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07/16/2018 - 10:10pm I um... may or may not have…

I um... may or may not have humped my friend's living room floor that night.

07/10/2018 - 7:53pm The Laker front office…

The Laker front office probably thinks about the softness of the office toilet paper more than they think about what LaVar Ball says

07/09/2018 - 6:25pm oh, yeah - the vets this…

oh, yeah - the vets this year are absolutely 1-year stopgaps to faciliate the kids getting better by pushing them in practice.  Magic and Pelinka have said loudly and often that they're not going to try and rebuild the Lakers in one year and they're doing exactly what they said they'd be doing.  LeBron knows this and is buying in, for now.  There's no guarantee that this will result in a championship squad but you could've even said that about the Warriors getting Durant.

07/09/2018 - 2:44pm Knowledgeable Laker fans -…

Knowledgeable Laker fans - and I'll be the first to admit that this isn't necessarily a high percentage of us - have been very pleased so far with what Mo Wagner and fellow Final Four alum and Jayhawk Svi Mykhailiuk have flashed (hur hur, phrasing!) in Summer League.  One particularly clever Redditor has suggested "Dank Moritzki" as Mo's new nickname.

They're not going to be defensive stoppers, especially as rookies but they provide energy and shooting.  The thought process is that the veterans we signed will provide the defensive versatility and playmaking; if Wagner and Mykhailiuk can provide enough outside shooting that could make us a dangerous out next May.

07/02/2018 - 7:51pm That University Region Down…

That University Region Down South (TURDS)


- Manageable cost-of-living; have a meh job and still live in a nice house in a nice hood on one income

- Traffic is minimal, especially for a city of its size of 700,000ish, hardly anything is more than a 20 minute drive away

- Surprisingly underrated food town

- Generally pleasant Midwestern populace and, as the geopopulous and cultural median of the country, has something for everyone.  Church groups, cornhole, Latvian festivals, gay pride - we got it all.


- I d0n't think I need to Spell it oUt.





06/25/2018 - 7:41pm I'd agree with that - and…

I'd agree with that - and good to see another Laker fan here.  Mo's ideal niche is off the bench to catalyze the second unit; you definitely don't want him anchoring the 5 spot against starters for too long.  Forum Blue and Gold (where LFT moonlights) is also another quality Laker blog, btw.  Generally you can tell the casual Laker fans from the knowledgeable ones by their hot takes (or lack thereof) on the Ball family.

Rookies Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma were present for Wagner's workout and immediately saw him as a guy they'd love to team with, even elbowing Magic to tell him to draft Mo.  Though their infatuation might've been short-lived:


. @moritz_weasley is a funny guy.....ugly but funny

— Josh Hart (@joshhart) June 23, 2018
06/25/2018 - 4:58pm You can paper over his lack…

You can paper over his lack of athleticism to some extent with coaching, scheme and hoops IQ - Duncan Robinson could attest to that, though there's a... bit of a gap between the NCAA and the NBA.  FWIW, there were similar concerns about Lonzo Ball's D, but he wound up being a legitimately good/great defender by the season's end.

(It's also possible that Mo was selected with a possible Kawhi deal in the back of their mind, since the Spurs traditionally love getting sweet-shooting Europeans)

06/25/2018 - 4:38pm Also... be aware of the…

Also... be aware of the score at all times and stay away from Kardashians.

06/25/2018 - 4:08pm Ack - I fail at embedding on…

Ack - I fail at embedding on the new board - mea culpa.  Linky-link:

06/23/2018 - 4:46pm "BRANDON PETERS!!  Do not…

"BRANDON PETERS!!  Do not take me for some conjurer of trick plays!"

06/21/2018 - 11:08pm I'm actually hoping we can…

I'm actually hoping we can get PG13 this year, to pair with Randle/Zo/Kingram/Kuzma and the Kawhi next year (when I think he becomes an unrestricted free agent)  Yes, Lebron is heads and shoulders the best player in the league and if he wants to come you have to figure out how it works but I want a contending nucleus intact when he retires in 5-6 years.

06/21/2018 - 11:06pm In recent years the Lakers…

In recent years the Lakers have found Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr and Kyle Kuzma all in the late first round, and all of whom have proven to be serviceable-to-good NBA rotation players (if you disregard Clarkson's Finals appearance) - so whatever else we've done wrong, we've been pretty damn good at mining talent from the draft.  If the Laker scouts saw something in Mo they liked, there's probably some damn good reasons why.

06/18/2018 - 12:45pm I'm glad Abramovitz was able…

I'm glad Abramovitz was able to get the scholarship position in the end even though he can never be fully compensated for the loss of time and mental anguish he endured.  And (figuratively), fuck his ex.

But can we keep in mind that:

1) Men are equally crazy too, and while crazy ex-girlfriend stories often read like the above post, crazy ex-boyfriend stories often involve restraining orders and black eyes.

2) Seriously, can we not use the 'tranny' term?  It's widely considered to be a demeaning slur like f*gg*t or n*gg** and if you wanna call me a limp-wristed PC ninny for pointing that out, I'll happily own that.  Because transgender people are still human beings, so not referring to them by pejorative terms like 'tranny' is, to me, bare minimum common courtesy.

06/15/2018 - 11:10am If you want to have the MSU…

If you want to have the MSU community turn on Engler, have him coach the MSU hoops team to a series of blowout losses to Michigan and then flame out of the NCAA tournament.

06/15/2018 - 11:05am Holy fecking shitsnacks.  If…

Holy fecking shitsnacks.  If I were to write a screenplay about a cadre of buffoons running a university and doing everything they could to piss all over its reputation and incorporate.... all of MSU from this year, every script doctor in Hollywood would laugh me out of the room for being over-the-top cartoony.  It defies all sense of logic, morality and common sense that this thug was still the interim president even after he lied about bribing Rachael Denhollander to another survivor, but... common sense and me aren't exactly on speaking terms these days.

Also, while she doesn't strike me as a petty person, Denhollander is pretty damn good at (completely justified) verbal knife-twisting:

Engler is so used to focusing on money and power, bullying and manipulating, he can't conceive that I would do what I've done because it's RIGHT, not because I'm getting something from it. I truly pity him. What a sad way to live.

06/08/2018 - 10:48am It's all the more gutting…

It's all the more gutting that someone who so full of brusque vitality would take his life.  The only show of his I ever watched was the one episode he did about my some-time hometown of Cleveland and it's hard not to love a guy who could (Skyline Chili gaffe aside) appreciate it the way its residents do. 

He seemed like the kind of guy who could be friends with anyone and could get me and my tempermental opposite (in my case, a OSU/Celtic fan who loves golf and Nickelback) to bond over food. 

It's heartbreaking to think that this world was too cruel for someone who did as much as anyone to highlight its many joys - hopefully this will remind someone else with suicide ideation to get help so that they can ultimately enjoy life in a way Bourdain would've appreciated.


06/07/2018 - 6:47pm I do believe you misspelled …

I do believe you misspelled "Camp Washington Chili", my friend

06/07/2018 - 3:04pm Here goes!

Golf and…

Here goes!

Golf and baseball are excruciatingly boring things to watch.  I understand that there's a lot going on beneath the surface that most people don't get and their respective practitioners spend a ton of time and thought into perfecting their craft, showing determination and focus that I don't have.  You could say the same of hunting (something else I'm not into)  - I know jackshit about hunting but know that it takes a lot of dedication and careful study of nature to master.  I still have less than zero desire to watch some guy cramped in his blind for 10+ hours waiting for the quarry to present itself.

06/07/2018 - 2:59pm I think you'll find that…

I think you'll find that thinking Mitch Albom's writing to be fetid trash is a pretty damn popular (and accurate) opinion here and, well, everywhere else.


06/06/2018 - 9:44am If this is waaay too much…

If this is waaay too much ask I understand, but when/if you guys do final tweaking to the new site (which looks great), what do you think about changing the downvote icon from blue to scarlet (or green)?

05/30/2018 - 1:01pm Let's call a Coke a Coke...

If Dave Branding's legacy has been mitigated in recent years it's only because he managed to, after the fact and with no credit to him, only be the third-most buffoonishly villianous AD in the conference at the time.

05/29/2018 - 12:43pm I knew about Juwan Howard, as

I knew about Juwan Howard, as well as Glen Rice and Mike McGee (it helps being a lifelong Laker fan)

Neither Rice nor McGee were ever really truly comfortable fits in their respective Laker teams - Phil Jackson pretty openly preferred Rick Fox to Rice for the 3-spot because of Foxy's defense and ability to play within the triangle and Rice didn't do himself any favors when his wife openly complained about his lack of shot opportunies in a lineup with peak Shaq and Kobe.  McGee gave LA some scoring off the bench and filled in capably as a part-time starter but was also typecast as a sharpshooting reserve wing on a team that also had one Michael Cooper

05/29/2018 - 11:48am That's an insightful way of

That's an insightful way of looking at it, yeah.

I think people don't really appreciate how hard it is to win a title, much less to repeatedly do so.  Burn out and tire tread are very real things - both of Kobe's dynasty teams crashed hard after 3 year runs and Wade/Bosh certainly weren't the same after their run with LeBron and all those post-season minutes.  And a lot of the arguments trotted out specifically about LeBron** - that he feasted on a joke Eastern Conference - are more motivated by petty dislike of him than objective and factual analysis.

Jordan faced, on balance, a probably tougher Eastern Conference than LeBron but how many top-tier teams did he defeat in the Finals?  I'd argue that the only really *great* Finals opponent he faced was the Utah Jazz but - again - Jordan's Bulls could only face who was on the schedule.  And if you want to say that if LeBron wanted to be one of the all-time greats he'd go to the far deeper and stronger Western Conference, but show me where Jordan insisted on staying in the (at the time) better Eastern Conference in order to play better teams in the playoffs.

** - I have no more horse in this race myself, other than to say it's hard not to love a guy who's clowned the Boston Lepers as many times as LeBron has.

05/29/2018 - 10:46am The arguements that Jordan

The arguements that Jordan was 6-0 in the Finals, faced a far tougher Eastern Conference, never did this or did that, etc. say far more about the people making them than they do about LeBron.

LeBron can only play the teams on his schedule.  And even if he loses (and smart money says he will) he's still the best player of this generation by some distance.  Magic was 5-4 in the Finals, Jerry West was 1-8, Wilt was 2-4... and if you tried to argue to any NBA historian that this knocks them off the pantheon of all-time greats you'd get laughed out of the room.  What What LeBron is doing right now is right up there with some of the all-time great basketball ever.  The last team before this year to make the NBA Finals four years in a row was the 80's Lakers, and if you wanna complain about *today's* superteams...

You can make plausible cases for him, Jordan or Kareem for best players I've seen in my lifetime, but what does that even matter?  He's the best right now and that's more than enough.  It's fine to criticize him for his sideburns or for his passive-aggressive Tweeterizing but that has 0.0 percent to do with his dominance on the court.

I do think it's fair criticism to say that his ego has led him to exert similar dominance over how his teams are constructed and he has some blind spots that have led to more often than not having the less-talented squad in the Finals.  So, you could say in a roundabout way that his ego may have worked against him in terms of NBA Finals success (he's had home court advantage 3/8 times and won the Finals 3/8 times)  But, with everything, the good comes with the bad.  And to watch him play game in and game out, having the ego and belief in himself he does is 100% understandable.

05/28/2018 - 12:29pm Always happy to see the

Always happy to see the Celtics yak it up on their home floor.  Lebron may or may not be the GOAT but who cares?  His legacy, like all the other arguable GOATs is beyond secure.  He's the greatest players vs the generation he played against and that's all you can realistically ask.

05/22/2018 - 12:33pm Yeah, he was on one hand

Yeah, he was on one hand pretty voracious about his one-night stands but also incredibly private and shy - that kind of dichotomy is not uncommon with a lot of creative types.  (Not to the extent of dwarf strippers, mind you)  And it's probably not a stretch to say that Freddie Mercury wrestled most of his life with both that duality as well as his coming to terms with his sexuality - I think you can read Bohemian Rhapsody's lyrics as his confession about that.


05/21/2018 - 8:37pm Hot Space portended a lot of

Hot Space portended a lot of the issues the band that during the 80's that threatened their existence - on one hand you had Brian May and Roger Taylor who hewed closer to Queen's metal side and on the other hand,you had Freddie Mercury and John Deacon who were getting into that era's soul and funk sounds.  (Mercury collaborated with Michael Jackson on something that never got off the ground and Deacon's bassline from Another One Bites the Dust was inspired by him hanging out with Chic)  Tensions within the band were running pretty high during the early 80's and they were >.< close to splitting up.

I'll probably watch the movie unless everyone says it's gawd-awful because I'm such a huge fan but I'm certain that there's a lot of stuff they'll gloss over or ignore.  Which is disappointing but I get that - if the film showed even 1/1000ths of Freddie's manwhoring (NTTAWWT) it'd deservedly get an NC-17

05/21/2018 - 8:29pm eh, persianally, I think

eh, persianally, I think you're probably OK

05/18/2018 - 2:30pm If, by "supermarket

If, by "supermarket tabloids", you mean "the world outside", but.... yes, you're pretty much right on the money.

05/18/2018 - 12:34pm On one hand, like most of us,

On one hand, like most of us, I couldn't really be arsed to give a shit about the royal wedding.  It's just whatever.  We obsess the over cryptic Twitter natterings of four-star offensive tackles and royal fanboys/girls obsess over Kate and Pippa's matching sundresses.  I also kind of hate how it reinforces a pretty antiquated mindset that strictly supervises how women are supposed to "look" - it's got to suck being judged by everyone over every single facet of your appearance.

However, just thinking about it now, even though I'm a big pile of 'meh' about the royal wedding and the very notion of the monarchy itself, I get why people are even now still captivated by the royals.  A single glance at the supermarket counter tabloids is ample evidence to just how notably human the royal family is at heart.  They have family drama and daily struggles like the rest of us, but they're just doing it within the confines of Buckingham Palace.  And there's something about that which is kind of aspirational to some people.  It's almost like how the Greek gods were objectively shitty people, but those same human flaws made them more resonant to the ancient Greeks than an infallible and distant pantheon of deities might've been.

05/18/2018 - 1:28am James Ross, iirc

James Ross, iirc

05/17/2018 - 9:47pm Yeah, I've discovered a few

Yeah, I've discovered a few new cool things on Spotify - the last few months, I've been all about Kishi Bashi

05/17/2018 - 5:26pm Just followed you on Spotify as well

Really enjoying what I've heard so far- thanks!

05/16/2018 - 2:31pm If the survivor sisters are

If the survivor sisters are ok with this, that's the main thing.  Going forward, while this certainly may not get as much headlines as before, MSU and USAG are still going to be pressed by them to enact meaningful reform, and based on everything we've seen from the women, I doubt they're going to go quietly - one of them is considering running for a trustee spot at MSU.  Good on her and her sisters.

05/14/2018 - 11:50pm Whether or not he ever plays

Whether or not he ever plays again, he did play in 2015/16 so he's still good to join Gerald Ford on the short list of guys who both wore the winged helmet and were POTUS

05/10/2018 - 10:10pm She lives up to her name in

She lives up to her name in that she pitches beautifully well.

05/10/2018 - 1:50pm Not gonna comment on the

Not gonna comment on the particulars of Matt Patricia's case, but as a general comment... I think we have to be really careful about how we cite Duke lacrosse / Tawana Brawley / UVA regarding the dangers of false rape allegations.  Did they happen and were they unfairly defamatory to the accused?  Yes, they were. 

But, they're also notorious because they represent the minority of instances were a false allegation WAS reported.  And that notoriety, whether we intend it or not, has the concomitant side-effect of minimizing the far more frequence case where it IS sexual assault and it's NOT reported.  It's a problem when ~7% of instances dictate 90% of the narrative.

We have to acknowledge both that the accused can't just be summarily condemned by the mere fact of an accusation AND acknowledge how in the majority of cases it takes an extraordinary amount of courage and fortitude to report that you've been assaulted, as well as the exigent peer and societal pressures that make reporting such an arduous process.

05/09/2018 - 1:53pm There's no denying that

There's no denying that deploying Peppers in Ashtabula during the first half and Westlake-on-Avon in the second half often had us play 10-on-11 and Peppers himself didn't always take great angles because he's not best used as a free safety.  Thing is, that at the end of the day, someone's gotta be free safety and prevent literally every completed pass of 10+ yards from being a TD.  And when the roster was basically 60% scarecrows last year, you put your best and most instinctual athlete out there to fill an unglamourous but necessary stopgap to keep what was frankly a tire-fire squad from becoming a raging inferno of suck.

Was it a winning strategy?  Checks record.  No, it wasn't.  It was still the least bad option and given where the Browns were at that point, it's all you can ask.

05/08/2018 - 3:51pm Yeah, if it's 'anonymous insider' vs doctor, I'm going with doc

That's certainly not saying that doctors are necessarily infallible; they're not.  But an anonymous layperson second-guessing a licensed professional at, well... his/her actual profession almost always gets a side-eye from me.  Hopefully Hurst's medical issues are not ongoing ones that will prevent him from a long NFL career, but if they are... all of us have 4 years of game-watching to prove how strong his heart really is.

05/03/2018 - 12:39pm You're right - but I think we have the tools in place...

...just not right now.

And even with LeBron, there's also the little issue of the uber-team in Oakland.  Gun to my head, though, I think our best way forward is getting some other max contract pieces who'll be in their prime as Lonzo/Ingram/Randle enter their primes and opening a window in 2-3 years without LeBron. 

Because LeBron's window is *now* and although I like our core of players + PG13, er... 37, the Lakers would have to give up some of those assets to build a squad around LeBron and after he retires, we're back to being a tire-fire again.  But therein lies the Faustian bargain:  even with all those very real caveats, LeBron is still such a dominant force that if he wanted in with the Lakers, you absolutely have to explore that.  I personally think the best fit for him is the Sixers, but I'm an MGoPoster and Rob Pelinka is a GM/agent so... /shrug.

05/03/2018 - 10:24am Totally not jinxing my team here, but...

Paul George won't be able to wear #13 (retired for Wilt Chamberlain) or #24 (retired for Kobe), but if he adds 24 + 13, he gets #37 - the number The Artest Formerly Known As Ron wore when he authored a Game 7 masterpiece over the Lepers in 2010.  There's already a precedence for defensive stopper small forwards leaving the Pacers to win rings in L.A., so....

05/02/2018 - 5:17pm Back when I was at UoM, it

Back when I was at UoM, it was assumed common knowledge at least within my sphere that we had a lot of students from New York who tended to both be a) Jewish and b) very often assigned to Mary Markley - has anyone else heard of this and is it or has it ever been A Thing?

05/02/2018 - 4:42pm Not to be reductive -

Not to be reductive - especially in a discussion about the value of simplicity, but what it boils down to is this universal truism: that smart people have blind spots and make mistakes.  Sometimes even the same mistake twice.  That's not to say we should accept or tolerate it, but it happens no matter how many safeguards you put in place.

I do think back of a pretty damning observation Brian made a few years back when comparing what the cooler-poopers do:  generally, they identify a few things their offensive players consistently do really well and tell them to do those few things.  Whereas we made our players do multiple things in the hopes that one of those things would work out.

05/02/2018 - 12:01pm I'll freely admit my thoughts

I'll freely admit my thoughts mean a bit less than others here since I was never a scout, but.... I'm gonna guess this - like most things - will be something the kids handle fine while adults on either side of the ledge have a collective flip-out.

05/01/2018 - 5:44pm It was...

Professor Plum... laying pipe... in the shark tank.

04/18/2018 - 6:13pm Yeah, that's the saddest part

Yeah, that's the saddest part - I've been with my girlfriend for 14 years and if I were to lose her tomorrow it'd be an irreplaceable void in my heart.  Multiply that fivefold for the 73(?) years HW and Barbara were married and I can't even imagine his sense of loss.

04/18/2018 - 4:31pm There's no bottom with the MSU leadership, merely a new normal

At this point, MSU might as well adopt "Teneat Dolor Meus" (Latin for "Hold My Beer") for its official slogan.  They're asking us to choose whether to believe John Engler or Kaylee Lorincz.  I mean.... sure. 

There's no shortage of both stupidity and evil in the Hannah Admin Building; it's merely a question of which is in greater supply.

04/14/2018 - 12:53pm Rather than be sad his time

Rather than be sad his time at Michigan is ended, I'm super stoked it happened.  Auf Wiedersehn, Herr Wagner.  Foul ist dumm.

04/13/2018 - 4:41pm It's even worse than that...

...for all his myriad moral failings, Bobby Petrino was at least a good at coaching offenses in football.  MSU's leadership is completely inept at everything they touch and have long since supplanted Insane Clown Posse as, bar none, the most embarassing clown show from the state of Michigan.