesar on February 16th, 2018 at 9:43 AM

Hello folks,

How 'Bama was 'Bama recruiting when McElwain coached there and how good was his offense with that level of talent? How does that compare to Michigan's talent-level? There's plenty of hand-waiving going on, so I thought I'd look into it.


  1. Use Wiki to find the 2008-2011 'Bama offense starters.
  2. Use the 247 Composite to check 'Bama starters' rating and create an average.
  3. Evaluate the talent level in light of OFEI Rank (link).
  4. Compare this information to Michigan's probable starters and their 247 rating.

Chart: 'Bama Starters and 247 Ranking + OFEI Rank


2008 Starters 2008 Composite Rating 2009 Starters 2009 Composite Rating 2010 Starters 2010 Composite Rating 2011 Starters 2011 Composite Rating
Mike McCoy, WR 3 Brad Smelley, FB 3 Preston Dial, FB 3 Brad Smelley, FB 3
Marquis Maze, WR 3 Marquis Maze, WR 3 Marquis Maze, WR 3 Marquis Maze, WR 3
Andre Smith, LT  5 James Carpenter, LT 4 James Carpenter, LT 4 Barrett Jones, LT 4
Mike Johnson, LG 4 Mike Johnson, LG 4 Chance Warmack, LG 3 Chance Warmack, LG 3
Antoine Caldwell, C 3 William Vlachos, C 4 William Vlachos, C 4 William Vlachos, C 4
Marlon Davis, RG 3 Barrett Jones, RG 4 Barrett Jones, RG 4 Anthony Steen, RG 3
Drew Davis, RT 2 Drew Davis, RT 2 D.J. Fluker, RT 5 D.J. Fluker, RT 5
Nick Walker, TE 4 Colin Peek, TE 3 Michael Williams, TE 4 Michael Williams, TE 4
Julio Jones, WR 5 Julio Jones, WR 5 Julio Jones, WR 5 DeAndrew White, WR 4
John Parker Wilson, QB 3 Greg McElroy, QB 3 Greg McElroy, QB 3 AJ McCarron, QB 4
Glen Coffee, RB 3 Mark Ingram, RB 4 Mark Ingram, RB 4 Trent Richardson, RB 5
Average 3.454545455   3.545454545   3.818181818   3.818181818
OL Average 3.4   3.6   4   3.8
Offense Rank 14   6   6   7

Chart: What of Michigan?

2017 Predicted Starters 2017 Composite Rating
Kekoa Crawford, WR 4
Ben Mason, FB 3
Nolan Ulizio, LT  3
Ben Bredeson, LG 4
Cesar Ruiz, C 4
Michael Onwenu, RG 4
Juwann Bushell-Beatty, RT 4
Zach Gentry, TE 4
Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR 5
Shea Patterson, QB 5
Karan Higdon, RB 3
Average 3.909090909
OL Average 3.8


On its face, it looks like McElwain accomplished some impressive things at 'Bama with less talent than Michigan has presently, at least based on ratings. Year one of McElwain was especially impressive because 'Bama's OFEI ranking was 67th when he came in. Also, especially if Patterson starts, Michigan would have the same number of 5-star starters as 'Bama's teams did during McElwain's tenure (though none at OT). Finally, I think Michigan of present and 'Bama during McElwain have similar quality defenses. 

Some meaningful differences: 'Bama didn't have the problems at OT, and OL in general, that Michigan has (honestly, I wasn't even sure who to put as Michigan's LT). The backups at 'Bama were all really talented, perhaps more than Michigan.
Problems with the Methodology
  1. Only looking at starters
  2. Not sure if a starter at 'Bama during that stretch is like a Mattison starter--i.e., guys who rotate a great deal
  3. Only looking at recruiting rankings as a proxy for talent


Maybe McElwain isn't so bad? I know this is looking at data from a long time ago, but he seemed to do a great deal with less talent than he'll have at Michigan. Also, I was very conservative about Michigan's talent pool (no Black listed, for example), so I may even be understating that talent edge. 

On the other hand, any improvements in talent really depends on what was a 'starter' at 'Bama. I'm not sure about that. Also, this was years ago, and perhaps arguments can be made about the game passing McElwain by. There's also something to be said of integrating his concepts into Michigan's current system, and whether there will be a transition cost associated with that.


Jim McElwain: "They whooped us. Plain and simple."

Jim McElwain: "They whooped us. Plain and simple."

Submitted by markusr2007 on September 2nd, 2017 at 9:14 PM

Jim McElwain: “Their guys were bigger and stronger. They whooped us. Plain and simple.”

“I thought we had a good plan obviously. As it turned out, the plan was pretty well foiled by getting whooped.”

Source: https://www.landof10.com/michigan/florida-jim-mcelwain-michigan-whooped…


"“They physically took it to us. They beat us every which way you can. We never had an answer."

Source: https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/florida-football/jim-mcelwain-said-fl…


Also, InsidetheGators with an assessment of Michigan's play today:



Florida Gators team meeting

Florida Gators team meeting

Submitted by EGD on August 31st, 2017 at 11:25 AM

Fade in.

The early Gainesville sun peeks through mini-blinds at the Florida Gators’ team meeting room.  Players, mostly dressed in shorts and hoodies, lounge nervously amid many empty seats.  Soon the rear door swings open, and the ruffled figure of JIM McELWAIN angrily stalks into the room.

Jim McElwain: Gentlemen.  One of you has betrayed the Gators.

/prolonged quiet

Jim McElwain: /moving slowly through the assembled players/ One of you reported your teammates to the police.  One of you...is a traitor!

/more quiet

Jim McElwain: Teams are built on trust!  Teams are built on respect!  One of you has betrayed that trust!  One of you has forfeited that respect!  Who…is the traitor?  Who is it?!

/more quiet

Jim McElwain: Was it you, Lamical Perine?

Lamical Perine: What?  You trippin. 

Jim McElwain: Oh, am I?  You’re the second-string running back. You had every incentive to turn in Jordan Scarlett to the police.  He goes down, and that means you’re number one.  That means you get the glory.  Couldn’t beat him for the spot, so you squealed to the cops.  Isn’t that right, Mister Perine?

Lamical Perine: Yo, man, that’s some bullshit.  I don’t know where you even come up with that.

Jim McElwain: Hmm.  Perhaps it was you, Malik Zaire! /points finger

Malik Zaire: Me? Why you think I would do something like that?

Jim McElwain: I don’t know.  Maybe because Felipe Franks beat you out for the start, and this is your way of getting back?

Malik Zaire: Yeah, okay.   I mean, “fuck no!”  But if that’s what you think.

Jim McElwain: Hmm.  A defensive player, perhaps?  Was it you, David Reese?

David Reese 1: Huh?  What?  Wasn’t me, coach. /simultaneously

David Reese 2: Huh?  What?  Wasn’t me, coach. /simultaneously

Jim McElwain: You middle linebackers are always threatening the running backs, talking about all the ways you’re gonna mess them up.  Maybe you finally found a way to make good on one of your threats.

David Reese 1: Nope, nope.  Uh-uh.  Not me, coach.  /simultaneously

David Reese 2: Nope, nope.  Uh-uh.  Not me, coach.  /simultaneously

Jim McElwain: I see.  Not you, either, huh?  /to the whole room:  I say again, one of you has done this! Will no man admit your betrayal?  I assure you right now: confess, and there will be no repercussions.  I will sign your transfer request to Florida Atlantic this afternoon.

/all hands go up

Jim McElwain: Wait, what?

Random Player 1: Oh, hey coach, you know I didn’t do it but if you’re saying I can transfer…

Jim McElwain: Put that hand back down! 

/RANDOM PLAYER 1's puts hand down

Jim McElwain: Alll of you!

/remaining hands go back down

Jim McElwain: I’m serious here.  Who really did it?

/more quiet

Jim McElwain: No one.  Okay.  You leave me no choice.  Nussmeier!

/DOUG NUSSMEIER, seated in the back of the room, rises and walks out the door.  He returns a moment later wheeling in a large metal frame with a five-foot shark dangling from a hook at the top of it. 

Jim McElwain: Gonna have to give y’all the ol’ shark test.    

Random Player 2: The shark test?

Jim McElwain: Yes.  Ain’t nobody ever taught you about the shark test?  It’s real simple.  You see, everybody here who is loyal to this Florida Gators football team is gonna show it by lovin’ this here shark. 

Random Player 2: What?

Jim McElwain: That’s right.  You see, if you’re not willing to love a shark for your teammates, then we’ll know we can’t trust you.

Random Player 2: That’s crazy.

Jim McElwain: Is it?  Well maybe it is.  But to catch a mole, you gotta be crazy like a mole.

Random Player 2: Man, it’s “crazy like a fox.”

Jim McElwain: Whatever.  Okay, who’s first?  Any volunteers?

/more quiet

Jim McElwain: No one?  Nobody wants to stand up and prove his loyalty to his teammates?

Random Player 1: This is fucked up, man.

Jim McElwain: Alright.  If there aren’t any volunteers, then I’ll have to start calling on people.  Del Rio!  You’re first.

Luke Del Rio: What do you want me to do, coach.

Jim McElwain: You heard me.  I want you to love this here shark.  Give it a good one.  Prove your loyalty to the team.

Luke Del Rio: When you say, “love the shark…”

Jim McElwain: I mean love the shark, boy.  You remember those recruiting visits we put you on?  That kind of lovin.  Just with a shark.

Luke Del Rio: Hey, I don’t…I mean…

Jim McElwain: So you won’t do it?

Luke Del Rio: Look, man—

Jim McElwain: We’ve found the mole!  Luke Del Rio has betrayed his team!

/more quiet

Jim McElwain: You’re off the team, Del Rio.  It’s for your own protection.  Shall I sign your paperwork for FAU?  Or are you more of an East Carolina guy?

Luke Del Rio: I ain’t even gonna answer that.

Jim McElwain: Okay.  Who’s next?  Who will be the first to prove his loyalty to the team?

/more quiet

Jim McElwain: Am I gonna have to start calling out names again?  Prove your loyalty!

/more quiet

Jim McElwain: Seriously, look—whoever goes first gets a nice clean shark.  Trust me—you don’t want to go second and then it’s…ewww.

Random Player 1: Why the rest of us have to go?  You already found the mole.

Jim McElwain: Oh, it’s way beyond that now.  Prove your loyalty, Gator!

Random Player 1: Sheeeit.

Jim McElwain: CeCe Jefferson!  You’re next.  Don’t let me down.

CeCe Jefferson: If that’s the way it’s gonna be, well, I’m out, coach.

Jim McElwain: What do you mean, “you’re out?”

CeCe Jefferson: I ain’t going anywhere near that shark.  So if that’s how it’s gonna be, you can sign my transfer.  Miami Hurricanes okay?

Jim McElwain: So, there’s two moles!

Random Player 2: Man, you ain’t even found one mole.

Jim McElwain: I found two!  Two men put to test, both confessed their disloyalty.  Do we have any others?  Are there any more among you who would sooner abandon your team then simply make sweet love to this pretty little shark?

/remaining players raise hands

Jim McElwain: None of you will prove it.  None?  An entire room full of quislings!  I should have known.

Random Player 1: Look coach, getting’ it on with some shark ain’t got nothing to do with being a loyal teammate.  I ain’t the mole, but I still ain’t gonna do nothin’ with that shark.

/quiet pause

Jim McElwain: Alright.  Well if I can’t trust a single one of you, then you may as well all stay.  Del Rio!  Jefferson!  You’re still on the team.  We leave for Dallas this afternoon.  But you all just remember: I’m watching you.  Dismissed!

/team shuffles out.  DOUG NUSSMEIER remains behind

Doug Nussmeier: Very effective speech to the team, sir.  They seem very fired up now.

Jim McElwain: /removing hand from his belt/  Oh, you’re still here?

Doug Nussmeier: Was hoping we could go over the game plan for Michigan, if you have a moment.

Jim McElwain: Uh, yeah.  I’ll be free in about fifteen minutes.  I can stop by your office.  Is that okay?

Doug Nussmeier: See you then, sir.  Things will turn around, I guarantee it.

Jim McElwain: Uh, yes.  Thank you.  Thank you.  I’ll see you in 15.  Seriously, thanks.

/Nussmeier walks toward exit door

Fade out.

CC - YOUR choice

CC - YOUR choice

Submitted by Ron Utah on December 3rd, 2014 at 11:45 AM

The board's choice for our new head coach is pretty clear: Jim Harbaugh.  But who comes in second?

It turns out that's also pretty clear:

Les Miles won the board poll by a hefty margin, garnering an even 49% of the vote.  The runner-up, Dan Mullen, mustered barely better than half that number (24.79%) and from there it's a steep drop to any kind of third place.  Here are the results, followed by a few thoughts:

  1. Les Miles - 342 votes (49%)
  2. Dan Mullen - 173 votes (24.79%)
  3. Tom Herman - 64 votes (9.17%)
  4. Other - 64 votes (9.17%)
  5. Todd Graham - 23 votes (3.30%)
  6. Jim McElwain - 19 votes (2.72%)
  7. Greg Schiano - 8 votes (1.15%)
  8. Craig Bohl - 5 votes (0.72%)

I would attribute the lower number of votes to yesterday's news--before the confirmation of Hoke's meeting with Hackett, the votes were coming in much, much faster, but the board got understandably focused on other things by the afternoon.  That said, the trends were clear: Miles stayed around 50% the entire time, and Mullen was always the clear runner-up in the 25% range.  Tom Herman was a bit surprising as the #3 choice, even if he was dead even with "other."

The Problem

Jim Hackett's press conference was flawlessly executed.  That said, he built an idealistic picture of a coach that's going to be awfully hard to find.  It seemed he weighs on-field success and character about equally, and even Jim Harbaugh has plenty of detractors in the latter category.  Don't get me wrong--if Harbaugh wants the job, he's got it.  But Hackett's focus on integrity is going to give the media lots of excuses to try to dig up dirt and question his commitment to character.

For that reason, I strongly believe that Les Miles will NOT be considered a serious candidate for the job.  If all you know about Miles is that he has been extremely successful in CFB's best division, you only know some of the story.  Les has been the subject of many rumors of scandal and impropriety over the years, and, while I'm sure not all are true, there is plenty of ammunition for the media to throw in Hackett's face should he hire Les, creating another press-fueled shitstorm the university does not want.

Our #2 guy isn't without warts either.  Dan Mullen's recent scholarship withdrawal from QB Chason Virgil--whom Mullen had asked to enroll early and is just a few days from graduation now--didn't please the recruit's coach:

Chason Virgil -35 tds/6int passing -8td rushing. One of the best young people I've ever coached -only flaw was trusting "coach" Mullen.

— Coach Jeff Neill (@neill_jeff) November 21, 2014

Tom Herman seems clean so far, but he hasn't run a program yet.  Todd Graham switches jobs more than Taylor Swift switches crushes.  McElwain also looks clean, but is a front-runner for the Florida job.  Schiano has his detractors--though more in the Harbaugh vein of abrasive intensity--and most people don't even know who Craig Bohl is.

What I'm getting at here is that I believe it's likely that there is a candidate who has a good shot at winning the job that we are not currently considering.  A good point was made by a poster last night that Bob Stitt might be a better fit for Hackett's criteria than many names we've on which we've fixated.  Here's a good place to learn a bit about Stitt.  He makes no secret about his desire to coach at the top level.

I have no idea who it might be, but it may be time for us to think outside of the names we've gotten used to in the past few months.  Then again, it may just be Jim Harbaugh.

CC - Where do you stand?

CC - Where do you stand?

Submitted by Ron Utah on November 5th, 2014 at 1:24 PM

The AD change has happened, and most everyone expects a coaching change to follow. I don't know about you, but my views have evolved quite a bit since the whole CC bit started in earnest after Minnesota.  Most of that change has been the result of research into the candidates, but some has also been feelingsball.

I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks.  Here's my current opinion, broken into tiers:

Tier 1 - Harbaugh

Jim or John, I'd be equally ecstatic with either.  Jim is the proven college HC, John is the nicer guy with the SB ring.

Tier 2 - Yes, please

These are the guys that I believe are the best candidates not named Harbaugh.

  • Dan Mullen - Offensive guru who has built a defensive juggernaut.  Appears to be the total package and has the added bonus of echoing the Woody/Bo relationship vis-a-vis Meyer.  My top choice in tier two.
  • Todd Graham - All he is does is win, wherever he's coaching.  Not sure he'd move to the midwest.
  • Gary Patterson - Defensive coach that decided to evolve offensively this year and is knocking on the playoff door.  Would overhaul the roster as much as anyone.
  • Jim McElwain - Former 'Bama OC has turned Colorado State (3-9 for three straight seasons before McElwain) into a double-digit win team that has progressed steadily on both sides of the ball and will probably win the Mountain West.

Tier 3 - Ummm...okay

Guys that make sense, I guess, but I would not be pumped about.

  • Mark Stoops - Has rapidly advanced a once-pathetic Kentucky team.  Will the improvement continue?
  • Greg Schiano - Demeanor aside, his HC record is good, but certainly not great.  Is he a good coach?
  • Tom Herman - My favorite coordinator candidate.  He seems capable of adapting to his personnel and changing the plan mid-game.  Also, I like the idea of taking Urban's top assistant.  But can he run an entire program?
  • Mike Gundy - Seems like a good coach and a great quote, but hasn't been amazing since 2011 and the Les Miles ties cocern me.  Would he run a clean program?
  • Kyle Whittingham - Having a pretty impressive season at Utah, and wasn't too stubborn to change his offense.  Is he ready for a big-time job?

Tier 4 - DO NOT WANT

  • Les Miles - Call me arrogant, naive, or whatever you want--I still don't want a douchebag running our program.
  • Dave Doeren, Butch Jones, Craig Bohl, Matt Wells, Mark Hudspeth - Not proven yet.
  • Scott Frost, Kirby Smart, Bud Foster - Would they stay?

If I didn't put a name on the list, I'm not currently interested.  What does the board think?

CC: Where we stand - Part I

CC: Where we stand - Part I

Submitted by Ron Utah on October 6th, 2014 at 2:06 PM

"That's like trying imagine the distance to the sun," I said, responding to my wife asking me if I thought I could run a 2:37 marathon.  "It's so far away from me, I can't even conceive of it."  For the record, I have run two marathons.  And both took me longer than 4:13.

I have said before and will say again: I love Brady Hoke. I think he's a great man, a great leader, and, to echo John Beilein, exactly the kind of man I'd want to coach my son.  But he's not winning, and so he needs to go.  Being a great man that can't get the right results isn't good enough in his chosen profession.  That said, I expect he'll have success at whatever small school lands him, should he decide to keep coaching.

But at this point, imagining a scenario where he keeps his job is like trying to imagine me finishing a marathon in 2:37.  Is it possible?  I suppose so.  Intense training, diet, and time commitment might make this achievable.  But that objective is SO far away...

Is this guy a fit?

And so it's time to start seriously thinking about the next head football coach at the University of Michigan.  I have endeavored to put together a somewhat comprehensive list of candidates.  To be clear, I absolutley believe ANY of these names are possible hires.  No coach will ever say publicly, during a season, that he is open to switching schools or changing jobs.  It sends the wrong message to your staff, players, and fans, even if it's true.  So here's the list, with brief pros and cons of each candidate.  You can take these names and google them to learn more; as we get closer to the actual search, I will return with more detail on potential candidates.  For now, we'll do simple letter grades of seven categories: Track Record, Michigan Ties, Recruiting, Chances/Loyalty, Demeanor, Three Phases, and Roster Fit, with a final OVERALL grade.  I will do six coaches in Part I, but will follow-up with many more soon.

Jim Harbaugh, HC 49ers

  • Track Record: A+.  Requires no explanation.
  • Michigan Ties: A.  Played here but has burned some bridges.
  • Recruiting: A+.  Turned Stanford into a top-tier program in very short time.
  • Chances/Loyalty: C.  Will he leave the NFL without a ring?  He's not happy in San Fran, but may be too competitive to quit without the trophy(s).  That said, if he came to Michigan now, I doubt he would leave.
  • Demeanor: B.  Fiery competitor who wants to win.  Gets the most of out his players, but is extremely demanding and controlling.  Does not answer to anyone.
  • Three Phases: A+.  Highly successful with all three phases of the game.
  • Roster Fit: A+.  For both scheme and attitude, I doubt there are very many guys on this roster Jim wouldn't have recruited himself.
  • OVERALL: A.  If we could get him, this is perhaps the best possible scenario.  Would his competitve desire take him back to the NFL?  Could he get along with U-M powers that be?  These are legitimate questions, but his success on the field makes them tertiary concerns.

John Harbaugh, HC Ravens

  • Track Record: A.  Does not have much of a college resume, but the guy has won the superbowl, been to the playoffs in 5 of 6 seasons, and is 9-4 in the playoffs.
  • Michigan Ties: A.  Did not play at Michigan, but has close family ties.
  • Recruiting: A.  Yes, this is a guess, as John hasn't coached in college since '97 with Indiana, so we have no real evidence.  But being able to flash a superbowl ring at a recruit can't hurt.
  • Chances/Loyalty: B.  Already has his ring and is rumored to be upset with Baltimore's handling of the Ray Rice fiasco.  Would likely finish his career at U-M if hired.
  • Demeanor: A.  Not quite as competitive as his brother, but also not quite as much of a dick.  Known as a great motivator and tactitian.  
  • Three Phases: B+.  Has always had good defenses, but offense has generally been middle-of-the-pack.  Was a special teams coach from '88-'07 (until he became a HC). 
  • Roster Fit: A+.  Glove-like fit for the current players.
  • OVERALL: A.  While not as fiesty as his younger bro, John may be the better fit.  He even sounds like a college coach.

Les Miles, HC LSU

  • Track Record: A-.  Has a MNC ring.  Has been a consistent, Carr-like performer in the SEC West, with many good years but only one undefeated conference season.
  • Michigan Ties: A+.  Played and coached at U-M.
  • Recruiting: A.  Has been one of the best, but would he be just as good in the B1G?
  • Chances/Loyalty: B.  At 60, is he still interested in moving?  Again, if hired, he almost certainly finishes his career in Ann Arbor.
  • Demeanor: B-.  Rumors that his arrogance has led his astray.  Not sure his morality is tolerable for U-M fans.
  • Three Phases: B+.  Has had loads of success in all three phases, but many questionable clock management choices.  Loves to gamble, and his players love that.
  • Roster Fit: A.  Miles tends to adapt to his roster, and there is plenty of talent for him at Michigan.
  • OVERALL: A-.  He's an older coach with questionable ethics, but he checks all the other boxes almost perfectly.  FWIW, I don't want him.

Todd Graham, HC Arizona State

  • Track Record: B+.  Was great at Tulsa and appears to have turned ASU into a contender in a tough PAC-12 South.  
  • Michigan Ties: D.  Has coached at West Virginia and one season at Pitt, but spent the rest of his life (before ASU) living and coaching in Texas and Oklahoma.
  • Recruiting: A-.  Is getting some great talent in a competitive area at a crap school, but no real midwest ties, and may have burned some bridges in one-year stop at Pitt.
  • Chances/Loyalty: C+.  I think he would come if offered the job.  I also think he would leave if a good SEC team hired him away.
  • Demeanor: B.  Southern style might not fit the midwest.  Gives glory to God in post-games.  Has heavy accent.
  • Three Phases: A-.  Defensive coach that has overseen top offesnes at ASU with limited talent.
  • Roster Fit: C+.  Spready-spread offense would require some serious tweaking with current personnel.
  • OVERALL:  B.  A good coach who would probably come if offered the job with no ties to U-M and no real ties to the area.  Is he a fit at Michigan?

Jim McElwain, HC Colorado State

  • Track Record: B+.  Limited resume as HC, but great success at virtually every stop as assistant, most recently as 'Bama's OC.
  • Michigan Ties: B+.  Has coached at Louisville and Michigan State; good friends with Doug Nussmeier.
  • Recruiting: B-.  This is really a question mark, as CSU is hardly a good place to recruit.  Has not pulled in top talent there, but previous stops had great recruiting.
  • Chances/Loyalty: B+.  Would almost certainly take the job, and would probably stay unless hired away by 'Bama.
  • Demeanor: B-.  Quiet, nice guy who gives 60-minute press conferences every week.  Not a great speaker, and not sure of him as a motivator, but he seems to get the most out of his players.
  • Three Phases: B.  Offensive coach whose defenses are okay.  Need more data.
  • Roster Fit: A.  Uses multiple formations and lots of zone blocking; similar to Nuss.  Not sure whom he would hire on defense.
  • OVERALL:  B.  Is there any passion there?  Not a great public speaker.  Might fit best at smaller school, but is an up-and-coming coach that will probably get his chance as a bigtime HC someday.

Craig Bohl, HC Wyoming

  • Track Record: B+.  Three consecutive NCs at FCS North Dakota State.  On Nebraska staff during their last great years in 90's.  Can he cut it in the big-time?
  • Michigan Ties: C+.  No Michigan ties, but coached at Wisconsin and Nebraska.
  • Recruiting: B+.  Who knows?  Did a great job at North Dakota State, often beating-out smaller FBS schools, but still incomplete data here.
  • Chances/Loyalty: B.  Would probably take the job, but may leave if Nebraska offered.
  • Demeanor: B.  At 56, Bohl seems like a pretty reserved guy in front of the press, but obviously gets the most out of his teams.  Seems like a good fit in Fort Schembechler.
  • Three Phases: B+.  Defensive, 4-3 coach who wants power football.  Wants to be MSU, basically.
  • Roster Fit: A.  MANBALL coach is a great fit for our roster.
  • OVERALL:  B.  An older guy who may not want to leave Wyoming after just one season, but was one of the best FCS coaches ever.  Seems like a great fit at U-M, even though he has no real Michigan ties.

Coming soon: Dan Mullen, Scott Frost, Teryl Austin, Pat Narduzzi, Greg Schiano, Gary Patterson, Bob Stitt, Chad Morris, Mark Hudspeth, Kirby Smart, Tom Herman, Doug Nussmeier, Matt Wells.