Sparty pulls a Dave Brandon re: use of logo

Submitted by evenyoubrutus on October 24th, 2018 at 2:31 PM

Apparently MSU has contacted a small high school in Northern Michigan and asked them to change their logo. 

I can see why Sparty would be worried that their sports programs might be confused with those of a high school of 400 students.


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They aren’t the only ones using it, believe me. I played against a team in junior high football that had identical uniforms as them and the logo. The Bemis Spartans. 

Miami has to send my high school a cease and desist because we used the U. 

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Cooler story. I played for Warren Woods Middle School and we wore replica Michigan uniforms; including winged helmets. The cool thing was that we sent our helmets to michigan and they painted them for us. The brand wasn’t as big of a thing I guess in the late 90’s early 2000’s.

I now am the varsity coach for the high school, and the middle school just wears solid blue helmets. No idea if it was budget reasons or if they were told to stop.


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Small world isn’t it. Good game last week. You guys came out firing early. RB ran like a man all night. Also, you guys did a number to our special teams. Most impressive special teams I’ve seen in a couple seasons. I obviously wanted the perfect regular season, but it wasn’t terrible to see how happy your kids and fans were to end the season.

QB is good to go. Have had a good practice this week. Finally healthy again on both sides of the ball. Garden City runs the inside trap real well. If we can stop that, we will be in good shape.

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I have some extended family in a small town in southwest Michigan called Hamilton. The high school in that town is the Hamilton Hawkeyes, and they used the tigerhawk logo. I remember maybe about 15 years ago some of my cousins were involved in helping to design a new logo because they had received a cease and desist letter from Iowa. So correct, this is not new.


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Pinconning put up 35 points in their last game.  Maybe MSU should be asking them for some pointers instead of stressing about the logo.


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They make cheese in Pinconning. They have a shell gas station at mile marker 183 off I-75 that has a McDonald's inside. That is all there is to know about Pinconning. 

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The funny thing is their "new" logo is still a copy. They slightly tweaked Nike's proposed logo for MSU from way back in 2010. MSU ended up never using it after fans revolted.

Current MSU logo / Nike logo


MSU logo / New Pinconning logo



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To be fair, this happened to the school I coached at.  The university that informed us of the request was very amiable and explained that they were advised by their legal counsel that they had to request we change or it could somehow effect their trademark.  

I have no legal background... maybe an mgo atty can answer this more efficiently 


October 24th, 2018 at 3:14 PM ^ light of being one of the worst football programs in state, and sparty like things and reputation...not sure why Pinconning would WANT to use a similar logo/sparty name anyways. Good time to change to something more ferocious and victorious like say...Wolverines? Hell even Porcupines would be an upgrade.