OT: S**t is going down at Tennessee

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Reportedly, Tennessee had a players only meeting that resulted in a bunch of players (including star RB Jalen Hurd) quitting the team. 

There seems to be a ton of institutional strife going on at Tennessee, with the alleged sexual assault scandal added to it.

Is it possible that Butch Jones (and our old buddy Mike DeBord) lose their job this season? 

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There are unfounded, unsourced rumors and then there is whatever this is.  The "source" for this breaking news is a tweet from a guy with exactly 509 followers who describes himself as "a legend in my own mind."

Not sure I'd bet the house on this one.


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*long sigh of sadness that I completely deserve for caring about Tennessee football*


Totally possible that Butch gets fired if UT thinks they can land a guy like Fleck or Fedora, maybe Willie Taggart. Shit, go get Craig Bohl or the new guy Boise. They won't get Herman but they need to move on from Butch. He has underperformed his recruiting and he is clearly running his program with loose ethics and even looser control. 


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It's amazing how many historic powers have gone into tire-fire territory over the last 10-20 years.  Only OSU seems to have been immune (unless you count the glorious Fickell season).


Eat Your Wheatlies

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I guess it depends on what you consider a tire-fire...the whole Tressel/tattoo-gate situation was rather embarrassing and arguably, lightly punished. Granted it didn't equate to a shit-ton of losses, but it maybe should have and at least had them in the headlines for the wrong reasons.


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The only real consequence of that scandal for Ohio State was a single throw-away season and a one year postseason ban. And it allowed Ohio State to replace a national championship-winning coach with a better national championship-winning coach. Most of their fans are probably comfortable with that tradeoff.

A tire fire is an extended period of losing and dysfunction (hence the term tire fire, because tire fires burn slow and are difficult to extinguish). Every blueblood program has gone through such a period in recent memory except Ohio State. Some of their fans might think of the John Cooper era as a tire fire, but Cooper actually won 70% of his games, won three B1G championships, won a Rose Bowl and a Sugar Bowl, and coached a Heisman Trophy winner. He just couldn't beat OSU's biggest rival (God, I miss him). Programs in true tire fire phases can't be anyone, let alone their rivals. 


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Tennessee is 5-3 and will probably win out next 4 games (9-4).

That's typical Vol production.

UT fans are pissed because Vols were overrated/overranked @ 9th, then lost 3 straight games to #8 aTm, #1 Alabama and then on the road to a 3-4 South Carolina team that has both won and lost a set of close games

Next games for Vols are gonna be easy wins, except maybe Kentucky.

Tenn Tech 3-5 @ UT

Kentucky 5-3 @UT

Mizzou 2-6 @ UT

UT @ Vandy 4-4

Too early for tantrum Vol fans.

8-5 or 9-4 and bowl game. Nothing changes.



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Why would any game other than TTU be guaranteed? UT just lost to South Carolina playing an 18 yo quarterback that should still be in high school. This combined with recruiting in the top 5-10 range for the last few years is grounds for firing. If you are getting top 10 talent and only top 50 production then it's a good bet that the disconnect is coaching, ask Brady Hoke.


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is because of homefield advantage and having a better defense.

But Vandy I agree that Vandy is a potential problem this year in that they are just as good at Tennessee on defense. And yes, there is always the infamous run-run-pass-punt "DeBord factor" that we know and love so much.

But offensively, UT is still better (more productive) than UK and Vandy, so I gotta give them the edge in these games.

Losing Hurd hurts, but it just means more carries for Kamara, Kelly and probably QB Dobbs.