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08/18/2018 - 11:42am It's advanced for sure…

It's advanced for sure. Maybe so much so that we will start having to say remember when Delano Hill had Chris Hinton Syndrome. 

08/18/2018 - 10:59am Was coming to post the same…


Was coming to post the same thing! So I'll just add on to yours. 

08/18/2018 - 10:50am Is Samuels a RS freshman? I…

Is Samuels a RS freshman? I thought he played special teams all year last season. His mgoblue bio says he participated in 9 games last year. 

08/18/2018 - 10:27am These sweaters are money…

These sweaters are money though...


08/17/2018 - 2:07pm Unless they were cut open,…

Unless they were cut open, no one has actually been punched in the stomach. Yet people exclaim, "you punched me in the stomach!"

a.k.a. the general squishy region between chest and the waist. 

08/17/2018 - 10:01am Ira is okay, but there are…

Ira is okay, but there are moments of dead air in the middle of him talking that are excruciating. Idk if he is dropping a cough, or just a brain tick or what but i just want to scream "finish your sentence!" Maybe it's just the podcast? I think it would be better if he would bounce off of the Miz more often. Turn it into a 2 person show when Sam is off? I think he does a good job when Sam is in, and a good job on the Harbaugh podcast. 

08/17/2018 - 9:12am ouch. That game was so fun. 

ouch. That game was so fun. 

08/17/2018 - 9:08am Expectations. Many thought…

Expectations. Many thought Bredeson would make a large leap forward from true freshman to sophomore year. He certainly is the best returning OL, but that isn't saying much. He had his issues last year including some mistakes we expected Ruiz to make, but not a 2nd year starter.

I fully expect him to rectify that this season. He has completely transformed his body (2017 vs 2018) and is being pushed as the face of the OL this fall camp. 

08/17/2018 - 8:31am Mike from Downriver here,…

Mike from Downriver here, got my sack of two and a shirt delivered early last week. 

08/16/2018 - 6:30pm I wasn't trying to bash…

I wasn't trying to bash Bredeson or Ruiz either. For sure Ruiz gets a freshamn pass, and the weight gain/leadership role Bredeson is in tells me he took that step we hoped he would last year. 

Definitely agree that our problems were way bigger than JBB since all 5 guys were Swiss cheese one game or the next .

08/16/2018 - 4:34pm New


I like the old…





I like the old uniforms more, but if they left the D on the hat alone, I'd be more accepting of the new look. I think the same logo on the hat and jersey is a bit too repetitive, especially with the Block English D being such a great logo in it's own right. 

08/16/2018 - 4:24pm I heard one tidbit all…

I heard one tidbit all offseason and it was something along the lines of "Robbins isn't shanking punts in practice, but he didn't shank punts in practice last year either."

08/16/2018 - 4:10pm Holding > Sack, Knockout, or…

Holding > Sack, Knockout, or Broken Back.

Also during OSU there were 5 holding calls all game. 

Holding on Michigan during 42 yard punt return by DPJ
Defensive Holding on Khaleke Hudson
Offensive Holding on Ben Bredeson
Defensive Holding on Chris Worley (OHIO ST!)
Defensive Holding on Brandson Watson

Before then we have UFR data:

  • MSU: +3.5 /-0 (protection -4) in half a game, bad.
  • IND: +10.5/-6 (protection -2)
  • PSU: +3.5-1 (protection -5) with Kugler -4, Onwenu -3 and TEAM -5
  • RUT: +12/-0 (protection -1) Cole was -2 in protection
  • Minn: +7/-3.5 (protection -1) Ruiz -4, Cole -2, Krugler -2
  • Mary: +3/-1.5 (protection 0) Bredeson -4, TEAM -1
  • Wisc: 3.5/-7 (protection -2) TEAM -8, Kugler -5, Bredeson-3, Ruiz -2

Again, I don't think JBB grades out as the worst during the OSU game either. JBB didn't play in the bowl game. Granted he was horrible early on, I think he actually improved as the season went on. People kept blaming him and only him while the entire team went down in smoke. Ruiz, Krugler and Bredeson were worse than him down the stretch. 


08/16/2018 - 3:06pm Wonder if it was "well it's…

Wonder if it was "well it's close so we will give it to the young guy and hope he develops" type of move, but he never developed. I think many people would say if it's close between JBB and Hudson, then we should roll Hudson because he has a higher ceiling. 


08/16/2018 - 3:01pm "Just be the National Runner…

"Just be the National Runner Up" is a step too far for me. IMO, just be the 2016 offense. Our defense will be as good or better, and that 2016 offense was good enough to be one inch away at Ohio State from a B1G Championship game. 

08/16/2018 - 1:58pm I'll try to make you feel…

I'll try to make you feel more comfortable...

From Jim Harbaugh:

 I’ve noticed the first, beginning days of camp – if you’re on the offensive line, you’re looking across at Rashan and Chase and Mone and Aubrey and Dwumfour...The first few days, some of our offensive linemen were kinda looking at their shoes, looking at their toes. Nervous, probably would be the best way to describe it. But, I’ve seen it – especially about Day Six, Day Seven, they weren’t looking down at their shoes anymore. They were facing up to the challenge. And winning some of them, against some really good players.

The falloff from Cole to Runyan is probably going to be noticable, but the improvement from 4 other lineman should do more than cancel that out. This sort of progression isn't unreasonable, imo.

Runyan << Cole
'18 Bredeson+25LBS >> '17 Bredeson
Ruiz > Kugler
'18 Onwenu/Spanellis > '17 Onwenu
'18 JBB/Hudson > '17 JBB

And remember, Runyan has really had a tackle spot locked down since spring. So much so that they moved him to LT over the protypically sized guys. Runyan isn't Cole, but is legitimately better than '18 JBB/Hudson, who are certainly going to be better than RT was last year. 

08/16/2018 - 1:10pm I don't even remember him…

I don't even remember him being nearly the turnstyle that we labeled him to be in the OSU & USC games. I feel like the guards and center were just as bad at letting pressure up the middle as he was, and IIRC even Mason Cole blew it once or twice down the stretch. 

08/16/2018 - 1:05pm Like you, I just consume it…

Like you, I just consume it. Maybe I pay attention to who is on the field and what it may mean, but I don't try to guess plays. Just rooting on my team basically. 

08/16/2018 - 1:03pm No issues for me...

No issues for me...

08/16/2018 - 12:58pm Zordich's latest interview…

Zordich's latest interview seemed to group Hill Long and Watson, with Thomas right behind. 

08/16/2018 - 11:36am I thought the vacated wins…

I thought the vacated wins from 2012/13 put us squarely ahead...

Whatever this site is has ND listed at 4th in win percentage (.724), and 6th in wins (886). 

08/16/2018 - 11:25am Barrett is going to play…

Barrett is going to play both ways for us, but probably not until his sophomore year. The learning curve at viper is probably more severe than an OSU H-back role, so starting him there makes sense. In 2019 he can be fluent in both, when we need him to. 

08/16/2018 - 8:26am (No subject)


08/15/2018 - 11:41am Bullying, or peer-moderating…

Bullying, or peer-moderating? IMO MGoBlog hangs it's hat on quality > quantity. In the end I don't want NowTameInThe603 to stop posting OPs, but to construct a better one next time. 

08/15/2018 - 11:35am There are just better ways…

There are just better ways to go about it. The premise of the post isn't all that horrible, but the way you went about it kinda makes you look like an ass. 

  • Vague title which will always get you ripped regardless of subject matter.
  • "I didn't actually look that hard, so please everyone else look for me."
  • "Calling out the creative" I mean seriously? There were one or two people who did wallpapers in the past on their free time for  for this blog. I assume it was a passion for them, so if they couldn't get around to it this year based on life or whatever, I am sure they are more upset than you. 
08/15/2018 - 11:11am Haha not quite that angry,…

Haha not quite that angry, but I do hope that in one week NowTameInThe603 searches the mgoboard only to click on this vague titled post to find their own question staring back at them. Only then they will know how useless this OP truly is. 

08/15/2018 - 11:04am Link


08/15/2018 - 11:01am A one word title will never…

A one word title will never be good enough for this board. 

In the future, please just search the damn mgoboard and twitter and don't post a question you can easily answer yourself. 

08/15/2018 - 8:22am You nailed it. That…

You nailed it. That Minnesota game was a mess. The handling of the situation was even worse. Michigan is supposed to be the Leaders and the Best, and I think that saying goes far above and beyond on field results. We fell far short of those expectations pretty much universally that year. 

08/14/2018 - 3:42pm Peoples-Jones, Black, Perry,…

Peoples-Jones, Black, Perry, Martin, Collins, Schoenle, McCurry, Bell and that's it. That is everyone on the team. Not really, but the names we have heard of. I think the transfers of Crawford and McDoom show you that Martin and Collins are going great. Schoenle, we know what he is (Martin-lite + blocking). Bell and McCurry might be the ones he is hiding, but those names are sneaking out regardless of his efforts. 


Other Walk-ons:
Jake Martin
Brendan White
Ethan Deland
Tyler Grosz
Jack Young

08/14/2018 - 3:29pm Follow Harbaugh's…

Follow Harbaugh's pronunciation. Either he knows what it really is, or you can act like Harbaugh by purposely mispronouncing a players name because that is how you think it should be pronounced and you have no time to think otherwise. 

Other options:

  • Come up with a nickname, like ol' mickey boi" or the "Massachusetts Blocky/Pass Catcher"
  • Pretend you two are real good friends and refer to him as Sean.
  • Go all EA Sports NCAA Football 14 and refer to him as "TE #84"
08/14/2018 - 1:40pm I like Haskins tape a lot…

I like Haskins tape a lot. Nevertheless, if he doesn't work out, I'm not fretting. 

2019 we will have Evans, Samuels, Taylor, Turner, Haskins, Barrett, Charbonnet* & Gray*. That is a good stable to choose from imo.


*2019 commits

08/14/2018 - 10:09am I feel ya coach, I suck at…

I feel ya coach, I suck at fowling too. Just cannot bring myself to throwing at peoples shins! 

08/11/2018 - 3:53pm Okay, now that that news is…

Okay, now that that news is over.

Ole Miss' mascot is now a....shark?


08/11/2018 - 11:28am Check out this video from…

Check out this video from last October. He is a completely different build now...

08/11/2018 - 10:44am Just don't make this one day…

Just don't make this one day story a two day story. Coaches better not have known and covered it up. Follow UNC's standard or 2-4 game suspensions if needed. 

08/11/2018 - 10:33am With Shea being able to…

With Shea being able to throw inch perfect fades, and Black/DPJ/Collins being on the receiving end of that, let's take a second to remember the best jump ball wideout of the last decade! 


08/10/2018 - 4:26pm cancel cable and use any of…

cancel cable and use any of your other options (hulu, PSVue, Youtube, etc.). It'll be cheaper and you don't lose much if any function.

08/10/2018 - 12:37pm When Xfinity losses all it's…

When Xfinity losses all it's cable subscribers to streaming, they will either need to abandon cable or offer it at a more competitive rate. More than likely Xfinity will just raise it's internet costs and offer a huge discount with cable, but that only effects those people who are in areas where Xfinity owns a monopoly. That sucks for those rural areas, but go to your local government and push for them to treat internet like a commodity. 

08/10/2018 - 11:23am If Xfinity calls their bluff…

If Xfinity calls their bluff. Then WOW follows thru next year, and so on, BTN is going to have to drop their prices. And then the consumer wins. Short term pain = long term gain. TBH I cannot wait for the sports bubble to burst. Will be really interesting when the first league has a salary cap decrease. 

08/10/2018 - 11:19am Blame Xfinity all you want,…

Blame Xfinity all you want, but this is just the market righting itself. Suppliers no longer want cable due to prices, and a majority of that pricing is sports channels. ESPN pays $1.9 billion on NFL rights, and Xfinity has to pay ESPN for ESPN rights. Same with BTN, albeit on a smaller scale. 

The Xfinity/BTN deal is up, and they do not have an agreement. 

BTN probably wants more money, and Xfinity probably is losing money on BTN as it is. 

Maybe they will meet in the middle, maybe not. At the end of the day, these TV deals are way out of hand, and at somepoint cable companies are going to try to put the toothpaste back in the tube. Xfinity/BTN is happening first because it came first. 

Brian thinks this is just posturing by both sides, and I agree. BTN is only doing this coaches video to put pressure on Xfinity. More than likely a last minute deal will be reached. If one isn't reached, I think it can only be good news for consumers, as it is a sign that cable companies are trying to keep costs down for their customers.

08/10/2018 - 11:05am Via Ace's Twitter...


Via Ace's Twitter...

(gif too large to post)

08/10/2018 - 9:41am Thanks for sharing. Still…

Thanks for sharing. Still mad we didn't run run run Higdon vs. MSU. 

08/10/2018 - 8:56am David up to an NFL weight…

David up to an NFL weight now too. Our 22's put on some muscle this offseason!

08/10/2018 - 8:42am (No subject)


08/09/2018 - 3:30pm 2017

Khaleke Hudson added a…


  • Khaleke Hudson added a ton of muscle
  • Great chemistry between QB1 and Receiver Y (Speight & Black were really good together until Black's injury)
  • This team is more physical in practice than in years past (Our run blocking wasn't bad, the pass blocking was. Defense was physical)
  • Highly-touted Recruit Z is poised to dominate now (DPJ, Black, Solomon all played wellish.) 
08/09/2018 - 1:05pm Step ahead of me!

Step ahead of me!

08/09/2018 - 1:04pm Twitter does it.

Twitter does it.

08/09/2018 - 12:59pm Yeah, get rid of the PGA and…

Yeah, get rid of the PGA and make the Players a major, imo. 

08/09/2018 - 12:58pm TBH I wasn't impressed with…

TBH I wasn't impressed with the handful of minutes I have watched.