LJ Scott continues to be a bad driver

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This guy should stick to buses or Uber. Personally I would be ok with him not playing against us. He hasn’t been the same as early in his career but he tore us up in a losing effort 2 years ago. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he is back for our game. Not sure if he’s dealing with an injury or not playing because of this. I would guess injury since I’m sure “strict disciplinarian” Dantonio would play him otherwise. 



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It isn't, agreed, but driving without a license plate is ignorant to such a degree that it still amazes me that somebody with recent, fairly significant, legal issues involving driving would do it.  My recent driving record is clean as a whistle, and the only time I would be driving a car without a license plate is if I am rushing somebody in dire need of medical care to the hospital.

EDIT: "Without a valid plate."

OK, I guess that is a little different, but not much.


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Operating a vehicle without a valid plate and driving without proof of insurance, according to 55th District Court records. He didn't put his sticker in the corner, or it was in the wrong corner, or his paper plate in his window expired, but it's not a registration issue. 

East German Judge

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....one of these things by themselves is usually not a big deal, however, story says that 6 times since 2016 he has been cited for driving without/suspended license.

For them to find that out he would have had to have been pulled over. He has been such a poor driver that he got pulled over that much!!!  Bus or Uber it dude before your carelessness gets someone else hurt. 


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It just shows how dumb/ignorant he is. After having it become public that he was arrested for driving on a suspended license 7 times, he has since gotten 4 more infractions within the last year.

Nothing is malicious or anything. But at some point you have to wonder if he can even understand the play designs. Or if they just tell him "Hey LJ, run left". He then has to put his hands up to see which one makes the "L". And sometimes even that's too much for him that he forgets he has to hold onto the ball the whole time...


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This made me laugh so I shared it with my coworker and his response:

"Classic candidate for traumatic brain injury research participant!  Poor MSU and all their concussion cases!"

Watch Dantonio will write it off as concussions because they play and practice so much harder.


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I don’t think this particular offense is a big deal,  just think the guy sucks at driving, or understanding what is needed to be a legal driver after about a dozen offenses. 

Mike Damone

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If history sets any precedent, LJ will probably come out storming against us and look like a Heisman candidate.  Regardless of how bad they look against other teams - we typically get Sparty's best game.

A little tongue in cheek - they are hurting bad on their Offensive Line, and our D Line needs to take it to them.  No mercy...


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Michigan vs Michigan State in football has been, since i can remember, the classic case of a highly motivated (but small) guy in a fight against a much stronger (but disinterested) larger man.

The big guy should win and usually DOES win but the small dude will throw everything he's got into the fight cause he's totally pissed off while the big guy just wants to get the thing over with.   

They hate us (motivated) for a million reasons.  We for the most part could care less about them (one of the reasons they hate us) and that's why we tend to look unmotivated many times - especially when compared to their fury.

We should win.  But never, EVER, think it's a given.

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I think Michigan will match their intensity this year. They all hear all the talk about Harbaugh can't beat his rivals, can't win on the road, etc. Recent comments from Devin Bush and Chase Winovich suggest that there is genuine dislike in that locker room for MSU.

Also remember that when Reschke was reinstated there was corroborating statements from other programs that MSU linemen were known for using racial epithets on the field. In other words, I think that the general feeling around here that MSU really, really, really needs to get taken out behind the woodshed is also prevalent among the players.

That said please tell Lavert Hill and David Long to be up in Felton Davis's facemask all game because he is a handful and probably the only player that can really hurt Michigan outside of the odd Lewerke scramble.


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I kind of hope we plan to play D conservatively. I don't see them being able to run the ball, or pass protect. The only way I see MSU moving the ball is by QB scrambles and screen passes. Have a spy watching for those 2 things every play and we'll be fine, even though it goes against Don Brown's "solve your problems with aggression" mentality.

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This is what happens when local law enforcement teaches all-stars that the rules don't apply to them. 

Two years ago MSU police pulled LJ Scott over and realized he was drinking and driving. He was not yet 21 (something not reported on but this article says he is 22 today) so there was zero excuse to look the other way and they would have looked at his ID to know his age. They let him go on his merry way. I'm just glad he did not kill anyone.

In July 2016, Scott was pulled over by Michigan State University Police in East Lansing for driving without his headlights turned on. According to a police report obtained by the Lansing State Journal, Scott told officers he and a friend were leaving a party. Scott admitted a red plastic cup in the center console that contained alcohol belonged to him.


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We won two years ago and the 2015 game never happened so I'm not sure which game you're referring to. 

If he plays, I'm good with it.  He's followed the path of regressions like Malik McDowell so I see him as a net positive for us if he's on the field.  I'd rather they try to run with him as opposed to Lewerke being a dual-threat force like he was last year against us.



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Live in Michigan and pay our car insurance rates, and you'll see why people drive around without insurance.  I wouldn't own a car in Detroit if we had anything resembling a competent public transportation system.

I owned a car in DC for a year that couldn't go in reverse because the subway took me everywhere I needed to go.  Anywhere I drove was within a five mile radius and I never had to back out of a parking space.