Hammer of Thor

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I stopped reading after the first paragraph: "The first caveat is for Michigan fans — this game was against a team with 10 players suspended, including the starting running back and wide receiver. So even though your defense was awesome, this wasn’t really much of a test."




You Only Live Twice

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Gerd sounds more like a Michigan fan than anyone could ever be expected to from his fanbase.

After that opening paragraph, he bends over backwards to give our defense their rightly deserved accolades. Love where he says uh well if this is what it looks like replacing a bunch of starters then everyone should replace this many starters.... LOL!

He's even more gracious to our QB than many of the the fans here.  Put one of the pick 6 on him and said even with the other, Speight did as much damage to Florida as anyone.

Nice recognition, I think, of the team effort and vastly superior coaching.


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caveats aside, it was a pretty good analysis.

"Michigan replaced 10 starters on defense and at no point could you tell it was an issue. It was just a new batch of terror. Not even a reboot, but more like an anthology series. A different and terrifying episode on each snap."


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on OSU fans as anyone with their homerism and just flat out arrogance, but you can't expect to go to a rivals site and expect them to write everything good about your team.  If I were to create a write up on this game, I am not sure it would be different at all compared to this Michigan Monday.  I thought he covered all the main points and I actually found this one to be even more positive than most of the ones written last year.  I think the fact that Michigan held an above average rushing team to 11 yards turned many heads regardless if there were 10 players suspended or not.


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based on their own bad behavior which Michigan rightly punished them for committing. But the point is, those suspended guys would not have made much of a stat difference given how Michigan's defense attacked their offense and produced 11 TFLs on 53 plays from scrimmage. That was the defense totally confusing the blocking scheme and blowing up almost every play before it even got underway. So, add that caveat to the caveat debate.


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"Michigan replaced 10 starters on Def and at no point could you tell it was an issue.  It was just a NEW BATCH OF TERROR.  Not even a reboot, but more like an anthology series.  A different and terrifying episode on each snap.  Florida's Off never had a chance.  They never even saw most of it coming."


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I'm not sure the play he clipped for that isn't a blown assignment though. Wheatley is doubling all the way, but should that be a scoop block to that side? The LB is completely unblocked and it doesn't look like the FB had any intention of heading that way. It seems like the DE slanted in so Wheatley should let Ulizio have him and move on to the LB

But yes it made me laugh too


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I thought the same at first. Then after watching a few times I saw what his plan was.
You see, he knew he needed to get the backer. However, just shooting off and hitting the backer is too easy, and far less cool than how he approached it. Instead, he blocked the De into the middle lb and caused a log jam with the Sam (or will?).
Using one defender to block the guy your responsible for, and another dude, is next level.


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"Michigan dominated the Gators. This was not an equal matchup. It was a contest between a disciplined pack of cold and distant hitmen and some dudes who thought it would be fun to steal from Don Brown’s late-night poker game on the east side."


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Once I read the Michigan Monday each week, I always make the mistake to read the comments.  What I find ironic about your comment "I don't think the Buckeye fans know what to make of that game" is I am still a little hesitant to want to fully believe in this team.  Besides the 2 pick 6s which probably wouldn't happen again if we played Florida 100 more times, this team exceeded all my expectations.  I hope we are for real this year because it will begin to erase the reluctant optimism I have been carrying for over a decade now.


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 No, man you misquoted and a bit out of context. He actually had a awesome line, with great setup. I spit my drink out with laughter.

 He made a statement that based on our defense saturday;

"more teams should replace 10 starters on defense",

"«It’s like shaving certain parts of your body — the new defense will appear to come in thicker and fuller.

For instance, shaving Ben Gedeon at middle linebacker back in January has now given the Wolverines a full Bush in the middle.«"





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True that only 3-4 of them were starters, but I think all of them were in the 2-deep depth chart. Rotational players help spread out the fatigue to allow the starters not be as gassed in the 3rd or 4th.

Honestly, it probably would have amounted to MAYBE one more touchdown for Florida if they had Calloway and Scarlett. Watching Calloway the last couple seasons, he is the type of WR to break a huge gainer once or twice a game.


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I liked this part: 


Based on this small sample size of just one game, I think more teams should replace 10 starters on defense. It’s like shaving certain parts of your body — the new defense will appear to come in thicker and fuller.


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Evans is not a "pile mover", not sure why he even needed to mention that. Michigan really doesnt have any pile movers. Isaac has the build, but most of his big runs bounce outside, not between tackles. our RBs are built for one cut in an open hole, not moving piles.