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01/19/2019 - 2:37pm I'm surprised to see you…

I'm surprised to see you writing that.  I thought it was an insanely bad call.  An intentional foul away from the ball?  That was a game-changing call at that point in the game.  They go to the line, and then get the ball back.  Game over.  They don't call it "intentional" when a guy has the ball and is fouled by a team that is clearly trying to stop the clock.

Are you saying that because Brazdeikis fouled Happ, they will call it intentional because Michigan can't be allowed to try to put Happ on the line when Wisconsin had not passed the ball to Happ?

Tell you what; I understand that you've got a point of view that may be legit.  But I'd like to see the play on video again and I hope somebody posts it.  But the telecast didn't show it very well and I fear that posted video, if it is taken fro the telecast, won't be dispositive either.


01/18/2019 - 1:22pm I would hate the idea of…

I would hate the idea of Oklahoma being good at esports.  It should be Cal Tech and Rensselaer Polytechnic.


01/18/2019 - 1:19pm It would be foolish to…

It would be foolish to dismiss your comment; and I don’t doubt your numbers.

But of the 20 million or so, how many speak English?

01/18/2019 - 12:35pm It will be an all-new game…

It will be an all-new game called “Transfer Portal.”


01/18/2019 - 12:29pm You obviously don’t…

You obviously don’t appreciate the severe lifelong consequences of game-related carpal tunnel syndrome.


01/18/2019 - 12:24pm I’m tempted to say that…

I’m tempted to say that collegiate e-sports has all the fan potential (and revenue-production potential) of, say, water polo or cross-country.  But that would be quite unfair to those sports.

And in fact, I suspect that money specifically directed by the game manufacturers might play a very big role in a semi-serious decision.

And of course, the NCAA’s own history with electronic games was such a happy and rewarding experience for the organization.

Ed O’Bannon will probably have a grandson who is an All-American electronic gamer.

01/18/2019 - 12:13pm Dude, that’s some toxic…

Dude, that’s some toxic femininity.


01/18/2019 - 11:08am There have been a small…

There have been a small handful of comments here that deserved a response from me.  Along with another handful that that made cognizably false claims that merited correction.

Your comments don’t qualify in either category.


01/17/2019 - 7:53pm I’m laughing out loud…

I’m  laughing out loud because not only are you correct, but it has been brought up, usually by me, in most of the surprisingly numerous “Engler” threads on the MGoBoard.  Including this one.

No need for you to feel “pretty sure”; you can be absolutely certain; Engler donated his salary ($510,399).

And yet people still keep posting ideas like this.

”A lie will be halfway around the world before the truth can put its boots on.”

Meanwhile four (4) plaintiffs law firms may be splitting $165 Million.


01/17/2019 - 1:00pm I’ll put it another way; has…

I’ll put it another way; has anyone investigated it?  You need to understand; I am not alleging any illegal conduct by Denhollander.  And Engler shouldn’t have used the word “kickback” insofar as the correct terminology would be “referral fee.”  I’m very much interested in this because it is a hard thing to get at.  Contingency fee splitting is done all the time — it is how the Sam Bernstein Law Firm was able to fund the political campaigns of Richard Bernstein (Michigan Supreme Court) and Mark Bernstein (UM Regent) as well as being a huge money television sponsor and general political donor.  But we rarely get to investigate it or count the dollars.  As a start, I’d be happy with any journalist who asked Denhollander some very basic but pointed questions about her involvement in the MSU litigation; not as a plaintiff but instead as an attorney, and whether she in fact has gotten any fees for her role as an attorney in the case.

Two days ago, I asked Julie Mack of MLive about any public info on the attorney fees in the large settlement.  She has written about it.  I will let you know if she has any insight on how to get more info.

But it’s hard.  While MSU is a public institution and has to follow laws on open meetings and FOIA requests, the plaintiff attorneys operate in private and often not even subject to civil discovery based on attorney-client privilege.

Again; this was never a public allegation made by Engler.  It was a private comment, intended to be private and casual, and only became public by a FOIA request.




01/17/2019 - 10:19am Right.  "Toxic masculinity."…

Right.  "Toxic masculinity."  I figured that that would be the alleged ethical lapse.


01/17/2019 - 10:15am - Engler tried to negotiate…

- Engler tried to negotiate a settlement with a victim without her lawyer present. He then lied to the victim about the behavior of other victims in negotiating settlements.

- Engler accused another victim of receiving kickbacks from attorneys involved in the lawsuits. These claims appear to be entirely unfounded

- Engler closed an account created to reimburse victims for their counseling bills, which would have left many victims with substantial bills for visits they had already gone to. When this caused blowback, he made multiple inaccurate statements to defend the action.

- Engler likely violated federal law by releasing privileged counseling records of a sexual assault victim in an attempt to undermine her statement

I answered that first lie already.  Engler had one encounter with that victim.  In an open meeting.  Where she confronted him, and Engler asked rhetorically what amount of money she would be satisfied with, insofar as she was a plaintiff involved in litigation.  To characterize that as trying "to negotiate a settlement without her lawyer present" is a laughable, nonsensical exaggeration.

The "kickbacks" comment was made by Engler in a private email to MSU counsel Carol Viventi.  It was a private comment; it was arguably privileged (but deterimined not to be, and was unearthed via a FOIA request from the Chronicle of Higher Education) but in no event was it any sort of "allegation" and it was not communicated publicly.  Here is more context for that quote from Engler:

"The survivors now are being manipulated by trial lawyers who in the end will each get millions of dollars more than any of (sic) individual survivors with the exception of Denhollander who is likely to get (sic) kickback from Manley (sic) for her role in the trial lawyer manipulation," Engler said, according to the emails obtained by the Chronicle of Higher Education. 

“It is too bad we can’t have a debate about who is really trying to help those who were harmed by Nassar,” Engler continued. “At least, all of the positive changes are beginning to get some modest attention. It will be years before the use and abuse by trial lawyers point is understood. Have a good Sunday. See you Tuesday morning. John.”

So that is how I respond to that.  For his part, Engler apologized for that private email.  I don't think that anyone has, or will, investigate whether Denhollander, who is now an attorney herself, has derived any income out of the MSU settlement.  I have no proof that Engler was right; I expect that as a matter of fact, Engler may have been right.  More particularly, Denhollander might well have derived a referral fee as an attorney if she steered Nassar-victim clients to one of the four plaintiff lawfirms in the settlement.  There exists no proof that she did not do that.

Engler's closing of the special victim counseling account has been widely covered in the press.  Engler rolled that account into the general victim settlement fund after it was discovered that rampant fraud was occurring in relation to the closed account.  I urge you to review all of that reporting with a careful eye.

I am unfamiliar with the last point; I just don't know that story.


01/17/2019 - 12:37am I went back to the December,…

I went back to the December, 2014 post about what was then thought to be a horrific story out of a fraternity house at the University of Virginia.  Published in Rolling Stone, by a writer named Sabrina Erdely.  You had some great comments in that thread.


01/17/2019 - 12:02am You damned right I am…

You damned right I am serious.  About any alleged ethical violations by Engler.  Engler, not Nassar, or Lou Anna Simon, or Strampel or Klages or anybody else.

Ethical violations; not comments that you don't approve of, or that newspaper columnists don't like.


01/16/2019 - 11:14pm If you had read more…

If you had read more carefully the details of my previous comments, I never made this about politics exclusively.  I wrote earlier tonight that this all reeks of the toxic combination of rivalry trashtalk, plus ordinary political correctness, plus a political complex that is as much historical as it is current politics.  So read better and try to keep up.


01/16/2019 - 11:09pm I might say, "That's a…

I might say, "That's a bullshit story and you know it."  But in fairness to you, you might not know it.

That woman and her mother attended a public meeting where they knew that they might have a chance to approach Engler personally.  They got that chance, and they took it.  In the course of the discussion that they provoked with Engler, in which they were giving Engler an earful and Engler was taking it, and not avoiding them, Engler asked the woman as a purely rhetorical exercise what amount of money would satisfy her, since the litigation was all about amounts of money for the vicitms.  Engler had no settlement authority, which at that time was all tied up in coverage lawsuits with MSU's insurers.  Engler did not make a settlement offer; only the Plaintiff turned it into a faux "offer" when she described the encounter to her attorney and the eager Nassar Press Corps.

And what pisses me off about this story in particular is that I engaged in the very same discussion on this very same MGoBoard when it happened.  I have done this before. 

01/16/2019 - 10:50pm I don't know if you…

I don't know if you intentionally mischaracterized Engler's words, or if you really don't know how Engler was quoted coming out of a meeting with the Detroit News Editorial Board.

Engler never said or implied that all victims of Nassar "simply loved the limelight."  And those are most assuredly your words because they were not Engler's.

Engler, in that quote, was trying to compare different groups of victims, including some who had been plaintiffs in litigation versus others who were either more distant from the harm or who had, for whatever reasons, not been part of the initial large settlement.  Engler was talking first and foremost about mental health care costs for all victims of all classifications, and then about how he had observed them utilizing those services and who seemed to be doing well.

So no; it was nothing like the impression you tried to generate.

And now back to "ethics."  I see this debate going in a profoundly stupid direction, so why don't you be specific about what Engler did or said that was unethical, and why it was unethical.  I don't think that you are even close.


01/16/2019 - 10:27pm I have made the "politics"…

I have made the "politics" point(s) in relation to Engler, and the MSU BoT, and Engler's personal history with the trial lawyers, because that is what any good journalist would point you to.  I actually feel vindicated tonight.  Certainly not over the fate of Engler (who never needed this job); but rather because I said essentially; this is very, very political at all kinds of current and historical levels.  And that is exactly what it turned out to be.

Just think, Timmmaay... The Plaintiffs will be getting settlements in the general range of $250,000 to $2.5 Million, depending on their circumstances.  Their lawyers are going to split a contingency fee pot of something approaching a staggering $165 Million.  The defense attorneys (who did a rather good job under Engler's leadership) got paid, on the order of $17 Million.  Not contingency rates, but not bad.

Only Engler gave up his salary.  The victims got paid, the plaintiff lawyers got paid, the defense lawyers got paid, the faculty is getting paid, the Trustees are getting paid.  Engler isn't getting paid.  Say whatever you want about Engler; but it can't be based on greed or avarice.  Alone, that is Engler's position.


01/16/2019 - 9:33pm The MSU Board of Trustees…

The MSU Board of Trustees liked and trusted Engler.  That is, the Board that hired him and stood by him.  The new Board is, as Engler is completely right to point out, a different Board with different politics.

The majorities in our state legislature -- both houses, in which Enger served with distinction in his time as a state representative and then in the state senate where he rose to the rank of majority leader -- probably regard Engler as a folk hero.

Governor Engler enjoyed good support from Governor Snyder; he would have gotten no support from the new governor.  But no matter what, by the state's constitution, the governor's office is walled off from exerting controlling power over the boards of MSU, UM and Wayne State.  Article VIII, Section 5.


01/16/2019 - 9:19pm Wait just a minute.  Where…

Wait just a minute.  Where is there any allegation of "ethical" wrongdoing by Engler in the last year?  Where is there any evidence of any ethical misconduct by Engler.

I get it; many of you hate Engler because of who he was as a 3-term governor, and for what he represented before being asked to take the MSU job on an interim basis.  Got it.  And you think that he was uncaring, insensitive, and hurtful to some/all of the Nassar victims.

I don't really want to argue any of that; I want to know where anybody gets off alleging an "ethical" lapse on Engler's part.


01/16/2019 - 9:14pm Because "MGoBlog" naturally…

Because "MGoBlog" naturally has the real, true best interest of Michigan State University at heart.  Right?

Look, I am no great advocate for much of anything having to do with MSU.  But it is so transparent; the toxic mix tonight of rivalry trashtalk, and #MeToo p.c. progressivism.

I'm not so sure if any other sane and serious person will appear on the MGoBoard to discuss this rationally.  I can promise them, they will be abused for their trouble.  As I have been, and surely will be in the hours to come.



01/16/2019 - 12:19pm As interim President, Engler…

As interim President, Engler was awarded a salary of $510,399.  Low/mid-level for a B1G university president.

And all of it was donated back to MSU by Engler.

I know just what you’re thinking; “goddamn facts.”


01/16/2019 - 12:11pm ...things like elections.


...things like elections.


01/16/2019 - 11:35am I almost forgot to add;…

I almost forgot to add; Brian Cook had the funniest line about 11W.  Brian said that, “for a Michigan blog, 11W sure did have a lot of Michigan content.”

When I met Jason Priestas (11W founder and co-owner), I ran that line by him, crediting Brian.  

And I am delighted to report that it drew the most painful smile from Jason that anybody can imagine.

01/16/2019 - 11:30am Oh, come on.

It isn’t a…

Oh, come on.

It isn’t a cupola.  It is the original rotunda of Ohio Stadium.  They aren’t “stars,” they are rosettes.  Yellow flowers on a blue sky.  Standard architectural features for a 1922 building.  Unrelated to anything having to do with Michigan in any way.

The phony old hysterical story you related has been debunked before.  I am surprised how myths like that continue to survive.

01/16/2019 - 9:17am That is what golf is for.

That is what golf is for.

01/16/2019 - 9:03am One of the little-understood…

That was one of the stranger double-posts; some weird iPhone thing.

01/16/2019 - 9:00am One of the little-understood…

One of the little-understood poverties of the fabulously well-endowed, successful, and adored (through all of the state) OSU football program, is that they have a single rival.  Michigan.  

They could not have been luckier, to have such a classy rival.  But it is a bit limiting for them.  They get a whole football-rich state to themselves.  But it is a kind of poverty.

We have a rivalry (too occasional, but nonetheless intense) rivalry with Norte Dame.  And an almost indescribable feud with MSU.

I have had the interesting comparative experience of going to a Michigan game at Camp Randall and an OSU game there as well, in close proximity.  (Same general quality Wisconsin team as the test “control.”). And Wisconsin fans hate us more.  Everybody in the Conference hates us with special feeling.  Everybody wants to be Michigan’s rival.

01/16/2019 - 8:48am That is correct.  11W has…

That is correct.  11W has some terrific content, and some really dubious comments.

Same at MGoBlog, right?


01/16/2019 - 8:44am I want to single you out for…

I want to single you out for a special non-apology from me.  This thread was filled with vile personal insults of Engler and tinged with plenty of gubernatorial/political trash talk before any of my comments.


01/16/2019 - 8:21am OP-

You’ve picked out the…


You’ve picked out the single most unredeeming aspect of Eleven Warriors.  The low-grade fan trashtalk, slagging their rival with slanted and often times flatly incorrect media links, rumors and innuendo.

I could never understand that part of collegiate sports blogs.  The attitude seems to be that fans of the home team are in some sort of safe space room where they are just talking with their buddies.  Instead of what is in fact the case, which is that they are publishing writing that will be read and criticized by thousands.

I like mostly everything else about Eleven Warriors except what seems to get you off.

I love that site’s architecture and graphics.  Their resident artist Walt Keys is amazing and fantastic.  I want to know what is going on with their athletic department and sports programs.  I want to be able to discuss OSU football with the most devoted OSU followers and hold my own with them.  I want to be conversant with their university culture.  I want to know what is happening in Ohio.

Since I was personally kicked out by Ramzy, I no longer do it, but I liked going there and posting clear-eyed, sourced corrections to some of the stupid stuff that some of their readers posted about Michigan.  Some of their readers hated that.  The smart ones got it.  And I’d much rather have a conversation with a smart OSU fan than a dumb Michigan fan.


01/16/2019 - 7:01am Shorter me; I was just…

Shorter me; I was just taking on the ridiculous defamation that John Engler "literally hates women."  And having a bit of fun while doing it.

You wanna defend the assertion that "John Engler literally hates women"?


01/16/2019 - 12:24am Exactly right.  Engler upset…

Exactly right.  Engler upset Jim Blanchard in an election that nobody thought Engler could win; then he whipped Howard Wolpe in what everybody thought was the worst beating that any Michigan Democrat could take, and the worst campaign any Democrat could run (61%-39%)... until Fieger came along to get an even worse embarrassment (62%-38%).


01/15/2019 - 10:03pm He literally HATES women. 

He literally HATES women. 

That is literally a lie on your part.  I have a very strict, personal rule about the use of politicians' kids in any public debate.  I hate to do it, but since it has been widely reported in multiple press reports, Engler is proud of his triplet daughters who attended a trio of colleges that happen to be located in Palo Alto, California; Williamsburg, Virginia; and, uh, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

My only personal shame in connection with the Engler triplets is that it was a Michigan graduate, the erstwhile Michigan Democratic nominee for Governor (demolished by Engler), Geoffrey Fieger, who shamed himself and debased our political discourse by suggesting that the Engler triplets, then baby girls, were born "with corkscrew tails."

01/15/2019 - 9:51pm At your service.  Have a…

At your service.  Have a nice day!

All the best, Section 1.

01/15/2019 - 9:49pm Don, do you or any of the…

Don, do you or any of the other readers here actually know about that prison case settlement?  Do you know the history?

The case began during the Engler administration, and during his tenure as governor, the State of Michigan was defended by the Attorney General.  The governor's office had very little to do with it.  The case continued during most of two terms of the Granholm administration, before it was settled.  And it was never settled as a matter of "policy" by any governor.

The case was a really shitty mess all along.  The wrongdoers weren't in any gubernatorial administration; they were union-protected corrections officers.  Blaming that case on Engler in any serious way has been a left-wing trope that has no basis in reality.  Just the thing I'd expect from the Metro Times.

But I actually give the Metro Times some credit, for at least making it clear that on the face of his comments, Engler was talking about "some" of the Nassar victims.  Not all of them, not most of them.  A few of them, that have put themselves in the public sphere and into policy debates.  And to be clear, I think that those Nassar victims have every right in the world to do that.  But as policy-debate participants, they don't get treated with unquestioning adoration.  Again, not most Nassar victims.  Not ANY 'private' Nassar victims.  And not even Nassar victms who want to speak to their own heartfelt experiences.  When has Engler said a word about such a person's victimhood?  Engler's one and only complaint all along has been the business of the litigation.

Maybe $165 million, going to the plaintiff attorneys.  Hell, I well remember the shock and outrage among the MGoCrowd when the publicly-disclosed fees of the defense attorneys was published and the MGoBoard threads popped up about what a public ripoff it was.  The last reported total for MSU defense attorney fees I saw was around $17 million.  THAT'S ONE-TENTH OF WHAT THE PLAINTIFF ATTORNEYS MAY BE MAKING OUT OF THE $500 MILLION SETTLEMENT.  And the MSU attorneys aren't taking their fees out of the victims' settlement.  Engler has spent his whole political life fighting the plaintiff attorneys' bar.  This is his cause.

And yes -- yawn -- Dianne Byrum, the second-generation Democratic politician from Ingham County has been at war with John Engler as was her mother from before the time that Dianne could vote.  I don't need to go into that political rabbit-hole.  Everybody knows it.

Sorry to jump down your throat on this, Don.  I don't mean to.  You've been a long-time commenter here and I don't expect that you wanted to jump into this kind of fight.  It's not personal with you, I hope you understand.

I know that I am swimming against the tide, with this blog and this demographic and particularly when you mix college sports rivalries, politics, etc.  Of course I don't care; I just want to push the debate in a different direction from sportsfan bathroom-joke trashtalk.  There really ought to be a much more serious, informed discussion among Michigan grads.



01/14/2019 - 6:56pm Last November, the Mods took…

Last November, the Mods took down my link to the obituary of Genralissimo Francisco Franco. 


01/12/2019 - 5:27pm Warde is invoking one of Don…

Warde is invoking one of Don Canham's lesser-known directives:  If you're going to turn a 1-day story into a 3-day story, do it on a weekend in January.



01/12/2019 - 9:20am And as has been known for a…

And as has been known for a long time, Chat Sports (is there a reason why we keep talking about "Chat Sports" even if/when it was just Yoder?) used pseudonyms for bylines.  Brian Cook & co. were onto the phoniness of "Ace Williams" from the start, and Yoder eventually openly admitted that Chat Sports featured multiple fake writing names.  As if that was a standard business practice.  And they were some pretty great names.  Pulp fiction kinds of sportswriting names.


01/11/2019 - 7:18pm I'll bet that there was a…

I'll bet that there was a calculation here; on the one hand this is an exceedingly rare call-out/knockdown, and if Ace really had any skin in this, he might get a lawyer to sue the Regents.  (You can make up whatever business tort you might want to dream up.)

But on the other hand, I've been seeing his stuff pop up on the 'net (by chance/accident/searchbots) and I kept wondering, "Wow, that guy is getting away with some abuse of Michigan images and trademarks!"  I expect that this was not, uh, the only letter that was sent out with regard to Mr. AceWilliamsYoder.  If you catch my drift.



01/11/2019 - 2:00pm I share that dream of yours!…

I share that dream of yours!

We added Maryland and Rutgers to the Conference, basically for cable tv revenue.  More revenue sounds great, until you realize that we'd end up playing Rutgers every year, while the Little Brown Jug and our historic series with Minnesota goes on a shelf.

Cable tv gave Michigan much more exposure.  Now every member of the MGoBoard can stay home and watch the game for free on a 50" HDTV.  And to pay for that, we have to let cable programmers decide when the games will be played.  We might not know a game time until 14, 10 or even 6 days before a game.  We get games scheduled at Noon, 3:30/4:00 or even 8:00.  For the tv viewers, that's all fine.  Doesn't matter.  But for fans traveling to the game, making plane and hotel reservations, organizing their weekend and travel plans, it sucks.  Before cable tv, we played games at 1:30.  Which was perfect.  Get out to Ann Arbor, have a tailgate lunch, watch the game, drive home while it is still light out, and then watch an interesting PAC-8 game (or LSU) in the evening.

We keep doing these innocent-sounding things in the name of more revenue for the program, and almost always, they end up hurting the people who are doing most of the paying for the program.  Certainly the individuals who are personally paying the dearest for the games.



01/11/2019 - 1:41pm By the way, on the subject…

By the way, on the subject of money...

Don't kid yourselves, that Michigan is carefully scheduling tomato cans so that they can tune up for the all-important College Football Playoff with an unblemished record.

The Athletic Department is trying to schedule the best opponents it can; not the most beatable opponents.

But the thing is "the best opponents" has a qualifier.  It is, "the best opponents we can find, who will come to Ann Arbor once or twice, and who won't make us play them at their home stadium..."

It is a money thing.  The Michigan Athletic Department's marching orders are to schedule 7 home games every year.  They can only afford one away game (for the most part) every year, on the out of conference schedule.  We can't get Georgia or LSU to come up in September, unless we agree to go down there in September of the next year.  And if we go down there in some September when we also go to South Bend, etc., we may only have six home games.  They are making the same calculations in Athens and Baton Rouge.  Get seven home games, to draw in that money for the school, for the town, for local merchants, etc.

That, I think, is fundamentally wrong.  As I say, my season ticket purchases that include tomato cans like what we are talking about are set up for me to pay unconscionable prices for games that have no value on the secondary market.  True; I go to the games because September Saturdays are glorious, and Ann Arbor is beautiful, and our stadium is the best in the nation, and tailgating is fun.  But the stretch is always those tomato can games that serve no purpose other than to park another home game on the schedule.  It has far, far less than any of you might imagine, about strength of schedule calculations.


01/11/2019 - 1:27pm The "confusion" on the OSU…

The "confusion" on the OSU/MSU scheduling is why the fuck, after decades of a rotation of our getting MSU at home in even-numbered years and OSU at home in odd-numbered years, was that flipped?

For virtually every season ticket holder I know, that flip was one of the most offensive changes in this young century.  We regarded one or the other as the premier game on the home schedule, with Notre Dame games being additional (but erratically-scheduled) premier games.  Look at ticket resale prices if you don't believe me.

Your point about MSU being in the same position doesn't make me feel any better; it makes me feel suspicious that the reason it was done in the first place was an agreement between UM and MSU wherein they would take turns raising prices every other year, in years where they had the two big conference rivals at home.

I don't care how you might want to re-shuffle the Big Ten Conference football schedule; I see no reason why Michigan's annual game with MSU had to flip.

01/11/2019 - 1:16pm And of course absolutely…

And of course absolutely none of that money is going to athletics.  That is the ill-informed argument we sometimes get when a new coaching salary is announced for umpteen million dollars, and dumbasses write comments to the Free Press about "no wonder tuition is so high; look at that coach's salary!"  Following that comment is one about how are the taxpayers of the state of Michigan supposed to pay that much money to a coach at a state university fergodsakes!

Nope.  Not the same.  Not relevant.  Not an issue.

Thank goodness.

01/11/2019 - 12:08pm I can't let your comment…

I can't let your comment pass without at least expressing strong agreement with your point about the OSU/MSU scheduling rotation.  Every chance I get, I repeat the question as to how that ever occurred, and why it persists.  I have asked it a lot, and I have never gotten a good answer.  Certainly not from the Michigan Athletic Department.


Also, as an aside... Do you remember 2007?  I presume that you do; you brought it up.  We started with a "cupcake."  Appalachian State.  Followed it with a loss that I thought was even more embarrassing, the humiliation by Oregon.  We then had Notre Dame, and turned that season around with a 38-0 demonstration of that team's true talent.  A quality opponent gave us the chance for redemption.

I understand that lots of fantasy league-types of fans don't want "redemption," they want W's.  For me, the ideal would be playing as many of the traditional Big Ten conference teams as possible, and just a couple of great programs on a home-and-home basis.  I'd rather have no game, than a Colorado State Game or a Northern Illinois game.  I'd be fine, with a slate of just six home games.  I actually don't like games on Labor Day Weekend at all, and I don't like bye weeks.  I'd be appalled at having a game on Thanksgiving weekend but for the fact that it is now the annual OSU weekend, and I travel to that game in any event.


01/11/2019 - 11:50am So what Warde Manuel knows…

So what Warde Manuel knows better than any of us, is that if everyone looks to buy tickets on the street for $20, and there are no more season ticket sales or PSD money, the Athletic Department crashes and burns without resources.

You're entitled to your opinion of course.  It's a free country.

But I would expect that Warde Manuel would listen to me, rather than you.  What are you doing for him and his budget?


01/11/2019 - 11:27am So can I put you down for…

So can I put you down for the purchase of my four (4) tickets to the Colorado State game?  I am going to sell them to you at my cost.  We don't know yet what 2022 ticket prices will be, but we know it will be in the neighborhood of $75 per ticket for that game.  (Maybe more; certainly a lot more for any good games we might have in 2022.)  Then when we factor in the cost per game per seat for my seat license (estimate $700/seat in 2022), it's right around $175 per ticket.  If you want to send me $700 now for that game, we can cut out the middle man and both save some money.

01/10/2019 - 4:42pm Can we round up to $2…

Can we round up to $2 million on his contract and get us a Jalen Hurts at the same time?


01/10/2019 - 4:40pm It's the in-car air…

It's the in-car air freshener that did it for me.

01/10/2019 - 12:11pm You're suggesting that the…

You're suggesting that the Detroit Lions are competition for University of Michigan football fans?

Maybe, I don't know.  Such notions just give me a headache.

So did you hear the one about how they proposed an NFL franchise for Columbus; but the problem was that if Columbus got an NFL franchise, Cleveland and Cincinnati would want NFL franchises too.