Coach Zordich Presses the Brakes

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It cant be all positive out of camp, right?


Jay Harbaugh and Mike Zordich talked to the media today.


Positive:  Jay highlights we have 4 RBs that can be in on 3rd downs.  Says that is unusual and a big positive for the team.  Isaac is most improved in pass pro, but all the guys have stepped up pass pro.


Negative: Zordich is not happy that one of the corner spots has not been locked down.  He said that Lavert Hill answered the bell and has stepped up his game.  It sounds like he has one of the spots locked down.  The 2nd spot has not been grabbed.  He seemed pretty negative for the entirety of the presser.  He knows they have the ability, but someone needs to step up before Florida.





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Other sources say the complete opposite and Long has locked up one corner and the other is open with Hill running number one in that race.


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This is going to sound way more dickish than I intend, but are these other sources DB coach for UM? All I mean is that I've heard the same thing, but to me what Zordich says counts for a lot more.

I expect this is meant as a motivator for Long as much as anything, but if Zordich is concerned then I'm concerned.

Mr Miggle

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A true freshman coming in can be hard to project. They start off strong or show rapid improvement and you think that progress might continue through the rest of camp. Bredeson got a lot of playing time early at LG, so I don't think that was just motivational talk. 

Zordich came right out and criticized Long. A little different, I think. It's hard to see him doing that in the press if he hasn't already been doing it in person.


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It was mostly just a joke, but I'll bite. He's obviously the most plugged in as far as the subscriptions go, but he was the last one to admit that Harbaugh was happening. He got to the Harbaugh party weeks late and even Brian was telling us 'it's happening' before Sam went with it.


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I don't think that's because Sam was behind the knowledge curve on that one.  I think it's because strategically or politically he didn't want run out and be that confident publicly.

Part of his insider status also depends on not pissing off his sources.  It's a balancing act, and sometimes to get good quality information over the long haul, you sit on or embargo other information at least temporarily.




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I'm not surprised about the CBs. I expected a significant dropoff from Lewis/Stribling because of the inexperience of their replacements. Hopefully we see the CBs continue to improve throughout the season. 

Blue in Paradise

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Is Cardale Jones coming back?  Maybe Dwayne Haskins will be the QB?  That seems like a piss poor strategy when it goes against your QBs skill set.

JT has a lot of strengths but deep balls are not one of them.  Can he change as a 5th year senior?  Sure, but doesn't seem like the best way to use his talent.

To summarize, I hope they do go to the deep ball when they play us - would seem to be to our advantage with our DL and Dr. Blitz cooking up the play calls.



Frank Chuck

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IIRC, JT Barrett as a redshirt freshman with Tom Herman as his OC was good at throwing deep balls.

If not for turnovers, 2014 OSU would've blown out MSU in East Lansing. Barrett impressed me with his accuracy and touch on deept throws.

Barrett,, as a player, demonstrates the value of coaching / gameplanning. Under an up-and-coming offensive genius like Tom Herman, Barrett looked all-world. Under the next 2 offensive coordinators, he regressed.


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This seems pretty odd to me.  Harbaugh wont even release a roster but an assistant coach basically waves a big flag to Florida with a "throw the ball here" sign on it?

There's got to be more to this than meets the eye.   Or coach Zordich will have a heap of "splaining" to do after the presser is over.


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I don't think it's a big secret that the "weakness" of this defense is going to be the secondary, based off the returning players. It was always going to be tough to replace Lewis and Stribling.


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Say's who?. Lavert Hill has more talent than Lewis and way more than Stribling who was a huge liability when he had to tackle a back. I think Zordich believes what i do and this tandem should be better than Lewis and Stribling and isn't going to be satisfied until he sees it on a consistent basis. Based off the returning players. I am lost on this statement as both Hill and especially Long were ranked higher than Lewis and Stribling.


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Jourdan Lewis had a 94 score on the composite ranking. Hill had a 93 score. David Long had a 96 score. Lewis proved it on the field and is the best conerback Michigan has had in 10+ years and he obviously had a lot more experience last year than either of these two will have this year, Let's not forget that recruiting rankings don't mean anything once you step out onto the college field. Lewis proved it on the field and he was ranked higher than Hill. Had he been a legit 6' tall like Long Lewis probably would have been a 96 composite player too. The biggest knock on Lewis was his size. Let's not act like Long or Hill or going to go out there and just be bettan than Lewis. They'll have the be All-Americans just to get in the conversation of being better than Lewis. 


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This is Zordich's way of motivating players.  He was negative about Lavert in spring as well.  I wouldnt read too deeply into it, but interesting none the less.  Dont think you can say I overhyped the negative way he spoke... a good 5 minutes + were him saying we're not where we need to be.  But I agree that we will still be fine and the talent is there

The Baughz

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Im pretty sure Florida already knows that there will be an entirely new secondary for Michigan this year. Im thinking passing the ball was going to be a big part of the gameplan for Florida regardless who they have at WR/QB with facing such an inexperienced secondary.


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I mean, he also says he's confident in their ability and that somebody will step up. He also says that if they do their job we will win many games. This isn't quite the negative quote that the OP makes it out to be. Just because he doesn't think our corners are destined to be all-americans yet, doesn't mean he doesn't think we will be okay at the position.


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True! But it wasn't as rosey as you pointed it out either. He said point blank that this is not coach speak and the DB's need to play better. We are starting to get closer to game day and it seems like he would've liked someone to take the spot by now. Hopefully someone hears this and brings their level up to meet Hill's.


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FWIW my personal millenial bashing came to a screetching halt when one of my millenial son's (I have two and a daughter) reminded me it was MY generation that came up with the idea of participation trophy's.  He accurately pointed out "we didnt give those damn things to ourself Dad."

Mr. Yost

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Millenial bashing?

Come on folks, I know it's "old" but have some thicker skin. Everyone's so damn sensitive.

It's a joke that the first question a "millenial" asks when walking into a new place is "what's the WiFi password?" Whether you're a millenial or not, it's just a stereotype.

White people can't dance. Black people like chicken. Asians drive slow. 

Are we to the point where we can't laugh at anything? Wait, don't answer that...

I understand if it's a harmful stereotype - I understand 100%. And I suppose if you're a white guy trying to be a professional dancer or an Asian who wants to be a NASCAR driver...those can be negative. But in general, there's no need to be so sensitive. I saw this the other day, got a chuckle...and then saw all of the comments and people were legit upset over it.

Image result for georgetown millennial day

Mr. Yost

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It's like that with every generation...

Just like in high school...every senior class thinks the incoming freshman class sucks, they're "so small," and they act like they weren't the exact same way when they were coming into high school.

Maybe it feels worse because more voices are heard today with the internet and social media...but there is nothing special about millenials that makes the whole world gang up on them - something they never did to any other generation ever.

Again, don't be so sensitive.

If being a millenial prohibits you or anyone from doing something or getting somewhere in life...then that's a problem. That's discrimination. 

Otherwise, relax.

Monocle Smile

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My work and input get consistently ignored and devalued purely because I'm not grey and wrinkled. Half the time I meet people for the first time for a new task, I get something along the lines of "wow, you're young" and that colors the discussion. HR strongly enforces the seniority rules about promotions regardless of merit or ability. In general. engineers around my age can get stuff done in half the time as senior workers who can't rotate pdfs or write a lick of code, yet make double the salary.

I'm a dude, too. It's so much worse for millennial women, especially in my industry.