OT: Asst Prof Speaks Out at MSU BoT Meeting

Submitted by Njia on February 16th, 2018 at 12:58 PM

ICYMI: This was an interesting moment for Engler and the MSU Board of Trustees. It shows just how out of touch the school's new administration continues to be.

Key quote from Engler:

MSU Interim President John Engler asked Boucher to leave. Afterward, Engler said the man who left the meeting was “trapped maybe in the past.” The audience booed.




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At least there are some people associated with MSU who get it. This is a systemic issue - everyone above a certain admin level needs to be terminated. Today.


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I'm an M grad, and current MSU Faculty Member...


To your point; I obviously can't speak for the entire faculty body, but I do sit on two University-wide committees that have a delegate from every college and major academic unit on campus. I have not seen a single faculty member who isn't enraged by everything happening here, and that is reflected in the very one-sided vote that occurred this week.


It would appear, at least to me, that an overwhelming majority of MSU faculty, staff, and students "get it"... and we're working to get those that don't, out of the picture. We're sickened by what's happened / is happening here.


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UofM as well. If a certain number of signatures are gathered, an immediate vote on the board of trustees, outside the normal election cadence, needs to happen.

Everyone on that board needs to be terminated. They need a new board to remove Engler. He is disgusting, in both physical appearance and demeanor.

Hail Harbo

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Seems to me on such an important issue you lose all credibility when you rationalize somebody's physical appearance as a reason for terminiation. 

While I grew up in Michigan, went to school at Michigan, I haven't lived in Michigan in about 40 years so I have no basis to judge Engler one way or the other however, childish reasoning such as physical appearance and not a much better one than the nebulous term "demeanor" leaves me with the impression you have little to go by as well.  I believe this issue deserves a greater level of maturity than worrying about physical appearances and personal demeanor.



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...if the basketball/football allegations get stronger.  I've always maintained that Dantonio should've been fired or at least suspended after the Auston Robertson dismissal.  Dantonio endangered young women on campus by saying "Yes" to a guy who sexually assaulted a classmate and assumed all would go well for that kid away from home.  At some point, you have to have a moral compass, even in recruiting.


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How do you feel about recidivism?  Second chances?  'Cause I'm all for a student-athlete trying to change himself and get an education he likely wouldn't get. 

Granted, I believe that Dark Mantonio (TM) shouldn't have let the kid on, and was not doing it in the interest of the kid.  But just from a second chance perspective, why is it wrong to give a give a second chance?


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It would've been a third chance actually.  This is from signing day 2016:

"He previously faced misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief, damaging or defacing property, and resisting arrest, but those charges were dropped in Allen Superior Court 5 on Sept. 10."


Playing big-time D-1 football is a priviledge, not a right.  Let him earn it at a JUCO or let another program take a chance on him.


February 16th, 2018 at 2:01 PM ^

On January 31st, the Steering Committee sent an email to the voting faculty to get broad input on whether to pursue a vote of no confidence in the MSU Board of Trustees. On Feb 3rd, the voting faculty (Academic Congress) decided to place a vote of no confidence on the Faculty Senate agenda. Of the 2,776 voting faculty (AC), 1,907 votes were received with 1,653 YES, 192 NO, and 62 abstained. Because of the majority of total faculty votes and the importance and immediacy of this, the Steering Committee voted to have an emergency Faculty Senate meeting on Tuesday, February 13th. The Faculty Senate is the governing faculty body that deliberates and approves curriculum changes as well as many of the faculty statements and proposals. It is comprised of faculty representatives from all colleges. There are 70 voting faculty on the Senate and 5 non-voting members. On the 13th, there were 65 voting faculty present at the Senate meeting. After much discussion, the Faculty Senate voted (by iclicker) on "No Confidence" in the MSU Board of Trustees. The vote was in favor of a "No Confidence" censure. The secret ballot was 61 in favor and 4 against.

The Faculty who spoke at the meeting noted many reasons why they voted no confidence in the Board including:

  • A lack of oversight and supervision by the Board regarding the Nassar case, finding the Board complicit at worst or grossly negligent in oversight at best.
  • A lack of compassion for the survivors.
  • Failure, over a period of years, to listen to the stakeholders of Michigan State University, from students to faculty to deans.
  • Appointment of an Interim President, without discussing the selection with MSU stakeholders.

The Steering Committee will provide the Board of Trustees with a letter indicating the results of the vote, what the vote means and a call for their resignation. Since the motion the Faculty Senate voted did not include any mention of resignation, the call to resignation will just be coming from the Steering Committee, not the Faculty Senate as a whole.

We believe that proper procedure should allow for the Faculty Senate to deliberate and vote on the next course of action. The Faculty Senate will meet next week to do just this. The agenda item will be a discussion of the next steps following the Faculty Senate vote of no confidence. Among possible actions to this vote are a resignation request from the whole body, a recommendation to replace individual trustees, creating mechanisms to add faculty (and others) to the governing body, changing the responsibilities of the governing body, etc.

The discussion will be led by the members of the Faculty Senate and the results of that meeting will be communicated to the Board of Trustees and the faculty.


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It's a scary proposition. But if we could have fairly widespread sit-ins to try to influence the government to stop a war we disagreed with, it should certainly be easy to have a sit-in at one university to convince one university to replace one university's board.

That said, I have no confidence in any school doing such a thing in this day, much less MSU.


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While the academic arm of MSU (you know the reason kids are supposed to be in East Landfill?) Appear to get it, oppose administration and more importantly the public image/athletics ostrich...it seems like the ostrich just continues to burry it's head even deeper...it just boggles the mind.

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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He pointed out the vote of no confidence as well when addressing the board. I agree with OP, this is not just some sensational headline. Read the article, Engler's response seems remarkably inappropriate.


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So Engler is at best completely and utterly ignorant and blind to reality, OR, intentionally deceitful. Both are absolutely disgusting. This whole thing is disgusting and I'm beyond pissed they might get off the hook for what appears to be the worst case of systemic failure we've seen involving a university.


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izzo and dantonio to lead the charge and expose their wrong doings?  they ain't nick nolte in blue chips.  that was a movie.  they are going to go full pitino, who is still fighting his allegations tooth and nail.  even though he was caught on tape.

izzo and dantoinio appear to have a lot more wagons circling them, though.  it will take another little big horn for those two to go down.  hopefully, the atty general or the lead investigator will be another sitting bull.  but i'm losing faith in the situation.


February 16th, 2018 at 2:12 PM ^

Yeah... I don't think utterly ignorant or intentionally deceitful is a trait that Engler possesses alone.  It seems that a particular American institution, to which he once belonged, has become rife with ignorant and deceitful people.  He's learning how to act from those closest to him ideologically.  This is not an isolated event.  It's a disturbingly pervasive trend.


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However, to even think about extending Dantonio's contract in this whirlwind of general MSU misconduct and mismanagement is insane.

Engler is basically the same as Simon.

Business as usual Spartys!


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Look no further for proof that appointing Engler was a terrible idea.  Guy just doesnt get it.  I'm not sure they could've realistically made a much worse pick to take over that "university".


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"Trapped maybe in the past," eh? Maybe like, I don't know, an institution that would let HUNDREDS of girls get sexually molested by a doctor over two decades before anyone fucking noticed??? 

Boner Stabone

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Engler is a puppet of Pete Secchia's and Bill Schutte.  All these guys job right now is to protect Izzo and Dantonio and make sure they defer any sexual campus misconduct to Nassar.  It is very evident that this was the plan all along to try to further cover up and defer.


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This is exactly correct. MSU is trying to protect their image and 2 very successful coaches and is just hoping a larger news story/ scandal will eventually take the heat off of them. 

The sad thing is I think it will work. Izzo and Dantonio won't lose a single recruit or fan due to their inaction.


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Prevailing sentiment is burn them all at the stake?  And then burn down the campus?  Engler, Izzo, and Dantonio all guilty too?  Proud grad of UM and MSU both and sure recognize a toxic witch hunt when I see one. Cut the brothers in Lansing some slack to correct a horrible situation. There are still some good people with good intentions trying their best up there.