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08/16/2018 - 1:32pm OSU had 5 sacks and 2 of…

OSU had 5 sacks and 2 of them came after JBB left the game with an injury.

And of the 5 sacks JOK took at least 2, if not 3, of them were completely his own doing. 5 seconds to throw the ball away, rolled out of the tackle box, and didn't throw the ball away. IIRC one sack Bosa or Hubbard over ran him and had enough time to stop, turn around, beat the block, and sack him anyways.

Not saying JBB is good at pass blocking, but when he wasn't slow off the snap or confused by the line call he wasn't a complete disaster.

08/16/2018 - 1:28pm Watson was mentioned (I…

Watson was mentioned (I think this morning in an article) as being 1 of the 3 Zordich is confident in. The headline was "Michigan has 3 CBs it can trust now" and the 3rd was Watson, not Thomas (though he is brought up in almost the same regard).

08/16/2018 - 1:24pm I find it odd that Runyan…

I find it odd that Runyan has switched with JBB/Hudson. Exiting the spring I thought it was JBB/Hudson at LT battling it out and Runyan basically had the run at RT. Odd/concerning that the situation has seemingly flipped around all of a sudden.

But on the Runyan line, I get that having him at LT day 1 is concerning since he hasn't played it and isn't ideally sized. However, I still don't understand the idea that he can't be very good given his height/weight/whatever the reason is (Cole was 6'4" maybe 6'5" and Runyan is that height at least). He has been "the most athletic" OL on the team for the last 2 years (quoted from the coaching staff) and is now "the most improved" OL on the team (quoted from Warriner). Ulizio starting last year made 0 sense and I think we all agree the coaches made an idiotic decision there based on nothing, or at best based on the idea that Runyan isn't tackle shaped and JBB is biff prone (also read somewhere that Runyan was hurt at the beginning of last season). So given that, I won't freak out over Runyan starting somewhere until I see it go bad.

As for the QBs, while its great that Milton has been impressive from a physical standpoint, still concerned that McCaffrey hasn't really accelerated in a meaningful way. At this point I would have expected him to take the reigns or at least be seriously pushing Peters given his intangibles and the general level of expectations around him. Can't both "miss" on Peters and McCaffrey (by miss I mean them not be surefire starters at some point - which I know it's still early).

08/16/2018 - 10:58am Michigan's defense since…

Michigan's defense since Brown got to town: Top 5 in the country over the last 2 years, including last year when replacing almost every single starter. Go back to his BC days when they were top 10, playing in the ACC with significantly less talent than Clemson/FSU/Miami/even VT.

ND offense since Chip Long got to town: Between 25th and 30th (depending on your metric). He's only been at ND for 1 year so let's go back to 2016 when he was OC at Memphis (G5 team with equally or better talent than their opponents - Not BC versus FSU level disparity). They were in the 40s.

Who the hell says that is even?!

08/16/2018 - 8:56am OK State is pure air raid. I…

OK State is pure air raid. I doubt Michigan will go 4 or 5 wide and run a bunch of vertical routes with 1 or 2 crossers.

08/15/2018 - 12:47pm I would think San Francisco…

I would think San Francisco era Harbaugh is the closest comparison.

Patterson = Smith more so that Kaep. Has a little bit of a running threat to him, but otherwise will be under center, in the pistol, and the gun running some read option stuff. Much more of a pocket passer than Kaep kind of QBs. Though Smith didn't push the ball down the field much outside of the occasional fade.

Frank Gore = Higdon since both with run between the tackles and over people when needed.

Vernon Davis = Gentry. Davis was a match up problem because of his speed - Gentry because of size.

SF didn't have great WRs and there isn't an analogue to Anquan Boldin on Michigan, but that's where a big difference could be seen.


08/15/2018 - 12:09pm Thank god it's almost here!

Thank god it's almost here!

Also, both the NW and Nebraska sections made me audibly chuckle at my desk.

Well done.

08/14/2018 - 5:10pm All fine and good. Just…

All fine and good. Just commit to something that makes sense.

I could understand the inconsistency in play from freshman and sophomores last year. DPJ blows by a guy 1 play and the the next he can't get away on a dig (of he does and JOK misses him by 5 yards). That's ok. Onwenu blasts open a hole leading to a huge chunk for Higdon 1 play. Misses the guy in front of his face the next. Not great, but I can understand it.

This odd, "let's try this" approach from last year (that we can put some of on Drevno) was infuriating. Fades to McDoom and McKeon. Short field pitches (that Higdon saved on his own breaking 3 tackles in the backfield). Doing some BS blocking scheme that didn't block Wisconsin's OLB on a 4 man rush. Not even trying to use Evans as a receiver out of the backfield except that 1 time against Rutgers and once against OSU. Those things were just nonsensical.

If they're going to go 4 wide with DPJ, Black, Perry, and Gentry, fucking go for it. Get mismatches on LBs with Perry and SSs with Gentry and make teams pay for it. Run out another OT as the 3rd TE to blast Ben Mason through LBs till the cows come home. That's fine too. Just commit to it instead of flipping back and forth mid-drive to see if this one time this one play will work.

I have confidence in this year being much better than last year, I just want it to be a resounding step in the right direction.

08/13/2018 - 8:34pm He went against #79.

He went against #79.

Hutchinson is 97.

08/13/2018 - 8:05pm I understand why, but just…

I understand why, but just find it funny watching OL going up against other OL "pass rush".

Obviously getting technique down first is paramount and then going full speed is how you avoid bad habits, but can't read a lot until Mayfield and Co see Gary and Winovich going 100 mph.

08/13/2018 - 6:22pm Karlaftis has said …

Karlaftis has said (paraphrasing) that so long as Brohm is at Purdue, he's going there (inferring that means if Brohm leaves his commitment is gone too).

Generally agreed on the second part of your comment.

08/13/2018 - 4:55pm At DT they are still in on…

At DT they are still in on Rodas Johnson (CBs to Wisconsin).

At SDE they are still pursuing Karlaftis (Unless Brohm leaves he's going to Purdue).

I don't necessarily disagree on the idea that they could get Woods later in the cycle, nor do I think accepting his commitment now would mean another higher ranked guy doesn't come to Michigan because of him.

08/12/2018 - 3:37pm Patterson > Speight (if he…

Patterson > Speight (if he gets protection especially)

Higdon > Smith

Mason > Hill

DPJ/Black > Chesson/Darboh though I think that will be because combined they do better and not because one of them is clearly the #1 guy.

Butt > McKeon but combined with Gentry it is closer to a wash.

Newsome/Braden > JBB/Hudson

Bredeson > Braden/Bredeson

Cole > Ruiz

Kalis > Onwenu/Spanellis

Magnuson > Runyan

Gary ~ Taco (he had like 10 sacks in 9 games)

Hurst > Dwumfor

Solomon ~ Glasgow

Winovich > Wormley

Hudson > Peppers (or at least makes more impactful plays)

Bush > Gedeon

Gil/Ross > McCray

Lewis > Hill (by a small amount)

Long > Stringing (by a larger amount)

Hill > Metellus (or whoever)

Thomas > Kinnel

So overall the 2016 OL had a higher floor but otherwise I'd call it a wash or in favor of 2018.

08/09/2018 - 7:18pm Sweet, sweet football talk.

Sweet, sweet football talk.

I needed this so bad.

08/09/2018 - 12:49pm We've gotten the "things…

We've gotten the "things have been simplified and they are doing better" lines.

The one line I actually take somewhat seriously was from Winovich (I think) where he said that last year the defense won 9/10 reps against the offense and it wasn't even close. A "successful play" for the offense was like 6-10 yards.

Continuing from his interview, this year it's more like the defense wins 7/10 with each rep being an actual fight and a "successful offensive play" being bigger with the occasional home run.

Can't remember where that interview came from so maybe take my comment with a grain of salt.

08/09/2018 - 9:23am I'm currently working on…

I'm currently working on applying to Ross for next year and this is another great selling point for the University in case I need it down the line (if I get in).

08/09/2018 - 8:54am The thing about Wisconsin is…

The thing about Wisconsin is they rarely beat teams of equal or better talent by a lot. They're not built to put up 45 points on good defenses even if their defense can slow down good offenses.


08/07/2018 - 12:03pm Hadn't really watched his…

Hadn't really watched his tape until today (had time to watch a few minutes of it) and I'm pleasantly surprised.

Yeah he doesn't have the sudden acceleration or top end speed, but he's shifty (those step backs were impressive) and he can jump. Not saying I didn't enjoy watching Gallon get up and grab jump balls, but it'd be nice to not need the shortest WR of the bunch (out of guys like DPJ, Black, Collins) to do that. If necessary, Bell looks like he could do it though.

08/07/2018 - 9:29am I AM jolted awake you sick,…

I AM jolted awake you sick, sadistic... Sorry, sorry.

Just glad Coach B is ok.

08/06/2018 - 11:21am Where I live (Boston)…

Where I live (Boston) Comcast has basically made it just expensive enough that if you get only internet and then use a streaming service, it's within $5/month and at that point I might as well just get cable and internet together.

If I get just internet they cut the speeds massively and I would need it to stream so if my GF is on her laptop and I'm watching the game, it could slow down. Might as well get the package so I don't have to deal with multiple accounts and throttled speeds and they know that so I'm stuck.

Just a thought if you're looking to save money, it might not be worth the hassle unfortunately.

08/02/2018 - 12:13pm That's the concern obviously…

That's the concern obviously.

Giant State schools within 200 miles of one another see the other one getting away with something pretty terrible with 0 accountability or punishment can embolden the other school to say "why can't we just do that?"

Or at minimum, OSU can say "at least we put our HC on admin leave, MSU didn't even do that."

Lower the hurdle just enough to make it easy to jump.

08/02/2018 - 12:10pm This isn't a "hint" of…

This isn't a "hint" of impropriety. This goes all the way back to 2009 when Urban's closest confidants intervened to keep Smith's wife from pressing charges. His wife knew. Other wives and probably coaches knew. There are text messages showing a trail of information that is impossible to ignore. And apparently it's common knowledge that Smith was a drunkard to boot.

It's not "every rumor needs to be elevated to the top NOW."

It's serious accusations need to be looked at for more than 2 seconds and then passed off as "not my problem."

Taking something to the extreme is ridiculous and I hope you know that. Saying 10 years of domestic abuse needs to be taken seriously isn't the same as saying a rumor of a coach having a pot habit needs to be figured out tomorrow.

08/02/2018 - 11:40am Same thing I have been…

Same thing I have been saying to MSU friends since the Nassar thing about Hollis and Simon.

If they didn't know, at best they are ineffective leaders with no ground to stand on. If you lead an organization/University/sports team and no staffer reports something like this to you, then you have created an environment that espouses that ideal.

350 girls (or 1 wife in OSU's case) being sexually assaulted over 20+ years under the guise of medical treatment may not be directly your fault, but it is at least tangentially your responsibility to have systems/people in place willing to do the right thing. Doing the right thing SHOULD BE EASY.

The lacking understanding of this (seemingly) basic principle baffles me.


08/02/2018 - 11:31am Just go look at his Wiki …

Just go look at his Wiki (has citations).

Most, if not all of the major videos he released were described as "heavily edited" or "overtly deceptive/taken out of context."

Each video controversy is addressed in full and in many cases AG offices in individual states and even the GAO have looked into him and said he's full of shit.

You don't have to take our word for it on a sports blog. Go do some research.

08/02/2018 - 11:12am Shit, even that article…

Shit, even that article doesn't rail on him enough.

The ACORN videos were heavily edited and the GAO, Massachusetts AG, and California AG, all investigated the organization and found no criminal wrong doing. The GAO specifically reviewed the financials that showed no improper mishandling of funds.

08/02/2018 - 10:31am Conservative, liberal, what…

Conservative, liberal, what have you.

This guy is just a huge POS and a proven liar.

08/02/2018 - 10:28am Sooo... chances are this …

Sooo... chances are this "undercover footage" is heavily edited to a point where it's basically a giant lie and should be taken with the largest grain of salt we've ever seen.

Even if very compelling, I would put 0.00 stock in this.

08/02/2018 - 9:45am O sure, but I find myself to…

O sure, but I find myself to be more pragmatic than pessimistic (the asshole way of saying I'm cynical).

It would not surprise me to see the tune change from "we likef the coaches" to "we've always valued the education (and whatever else) OSU provides."

It's a moving target for some people. Coaches screw up. "We care about the school". In MSU's case, both screw up and people find a different reason to still support it.

08/02/2018 - 9:07am People compartmentalize…

People compartmentalize things.

If they still want him to go to OSU, it will be a "Meyer issue" and not an institutional issue. "We still like OSU as a school and what they stand for. We don't like what Urban Meyer stood for but he's not around anymore."\

Or if Meyer is retained after their investigation (for that to happen you have to imagine OSU will come out and go over the top to say Meyer is squeaky clean because anything less than that will be a fireable degree) then they'll all ignore it.

08/02/2018 - 9:04am Shit, they have freaking…

Shit, they have freaking Wilson on staff and he has never paid for his past (being the OC at OSU is probably a lateral move to HC at Indiana).

I don't know if anyone will get what's truly coming to them when it comes to college sports and these types of things.

Not saying Warriner deserves anything. Just saying in general.

08/02/2018 - 9:02am This isn't the right…

This isn't the right thinking.

If Warriner knew, he should have elevated it to Meyer or possibly Smith. If they told him that they're taking care of it or to leave it alone, that's fine.

I don't expect someone to quit their job or risk it by leaking to the press about an abuser on the staff. But doing nothing isn't good enough either.

We don't know if he knew. We don't know if he elevated it if he did know. 1st step is to figure out if he knew.

08/02/2018 - 8:59am Absolutely true.


Absolutely true.

However, it has gotten to a point where that shouldn't absolve someone of making noise about it internally.

If Warriner knew and told Meyer or Smith and they said leave it alone, ok. He did something about it and I'm not expecting someone to risk their job leaking to the media about a guy on their own staff. If he knew and didn't say anything because "I couldn't fire him" that's not good enough.

08/01/2018 - 10:21pm The outrage I felt after…

The outrage I felt after reading about this whole thing has subsided a bit and Harrison's name was the first thing that made me smile slightly.

If OSU's internal investigation clears Meyer then OSU is in the clear for years and the recruits will keep going there because they'll have the "us against them" thing going while saying Meyer is squeaky clean because "we reallllllyyy looked hard at him to show once and for all his moral compass."

08/01/2018 - 1:30pm That as well.

Just pointing…

That as well.

Just pointing out that even in the gray areas that all coaches have to work in when it comes to player discipline, people harp on Perry and equate it to Robertson (or the half dozen other offenders - not sexual, but in other cases - that Dantonio kept around).

Meyer's Florida teams were THE MOST ARRESTED teams in the country but his "faith" has made him above reproach. Same with Dantonio (I used to attend the same church as him when I was growing up). Even Harbaugh is overtly Christian and people point to that to prove that he is morally centered and would never do such a thing (and to my knowledge hasn't to the same degree). It doesn't take 4 mistakes to make someone fallible, everyone is 1 bad mistake away from deserved criticism.

It's the same issue people had with Paterno, Nassar, and plenty of others (to obviously varying degrees - I'm NOT saying Meyer = Nassar). People conflate someone's success and "good" in their profession with being a good person. Nassar was a great doctor (when he wasn't assaulting girls) and very successful so he MUST be a good person. Why else would he be so successful if he was a POS?

I hope everyone can get to that point and realize that people in general (especially football coaches) are fallible and not some moral true good BECAUSE they can coach a sport well/are successful in their profession. I like Harbaugh and hope he does well. If he steps in it and royally screws up, I'm reminding myself that he isn't the person I looked to as some symbol of guiding principle.

08/01/2018 - 10:58am I mean, a lot of us (and…

I mean, a lot of us (and every MSU and OSU fan on the planet) gave Harbaugh tons of shit for keeping Perry around. And for relatively good reason.

Robertson was an "unfortunate situation" but hey, Dantonio was giving him a second chance! He's a great guy!

Zach Smith was an "unfortunate situation that no one new about. How is it Meyer's fault for not knowing when there wasn't court records?! He's a great guy!"

Point being, not all things are equal and not all things receive appropriate, proportional outrage.

08/01/2018 - 10:53am True. Though that share in…

True. Though that share in June having to go somewhere and Alabama being the landing sport because they are always in on 5 stars is also because Bama is truly in it. Regardless as to who is in 1st or 2nd with him, a majority of those CBs going to Bama was because Bama is 1st or 2nd so I wouldn't discount them as being changed just because Bama is around.

Point being, even if Michigan is in the lead, Bama is close enough for the CBs that flipped to them to make sense.

08/01/2018 - 10:40am By far the most talent he's…

By far the most talent he's ever had here.

Rudock was very good, but he didn't have the ceilings Patterson, McCaffrey, Milton, or Peters (kind of tempered) have just because he wasn't 6'5 (McCaffrey/Milton) didn't have a rocket for an arm (Milton) and wasn't a 5 star (Patterson). Speight was nowhere close to the talent either but did very well.

Just have to have a hit on 2/4 of these guys to be set up well for the future.

08/01/2018 - 10:07am As a quick note, the comment…

As a quick note, the comment from Brown last year, while great as far as leadership goes, does almost nothing to speak to McCaffrey's ability to handle Michigan's playbook and run Michigan's offense efficiently.

He was operating the scout team. Most likely meaning the scout team was shown a play card in the huddle with everyone's routes and progressions, usually "this is the guy they almost always throw to, if he's not open throw it to this guy" (throwing INTs isn't a punishable offense on the scout team and not throwing the ball is actually frowned upon because the DBs need to get work on defending passes).

I'm not saying McCaffrey doesn't have "it" (he is a very smart kid with all the bloodlines you could ask for and a huge upside). I'm saying being able to run a scout team doesn't really mean a ton (JOK could run the scout team too). I could operate the hell out of our scout team in HS because I could just let it rip without fear of getting yelled at for forcing a slant or just bailing out and throwing a fly route. I would get yelled at if I didn't throw a pass because the whole point was the defense getting to see plays ran to their conclusion. INT, sack, or otherwise. When it came to our offense I would get timid about throwing an INT or had to remember all the plays with no play card to remind me of my 2nd or 3rd option right before the snap...

Which is why I switched to WR in our offense :)

08/01/2018 - 9:56am From all the reports,…

From all the reports, Oklahoma is pretty much out of it but is still sitting with a lot of CBs.

If all those CBs switch to Michigan, then I'll start to get excited (only to be depressed later on because Bama).


07/31/2018 - 5:01pm Every mention of AJ Dillon…

Every mention of AJ Dillon makes me sad. That kid is a monster.

07/31/2018 - 4:58pm He had a couple that it…

He had a couple that it looked like he might be able to turn a corner or slip though a hole, but it seemed like there were too many where the kick would be left and the return would be allllllllll the way back to the right. No matter how fast he is, he couldn't get to the alley before it closed up. Or he had the ball in the wrong hand and couldn't stiff arm the 1 or 2 guys that cut him down.

Better coaching/planning and a more college ready body should do wonders.

07/31/2018 - 8:54am I never said he took plays…

I never said he took plays off. He literally was pulled from games (Purdue specifically) and had Runyan/Spanellis/Ruiz (I can't remember which) take some snaps so he could go into that 4th quarter and help crack some runs for Evans. Missing assignments isn't taking plays off either. Fatigue makes it hard to get where you need to be and is a drain on your mental ability to diagnose things.

07/31/2018 - 8:51am Bradnon Johns in EL,…

Bradnon Johns in EL, committed to Michigan.

I played East Lansing in basketball, football, and baseball in high school. I can't imagine him dealing with that during a basketball season.

Michigan football and Columbus is the only remotely similar toxic environment.

07/30/2018 - 9:28pm Pretty sure he means the…

Pretty sure he means the fans because whoever the twitter question was posed to ripped JOK during the OSU game multiple times.

07/30/2018 - 5:20pm Probably a similar issue…

Probably a similar issue that Onwenu had last year. He's so big he wears down come the 4th quarter/has to get a breather in the middle quarters to last all the way.

Hard to move 330 lbs+ around for a full game and not miss plays/assignments due to fatigue.

07/30/2018 - 12:02pm *Coach* Ed

*Coach* Ed

07/27/2018 - 4:21pm Michigan got the ball back…

Michigan got the ball back and scored a TD on the next drive.

Obviously impossible to project things like this, but they score and go up 17-7, then kickoff and there's no guarantee Michigan gets the ball back again inside OSU territory (like they did after the fumble) and scores another time.

07/27/2018 - 11:19am Ran into a friend from HS…

Ran into a friend from HS this past weekend who walked onto the men's basketball team back in the late 2000s and he mentioned the Merchant thing was coming.

That being said, UMBig11 mentioned the story was football related IIRC.

07/26/2018 - 2:19pm Jalen Hurts playing for…

Jalen Hurts playing for Alabama is not even remotely close to Peters playing for Michigan.

Alabama's OL alone could win them games and Hurts was constantly criticized for just being ok. His legs bailed him out a ton and Alabama's schedule over the last 2 years has been very manageable. (they get Mercer and Chattanooga for crying out loud). Their only big game last year was Auburn (which they lost) and then they pulled Hurts against Georgia.

2016 he threw for 185 yards/game and they basically only played Clemson. USC sucked before they went to Darnold, LSU fired Miles, Auburn was playing a QB who was constantly broken, and Washington was good, but had no shot playing Alabama's defense.

Point being, Hurts didn't set the world on fire. He has been ok, but put him behind Michigan's OL last year with a bunch of freshman WRs and he's not doing well. He had every advantage possible and still got pulled/criticized constantly.

What I mean by Michigan not having data on Peters is that they had never seen him in live games against opponents. JOK by all reports could do well in practice. In games the light turned off. Same could have happened to Peters and throwing him in against Purdue when Michigan was losing on the road would have been very risky. Then JOK did well so you can't really bench the guy who saved you the game before.

07/26/2018 - 10:17am Yes, RS freshman QBs have…

Yes, RS freshman QBs have had a bigger impact as of late, though in most cases it has been guys who play in RPO systems (Herbert at Oregon,  Manziel at Texas A&M, Winston at FSU which wasn't as much RPO but that team was loaded, and Hurts at Alabama and he has struggled a lot) or systems that had strong running games to take the heat off the QB. But at this point, the talk has been that Peters even as a RS sophomore isn't capable of taking the job for good. He's not Johnny Manziel or Justin Herbert.

JOK was the seemingly low ceiling, high floor option of the 2 starting the year. No matter what was seen from Peters in practice, the thought was JOK's average play (given his time at Houston and enough practice at Michigan) was more stable than a complete unknown. Peters could have gone out there and frozen in the face of defenses, especially coming in cold against Purdue. Peters was getting 3rd team reps up to that point, there was no way to know he could come in and handle being down @Purdue.

We're biased against JOK because of what we saw on the field last year, but leading up to it I could understand why the coaches thought he could manage things better than Peters when they had 0 data on Peters.