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11/14/2018 - 10:40pm Wow. Really. You are the…

Wow. Really. You are the king of low expectations. We have won the Big Ten tournament two years in a row. And it wasn't because of the team's offense only. I mean Villanova won the NC two out of the last four years and they played the same number of returning guys in their starting lineup as we did in their first major test of the season.

I get the idea of being realistic but not lowering the threshold of expectation just because...There is nobody on this schedule Michigan can't and won't beat. Not saying they won't lose. Just saying this was a huge barometer for the season and where it might lead.

11/14/2018 - 10:12pm Off night, at home, playing…

Off night, at home, playing in front of their people in a new arena. Seriously, this was a beatdown for the ages. This team's defense is off the charts.

11/14/2018 - 10:09pm Yeah, are you kidding me…

Yeah, are you kidding me. This team just plays defense. And whatever happens at the other end is gravy.

11/14/2018 - 9:43pm We Are fucking special this…

We Are fucking special this year. Wow.

11/14/2018 - 9:39pm Wow. Michigan is very good…

Wow. Michigan is very good. Who knew?

11/14/2018 - 6:07pm Guess those games give CBS…

Guess those games give CBS the matchups of the week. Must suck to be that network which uses one team to prop up all the rest, and then claims it's the greatest of all time, when it can't even present an interesting game week to week. Gary Danielson long ago lost his soul and now is left with presenting himself as a guy who makes the deck chair presentation some kind of gracious attempt at redecorating college football.

11/13/2018 - 3:15pm And in your response, you…

And in your response, you answered all the points McMurphy's reporting is purporting to raise. The question is, if Grimes and Smith didn't have a tiff of a major nature, why did this kid not return to Ohio State after they sent a plane to Florida mid-game week with coaches and his roommate to convince him otherwise?

Is this kid that thin-skinned, he can't deal with a chewing out at practice? The question the reporter raises against the backdrop of Ohio State's weak third party investigative effort to protect its standing in the preseason Urban Meyer case, which revealed a glaring failure to respond to public records requests or even look into allegations of cover-up in the retention of phone messages by their head coach, why did the school go to such great lengths to keep this kid on scholarship?

All the rest of his reporting is window-dressing in response to this singular issue, why did Meyer decide to keep Zach Smith on staff after everything we've learned about his behavior; and why did the university never make public any of the records sought in record requests that might have belied the story they are now telling about everything else related to this grand tale? Well, we know why they are doing that.

There are lots of ugly stories in the naked city but the whole point of speaking truth to power is seeking the truth when the response to it doesn't make sense. And that is the whole point of this story, because on the surface, not much of it rings true on any level.

11/13/2018 - 2:16pm OK, why didn't Grimes go…

OK, why didn't Grimes go back to Ohio State? That is the only answer not given here by any one connected with the school? Why did Ohio State, who was paying Grimes way there, why did they give up on the kid and allow him to transfer, and help find the means to make that possible?

That is the question unanswered amid all the denials. Why did the school send the head coach, the receivers coach, Grimes roommate midweek on a game week to Florida at the kid's former high school for a meeting with him, and spend $20k in doing so, and then fail to convince him to come back to school, no matter what Grimes likes on Facebook posts today.

The kid sent the story in motion. It is now just being reported. I get all the emotional entanglements which confuse the issue. But the central question still persists, if nothing happened, why didn't Grimes go back to Columbus, and why did they let him do that? That doesn't make any sense given the school's investment in the player and the effort they pursued in reaching out to him. If everything is cool today, why wasn't it that day? And why isn't he still playing for the Buckeyes?

Ask his former teammates that question, along with the staff and the university president. And then see what answers you get. Deny everything that's been reported and you still don't change the basic facts of the case as they are now, that Grimes plays for the University of Florida, not The Ohio State University. Everything else is prologue. And that is what McMurphy is really pursuing.

11/13/2018 - 1:39pm And why does their denial…

And why does their denial merit more belief than the principals involved? Other than bystanders to an allegation, they don't know squat, either. And everyone else at the university is on the defensive Why?

That's the question this story raises about this whole incident. Why did Grimes want to immediately leave the university after whatever happened and why did the school which was paying him a scholarship, why did they send a plane to Florida with coaches and his roommate and then, allow him to transfer, instead of returning with them? Why?

Something happened to provoke such a reaction, and denial doesn't cover it. Grimes father greenlighted this story, McMurphy didn't go searching for it. It segues into what he was earlier reporting and it bridges all the folks involved in the prior case about Meyer, and it involves unfulfilled public records requests.

You are missing the overall, here. The story is about a university protecting its own interests whatever they are. And we don't know, because we don't have all the details, because they won't offer them in response to the questions McMurphy is asking. A journalist sets out to tell a story with facts, and sometimes his story leads to immediate answers, and sometimes it just raises more questions. Like this one does.

11/13/2018 - 1:21pm Something happened. Because…

Something happened. Because the school which initially denied the allegation, then changed its point of view, and then sent a contingent of people to Florida to correct the matter on a game week disrupting practice, contracted media relations and spending $20,000 plus to deal with the issue.

If this were a nothingburger tale, misrepsented by a single source, then I would agree with the criticism. McMurphy is reporting here that Ohio State went out of its way to protect the apparently deeply hurt feelings of one kid, who told both parents he wanted to leave the school immediately, and no one forced him to stay. In fact, they went out of their way to make sure the kid's interests were met while the questionable background of his parents represented both a personal threat to the student and his family for obvious reasons.

So, why did the school do this? To protect who's interests? The current players are standing up for the status quo and team unity, I get that. The president is standing up for their earlier action in dealing with Meyer, I get that. But McMurphy is raising deeper questions about the handling of this matter and how it relates to the prior case against Meyer, which is the real mystery here, and the one he is trying to solve. This isn't really a story about Grimes reaction to a racial slur, so much as it is about the university's reaction to whatever you want to believe it is.

The university is stonewalling records requests and hiding behind student confidetiality and anything else it can to protect certain interests, whatever those are.

11/13/2018 - 1:06pm You act like what this guy…

You act like what this guy did was normal behavior for any coach and was tolerated because there was nothing to see here so long as the team performed to expectations. Coaches leave and are removed all the time for various reasons, both personal and professional.

This wasn't the case of a guy who was so excellent in his job that firing him didn't make sense, no it is something else entirely, and if the previous evidence doesn't change any local perspective of how Meyer operates, it sure raises many questions about his management ability outside the bubble.

The fact is, the school is still protecting Meyer by failing to release documents sought under at least two public records requests that were either ignored or not followed up after suggestions that Meyer himself got advice on how to change phone settings to alter message retention, and it came after questions were being raised in stories that threatened the integrity of the program and university.

The third party investigative unit hired to perform the Meyer massage job never pushed hard to retrieve any documentation, the investigative findings only indicated that certain questions were raised and the information sought was never collected. And why? Because the university had no interest in pursuing that truth. It only wanted to cover itself to show it was doing something.

So, claim whatever solace you wish from that stunted case but don't tell me that nothing was found. Nothing was disclosed that they wanted anyone to find. And so it wasn't pursued. The school didn't really investigate anything. And the reason is that it didn't give the investigators authority to do that kind of investigation.

11/13/2018 - 12:07pm Look at what this story says…

Look at what this story says about the level of interest Ohio State took in making sure the Grimes family interests were assured. They sent a contingent of coaches and players including Grimes roommate to Florida to speak with him and his family. The flight cost more than $20k for all concerned, it disrupted game preparations for the head coach and staff including media relations, and the meeting occurred one week before an open date on the school's football schedule.

What McMurphy is reporting here is that there was an incident of some kind that resulted in the immediate departure of a highly-recruited athlete who was recommended by a highly influential alum, the family's circumstances warranted a response that would assure an amicable end for all concerned without further publicity on it.

The only fly in the ointment was Grimes' father's reluctance to go along with the program and speak up on it. The circumstances themselves were never reported earlier because McMurphy was seeking all the public records he could obtain before going public. And he was hoping to get more insight from Grimes mother, which never occurred.

The story here, though, is about the Ohio State effort to cover up whatever occurred and it gives greater clarity to the effort done likewise in the preseason case against Meyer, which, to me, at least, indicates why he was so pissed about getting any kind of suspension in that situation.

The facts demonstrate that the university was complicit in a knowable way to more than one public records request surrounding issues that could have embarrassed the school and its football program, and they have done nothing to respond to those requests. And no one has forced them to comply either.

And yet, in the end, you are still left with McMurphy's rationale for running this story: why is the school protecting Urban Meyer at the expense of a former receivers coach whose work is now the bane of their joint existence?

Why was he allowed to remain on staff for so long, and receive ongoing promotions when his behavior resulted in so much turmoil for everyone concerned? We don't know the answer to that. But we do know why Smith deflected with the recent Herman twitter storm, now don't we.

11/13/2018 - 11:11am You get a story based on…

You get a story based on your sourcing for it. And the reason why some other Buckeye family wanted to come forward to talk about another Zach Smith tale covered up by Urban is not surprising, so much as, why the hell did Urban cover for so long for Zach Smith?

I mean the preseason sham of an investigation which only underplayed the results of that third party probe never did seem to scratch the actual reason why Smith was retained and promoted by Meyer amid a whole bevy of uniquely fireable offenses for anyone else. 

So, this may be McMurphy's real motive in continuing with this storyline. Why did Urban Meyer go overboard in protecting Smith during his incredible time on Buckeye staff? I mean it's not to protect the image of a now-deceased former Ohio State head coach who was Smith's grandfather. It was not because he wanted to keep Smith's ruinous marriage together, it certainly wasn't because he was unaware of the details of Smith's ongoing behavior, which now seem loony. So what was it?

11/13/2018 - 9:30am So, here's my forward…

So, here's my forward-looking question, does Northwestern if it wins the Big Ten championship game then give its fans a Taco Bell reward trip to their bowl game as well?

And if that happens, over a one-loss Michigan and/or Ohio State, does Northwestern then get an invite to the Rose Bowl including a free pass to the all you can eat Lawry's Beef Bust. Asking for a friend.

11/12/2018 - 9:43am Well, I had to read it twice…

Well, I had to read it twice to understand the reason the guy's time on the job mattered in terms of his opinion of the recruit. No, 42 isn't old, even for a high school football reporter, who might own the paper for which he works. I just couldn't figure out why what a 42-year-old guy thought about a high school athlete was so important, compared to the varied age group of opinions here.

So, yeah, the thread title is a little disconcerting but I get the OP's aim of trying to make the author's POV more relevant to his assessment of our potential running back. More to the point for me, is the level of school competition and how that relates to comprable talent and others Michigan is recruiting, not that there's anything wrong with touting anyone's 200-plus yard performance against anyone.

11/12/2018 - 9:30am The interesting thing on…

The interesting thing on Saturday was the level of involvement of Oliver Martin compared to Black, who for all the reasons previously mentioned, probably got fewer snaps. Black was in on certain packages, and curiously during the final round of the BTN game show version of 'Guess who our second string qb is?'

The fact that Tarique didn't play more was probably more strategic than willful from a coaching standpoint. We didn't need him to play a lot and then there was Oliver Martin soaking up the other new found opportunities that were put on film. I mean he got a jet sweep and a TD toss as well as a near second touchdown. In any case, he didn't appear to be re-injured. And at this point, that's the biggest takeway from any game we win heading into The Game.

11/12/2018 - 9:15am You mean the look of a guy…

You mean the look of a guy worried about getting his legs broken. His scowl is slightly different than that of Mark Dantonio. But he's got the look of a man who feels the end is near.

11/11/2018 - 6:29pm And the hits keep on coming…

And the hits keep on coming. Everytime he tweets another Buckeye loses his wings. Apparently all is fair in love and coaching, telling out of school recruiting stories. Don't get how this benefits Zach's future or benefits the ongoing Urban myth surrounding Zach's time in the cracker barrel in Columbus.

11/11/2018 - 9:48am Guess they want to ensure if…

Guess they want to ensure if it's another Snowbowl, they get the pre-Christmas version before The Game following Thanksgiving. A pre-Black Friday holiday special. How the Grinch stole both.

11/11/2018 - 9:40am He decided to redshirt…

He decided to redshirt because he can't leave campus on his own. He either has to hire Uber or take the bus for the next year. Can't get to the combine. So might as well stay in school for another year. He's on Dantonio's six-year graduation program.

11/09/2018 - 3:25pm There is no scenario in…

There is no scenario in which Michigan loses to Ohio State where Michigan will advance to the CFP given the way the committee is acting and wants the best matchup possible. It will go to any length to keep more than one SEC team eligible.

That is why you see these other league contenders lurking within striking distance with enough win power from a closing argument contest to leap over any Big Ten choice, which is essentially Michigan and Ohio State, still by the way in the hunt at 10, especially if it wins out.

No, Michigan is in with completion of its Revenge Tour or it won't get in the playoffs, and that's the bottom line. You've got Gene Smith on that committee and bunch of other ACC and SEC backers who are going to assure at least Clemson and Bama meet in the final if nothing else happens. They might give Georgia and Oklahoma another shot at each other in the other semi final if ND trips up.

Nope, the committee is going for the sure thing, and that is why you see them stacking those other SEC and ACC contenders as if they are relevant when the real reason is to backstop their choice for the Final Four.

11/09/2018 - 9:44am There is no doubt that the…

There is no doubt that the committee set up the playoff berths last week to encompass a soft landing for Alabama heading into their showdown in Baton Rouge last Saturday, before they dismantled a 4th-ranked LSU which featured the nation's 93rd ranked team in total offense.

So, the shutout of the Tiger offense and complete inability to move the ball seems completely understandable and mostly disguised by the fact that these are supposedly the top teams besides Georgia in the holier than thou SEC. There is no question Alabama with the nation's most productive offense and 11th best defense is a legitimate death star.

But LSU was completely overrated at No. 4 and neatly removed from the Alabama safety net spot left available for either a fail safe loss by ND or the death star. I think the committee has propped up the other SEC and ACC teams to artificially support their Final Four, regardless of how they actually perform on both sides of the ball without respect to record. In short, they are playing historical favorites to back their top choices.

LSU was just complete  committee cannon fodder when Michigan had already earned the 4th spot even before destroying Penn State. 

And the reason that getting the higher seed is important starting out, is that it makes both the competition to get a higher seed and occupy a fail safe position as the committee has already assured both Alabama and Clemson they are in regardless of what happens going forward. Clemson has BC left. Alabama has Auburn and Georgia.

The committee is looking at matchups for its three big games, which explains why ultimately they are propping up the SEC and ACC because historically those conferences have produced their national championship entrants since the new format began.  History is the underlying point in  their choices.

You have to understand their motivation is TV ratings as its relates to assigning the credentials of the best four teams and not saddling the nation with another Alabama woodshed beating of ND in the biggest game of the year.

11/05/2018 - 9:51am Whatever. Michigan is just…

Whatever. Michigan is just better than Ohio State, period. For the first time, maybe since we last beat those guys in Columbus, we are flat out better than them, with a more complete team. Don't care about their athletes if they can't execute outside the passing game. And that is the case. Michigan is just better. And we will prove it.


11/05/2018 - 9:27am Here's a game summary, for…

Here's a game summary, for the first time in  awhile Rutgers went over the 300 yard mark in total offense on Saturday against Wisconsin in a 31-17 loss, which for Rutgers, is highly competitive, in a game in which Badger qb Alex Hornibrook was knocked out.  The Scarlet Knights rank second to last of 130 college teams in total offense.

And their yardage per game offense is actually a slight improvement over a year ago. But they still average 267 yards less per game than Alabama. So......just use your imagine about what might happen this weekend in Piscataway.

11/05/2018 - 9:06am You can't always get what…

You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.


11/04/2018 - 11:36pm LSU is a pretty mediocre…

LSU is a pretty mediocre offense in all of college football, and one of the worst in the SEC, ranking 93rd in total offensive yards per game at 363. And that was after averaging just over 300 yards in their last two games coming into play against Alabama which had ranked 1st in total offense and 10th in total defense in yards allowed. There is no doubt that Alabama crushed the Tigers and made their offense look pretty ineffective, but they don't move the ball or score that well against anyone.

Consider that Nebraska and Ohio State are averaging 547 and 469 yards respectively per game, which beats Michigan's 52nd ranked average of 418 yards per game. Consider that ND averages 450 yards in total offense per game ranking 26th in the nation, but was outgained by Michigan in their win over the Wolverines, when each managed just over 300 yards.

If you really want to look at how Michigan's defense shines, compare the average performance of their opponent in yards gained per game and the amount they earned when Michigan played them. That will give a better idea of Michigan defensive dominance.

11/04/2018 - 11:15pm Not sure what to make of our…

Not sure what to make of our defensive numbers other than that they spell dominance. Speed and pressure beats most teams because they are forced to execute precisely and efficiently on every play in order to succeed. What we know is that when we keep other teams off the field, they can neither score nor wear out our defense. And that has been the key to the defensive success along with getting off the field on third down.

So, if you really want to measure a team, do it by checking out how efficient they are in moving the ball or preventing the opposition from doing so.

Our offense isn't as prolific as our defense is stingy but it does the job in scoring at home and less so on the road, ranking in the 50 range in total offense and 18th in points scored per game in the low 30's.

Complementary play spells success even more than dominance on one side of the ball or the other, which explains why Alabama is on top of the world as it rates No. 1 in total offensive yards per game, and ranks 10th in total defense in yards allowed. Bama and Clemson are scoring in the 50's per game, and Alabama is winning with incredible efficiency.

By the way, Rutgers is not only bad as a Big Ten performer, it ranks 129th in all of college football in total offense. So, Michigan will feed all of its defensive stats when it faces the Scarlet Knights in Piscataway.

11/03/2018 - 8:19pm That play drew three flags…

That play drew three flags and no penalty was called. What's up with that. At the very least, it was unnecessary roughness regardless of whether it was targeting or not. They had the option of enforcing a personal foul call, and you are telling me all three officials who threw flags only did so because they thought the call was targeting alone? C'mon. I mean we had to go to replay to determine the angle of the hit, not whether the play itself warranted a flag. And nothing was called. I was totally mystified.

11/01/2018 - 3:58pm Yeah, Mr. Klatt is right…

Yeah, Mr. Klatt is right about the bias. But the reailty is what it is. And the committee as I suspected has protected itself to guarantee a promising championship game to ensure at least one SEC team gets in to face Clemson at worst. And the rest is window dressing. We can argue and fight about statistical record-keeping. But what this comes down to, ulitmately, is what is the best single championship game on championship night. And the committee wants to ensure that by giving Alabama and Clemson every chance to make that game, regardless of what anyone else does.

So, that was my thinking heading into the first committee poll. What would it signal about its intentions? And it's this, the committee wants the best matchup it can get. And it figures the best matchup is between Alabama and Clemson, so it is pushing the envelope in that direction. It can massage the hopefuls and lesser lights but they vote the way they want things to turn out, whatever that rationale for an outcome is. And that is the way you must perceive the votes based on outcome going forward. It's not about fairness. It never has been. It's about the best matchup on championship Monday.

10/30/2018 - 2:18pm I have no clue, other than…

I have no clue, other than apologizing for Penn State and the rest of the league as not being physical enough to compete with Michigan and Michigan being lucky enough to succeed in a down year. What a load of crap.

Penn State was lucky to have beat Iowa last week surviving only after a stupid audible play mishap that led to a TD-saving interception that snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, after an earlier Hawkeye blunder on a wide open TD incompletion, on a short yardage play gone awry. And that was a week after We Are terrible in the last two minutes, couldn't kill the clock with its rpo offense when a first down would have sent Michigan State packing for the season instead of the Saquon Barkley-less Lions.

If their offense is the thing of the future, it certainly scuttled their future this season.

The fact that Penn State runs an offense with spread concepts and multiple run pass options and their qb is still in one piece at this point in the season is not a testament to the effectiveness of their offense. You notice that the vanilla clad warriors aren't scoring in the 50's and 60's against teams like they were in the Happy Valley salad days of September.

As the weather turned, and they faced teams with a stingier defensive mindset, McSorely has become his namesake and left last week's game for a time after getting killed on a passing attempt against Iowa.

Yeah, he returned to run in a TD from 51 yards, but Michigan had three qbs run like that in the nation's most-watched game of the season against Wisconsin after their defense practically eliminated the Badgers passing game altogether in a physical blowout that they repeated on the road in East Lansing a week later. 

You only spread the field to set up favorable matchups when you can't beat your opponent consistently at the LOS for 40 plays and only gain 94 yards of offense. And that included running a trick play from inside the five in theri only red zone posseaaion of the game. MSU got the message. Maybe this stupid ass will get it this Saturday when the Lions come inside the lions den at the Big House.

10/30/2018 - 1:27pm Looking ahead, it's…

Looking ahead, it's important for us that Ohio State actually remains as highly ranked as possible, so that when we beat the Buckeyes, that victory gives us the greatest leverage possible. It would be especially important for them to be as highly ranked as the lowest ranked SEC team in the Top 10 heading into the final weekend of the season.

Clearly, the one obstacle that nobody thought would be one this year is Notre Dame. But having them undefeated at this point only makes any loss they sustain an issue depending on whether Michigan wins out. A loss by Notre Dame to Northwestern might change the complexion of things, a later loss might not. And the committee will have to consider whether ND's lack of a championship game, alters how it views their overall record compared to the schools who will go through them to make the Final Four.

I think a loss to Northwestern would disqualify from the playoffs for that reason even if they and Michigan only have one loss. Because Michigan beat the Wildcats in Evanston.

10/30/2018 - 1:06pm Yes, I am not concerned…

Yes, I am not concerned about the committee's first vote, except to the extent that it shows how they feel about the SEC as it relates to both past and historical performance.

Alabama, No. 1, and unlikely to move a muscle in the rankings, will play LSU on Saturday and then Auburn and most likely Georgia to end the regular season in the league championship.

Clemson at No. 2, is also unlikely to move unless Alabama stumbles because its road ahead is practically clear of any trouble from any ACC teams from here to season's end.

The only significant movement will result from Notre Dame dropping a game, which, if it does, isn't necessarily good for Michigan, having beat us opening the season. A loss will open a real bloodbath of debate.

Any of the other contenders losing at this point knocks them out of the discussion. Michigan can't advance beyond the fourth playoff spot if none if the undefeated teams lose a game. And even then, its chances of finishing higher are questionable. And that's because the committee could still keep an SEC team in the playoffs and possibly two even if one or more of them finish with one loss.

I don't think the committee will keep Alabama out with a single loss. And every one loss team faces elimination as well from this point going forward. Notre Dame could still get in with a loss because it beat the Wolverines, and Michigan will only get in by winning out.

So, I think that we could see a situation where Georgia and Alabama both make it again along with Clemson and Notre Dame with each having one loss, knocking out Michigan in a one-loss scenario. But it would lead to a raging debate that might result in changing playoff formatting.

10/30/2018 - 12:40pm I believe tonight's first…

I believe tonight's first college playoff committee ranking will signal how the committee feels historical weight should apply to current performance in judging the subjective ability of any of the leading contenders for the top four teams and those that immediately follow.

In that regard, the committee vote might reflect a bias toward LSU and Georgia as it relates to how they should be ranked in connection with the most likely major undefeated contenders, Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame.

The fact is that LSU and Georgia's first and only loss came well after Michigan's opening game loss to the Irish, so regardless of record, one team has been on an extended winning streak and climbed the weekly rankings hurdle from pre-season to now, which always gives an inflated lift to any team regardless of actual performance or how its perceived by pundits.

I think Michigan should either start at five or four, but must win out to make the playoffs. Unless any of the undefeated teams stub their toe before season's end, Michigan will have little shot at climbing above the last playoff rung and facing the No. 1 team.

There is no almost no chance that Clemson loses a game. And only slight chance that Alabama does. So those two teams are most likely going to meet in the championship round again, with all the rest fighting for the opportunity to unseat them on New Year's Day, unless something drastic happens.

The only point is that the committee vote tonight only puts a fine point on where pundits think the SEC stands in regard to current performance, traditional performance and actual subjectivity of the quality of the top five teams. This weekend's game will go further in reshuffling the rankings but not the finishing pecking order of the mostly likely to win out and reach this season's Final Four.

10/29/2018 - 10:38pm Please. What a stupid take,…

Please. What a stupid take, Give me a fucking break Based on what evidence?

10/26/2018 - 5:11pm There is nothing wrong with…

There is nothing wrong with Marcus Ray. If you don't like his takes, don't listen to them. If you think he's irrelevant, then why worry about what he says.

Marcus is bright, he knows the game and is a solid football analyst. If you don't like his opinions, for whatever reason, fine. I don't like the opinions of a lot of guys, and so I don't listen to them.

If the contention is that Marcus is just being a contrarian to be different, OK that is part of his personality. He wants to stick out. If you don't like it, don't listen. He's got a point of view just like everyone else. And he's on BTN and does ESPN color commentary on MAC games. So, they think he knows the game.


10/26/2018 - 4:47pm Yes, well, Brady, is alive…

Yes, well, Brady, is alive and well working for the Carolina Panthers and this week coaching against Jim's brother. But guess what, he is coaching on the same team as Ron Rivera, a teammate of Jim Harbaugh with the Bears and with players that he coached at Michigan. I will tell you this, in the coaching business, everyone is a friend and a potential colleague.

10/25/2018 - 9:21am Having lived in the…

Having lived in the Charlotte area now for more than a decade after moving from Ann Arbor, I can honestly say I'd rather be here than there during the winter. That said, I still love A2 and I think most people feel that way when they come to know it.

Truth is, when you go to school, part of the adventure is learning and sharing new experiences and making new friends, in some cases that are lifelong, so the most important thing I think for any college recruit isn't the climate of the place he's considering, it's the climate of the people he meets and the feel he has about imagining himself going to school there and participating in that environment. Sure, warm weather is better than cold, especially if you are from here. But I think in this context, Q was talking about making the choice to move and wondering aloud about the weather.

Having sat out most of his senior year, has to be tough for the kid. And one of the reasons he's attached himself to Clemson is because of a built-in friendship there based on some previous conversations in the press. But even that isn't that concerning, ultimately, Also, the ACC championship game will be played in Charlotte, so he will have another chance to visit with the team when it plays here during early December.

Charlotte is only three hours from Clemson and Ann Arbor is 10 or more, and weeks behind in weather respects. Nevertheless, my son went to Clemson, and I can honestly tell you that Ann Arbor beats it out in every respect besides weather, which again I don't think will ultimately matter in Crouch's choice of school. It might be a factor, but not the most important.

10/24/2018 - 9:37am I think the issue with…

I think the issue with withholding injury news has more to do with game planning and competitive edge, not allowing your opponent know exactly what it might have to prepare for in advance. I mean at the pro level. because of gambling, teams were forced to divulge player status before games in order to avoid corruption concerns. Putting that rule in at the NCAA level might even the playing field.

But availability issues would still prevail. My concern about Rashan's injury wasn't so much his current status on the team. I never questioned his team role or involvement or complete commitment, I was concerned about his future and whether we'd get the privilege of watching him play again for Michigan, as a Wolverine warrior we all know he is.

I mean any player who draws the number of blockers he does, can overcome any adversity given reasonable time to recover and get back to competitive health. That's what we all want for him and the best for his future. Because we know this, he will always be a cherished Wolverine, no matter how his season goes.


10/23/2018 - 9:42am While I think it's an…

While I think it's an overblown story, it really has put everyone on edge, reopening old verbal wounds that drive this rivalry and push the envelope on it. Now we have the coaches at odds with each other over the circumstances and MSU issuing a formal statement which only extends the controversy and the news cycle on it.

But let's be clear, two things stand out about this incident, one is that MSU set a protocol and schedule for their walk that Michigan was clearly aware of and understood. The timing was off and there were no instructions given by any state officials asking Michigan to clear the field. Even the Sparty official statement acknowledges the walk was late by at least two minutes and probably more. There was also ample opportunity for MSU to clear the field, and do it with a PA announcement if necessary. Not of that was done.

Secondly, the team came out in helmets. That was deliberately confrontational and designed to obscure identtiies. The walk itself is supposed to demonstrate team solidarity, one for all, all for one mentality in this case, it was a tactic of intimidation and designed to clear anyone off the field, especially Michigan players who were warming up on their side of the 50 at the appropriate time to be out there for pregame warmups. So, MSU was in violation of a known and accepted pregrame standard, their ritual was late and confrontational, deliberately so, because their players wore helmets with street clothes, which might explain the lateness of the walk in order for everyone to have their helmet on when the walk occurred. In any case, their head coach was behind the moving line as it approached Michigan players and he did nothing to disperse them or alter the confrontation. Hence, Michigan's reaction.

There is both video and timing evidence along with a pregame schedule and indications of conversations between the schools about the pregame ritual that belies any question of confusion about whether Michigan players were acting appropriately.

So, at this point, I think it does become a school-related issue to be worked out by the rival ADs. No doubt, however, this has just led to a new chapter in the growing division of passionate emotion in this rivalry.

10/22/2018 - 12:14am Upon further review, I…

Upon further review, I believe they call this targeting. It's one of those judgmental calls that can go either way. But nobody ever forgets.

10/22/2018 - 12:11am Yes, I'm guessing that first…

Yes, I'm guessing that first line of The Ohio State University football program history was rewritten by a Boiler Up fan. Either that, or it was Tyler Trent karma for the record. 

10/21/2018 - 11:52pm For what it's worth, these…

For what it's worth, these rankings are for entertainment purposes only and give us a barometer of where teams stand. Michigan's bye comes before the first playoff committee poll comes out, so we get the benefit of any doubt resulting from this weekend's games.

I don't see the committee putting Michigan in the Top Four week one. But that will change based on the upcoming schedule.

The biggest game next Saturday is Florida-Georgia. And the following week is huge with Alabama going to Baton Rouge to play LSU and Michigan squaring off at home against Penn State. Notre Dame has Navy and Northwestern the next two weeks.

10/21/2018 - 11:36pm Well, they were beat up at…

Well, they were beat up at most positions. And coming into the game, they barely could field three healthy receivers. Too bad, so sad.

But apparently Lewerke was well enough to play every minute of offense against Penn State and throw the winning TD in the closing seconds, so the idea that he got hurt in that game and was a question mark until gametime Saturday, is only a way to deflect attention from an extremely subpar performance caused by a dominant defensive effort.

Here's the thing though, if he was suffering from a threatening injury that he played through, it only excuses his level of poor play to the extent that it hampered his team's chances of winning. And even before Felton Davis went out with season-ending injury and L. J. Scott played only about a quarter, all the Spartans had left was a trick play, bad weather and game baiting antics to stay in he contest.

Let them claim whatever they want, playing hurt is part of the game and because it was never mentioned going in, it doesn't count with anyone afterward. In fact, whether gamesmanship or not, it just seems part of Dantonio's disrespect and a page from his perennial chip-on-the-shoulder playbook. Whatever, those three guys won't be back next year when this game is played in Ann Arbor and Michigan fans won't forget their bush league tactics.

10/21/2018 - 12:18pm Boston Bar, Sidebar, and…

Boston Bar, Sidebar, and Beantown Pub are all listed as nearby places to your convention site in the downtown crossing area.

10/21/2018 - 11:53am I don't know where to put…

I don't know where to put this comment, but I am curious as to why on the fumbled punt that included two MSU penalties for holding and an illegal block in the back, the penalties would be wiped off because Michigan recovered the fumble. If there had been no change in possession from the punt, one of  the penalties would have been enforced at the end of the play from either the spot of the foul with no change in possession or from the field position at which the receiving team was down by contact.

But the calls were both wiped out apparently because of the fumble, and Michigan wasn't even consulted in making this choice. This is typically the case when a penalty is obvious on a play in which the outcome of the play is more advantageous to the penalty beneficiary than the result of the penalty,  say, a first down or touchdown on offense or a TFL on defense that negates a markoff that gives the offense another chance to replay the down.

In this case, the penalties weren't dead ball fouls. They occurred during the playing action that ended with a fumbled change of possession. So, why wouldn't the penalty yardage be added on at the end of the play? I understand the connection between a dead ball markoff (after the play was over unsportsmanlike or personal foul, such as a roughing penalty) and a playing action foul. Teams are super penalized when their actions are deemed unsportsmanlike under the rules, and multiple calls can be enforced at once. But if you are flagged for two blocking violations on one play why does change of possession negate those violations?

After the announcement, the referee went over to the Michigan sideline to confer with Harbaugh who seemed mystified by the action. No one on the broadcast questioned it, so I am assuming that a penalty is apparently negated by a change of possession play. That just doesn't seem like the correct administration of the call, unless the rule is you get the ball or you get the penalty, but not both. 

10/16/2018 - 9:42pm Well, it's hard to argue…

Well, it's hard to argue with facts and the truth. Sometimes you call your opponent what it is: a very big challenge.

10/16/2018 - 6:05pm The question isn't that, the…

The question isn't that, the question is, did the school consider him a student outside of his identity as such and role for their benefit. Or was he just an investment opportunity in the school's financial stock as it relates to its life as an institution.

The fact is, millions of kids go to school and discover that it's not for them and drop out. Some have relevant skills to fall back on and make a productive life for themselves. Others keep searching. Either way, the institution moves on. Always remember, the institution lives without the feelings that those who matriculate through its hallways hold for it after graduation.

10/16/2018 - 5:54pm Not a minor detail. It means…

Not a minor detail. It means his move is permanent without regard to last-minute change of heart. In the way these things are followed as it pertains to The Game, this is actually a newsworthy nugget. Claiming otherwise suggests you knew this all along. You didn't. So, why challenge the preciseness of the report.

10/16/2018 - 5:12pm I don't see any way that MSU…

I don't see any way that MSU beats Michigan, mostly because in order for that to happen, Sparty needs to play a Northwestern type game and keep Michigan from scoring no more than 20 points, because it just doesn't have the offensive firepower to stay in a freestyle scoring game. So, they will be relying on their defense, specifically their run defense, and hope it can produce turnovers, potential TD's with big plays and convert short field opportunities.

MSU is weakened by widespread injuries on the Oline, missing two original season starters, and having played makeshift lineups for six straight games. Beyond that they are also hurting at both running back and receiver with depth and experience a huge issue, especially picking up exotic blitzing schemes and rush games that Michigan will employ in order to confuse their blocking and pickup responsibilities.

What I fully expect Sparty to do is run a lot of end arounds, jet sweep action and edge plays in addition to rolling out Lewerke as much as possible to avoid the rush and throw downfield.

Michigan's ability to score quickly early and then possess the ball and run clock is the same recipe they used with their hybrid offensive attack against Wisconsin.

This is a different game than the Wisconsin matchup, in that Michigan has no reason to let up or not score at will on this team if given the opportunity, both for seasonal and rivalry purposes.

This game scenario plays into a typical Dantonio chip-on-the-shoulder opportunity. But that is all it is an opportunity to play the card. Because Michigan just needs to perform an execution with extreme prejudice, by scoring early and often and breaking the will of this team.

10/15/2018 - 12:35am This only goes to prove,…

This only goes to prove, keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. Now, you know why they keep a weekly blog on the outcome of Michigan games.