Detnews story about Peters and the QBs

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Angelique recap'd the Inside Michigan Football show from last night.  Peters said he was knocked unconscious for "30-40 seconds" against UW.  That's not something we really didn't know, but it was never stated.  Also talked about the QB situation - from Brandon:

“I don’t really care,” Peters said. “It’s going to happen at the NFL level, the college level, you’re going to bring guys in. That’s just how things happen. You can’t really get into your emotions so much. You have to worry about what you can do and stay in the position you want to be in. So you just gotta work and can’t let anything affect you.”

She also quoted Harbaugh on the QB's:

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, speaking to reporters Wednesday night, described what he thinks the approach should be for all three quarterbacks, including McCaffrey.  “Like anybody in the program, he has the license and the ability to be a starter,” Harbaugh said of Patterson. “As I told all three of the quarterbacks at the same time, the only thing that’s guaranteed here is an opportunity.

Here is the story link.  It's nothing we haven't figured out for ourselves, but its nice to hear it from the direct source.



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Coaching has been at least an A-, probably an A, since Harbaugh arrived.
The culture change has been marked and excellent from day one. Even a team full of hoakey guys (pun intended) were transformed into men for the first season. The experience issue was exacerbated by the injury dynamics, which often ebb and flow. 

Necessary adjustments are being made.
I was encouraged that, seeing a weakness (pun intended), Harbaugh was willing to let go even the strength and conditioning guy that had been with him through three administrations including one in the NFL. That indicates that there is a meritocracy among coaching/coaches as well. Since I am sure that he is a better judge of the coaching than we are, I'm going to decline to pass judgment on some of the easy targets that we have beat up pretty good the last couple months.

I'm also encouraged that we are recruiting great men.
Not just the biggest and fastest adultescents on the market. Men. Character, drive, dignity... these are traits that close the experience gap quickly. That will be something that we need as more and more of these men are NFL ready after a couple years. It's already very encouraging that so many of them have graduated after 2.5-3 years. 

Loved this quote from his recent statement about this year's class:

"They're coming here to get a degree, and their parents expect that they will get a very good degree. They're not going to college to major in eligibility."

The hand-wringing and nay-saying are ridiculous to me.


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If Patterson is eligible (which the staff and everyone else seems pretty certain he will be) I'd say that going into the offseason I'd put the odds at 60% Shea starts in South Bend and 40% Peters starts.


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This is why I love Harbaugh. Unlike some other top-tier colleges, the players aren’t promised starts, money, cars, etc. It filters out the divas who don’t want to work as hard. This team will be great next year. I can’t wait.


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I hope JH can bring in the same mentatiy and and compitition to his assistant coaches too. Not all position coaches perform well enough, especially on the offensive side. Until he can do that, I won't completely admire him. If he does it to player, should do it to coaches too.


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Name some names. I count 5 guys on that side of the ball. Jim Harbaugh, Drevno, Hamilton, Frey, Jay Harbaugh.

Jim has not been perfect, but has put together a 3 year stretch on par with anything we have done in the 21st century.

Drevno had a bad year. Offense looked bad this year. He is probably 1/5 the reason (with Harbaugh, Pep, injuries, Hoke OL/WR recruiting filling out the rest). He has done good stuff here too. Got the most out of Braden/Kalis/Mags while they were here. Was part of the reason our 2016 scored the most points in the past 110 years for Michigan. Doing a fine job developing Bredeson, Onwenu, and Ruiz. 

Pep is an incomplete at this time. 1st year as passing game coordinator and he gets dealt  the third string QB, while working in a bunch of freshman and sophomore WRs. 

Frey did not look great this year either. Outside Zone running game never took off. Tackles were a mess. But you had a center playing tackle in Mason Cole, and two other guys who were tackle shaped. IMO he will pay dividends in year 3 like he did at Michigan the first time around developing Lewan/Schofield/Omameh etc. 

Jay Harbaugh has impressed me. First two years as TE coach, and we've used the heck out of them. Butt deserved a Mackey Award, and he earned it more than the coaching, but look how AJ Williams turned it around year 1, Wheatley Jr and Asiasi thrived year two. Bunting looked like the next Butt while he was coaching. He takes over the RB duties in year three and when healthy, Isaac looked the best he ever had, Higdon blew many fans away rising to the top, and Evans was able to overcome a slow start. Definitive improvement from his positions year after year. 

And after all, how is anyone given anyone given a fair opportunity if you move on from them at the first sign of struggle? 


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Oh look - a fan of hot takes!

Cherry picking records against rivals is nothing more than a focused look at "just wins and losses".  If you deny the hot take view, and try to tell us why yours is not a hot take, please explain how the losses occur.  A generational fluke and shit weather with a backup QB against MSU; double OT on the road and no QB against OSU.

Harbaugh's record could just as easily be 5-1 if only a couple of things break Michigan's way.  But you go ahead and keep listening to media talking heads spew the hot takes...

Mr Miggle

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of the offense. I don't believe for a minute that Jim gives up his control to anyone.

His position group had 2 of 3 new starters and was a relative bright spot. The change back from zone to power is the most likely aspect of the offensive strategy that should be attributed to him.

Poor QB play was the biggest issue holding the offense back. How much of that can we hold Drevno responsible for? 


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Pep and Drevno split play calling duties and Jim gets final say. They are on record of stating that is how it works. And it fits your narrative! Jim doesn't let plays onto the field that he wouldn't call, but the overall orchestra is done in the booth by the playcallers. Also I said Jim Harbaugh, Pep, injuries and the roster all contributed. I think Drevno gets an unfair amount of the blame for that bit. But I will hold it against him that his OL isn't better. He has been here 3 years and hasn't landed the recruits to solidify the tackle spot. Two better tackles and Cole playing center would be a good OL. 


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I can throw out names.

Let me be specific, our biggest disappointment iin terms of position development, in priority as following:

1) QB

We all know what happen. However, I don't give Pep a pass even it's his first year. His passing play call and design is not that inspiring (at least compared to Jeb Fisch). I'v heard JH compliment Fisch a few times in the post game press last season, never heard anything like that toward Pep this season. A good example, where is the 5 year slant route when you are 3rd and 5? MSU can do that in the 5th, 6th game in the season, and they achieve it with a true freshmen Wr, throw and catch perfectly.

2) Pass portection

Who to blame? OL coach, RB coach. I will give Frey a pass since he join only one year. However, I won't give Jay Harbaugh a pass since many fans including me didn't think he's qualified for the position, in fact, any position other than a recruiting coordinator. The pass protection is a disaster from RB, you can blame the players as much as you want. But if you don't see the progress throughout the year, it's on coaching.Not to mention that coming into the season, the coaches knows once Smith is gone, this will be the issue. Nor would i give Drevno a pass either, it's been three years for him.

3) WR development

Other than People-Jones has improved through out the season in performance, likely due to experience, I don't see many other improvement in other WRs, Yes, you can say we have injury in Black an Eubank, but when other players should step up, they did not. The 2nd year WRs, crawford, Mcdooms are not improved too much, in fact, they are regressing. This is on pep. I didn't think Fisch did anything significant either, since he had two sensior productive WRs on the roster. If the 10th coach is a WR coach, the problem may be solved.

Who should not be here? I would say Drevno, at least not as OC, I seldem see a very good OC from a OL coaches, I don't think Drevno is an exception. He may be a good HC or OL coach, not an good OC, to be honest. The other one is Jay Harbaugh, we need a better top 15 level RB coach, that helps recruit too. If you tell me any other top 15 or top 25 team would hire Jay Harbaugh as RB coach, I will shut up. He can be a recruit coordinator if he has to stay. I think for his own career it's better for him to establish himself somewhere not under Harbaughs' team.