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Please don't kill me here. English is not my strong suit here.


I need you guys help me explain in a logical way. I am living in Alabama last five years. Several of my deaf friends and hearing people are HARDCORE Bama fans. They made comments on my twitter and facebook that they were rooting for Awburn against Georgia in the SEC game. I don't understand why they're cheering their rival team!?! One person made a statement, " I beg to differ- If they’re from your state- I’d support regardless...."

WTH! Would you root for Michigan State or Ohio State to get in the playoff? HELL NO!

Now they're calling me a bad sportsmanship! 





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It's strictly self-interest.  An Auburn win would likely have put them in the CFP with little discussion.  As it turned out, the Georgia win didn't matter to the selection committee.

Gentleman Squirrels

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SEC fans also have a weird thing about conference loyalty in general. They're going to root for all SEC teams in the bowl games regardless of rival or not. I on the other hand have greatly enjoyed MSU and OSU being shut out in the playoff games last 2 years. I know it makes the Big Ten look bad but rivalries matter. Besides, it's not like the Big Ten helps Michigan out a ton.


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My suspicion is that it relates to the presence of the ACC in four states that also host SEC teams and in bordering NC and Virginia. I am thinking every major southern city sees ACC fans and SEC fans in mixed company, leading to a need to trumpet conference pride. All we have in this part of the country (other than in Iowa) are MAC or MAC-level schools.


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I think this is still inconsistent. 

Rivalries matter when the teams are relevant, because the games are higher stakes. My ideal situation is that osu and michigan are ranked 1 and 2 every year when they play each other at the end of the season.

The big ten has not helped out michigan a lot because michigan has not recently put itself in a position to be helped out by the big ten. Example, strength of the big ten has not helped out michigan to try to get into the playoffs because michigan has not been a playoff worthy team. In the future when michigan is competing for playoff spots, we will need the big ten to be viewed as a strong conference. 


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I live in Huntsville and it's probably the best place I've ever lived.  (And I've lived in 7 different states.)  It's an engineering town and a melting pot of folks from all over the country.  Since college football is so big here, everyone shows their team colors all year long.  You see team flags, magnets, and lincense plates from teams all over the country.  Plus, the weather is pretty nice (except a couple months during the summer).

Now, head outside of Huntsville 20 miles in any direction?  Yeah, I'm with you.

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There is a chance Bama fans are as bad at math as you think they are.  A 3 loss Auburn doesn’t get in the play off, where there is a chance a 2 loss UGA does. The fiancé is a Bama fan so was pulling for UGA, because math and also because Sabans record against his assistants is unblemished.

Disclaimer: Bama fiancé didn’t go to Bama, has reputable Masters degree in science, therefor, is smarter than average Bama fan. Your mileage with your local Bama fan may very


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I've heard both for and against Auburn. Mostly to have two SEC teams from the same state in the NCG. HATE that thought.



Oh, and I'm sure you know but Auburn fans are barners, FWIW.

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The SEC stunk this year yet they get two teams in the playoff. I thought the committee should’ve put bama and Georgia in a position to play each other in the first game. For me, I will not watch the national championship if it is Georgia vs Alabama. Really hoping both of them lose.


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I have lived down here for a number of years. I don't get the sense that the Bama/Auburn rivalry is based in the kind of hatred that Michigan vs OSU is, or certainly as entrenched as the MSU vs Michigan rivalry. I mean they play hard against each other, but there is no significant difference in prestige or income level between Auburn and Alabama students, so the whole chip on the shoulder thing that exists between UM and MSU isn't there. And unlike OSU vs UM, there isn't really a sense of regional hatred either. I still (after living here for over a decade) don't understand what makes someone an Auburn fan vs an Alabama fan besides alumni loyalty, and even that doesn't extend that far since many families are fans of these schools with no ties to them whatsoever. In other words, the hatred just isn't there. It's like a rivalry between the Cubs and the Cardinals. It's real, in a sense, but it's not that big of a deal. 


edit: Having lived here for a while, I also understand now that jokes about the south are not funny and they are based in ignorance. I mean when you get into the areas outside of the major cities (Birmingham and Huntsville) there are some pretty backward people, but you could say the same thing everywhere in the country. Just visit the Meijer's in Portage and you'll see teeth that rival anything in the deep south, and I have encountered more backward shit in northern Michigan than I have anywhere in the country.