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01/16/2019 - 9:07am We want the Jonathan Taylors…

We want the Jonathan Taylors of New Jersey and not the Ahmir Mitchells and Drew Singletons of NJ.

01/16/2019 - 7:07am Defense gave up 55.

Defense gave up 55.

However, the game was 27-19 in the 3rd quarter and the offense couldn't keep pace. Offense shares some blame too in not being capable of winning shootouts.

We saw the same thing against Florida. Score was 27-10 and offense couldn't keep up with Mullen's offense.

01/16/2019 - 4:45am Yep.

Jim Harbaugh is rare …


Jim Harbaugh is a rarity; he was a great college player, a good pro QB for a few seasons, and is an exceptional coach.

I don't understand why so many fans get excited willy nilly about former M Football players returning to Michigan to coach.

I'm confident no one wants to see Marcus Ray ever be a position coach at Michigan. Likewise, does anyone truly want to see Scot Loeffler ever become OC at Michigan?

Furthermore, excellence as a player does not guarantee greatness as a coach. Tom Brady's greatness as a QB doesn't mean he'll be some hotshot coach.


Re: Roy Manning

I was not impressed by our CB play when Roy Manning was the CB here.

If Manning keeps working at his craft and becomes an elite coach, then and only then would I be thrilled about him returning to M.


01/16/2019 - 4:10am I think Matthew Baldwin is a…

I think Matthew Baldwin is (much) better than his ranking. He was a late riser and hand-picked by Ryan Day for his Big 12-esque spread passing offense.

Baldwin is from Lake Travis which has churned out a number of quality college QBs including Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma), Todd Reesing (Kansas), and Charlie Brewer (currently at Baylor). ESPN published an article in December 2018 about all the (good) QBs to come from Lake Travis.

01/15/2019 - 9:50am It was part of the problem…

It was part of the problem. Don't be fooled by the 39 points. When we needed to keep pace in the 3rd quarter, we couldn't.

We were gifted a TD before halftime with a dumbass OSU special teams mistake.
And OSU wasn't really fully engaged when Joe Milton was playing.

01/15/2019 - 4:42am I'm not sure I agree that…

I'm not sure I agree that Burke gets the better of Simpson.

Remember last season's National Championship game? Simpson did an excellent job of defending NPotY Jalen Brunson.

One thing to keep in mind is that the 2019 team has an exceptional defense and a very good (and improving offense).


Flip side:

2013 had the deeper bench (Jordan Morgan, Spike Albrecht, Jon Horford, and Caris Levert by the end of season).

That said Isaiah Livers and Eli Brooks are quite good. Austin Davis has improved. And I'm hopeful that at least one of Brandon Johns and Colin Castleton will be a contributor Big Ten Tournament time.

01/14/2019 - 11:27pm Man, that's a great question…

Man, that's a great question. Lots of great hypothetical match-ups:

McGary vs Teske
Burke vs Simpson
Stauskas vs Poole
Robinson vs Brazdeikis
Hardaway vs Matthews

01/13/2019 - 1:34am WARINNER
War + inner =…


War + inner = Warinner


WTF is with M fans not correctly spelling the name of our OL coach who had such a tremendously positive impact on our OL?

01/11/2019 - 6:24pm He's horrible and should go…

He's horrible and should go away.

01/10/2019 - 5:52pm Campanile's father was…

Campanile's father was Partridge's HC at Paramus Catholic.

01/10/2019 - 3:57pm Agree!

I'm encouraged by…


I'm encouraged by this hire!

01/10/2019 - 6:17am I'm sure there would be…

I'm sure there would be quite a bit of overlap.

That said, I can only speak for me. I don't want Harbaugh fired. But I have legitimate concerns and criticisms about Harbaugh's Michigan tenure so far. (If voicing these opinions is considered "bitching and moaning" then so be it.)

I often defended John Beilein during the rough years and pointed out that we must improve on defense or we'll be hindered by our ineffective/porous defense against elite teams/programs. Beilein demonstrated his ability to adapt by making great hires and ceding control to well-qualified assistants. Beilein even went so far as to modify his offense despite his expertise on that side of the ball. (Who remembers LaVall Jordan convincing Beilein to make the offense more ball-screen oriented?)

Now to Harbaugh's credit, he has shown a similar ability and willingness to adapt or compromise on certain things. But he needs to make further dramatic/significant changes to the offense which is his side of the ball.

While some of the changes he made went unnoticed at times this season (such as transitioning from gap man blocking to inside zone blocking), he can do so much more such as adding tempo, making the offense no-huddle as the base, altering the route combinations/priorities, asking his QBs to throw down the field more frequently on intermediate and deep routes, using the RB more often in the passing game, using more 11 personnel at the expense of the FB, cycling pre-packaged plays, etc.

As Darwin said, "It is not the most intelligent or the strongest of species that survives but the species that is best able to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself."

01/10/2019 - 5:49am After 4 years of Jim…

After 4 years of Jim Harbaugh:

We're 1-9 against top 10 teams.
We're 0-4 against Ohio State.* (Yes, I know the refs fucked us in 2016 but officially we're 0-4.)
We're 2-7 against rivals (MSU, OSU, ND).
We have yet to play in the conference championship game.

And that's just the Harbaugh era. (That said, Harbaugh has at least put a floor on our seasons.)

But let's go back even further.

A kid in a Michigan-supporting family that started kindergarten in 2005 is now in college. That kid still hasn't seen Michigan win a conference title since he or she started school. That's 14 years and counting. Is this "mildly disappointing" to you?

We're 2-16 against the Buckeyes since Tressel became HC at OSU. Is this "mildly disappointing" to you?

No Michigan QB has ever passed for 3,000+ yards and 30+ passing TDs in the same season. A Boston College QB accomplished this feat in 1984 and was awarded the Heisman. Our highly ranked QBs become efficient game managers. OSU's QBs keep evolving and setting new records as playmakers or gamebreakers. Just look at OSU go from Troy Smith to Braxton Miller to JT Barrett to Dwayne Haskins. Is this dichotomy merely "mildly disappointing" to you?

Our bowl record since 2001 is 4-11. Is that merely "mildly disappointing" to you given all the resources available to blueblood Michigan? For comparison's sake, TCU is 11-5 in bowl games since 2001 and has come much closer to qualifying for the playoff than Michigan.

I can't wait to read your reply to my repetitive question.

If casual non-Michigan fans were to look at Michigan's accomplishments or lack thereof since 2001 and compare them to all the other available programs, they would not consider us a blueblood. Face facts.

Since the 1980s/1990s, a new class of nouveau rich emerged to challenge bluebloods. Don't think so?

- Miami has 5 National Championships since winning its first one in 1983 and played for a few more (1986, 2002).

- Florida State won 3 since the 90s and could've won a bunch more (1996, 1998, 2000).

- Florida won 3 since the 90s.

- LSU won 2 in this millennium and played for a 3rd (2011).

- Clemson has won 2 in the last 4 years and played for a 3rd. Clemson also won its first ever NC in 1981.

Meanwhile, schools like Michigan and Notre Dame and their (arrogant) fans want to yap about tradition - as if that wins ball games. Newsflash: it doesn't. The nouveau rich give no fucks about tradition because they're establishing their winning ways right now.


As for Beilein, I talked about him in the post above. Despite being an offensive wizard, Beilein modified his offense when his assistants (like LaVall Jordan convinced him to accept modern trends such as the emphasis on ball-screen and PnR). Furthermore, Beilein hired the right people to fix the defense because he realized he stunk at it. (His words iirc when Donlon was hired.)

Hence, I'm willing to be patient with Harbaugh but he must demonstrate tangible progress. The difference between 2017 and 2018 is largely a healthy quality QB plus a better OL coach and not because of major adjustments to philosophy.

01/09/2019 - 8:48pm lulz, every now and then...

lulz, every now and then...

That took on a life of its own on the 247board. (I kinda overdid it...)

01/09/2019 - 8:33pm Yes. Hence, I wrote "elite…

Yes. Hence, I wrote "elite coaches" at the beginning.

I implied that Beilein had the great sense/awareness to make the necessary changes.

Btw, schools were interested in hiring Lavall Jordan and Bacari Alexander.

Why isn't anyone trying to hire away Pep Hamilton? That should be an indication...

01/09/2019 - 8:27pm We're a basketball school…

We're a basketball school now.

Instead of wasting your life on a grossly underachieving football program, focus your attention on the elite basketball program we have.

Notice that the "we can't recruit against Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, etc." posts have stopped.

Elite coaches, exceptional player development, and great execution on both ends have elevated the basketball program.

01/05/2019 - 9:11pm We absolutely wanted Chris…

We absolutely wanted Chris Olave. As the poster above said, he picked Ohio State over Michigan.

01/05/2019 - 9:10pm A poster named "gord" wrote…

A poster named "gord" wrote to OP (lukepanici):

"If he turns into the QB version of Khalil Mack then come back in 4 years and bump this thread and say I told you so."

While Jackson isn't the equivalent of Khalil Mack at QB, OP was right to point out Jackson as a quality prospect.

Props to OP.

I can understand where OP is coming from. For instance, I badly wanted Brady Hoke to offer Deshone Kizer (who grew up a Michigan fan). Idiotic move to not do so in retrospect.

Another player I wanted was Tyler Boyd at WR but Hoke wasn't interested. (IIRC, Hoke wanted him at DB.)

01/05/2019 - 5:11pm "Did you see the shitshow…

"Did you see the shitshow that Harbaugh inherited?"

You mean the team stacked with NFL talent? It was no different than all the talent Urban Meyer inherited from Ron Zook.

People can talk shit about Hoke the coach but you can't talk shit about his recruiting (outside of the OL class which turned out to be an epic bust).

Hoke had all that talent but only managed to go 5-7. Harbaugh took that same roster plus a transfer QB and went 10-3 (and should've been 11-2 if not for the damn punt fail against Sparty).

01/05/2019 - 4:16pm "Michigan attempted a 58%…

"Michigan attempted a 58% pass percentage vs Florida. How did that turn out?"

We were trailing much of this game so it skewed the final percentage.


Counterpoint: Ohio State passed more than it ran against us for the first 3 quarters. How did that turn out?

Haskins had 31 pass attempts and Ohio State had 36 run carries. 12 of those 36 came in the final 3 Ohio State drives.

01/04/2019 - 5:59pm No. HELL No.

No. HELL No.

Major Applewhite is NOT a good OC.

This board (like all boards) tends to be hostile to anecdotes that don't confirm or validate predetermined opinions.

So I'll simply encourage you to look at the stats of Applewhite's OC tenures at Texas and at Houston.

Contrary to popular belief, Houston did not have a good offense with Herman as HC and Applewhite as OC. Check S&P+ or FEI. You'll be surprised.

01/04/2019 - 2:45am He played in only 4 games as…

He played in only 4 games as a true freshman according to MGoBlue's roster page.

If he wants to be a 5th year senior, then he'll be afforded that option.

01/03/2019 - 11:04pm Devin Gil looked good?

Devin Gil looked good?

Are you and I watching the same games? To my eyes, he looked slow and tentative.

Give me examples of plays where he impressed you and why...

01/01/2019 - 9:20am This response is hilarious…

This response is hilarious.

OP fails to recognize his own cognitive dissonance.


On the one hand, he makes a case for why Harbaugh is a top-5 coach. But in the OP, he tells fans that the fans are spoiled/entitled for expecting a supposed top-5 coach to deliver top-5 results despite being the 3rd highest paid coach in football.

I'm going to go ahead and assume OP doesn't excel at logic.


That said, I think Harbaugh can learn from Dabo Swinney.

Swinney's program changed with 3 things:

1. 2011; hiring an elite OC in Chad Morris (Clemson has built upon the system he implemented)

2. 2012; hiring an elite DC in Brent Venables

3. Getting an elite QB in Deshaun Watson which elevated the program to true national championship contention. (Tajh Boyd was very good but he lacked Watson's intangibles.)

The best leaders know what they don't know. Hence, they hire people to fill those voids.

Harbaugh hired Don Brown who has delivered mixed results - dominant against overmatched teams but bad outcomes against elite offenses. Brown needs to mix in some zone.

Harbaugh needs to take the next step and adapt the offense. (He's actually done a lot of little spread-ish things (beyond zone read) that have sometimes gone unnoticed but that's another sub-topic.)

Harbaugh needs to unleash the QBs. He should expect more from his QBs.
Shea freaking Patterson not getting to 3,500+ yards and 30+ passing TDs with 2-3 future NFL WRs (DPJ, Nico Collins, and Tarik Black) and a capable (future NFL?) TE in Zach Gentry is an indictment on how behind we are on offense.

01/01/2019 - 9:10am "ACC is trash. Michigan…

"ACC is trash. Michigan would've been 12-0 in that conference multiple times."

Uh, did you forget when we lost to FSU in the Orange Bowl?

Btw, Michigan has a clear problem winning games on the road.

Don't think so? Look at the scores of our wins and losses.

We're often a very different team on the road. We get into life and death struggles against teams we should win comfortably against.

01/01/2019 - 9:04am We should hire for our OC…

We should hire for our OC Major Applewhite or Steve Sarkisian?

No, we shouldn't.

Both of them are inferior OCs.

Falcons fans HATE him because he took over an elite offense (which he inherited from Kyle Shanahan) and Atlanta's offense has undeniably regressed.

For further proof of Sarkisian's suckitude, I encourage you to examine Sarkisian's HC tenure Washington as HC versus Chris Petersen's HC tenure at Washington.

Sarkisian failed as HC at Southern Cal for f***s sake. That's akin to Brady Hoke failing at Michigan.

And Applewhite isn't anything special. He knows it himself. Hence, he hired Kendall Briles (who *is* an excellent young mind on offense) to be OC and it paid off handsomely. Willie Taggart recently hired Briles to be OC at FSU.

01/01/2019 - 7:41am
97 Michigan was a…

97 Michigan was a semi-pro team. Despite his many faults, Lloyd Carr recruited a lot of elite (NFL) talent which is what made some of the results so freaking infuriating.

Look up the names on the 99 team. In retrospect, that team should have won the National Championship but didn't partly because of the Drew Henson / Tom Brady QB controversy. (Btw, fuck Henson.)

So when Michigan was stacked with NFL talent, did you think Carr was cheating?

Or is "cheating" the new excuse for Michigan's underachieving?

Btw, after Michigan's loss and Clemson's win on Saturday, someone on twitter pointed this out.

4 and 5 star recruits 2016-2018 classes combined per 247 sports:
Clemson: 35
Michigan: 41

In those 3 years, Clemson has won the ACC 3 times, qualified for the CFB Playoff 3 times, won 1 National Championship and will play for another in a week's time.

Meanwhile, in that same time span Michigan has merely tied for a single division title and...that's it.

The lengths people will go to excuse Harbaugh's deficiencies is quite funny to me. Harbaugh's cult of personality has blinded many to why Michigan hasn't reached the lofty expectations.

Despite being a supposed QB guru, Harbaugh's QBs have been efficient game managers at best and downright disasters at worst (O'Korn). People wanted to blame Drevno and now Pep. The buck stops with Harbaugh. If Harbaugh wanted to throw downfield at least once per drive, Pep would oblige. But it doesn't happen. Gee...I wonder what Occam's Razor says...

I don't doubt that Harbaugh is an elite coach but in 4 years at Michigan he has not delivered top 5 results. His NFL success ultimately means nothing w/r/t Michigan outside of recruiting. And the further we get from those 2011-2014 years, the less relevant they become.

12/30/2018 - 11:45pm Manny Diaz is a Miami guy…

Manny Diaz is a Miami guy through and through. His father was the mayor of Miami.

The U is his dream job.

12/29/2018 - 3:41pm How many times is a Don…

How many times is a Don Brown defense going to give up a 1st down on 3rd and long play?

This has been a problem for all 3 years he has been here.

12/28/2018 - 11:47pm How this happens?
A lot of 6…

How this happens?

A lot of taller WRs (6'5"+) end up doing nothing.

Don't think so?

Alabama has a top 100 overall, 4 star 6'6" WR from the class of 2017 you've probably never heard of: Tyrell Shavers.

Shavers has 0 receptions, 0 yards, and 0 TDs in 2 seasons (one redshirt) thus far in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Ask yourself this:

How many productive 6'5" - 6'6" WRs are there in the NFL out of all the WRs in the NFL?
There are a few like Mike Evans. Vincent Jackson was another but he retired.

12/26/2018 - 7:36am I don't know about Hall of…

I don't know about Hall of Famer but D'Andre Swfit and Jonathan Taylor has impressed me the most thus far from that group.

JK Dobbins looked special as a true freshman but he suffered through a sophomore slump (and still reached 1,000 yards).

12/23/2018 - 1:52am I don't understand the…

I don't understand the Michigan fanbase's fixation with Jedd Fisch.

He's a very good OC. Yes, he's (much) better than Drevno or Pep Hamilton but he's not Lincoln Riley.

12/23/2018 - 1:49am I'll make a prediction.

I'll make a prediction.

I think Urban Meyer will return as OSU's HC in 3-5 years if Ryan Day doesn't meet OSU's lofty expectations.

12/17/2018 - 11:57pm Solomon is not the best…

Solomon is not the best interior player on the team. Dwumfour and Kemp are better on the interior.

Look past his ranking and just focus on his production. It was not impressive.

12/17/2018 - 2:12pm Aubrey Solomon wasn't a 5…

I stand corrected. I didn't know Solomon moved up in the final rankings to 5 star status.

12/15/2018 - 10:36pm Absolutely do NOT f-ing want…

Absolutely do NOT f-ing want because of the father who says all kinds of stupid shit.

12/12/2018 - 3:23am It annoys me to see Nick…

It annoys me to see Nick Ward on the banner...

We couldn't find something of Jordan Poole or X/Z Simpson or Isaiah Livers or Eli Brooks or Yalick or Beilein?

12/09/2018 - 4:20am I appreciate the long post…

I appreciate the long post. Some thoughts...

1. Remember when Bret Bielema sponsored a rule change to slow down no-huddle offenses. This was the same rule change Saban supported.

The bill was laughed at by spread teams, labeled correctly as disingenuous, and dead on arrival. Saban had suffered a number of losses to high powered spread passing attacks - most memorably 2012 TAMU and 2013 Oklahoma.

2. Seeing the direction that college football was going, Saban brought in Lane Kiffin - first as a consultant (which pissed off Doug Nussmeier) and then promoted Kiffin to OC (after Nussmeier saw the writing on the wall). Kiffin's background was pro-style but he had shown the ability to be flexible and run some spread. He was a good blend as a playcaller.

Nussmeier would have been a horrible fit for Blake Sims. Hence, Saban initiated the transition and brought in Kiffin.

3. Kiffin recruited Blake Barnett, Jalen Hurts, and Tua Tagovailoa - all 3 are dual threats. Barnett turned out to be grossly overrated and frankly a scrub. Hurts was quite effective but not without his flaws. And while Kiffin didn't get to coach the Hawaiian, Tagovailoa turned out be an exceptional parting gift to Saban from Kiffin.

4. Yes, there's no magical switch that we can press to fully shift to a spread in a single off-season but there are major things we can do.

4a. Ditch the complementary football gameplans. There's a time and a place for ball control. Learn to run the 2-3 minute offense as standard operating procedure. Score, score, score, score, score, score, and f-ing score some more. Run it up on teams by the middle of the 2nd quarter so much so that Buddy Ryan would be proud at the ruthlessness. We have a talent advantage against 75% of the teams we play. Harness it.

How many Michigan fans were stunned at how unprepared Michigan looked to run a 2 minute offense against Notre Dame in the final minutes. (That's not an accident. We clearly didn't know how to go fast.)

By comparison, look at how Ohio State responded after we scored 2 TDs in 15 seconds to to make it 21-19 (after the missed 2 point conversion.) Meyer didn't sit back. He attacked relentlessly and got a FG. In fact, OSU got into the redzone in under a minute and settled for a FG after failing to punch it in.

4b. Accept throwing as superior to running. It's one thing to be able to establish the run and the superiority of the OL. You know what's even more demoralizing for defenses? Picking up 1st down after 1st down by keeping the defense off-balance.

When was the last time you saw a Harbaugh Michigan team throw on 3rd and 2 or less?

At Oklahoma, it's standard practice.
At Wazzu (under Mike Leach), it's not uncommon either.

The numbers showed that we called a much higher number of runs on certain downs and distances. You don't think defenses were clued into that tendency?

Be unpredictable. Run a zone read with a pitch option on 1st down.

2nd and 7? Run a screen play with SRO package. Don't wait until the 3rd down to do it.

4c. The biggest change in terms of Xs and Os should be altering our route combinations.

Have you ever watched Oklahoma and thought, " do OU's receivers get so open time and time again?"

The answer is not simply "Hahaha...Big 12 defenses suck."
No, Oklahoma's route combinations are exceptional and they excel at getting multiple WRs separation.

Who remembers Trevor Knight lighting up Saban's precious defense in the Sugar Bowl?
Does Alabama have a shit defense too?

Or do you think Oklahoma's scheming was far superior to the the bullshit Saban/Bama was used to seeing?

Does Georgia have a shit defense too? Oklahoma put up 45 in regulation in last year's semifinal and frankly should have scored 50+.

At Michigan, our route combinations are surprisingly bland and lackluster. Our deep routes lack imagination.

At Oklahoma, the routes are multi-tiered routes and have conversions depending on what the defenses does. They are designed to spread out the defensive back 7, generate mismatches, and put WRs in space such that one missed tackled can lead to a long TD.

Michigan WRs have to make contested catches. Oklahoma's WRs are streaking down the field and dusting secondaries.

12/09/2018 - 3:27am There's an explanation for…

Ok, sure.

There's an explanation for that. (If you want the entire story, read the entire post. If you want an answer for why "his offenses have been productive at all his stops" then simply skip to the part under the dashes.)

Bob Stoops was Spurrier's DC at Florida and Spurrier ran the precursor to the spread with the Florida fun-n-gun offense which put up big numbers in the 90s. This made an impression on Stoops.

When Stoops was hired in his mid 30s by Oklahoma (despite having no HC experience), he smartly hired Mike Leach to be his OC for the 99 season. Around that time, Joe Tiller's OC Jim Chaney also introduced the spread to the Big Ten because he recruited Drew Brees from Texas and encountered the spread.

Leach was only at Oklahoma for one season but he laid the foundations of the air raid in Oklahoma and Stoops has continued to build upon it by hiring great OCs. Lincoln Riley is the latest.

So where does Sumlin come in?

Sumlin at Purdue from 98-2000 (where he saw a primitive version of the spread) and eventually found his way to Oklahoma by way of Texas A&M.

Sumlin was there when Kevin Wilson was Oklahoma OC, saw what Leach was doing at Texas Tech, applied the same ideas, and then set new records for offensive production with Sam Bradford.


Sumlin, despite having no HC experience, was able to get the Houston job.

Sumlin smartly hires young, talented OCs from the Air Raid offense. He has almost no input on the offense because his approach is laissez faire.

- Dana Holgorsen was a Leach assistant at Texas Tech.

- Kliff Kingsbury played for Leach.

- Jake Spavital was a GA under Holgorsen and Kingsbury at Houston.

This season was the first year Sumlin as HC didn't have an Air Raid-trained OC. Noel Mazzone is outside of the Air Raid string. Arizona finished 5-7 despite having an excellent dual threat QB Khalil Tate.

12/08/2018 - 11:09pm I didn't want to have to…

I didn't want to have to post my credentials but:

- I coached HS football in Cali and won district titles coached in state championship tournaments.
- I'm a former NFL scout and assistant.
- One of my best friends was on Sumlin's Houston staff.

You won't hear me yapping about insider status because I'm not. I'm a proxy.

You don't want to believe my info, it's fine. I understand.

But if you're ever in the Texas area, I strongly encourage you to ask around.

12/08/2018 - 10:46pm BECAUSE BY EVERY DAMN…


One horrific defensive performance in the biggest game of the year does not change the undeniable fact that Michigan's offense lags behind the defense by a damn country mile *despite* having a supposed QB Guru at offense.


Meanwhile, Kendall Briles at Houston takes a converted WR and puts him at QB and fields the #11 offense according to S&P+.

At Michigan, the defense has been top10 in 3 of the 4 years in S&P+.

The offense? Outside the top 30 in 3 of those 4 years in S&P+

If 1 is a fluke, 2 is a coincidence, 3 is a pattern...then...uh...maybe we should look past the OCs and QBs (which have changed) and ask some tough questions of the head man in charge, no?

/Yes, I'm angry and quite bitter.

//I'm not going to let Jim Harbaugh off the hook. He's ultimately the face of the program. He has the power to change the offense into a full plug-n-chug passing spread but insists on running an inferior college system.

///When the Oklahomas, Ohio States, Notre Dames, Alabamas, (and now even USCs) change toward a fully weaponized, explosive spread but Michigan runs a plodding offense with a few spread plays mixed in (like a kid playing Madden), then you know we're behind.

12/08/2018 - 10:37pm Why is it just Pep that…

Why is it just Pep that draws criticism? First Drevno, now Pep.

49ers resembled the current Michigan Wolverines too. And Pep was not with Harbaugh in those days.

And people look at Jedd Fisch as some savior. He is not. He was better than Drevno and Pep but he was no Lincoln Riley or Mike Leach. Fisch was also responsible for the stinkers against Iowa or Florida State.

12/08/2018 - 10:33pm Re: "Brings in 5* transfer,…

Re: "Brings in 5* transfer, has one of the best passing seasons in school history"

USC, Oklahoma, Florida (from since the Spurrier era) laugh at "one of the best passing seasons in [Michigan] history"

That's the point.

Those schools routinely have QBs put up 3,000+ passing yards *and* 30+ TDs in the same season on 60+% percent completion. No Michigan QB in school history has done 3,000+/30+ which is quite sad given that Doug Flutie (waaaaay back in 1984) won the Heisman for 3,634 yards and 30 TDs for Boston College.

Again. 1-9-8-4. But Michigan hasn't done that - not freaking once in its storied history - by 2018. Doesn't that tell you how behind the times we are at Michigan?

And before any dumb, clueless, uninformed, ignorant Michigan fan stupidly says "Oklahoma runs an Air Raid and throws the ball 50 times a game..."

I'll pre-empt that by saying FALSE. Here's why:

2015 Baker Mayfield: 395 passing attempts in 13 games = 30.3 pass attempts per game
2016 Baker Mayfield: 358 passing attempts in 13 games =  27.5 pass attempts per game
2017 Baker Mayfeild: 404 passing attempts in 14 games = 28.9 pass attempts per game
2018 Kyler Murray: 340 passing attempts in 13 games: 26.1 pass attempts per game

Meanwhile, Shea Patterson at Michigan: 289 pass attempts in 12 games = 24.1 pass attempts per game


The difference? Those teams throw deep at least once per drive. (Typical game has 12-14 drives.)

At Michigan? Pep wants to throw deep once per quarter.

lol, I mean...come on! Harbaugh and his offensive brain trust talk about delivering body shots as if that can only be done by running the football.

This bullshit way of thinking was challenged by Bill Walsh because he liked to wear teams down by throwing the ball (which his peers initially believed was stupid). Walsh correctly believed you could psychologically damage opponents just as much, if not more, by throwing. His persistence changed the NFL. Ohio State proved it against us this year.

12/08/2018 - 10:18pm Sumlin is a fraud.
His rep…

Sumlin is a fraud.

His rep is built on a half-truth. People look at his resume and see "co-OC at Oklahoma" but they don't know that it was only a title. Kevin Wilson was the true OC of the high-powered Oklahoma passing attacks.

12/08/2018 - 9:31pm Sure but I think many would…

Sure but I think many would tell you that they thought we would regularly have QBs that could pass for at least 3,000+ passing yards and 30+ TDs like the Stanford 2010 offense.

Instead, 3 out of 4 QBs didn't even reach 3,000 yards much less pass for 30 TDs.

It's very disappointing.

12/08/2018 - 9:27pm Mayfield and Murray were not…

Mayfield and Murray were not Oklahoma commits out of HS.

Oklahoma has now rehabilitated 2 different QBs and made them into Heisman winners.

Look up Texas Tech Baker Mayfield vs Oklahoma Baker Mayfield.
And now look up Texas A&M Kyler Murray vs Oklahoma Kyler Murray.

This alone could be the basis for a detailed case study on how playing for a dumbass coach like Kevin Sumlin fucks up a player and how playing for the right coach/system can elevate a player to hyper-elite status.

Meanwhile, Georgia's sophomore QB Jake Fromm put up better stats (even after excluding the SEC Championship Game) than a junior Shea Patterson did.

Honestly, outside of Rudock's 2nd half surge, I'm not impressed by Harbaugh's QB development at Michigan. (I know this will be an unpopular opinion but it's rooted in stats. We turned Shea Patterson into an efficient game manager but a game manager nonetheless.)

If Jake Fromm is regarded as a game manager but he puts up better numbers than Shea Patterson despite being a game manager then...uh...yeah...I think you get my point.

12/08/2018 - 9:23pm Does OP think think Murray…

Does OP think think Murray gets 4-5 more passing TDs on top of his 40 passing TDs?

Or does OP think Murray gets 4-5 more passing TDs on Shea's 21 passing TDs?


Also, does OP know that no Michigan QB has yet passed for 30 or more passing TDs in a season?

Look it up. It's sad how Oklahoma, which was once known as the best wishbone team under Switzer, is now miles ahead of Michigan in fielding an elite college passing offense.

I'm quite bitter about it.

Oklahoma's Heisman QBs in the past 20 years:
Jason White
Sam Bradford
Baker Mayfield
Kyler Murray

12/08/2018 - 7:10pm 62-39 has consequences.

62-39 has consequences.

And Meyer could've made it 70. Ohio State was already in the redzone and looking unstoppable. He could've told his team to punch it in (instead of victory formation) and then gone for 2.

Surprisingly, Meyer took mercy on us and didn't pull a Woody Hayes. His offense toyed with our defense for much of the game.

12/04/2018 - 7:03pm He also said Dave Brandon…

He also said Dave Brandon hired Rich Rod. I

12/03/2018 - 5:42pm It's boring because we're…

It's boring because we're not in it.

That's the long and short of it.