Petition to fire Engler

Petition to fire Engler

Submitted by bringthewood on June 15th, 2018 at 10:26 AM

I know petitions do not mean anything but signing made me feel better :-) #FireEngler

If you have been following the news emails have been released where Engler essentially attacks the Nassar victims. I guess the BOT could select someone even worse, but I am not sure how.

OT: More MSU scandal - Strampel was reprimanded in 2005, and kept getting renewed

OT: More MSU scandal - Strampel was reprimanded in 2005, and kept getting renewed

Submitted by 1VaBlue1 on May 11th, 2018 at 7:29 AM

Just when you thought it was done, they strike again!  The Freep (warning!) has a story about Strampel (Nassar's former boss) having been reprimanded for vulgar and inappropriate comments and otherwise poor conduct in 2005.  He was then renewed as Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He was also renewed several other times through the years, despite additional complaints from schools and administrators.  Kritsen Zayko, MSU's General Counsel (then a member of the GC office), documented the meeting with Strampel:

Instead of taking tough action against Strampel, now facing a hearing as MSU tries to strip him of tenure to fire him, the trio of administrators decided to simply place a letter in Strampel's personnel file, documenting the talk. They also got verbal promises from Strampel that he would change.

Clearly, he didn't change behavior...

Also, Zayko just resigned her post with this comment:

First and foremost, I am sorry that anyone has been assaulted, abused or harassed on this campus. When I was a student here, too many victims of assault and harassment were afraid to report or seek help. I am grateful to every survivor who has come forward to tell their story. You should continue to push and challenge this university until real culture change occurs.

The bolded sentence is the shocker.  So, as a student, she was aware that assault was a problem that kids were scared to report.  What did she do about that long standing problem when she had the perfect opportunity to help?  Nothing.

Burn MSU to the ground, please...