September 24th, 2017 at 2:49 PM ^

It needs to be called, perhaps more accurately, the "Grad Assistant Poll" or the "Sports Information Director Poll" or after whoever bears responsibility for attempting to lay out a quick Top 25 in the half hour or so that they get to submit their ballots. Most years, it is the poll I wince at the most. 

Clarence Beeks

September 24th, 2017 at 6:28 PM ^

Florida and USF (both of Tampa and Gainesville were impacted FAR more than Tallahassee) have both won twice post-Irma. If that's their reasoning, the poll is more of a joke than I thought. Said as someone who lives in an area of Florida heavily impacted by Irma. If that's their excuse, that's just ridiculous.

Picktown GoBlue

September 24th, 2017 at 3:41 PM ^

of polls (ok, ok, all that is on TV is Browns vs Colts here).  Could not find any 0-2 teams ranked.  But did learn you can't search for parentheses and hyphens with search engines, which makes looking for "(0-2)" on ranking websites a challenge.

AP/Coaches Poll Ranked teams with no wins (ignoring 0-0), last 10 years:

Year AP/Coaches Team Record Prev AP / Coaches Loss
'07: 24/24 Tennesee 0-1 15/15 12/12 California
'08: 24/25 Illinois 0-1 20/19 6/7 Missouri
'08: NR/22 Clemson 0-1 9/9 24/NR Alabama
'09: 13/14 Oklahoma 0-1 3/3 20/24 BYU
'09: 14/15 Va Tech 0-1 7/7 5/5 Alabama
'09: 21/21 Georgia 0-1 13/13 9/11 Okla St
'10: 13/13 Va Tech 0-1 10/6 3/5 Boise St
'10: 25/NR Oregon St 0-1 NR/NR* 6/7 TCU
'11: 13/14 Oregon 0-1 3/3 4/4 LSU
'11: 25/25 TCU 0-1 14/15 NR/NR Baylor
'12: 19/19 Michigan 0-1 8/8 2/2 Alabama
'13: 11/12 Georgia 0-1 5/5 8/8 Clemson
'13: 24/25 TCU 0-1 20/20 12/13 LSU
'14: 18/19 Wisconsin 0-1 14/14 13/13 LSU
'14: 22/21 South Carolina 0-1 9/9 21/20 Texas A&M
'14: 23/24 Clemson 0-1 16/16 12/12 Georgia
'15: NR/24 Wisconsin 0-1 20/18 3/3 Alabama
'16: 14/13 Oklahoma 0-1 3/3 15/13 Houston
'16: 18/21 Notre Dame 0-1 10/9 NR/NR Texas
'16: 19/18 Ole Miss 0-1 11/12 4/4 FSU
'16 21/22 LSU 0-1 5/6 NR/NR Wisconsin

* in 2010, Oregon State was ranked 22/24 when they played TCU in Week 1, but didn't enter poll until Week 2

Repeat offenders: Clemson, Oklahoma, Va Tech, TCU, Wisconsin

Best teams to lose to in first week and still stay ranked: Alabama (4 times), LSU (3 times)

This year is crazy to have Florida stay in the poll at 0-1 for 2 weeks and FSU do it for 3 weeks, with an added week at 0-2 in the coaches poll.



September 24th, 2017 at 1:13 PM ^

1. Alabama hosts Ole Miss (2-1)

2. Clemson @ Virginia Tech (4-0)

3. Oklahoma IDLE

4. Penn State hosts Indiana (2-1)

5. USC @ Washington State (4-0)

6. Washington @ Oregon State (1-3)



September 24th, 2017 at 2:47 PM ^

We have more invested in getting a win over OSU as a rivalry etc, but last night's Iowa game (plus the OSU loss earlier) effectively made the PSU game the most important one of the season because of how the tierbreakers play out. If PSU loses to us, where do they pick up a 2nd potential loss besides OSU? So if we lose to PSU, we probably go into the last game of the season knowing that we cannot win the division or go to the CFP or anything. 


September 24th, 2017 at 4:00 PM ^

I'm not a psychic but I was actually upset when Watley scored that TD for Iowa with nearly 2 minutes left because I pretty much knew that PSU would find a way to score a TD in the waning moments to pull out the win. 

Iowa would have been much better off if they had followed their usual pattern of slowly grinding their way down the field and kicking the walk-off FG like they always do when they pull off one of their patented "Iowa City Night Game" upsets. Watley should have stuck to the script and just knelt down at the 10 yard line so Iowa could do things the "Iowa Way".

To be fair, PSU totally dominated Iowa in that game and deserved to win.


Back to the topic at hand: FSU being ranked at 0-2 is an absolute farce. I fully expected the elite Georgia team to jump UM after their dominant win over an elite Miss St. squad who had previously crushed an also elite LSU team.

(READER NOTE: In the above paragraph, the terms "elite" and "SEC" are synonomous.)


September 24th, 2017 at 4:14 PM ^

That's a fair line of reasoning but with the season being as long as it is and as we observed yesterday with sp8's injury, anything can happen.  If Barkley or McSorely get hurt, PSU's season changes drastically.  Staying healthy and progressing during the season are the two biggest challenges.


September 24th, 2017 at 1:18 PM ^

Man, that fake crack-sweep that Evans scored on was a thing of beauty. I was freaking out watching it live because it was so totally unexpected. Great call on that one!