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08/08/2018 - 1:32am We (me and my wife) had just…

We (me and my wife) had just bought a couple of months supply of fish from Hamtramck. We also had friends coming over for a dinner. All of us grad students. As we were living in Northwood that time, we had gas oven. Huge deal that night. Non-campus grad student apartments had electric ovens. So we had a slightly bigger party than we initially planned. We were planning to head down to Columbus with another friend, when we heard that the power was coming back. Ooof, thankfully didn't have to make that journey down US-23. 

One thing I regret is not looking up to see the sky :) I would have seen the Milky Way in 2003. 

07/03/2018 - 2:50pm That narrows down the number…

That narrows down the number of vehicles I need to look for :) I will keep an eye out for ya.

07/02/2018 - 5:21pm now now, you can't have…

now now, you can't have everything, can you? Harvey was at par with Houston areas' twenty year cycle of heavy rain.


Katy is a nice place. :) all pros, no cons. well, besides the occasional OSU/MSU caps and tshirts one gets to see. I have seen very little Michigan gear in and around Katy. May be I need to change my circle as well. 


06/24/2018 - 3:30pm I don't think it was that…

I don't think it was that bad a game from Panama. They attacked in the beginning. And they had to do that once they fell down 2-0 by the 30th minute. That opened up the defense for the English players to exploit. 

Most teams are parking the bus in their half/box from get-go. Set pieces are the only way to open up the game and England was able to do that. 2 goals in the first 15-20 minutes and now Panama had to try to score. That opened up the defense more. Bada bing bada boom. If those two first two (or one) don't go in and instead Panama scored early, we would have seen a completely different game. 

US does not have a midfielder (most teams don't) to break down a defense when 7-8 are playing in their defensive third. 

05/30/2018 - 3:02pm Uplifting? Nah, it's not a

Uplifting? Nah, it's not a bra.

05/29/2018 - 6:40pm It's the opposite in our

It's the opposite in our household. Wifey keeps us with the speed limit. I try to stick to 65 mph (even in a 75/80 mph zone). difference of about 4-5 mpg.

05/21/2018 - 12:44pm Are you sure there wasn't any

Are you sure there wasn't any Richard in his name? 

05/15/2018 - 2:48pm RAV4 is nice. Very low

RAV4 is nice. Very low maintenance. 

05/15/2018 - 2:43pm I think that's a design

I think that's a design feature for her car :D

05/15/2018 - 12:55am The $100K exists now. It will

The $100K exists now. It will exist with a third party oversight organization being present on-campus with subpoena authority as well. To venture a guess, cash. In-kind services. below market rate services. Or inflated prices for something cheap. gift cards. reloadable debit cards. unsecured line of credit may be. insignificant gifts adding up to a large number. One thing to understand is how would a recruit use the money. From whatever I have read, mostly for family maintenance. In that case, hiding $100K won't be much of a problem. Now, if they want to invest that money and earn much more, then it's a different story. 

05/14/2018 - 3:57pm Any idea what might be the

Any idea what might be the reason for a more qualified (based on grades/scores) candidate not offered the same or similar financial aid? Of course, they may have applied to different schools. 

05/14/2018 - 3:49pm Pete Rose

Now when sports gambling has been (or about to be) legalized in US, will Pete Rose get his due as a player or is he still toxic? 

05/11/2018 - 4:13pm Hmm. Looks like Wall St.

Hmm. Looks like Wall St. needs to have that lesson. Oh wait. 

05/02/2018 - 12:15am Should he just stop at hug or

Should he just stop at hug or keep going? It's just like his imagination...

04/27/2018 - 10:15am Thanks for setting up the

Thanks for setting up the discussion. While Europe was fought over by the Allies and the Axis, a not so small part of war was also waging in South and South-East Asia. I do not expect that to be discussed on a Michigan football related blog. However, a decent number of American forces landed and fought in the Eastern part of India. 

That discussion is for another day. 

04/27/2018 - 9:32am The engines are getting more

The engines are getting more efficient though. Also a bulk of the driving is done in urban/suburban conditions, where a smaller engine would still be adequate. 

04/26/2018 - 4:57pm Yes, but how much will you

Yes, but how much will you get form the Suburban while stuck in Detroi traffic? Or driving kids to soccer practice and school and doing grocery? 

04/26/2018 - 4:39pm Raptors used come with a 6.2L

Raptors used come with a 6.2L V8. They have moved to a High Output 3.5L V6 Ecoboost, pushing 450hp + 510 ft-lb of torque. Ford's claiming it's more than the 6.2LV8. 

Also Raptors' start at 50K. 

hmm. Looks like they aren't even offering the 5.0L/V8 with the Raptor either. 

04/26/2018 - 3:23pm Money is a great motivator. I

Money is a great motivator. I won't say that they have zero skin in the game. What you could call them out on is that they are well protected in case of a bad outcome. Salaried workers are completely screwed if the CEO messes up, while the C-level themselves are comparatively well protected. 

Everyone has skin in the game, just in a different way. 

04/25/2018 - 4:19pm You guys are taking him too

You guys are taking him too seriously. 

04/25/2018 - 2:55pm Another vote for BBNP.

Darn! missed this comment before commeting above. Living in Houston, I consider this my backyard park :) Loved the quiet and solitude. 

04/25/2018 - 2:44pm Quick question! The "M" up in

Quick question! The "M" up in the mountains on McKittrick Canyon, does it stand for Michigan? That's what I claimed when we visited a couple of years ago. Want to go again and spend more than a few hours there. The fossil trail is on my to do list, also scaling the Guadalupe. 

Not many have mentioned the few NPs in Texas. I like Big Bend NP a lot. 

04/25/2018 - 2:32pm meh

What else is he supposed to say? "We built a team that is still lightyears away from competing in B1G. Please keep buying tickets till then". :D Those games will be fun nonetheless. 

04/09/2018 - 12:18pm Did you catch him asking the

Did you catch him asking the left tackle whether they are going to run or pass. "hey help out a brother man". 

04/08/2018 - 6:12pm No one has mentioned yet that

No one has mentioned yet that Mark Harmon (YTMH) is the narrator. Nice touch :) 

Please remember that this is a heavily edited version of whatever happened during the season. Even if they trailed each and every player, there would be too much footage to view and edit. I would guess that they picked a few storylines and stuck with them through the season, hence a disjointed imcomplete view of the program. 

Overall I like it. Good to see the "kids" give their everything on the field. 

04/06/2018 - 1:14am Henri the ennui otter.

Henri the ennui otter.

04/06/2018 - 12:40am Meh

I am pissed and angry at Michigan not able to pull these games and hoist the damn trophies. I don't care what the pre-season expectations were, if they got this close they should have closed the deal. 

But on the other hand, I also enjoy the effort these kids (and their myriad support stuffs) have put in these games. No one gets on those fields thinking "yah, I am ok with being the second place team today". Somedays it just doesn't work. 

My anger and pissiness and sadness don't nullify the joy I got from the success these teams have achieved. 

So even though I just swore at ND scoring with 3.7s to go, I sure as hell enjoy and congratulate the team for a great season as well. These two feelings aren't mutually exclusive. It just took me a couple of decades and a couple of kids to understand and accept that. 


Forza Azul. 

04/06/2018 - 12:00am I watched the first episode.

I watched the first episode. So far. I already want to buy most of the gears the team was wearing. Nice stuff. 

Oh yeah, football too. It's a different perspective from the field. 

04/04/2018 - 4:16pm adjusted for inflation? 

adjusted for inflation? 

04/03/2018 - 1:11pm Once. He just copy-pasted the

Once. He just copy-pasted the second one! No wonder it took little time to destroy it the second time around. 

04/03/2018 - 1:00pm That doesn't explain M's

That doesn't explain M's in-game scoring droughts. I would love to sit down and analyze whether M had longer more frequent scoring droughts vis-a-vis rest of the field. 


04/03/2018 - 10:37am The cold shooting streaks.

The cold shooting streaks. They definitely ended the season on a loss. 

03/31/2018 - 11:56pm You mean April.

You mean April.

03/29/2018 - 1:17pm It sounds like you want to

It sounds like you want to get Ramzy's or our opponent's fanbases' "approval" on UMs Final Four appearence.

I can't tell you how you should feel, but I give no hoots to anyone else rooting for or against UM in the Final Four. 


Go Blue!

03/28/2018 - 7:04pm Aha. Now that you have

Aha. Now that you have pointed out that rolling substitution will hurt the game, FIFA will surely bring it to every level of play. 

Frivolity aside, US market is still a huge unpenetrated market for FIFA. So if they want to get a foothold in this market, they will do everything they can and then some to tweak the game to appeal to the US market. 

All these games are entertainment. Every day new forms of entertainment are coming to fore. There are more things a human can do in the 24 hours. So the existing forms of entertainment are fighting for time with newer forms of entertainments.

Even though the fans may not like it, even though the purists won't like it, every game will change to suit the times. Either that or it will get stale and die. 

03/28/2018 - 3:44pm Rest of the world seems to be

Rest of the world seems to be doing fine with that formula. I do hear your concerns. 

Field Hockey used to have a set number of substitutions per team per game. But back in 90s they moved to rolling substitution. The game has definitely changed and brought in more people to play. 


03/28/2018 - 1:18pm You are suggesting common

You are suggesting common sense approach to a long standing problem. That also for the good of US Soccer. Never going to happen. 

03/28/2018 - 10:31am Thanks for sharing. Used to

Thanks for sharing. Used to follow as a kid back in India when chess matches used to finish faster than the speed of news. 


*/ waves tiny flag for Vishwathan Anand /*

03/14/2018 - 1:45pm This has been the modus

This has been the modus operandi of every religion trying to expand in a region with existing belief systems different from their own. To subsume an existing culture, the invading culture has always adopted certain practices as its own. 

03/14/2018 - 1:32pm I used to think that all

I used to think that all religions define afterlife as a prize (heaven) and a punishment (hell) based on all the things one does in life. But thinking a bit more, you seem to be right. It's quite possible that the Heaven and Hell as commonly discussed is a construct of the Abrahamic religions only. 

Interesting line of thinking following from there. Most communities around the world do define the afterlife differently than a prize and punishment.

Thanks for sharing your thought. 

03/13/2018 - 4:54pm Did she pass the concussion

Did she pass the concussion protocol ? :D

03/13/2018 - 4:25pm I guess. I was looking at the

I guess. I was looking at the QBR and overall rating, that's why the "regressed" comment. Throwing for an average of 250 yds/game over a three year period is impressive. But somehow I still don't see a $80million+ QB. Hopefully it will work out for all involved.

03/13/2018 - 3:04pm A snub from SBNation is meh.

A snub from SBNation is meh. Hopefully none of the 32 NFL teams will do it to Mo. 

On another note, I don't see the love for Kirk Cousins! The guy has regressed in the past three years. Broncos have put their faith on Case K which I am not sure is good. But whatever. The GMs know a lot more than we fans do. 

03/10/2018 - 12:32am Usually the magazines are

Usually the magazines are locked a couple of weeks prior to publication. So it did jinx them :)  

03/09/2018 - 4:52pm If you are not a "total

If you are not a "total idiot", you are not qualified for the job. If you can do something resembling useful sensible stuff, you aren't making money like them. 

03/09/2018 - 12:39pm This is a good idea. Hence,

This is a good idea. Hence, B1G won't implement it.

03/07/2018 - 12:16pm As he is Irish, he was

As he is Irish, he was celebrating the impending Happy Hour in Dublin. 

03/06/2018 - 3:47pm She still floats.

The Lady Lex still floats. I mean the namesake CV-16 ( She is docked at Corpus Christi. Fascinating history with a wonderful tour of the ship. They also offer overnight stays for scout troups. My son's troup spent a night a few years ago. 

Interesting nugget - while going to the sleeping quarters, one of the parents banged his head on the door frame in spite of ducking. He is 6'2". The guide mentioned that the dimensions of the doorways were sized for an "average" person in 1940s which was about 5' 4". Don't know if that's true. 

02/28/2018 - 9:27pm I am curious about who were

I am curious about who were you directing this comment to? I am very obtuse. Could you please specify if your concerns are about me and my progeny?  

02/28/2018 - 2:40pm aha

We go round and round. Yes, one can try to differentiate between donating money to the athletic department (AD by extension would be dangling futuristic facilities and fifteen iPads per recruits and extra cash falling from the sky) and straight up bribery (or donating to a cause close to the heart of someone close to the recruit). But the end effect is the same, getting the top 5-10 recruits of a class to one single school. 

If Oregon and Oklahoma State wanted to play that game, there are myriad ways to "bribe" a recruit and not even IRS can find anything wrong with those. For instance, someone applies and opens a new Nike store in the nearest mall. Or someone gets a large sum as payment for mineral rights in their property. 

Yankees tried to assemble the best team money can buy in late 90s/early '00s. Red Wings tried doing that in early '00s. They didn't win all the titles in their leagues during those times. 

Even now, Alabama doesn't win every year even though they amass the 33rd NFL team every year. 

Heck, even Ole Miss tried paying the players directly. It doesn't work that way. Of course, never say never. Some school might pull it off in the future.