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05/08/2018 - 2:04pm I would wear any-damn-thing

I would wear any-damn-thing that allowed me to place my hand where his is placed in the photo.  Laugh all you want but the guy is going home with one of mother earth's finest specimens.

Do not think I could pull that off, and thankfully, my wife would not let me try.

04/26/2018 - 10:09am Without a bottom!

Without a bottom!

04/25/2018 - 1:34pm I bet those $400/hour social

I bet those $400/hour social media monitors are burning some serious midnight oil getting a report together for Engler and the BoT that informs them that this article has created a spike on the negative side of the old MSU-O-Meter.

Any way to find out what the grand tally that Sparty has now spent on their image salvage project...It is bad enough that we taxpayers are going to flip the bill on the legal losses coming to roost, but to have to also pay astronimical amounts of money to provide evidence and reports that the general feeling about MSU in the social media arena is that they suck ass is preposterous.  

03/29/2018 - 4:30pm Um...I think it is

Um...I think it is scene...but good try.

03/27/2018 - 7:53pm Amen, brother.  I have long

Amen, brother.  I have long thought that when you put players in protective gear where they feel completely impervious to injury, they will act that way.  This may sound crazy but, both hockey and football equipment manufacturers have done an incredible job in improving their equipment, so much so, that players in those sports now play so wreckless it becomes more dangerous than when they played with a plastic bowl on their head.

03/27/2018 - 7:38pm But, but, but.....There is no

But, but, but.....There is no Jungle Jims in Louisville!  This is a terrible move.

Frankly, I am rather surprised at this move.  I suspect he has assurances from UL that sanctions will be relatively mild as they shit-canned Pitino and will hope to pile all the wrong-doing onto his already sizeable heap of slimey dealings.....Or, as was mentioned already, he likes hookers and blow.

03/27/2018 - 5:41pm I have a hard time putting

I have a hard time putting much stock in this.  Seems that the guys on the top teams are as much hype as actual performance.  Stats certainly didn't get some lesser known kids very far. 

Perfect example, Kelan Martin from Butler scored 21.2 PPG, had 6.3 RPG and 2.0 APG all while playing a very solid schedule in the Big East.  When feeling it, the kid truly is unguardeable, unlike the cute little player from A & M.  He got only honorable mention.  I'm sure there are many other examples out there.

Fear not my Blue loving appearance in the Final 4 against an 11 seed will reward   Mo and the boys just fine.

03/25/2018 - 3:33pm Young Thomas Patrick Beilein

Young Thomas Patrick Beilein will have the top of key pick & roll moves down by his 3rd birthday.  Little fella scored himself a damn fine Grandpappy.  Congrats to all the Beileins.

03/20/2018 - 8:11pm Without pics...did it really

Without pics...did it really happen????

03/20/2018 - 7:52pm Stop comparing soccer to

Stop comparing soccer to hockey.  yes they are both played with nets to score in at each end of the playing surface.  Similarities almost end there (more in a minute).  World class soccer produces 10 to 15 reasonable scoring chances a game.  World class hockey...60 plus reasonable scoring chances.  Everything on the ice happens way faster and creates way more excitement.  For those that need a 15 to 13 game.  I don't know...stick with volleyball.  

The one similarity that hockey does share with hockey is typically very close games.  And, really, what is more exciting than a one goal game?  Still there is a difference in that hockey will have a one goal game that has 20 to 30 chances to tie and 20 to 30 chances to increase the lead where soccer has but a handfull of scoring chances for an entire game.

03/20/2018 - 7:40pm I have watched over 1,000

I have watched over 1,000 hockey games from mites to NHL.  I can recall 10 to 15 times that a goalie took a hard shot to the noggin.  None of which required him/her to leave the game.  While I respect the idea of protecting players, this is a non-starter in that the only times they get hit in the noggin by a puck is by accident/deflection and the headwear they have today is suffcient to keep them safe.  Head injuries to goalies, for the most part, are casued from irresponisble and wreckless players crashing the net.

03/20/2018 - 7:32pm Agree fully.  NHL players are

Agree fully.  NHL players are way too big, skilled, and fast to not play on the olympic, aka european rink.  that, in and of itself, would solve many of the percieved problems in the NHL.  

Bigger rink cannot fix the review silliness, but the game would be much more fun to watch.

03/20/2018 - 7:24pm hockey has plenty of offense,

hockey has plenty of offense, what with 30+ shots per team per game...or, in other words, more than one offensive event per game minute.  Most games have even more.  Goals scored does not define how much offense a game had.  A game with skilled goalies can be very offensive, and extremely exciting and yet net only a small handful of goals.  

The proposed changes are absurd, except for the larger goal.  The ONLY reason the netting is up behind nets is to protect spectators (and rightfully, since at least one person died from her injuries).  Take away the blue line offsides and you fundamentally change the game into a cherry picking mess that nobody wants to see.  The "no blocked shots from someone not on their feet rule" is the most absurd of them all.  How many players on defense do you think will get pushed, hooked, tripped, etc...especially on the PK in order to make them useless.  I did not look into the proposed change, but what happens if a prone player blocks a shot??  Another penalty??

I would rather go back to the bench clearing brawls...Get off my lawn....unless you are a purest.


03/20/2018 - 5:20pm Quick side note....the

D P. My bad.

03/20/2018 - 5:19pm Quick side note....the

Quick side note....the geniuses over at RCMB are busy convincing themselves that Bridges did not hurt his draft stock by staying...then others saying he should stay longer. Has anyone considered the posters over there might just be the BOT?

03/20/2018 - 4:54pm Sucks for all the kids

Sucks for all the kids affected. Hope they can keep schollie and stay or get release and go without sitting out. Pretty sure NCAA has provisions for that...amazingly.

The whole MAC should drop football to FCS. I know a kid who played football as a freshman at Butler, and has transferred to WMU as preferred walkon. Level of play is similar. Football could then really compete and other Butler hoops, could stay DI and do very well.

Butler plays DI in all sports other than football. Other teams compete well in their conference (big east) and football is not a massive financial burden.

Any other problems I can solve today?

03/17/2018 - 11:15am Possible, but they didn't say

Possible, but they didn't say anything about this ticket won't work for the 2nd session, just "If you leave you will not be re-admitted."  I would get names and titles and even contact information for who is giving you the re-entry advice.  Maybe the workers at the entry points were wrong yesterday, or maybe rules are different today, but I would be shocked if you can leave and come back.

03/17/2018 - 10:36am Not sure where you verified

Not sure where you verified the fact that you can leave and then come back in.  I went yesterday and they made it VERY clear that there was NO RE-ENTRY.  I didn't press the issue because I had no intention of leaving and then going back in.  The scalping game if there was re-entry allowed would be mayhem.  not saying you are wrong, but like I said, we didn't ask anybody about re-entry and we were told a couple different times that it was a no no.  Good luck, hope it works out for you.

03/13/2018 - 11:44am Chase Winovich is one

Chase Winovich is one HORRIBLE dancer.  Chase Winovich is one SUPERIOR human being.

The guy is simply a champion, and while he is not even half my age, I still admire him and strive to be more like he is.  The man gets what is truly important in this world and takes it upon himself to make the world significantly better.  A rare and special quality.

How awesome would it be for him to pick up and spin one of his teammates ballroom style after a big sack this fall?

03/09/2018 - 2:48pm Complicated

This seems like a very slippery slope to me.  The realities seem to be that Primary Care docs are getting out of their "conventional" practices for a number of reasons, many of which I can fully understand:  Too many patients to reasonably manage at the level they would like, too much paperwork for reimbursement, shrinking reimbursements which equals more work for less pay, which then drives the vicious circle to needing more patients....This OR go the concierge route.  Way less patients so complete patient management becomes possible: less paperwork, "membership fees" make up for the lack of reimbursement, more personalized medicine. 

I think most primary care docs genuinely want to do the very best for their patients but the system, as is, doesn't allow it.  Thus the advent of the concierge doc.

I have no problem whatsoever with a private practice to go this route.  Free country...form your business and make a go of it.

For a public institution to take this step is VERY troubling to me, though.  Such institutions exist to serve everyone, equally, regardless of economic status.

The supporters of this program are claiming that the added income they anticipate will allow for continued and even improved care for "the masses".  Color me suspicious.  This ain't no fundraiser.  The added monies are going to be kept in the concierge side of the business and, in my opinion, will increase the feeling of the wealthy getting superior medical care at UM.  That is a horrible image to have.

UM has long been a champion of healthcare, especially with Motts and all it does for our children.  I say let private docs take care of the demographic that they want to, keep the institution TRULY focused on caring for the most in need.


02/25/2018 - 12:42pm But, wait.....My dog is named

But, wait.....My dog is named "Blue".  Does that alone make me a compulsive liar, or would I have to take him for a walk?  I kid.

Being a parent, my lie-o-meter does go up as more detail comes from the childs, I suspect you are onto something here.

02/12/2018 - 7:22pm Perhaps the filthiest hockey

Perhaps the filthiest hockey move ever. Feel bad for 39...he is gonna have to explain this to his kids one day. "Son, I had him, then he deked and I still had him, then...awe shit son, that SOB is like trying to herd ghosts"

02/12/2018 - 7:13pm Meh....good for them I guess.

Meh....good for them I guess.


02/12/2018 - 11:52am Can't say the title left me

Can't say the title left me shocked.  His behavior certainly strayed from normal on a number of occasions so perhaps this is the explanation.  If so, I hope he can find a way to manage it and find his way to a healthy productive life.

Disclaimer:  If this is some stunt to deflect blame for his ass-hattery through the years, then may he find many more years of disappointment and failure.  I have no compassion for someone trying to hide behind serious mental illness.

02/12/2018 - 10:40am I would have to create

I would have to create different categories of the best caddies.

Stevie Williams--Greatest at keeping secrets.  Now way he didn't know about Tigers escapades.  Ranks high on the prick meter too.

Mike "Fluff" Cowan--Funniest.  Got to spend some time with him and Peter Jacobson back in the mid 80's.  Dude was hilarious.

"Gorjus" George Lucas--Most Innovative.  He is the creator of the yardage books that tour players and caddies still rely on.  BTW..he caddied for a guy by the name of Arnold Palmer.  Anything associated with Arnie is cool in my book.

Jim "Bones" Mackay--Best Caddy.  This guy had to keep the reigns on the most aggressive player in our time.  Did it like a genius.

As for the "greatest"....if we are talking large....Lets go with Herman Mitchell (may he RIP).  Guy went well north of 300 while carrying for many years for Lee Trevino, who used to say he always knew the break of a putt based on where Herrman was standing.


02/08/2018 - 9:53am My bold ass prediction based

My bold ass prediction based on absolutely nothing whatsoever:  Whatever shake-up that might take place on the offensive coaching staff will happen soon now that signing day is done.  Suspect, things were held status quo as they did not want to rock the boat for any of the potential recruits.  Kids have now signed (not enough elite ones with us, sadly) and so staff will take shape quickly.

I, like most on the board, hate the seeming disarray and indecision.  However, some of my worst decisions in life were of the knee jerk variety, while my best came after much contemplation.  For now, I will keep the faith that this very thing is going on behind closed doors at Bo Hall and the offense will find its way...SOON.

02/07/2018 - 11:16am Well, shit!  What happens

Well, shit!  What happens next, the Two-Hearted Ale brewery blows up?


02/06/2018 - 2:10pm Maybe Tampa 2 will sign up to

Maybe Tampa 2 will sign up to bring a group of Little Victors to Europe with he and his wife!!  Where you at T 2?

Seriously, though.  Thanks for posting OP.  Already sent mine.  Hope it helps some little shaver even just a little bit.

02/06/2018 - 1:37pm Solid Trade!

Solid Trade!

02/06/2018 - 12:57pm No disrespkt T2, but I dare

No disrespkt T2, but I dare say you set the V-day gift giving bar WAY too fucking high for yourself.  What happens in 2025???  A lunar landing for two?

I got my wife a dozen roses last week for no reason at all.  She was both surprised and appreciative.  

02/05/2018 - 12:04pm He's a mean one!

He's a mean one!


02/01/2018 - 10:31am This little clip of the

This little clip of the 'Stache is now my favorite all time coaching clip.  Simply awesome.



02/01/2018 - 10:21am How 'bout you kiss my 50 year

How 'bout you kiss my 50 year old ass.....WITH SOME JUICE!!  Now get back to playing your video games.


01/31/2018 - 10:16pm I will patiently stand by and

I will patiently stand by and await the response from Rachel Denhollander and her sister-survivors. They are not going away and they are fierce warriors. The likes that Sparty has never faced. Good night sweet sparty.

01/30/2018 - 9:36pm I do not posess a MENSA

I do not posess a MENSA member card, so could someone please explain to me just how in the fuck can an assault charge be dropped and replaced by a littering charge?  

This is probably going to get negged like a bitch, but I asked my wife that same question and she said that maybe the prosecutor decided that since Winston was responsible for placing her on the ground that he somehow littered....she said this in bewildered jest mind you.

But seriously, anyone out there with legal or prosecutorial does this even make sense?

01/30/2018 - 6:36pm Hey Faux...just a

Hey Faux...just a technicality her but planets and tennis balls are spherical.  Just sayin...

01/30/2018 - 6:27pm She is the WRONG person to

She is the WRONG person to disappoint.  That young woman is highly intelligent, profoundly driven, extremely brave and, finally, incredibly supported (not by MSU, but the rest of the planet).  

She and her "survivor sisters" are watching MSU closely and will continue to even if, as many here are predicting, the media starts to move on to the next scandal.

I have a feeling that she will not rest until MSU has truly stepped up and completed a fair and thorough investigation.  Also, I suspect she won't have any trouble getting some high powered legal minds working with/for her in her quest.

I would think of her as MSU's Erin Brockovich.  

Go girl.  Constant pressure will find weaknesses sooner or later.

01/30/2018 - 1:08pm That is gonna leave a mark!

That is gonna leave a mark!

01/30/2018 - 1:01pm Well played Cornholio!

Well played Cornholio!


01/30/2018 - 12:10pm DIng, Ding, Ding!!!  We have

DIng, Ding, Ding!!!  We have a winner.  The core issue here is MSU creating an environment ripe for bad behavior.  The Payne/Appling case is a perfect example.  ZERO punishment?  Other players on the hoops and football teams heard about what happened, as did the women of MSU.  What sort of message does ZERO punishment send to other players??  What message does it send to young women as it relates to the type of support they can expect to find should they be assaulted?

I will take a shot at answering:  It sends a message to the players that they can behave poorly with no repurcussions.  Not good.  It also sends a message to potential victims that they are swimming at their own risk, knowing full well there are sharks in the water.

01/29/2018 - 11:30am I am a parent and part of the

I am a parent and part of the deal is punishment.  I would be perfectly fine with a coach stepping up and being a "surrogate" AS LONG AS he/she had the exact same values as I do with regard to right and wrong and being willing to lay down punishment.  

Take the Payne and Appling situation...even if you want to sign up with RCMB and say there was no wrong doing found, those kids damn well needed to be sat down on the sideline for a while, at the very least.  And, that gets us all the way back to the environment of dangerous behaviors at MSU.  If you are a player, and players happen to talk to one another...It's true.  When they learn that the two new guys got away with some seriously shady shit without so much as having to sit out for a time, do you think that lowers their threshold of self control?  Damn right it does.  

Contrast that with a truly stern decision to sit those two guys for, say even a month.  Think that sends a message to the rest of the team......and likely the university as a whole.

So many are getting caught up in the cover ups and all that at MSU.  Important stuff for sure.  I think the issues are simpler, though.  Basically, under Izzo and Dantanzio as long as you don't get prosecuted then you are good to go....hell, even if you end up in jail for a time, once out, still good to go.

That attitude speaks volumes to young men, many of whom have been told how great they are since they were in 8th grade, some of whom had minimal mentoring to begin with.

01/28/2018 - 6:01pm Popped into RCMB to get a

Popped into RCMB to get a pulse on how they were going to spin this disaster.  There is very real concern over there after this presser.  

My take:  His absolute non-answer to a very simple "any regrets?" question spoke volumes.  Clearly he does have regrets...Shit I thought he was going to start crying as he looked down before answering with his "we cooperated"  BS.  Now the question is: are his regrets because these past events are going to be his undoing, or are they because he knows his program has left a wake of victims behind it?  


01/28/2018 - 12:34pm No time to lose the smig

No time to lose the smug look...Coach D is busy "Re-Centering". 

01/28/2018 - 9:24am Roger Federer is a pretty

Roger Federer is a pretty good tennis player.

Seriously, though, best ever and appears to be one of the classiest people around, as well.  


01/27/2018 - 9:54pm Huh....who would have thought

Huh....who would have thought that coming across as an unapproachable, intimidating bully as "Coach D" did in his presser would be received in such a negative manner.  Did something happen recently at MSU?

HE is the poster-child for tone-deaf.

As for Izzo...I almost felt sorry for him with his "I said what I said last week and then I said all I can say today, so thats really all I can say....but I want to be a healer".....He was clearly struggling with the whole thing.  he should have made a prepared statement and then taken questions ONLY about the hoops game.

Their complete disarray in the PR department might be pretty telling in that now that the circle of trust is broken it is every man for himself.

01/27/2018 - 3:25pm Good point Faux. 
I have been

Good point Faux. 

I have been wandering over there to just get a feel for the general feeling of those who care about MSU.  I don't have an account there. 

I will say it has been fascinating over the last several days how signifacantly the tone has changed.  It has gone from generally showing appropriate disgust and symapthy for what occurred there and a realization that big changes had to happen before the ESPN expose, to an overall feel of F... this, our prized coaches are gods and can do no wrong.  The world is against us, UM is funding the ESPN accusations (that was an actual thread started).

So many there talk big about real change until that change might include Izzo and Dantonio.  Then they are right back to circling the wagons which, to me, is very sad.  I have no interest in a witch hunt.  Just want justice done EVERYWHERE it is appropriate. 


01/26/2018 - 4:43pm Never noticed they were

Never noticed they were different, but I think the old bolder D on the jersey.  the new one looks a bit skinny to me.  Won't really matter for a few years for me, though.  That team is gonna be unwatchable for a while.

01/26/2018 - 3:28pm So they either didn't report,

So they either didn't report, or on the off occasion that they did, they falsified the report (or so it seems) in what would seem to be an attempt to get the victim to walk away.  OK, got it.

I am starting to wonder how many more victims are out there, and not just Nassar victims.  How many other cases of assault have been lost, falsified, ignored through the years?  I fear it is not an insignificant number.

Please let justice win the war with anyone deserving punishment, and I am not talking retirements, and resignations.

01/26/2018 - 2:45pm He is not just running away. 

He is not just running away.  He is sprinting his ass off.

01/26/2018 - 11:44am Sincere condolences to you

Sincere condolences to you and those who loved your dad.  Sounds like he fought valiantly, in the face of some insidious illnesses.  He can now truly rest and have the peace he so deserves.