Chase Winovich debuts on Mel Kiper's big board

Submitted by Real Tackles Wear 77 on October 11th, 2018 at 3:13 PM

Now ranked #24, Chase has a real shot at a first-round selection if he can keep it up. I believe Brian and co. knew from the very start that he was dramatically under-rated as a recruit, but great to see him get the recognition like this. Keep up the good work Chase!


Gucci Mane

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He could have went to the NFL last year and been drafted in the mid rounds. What a great decision he made for both himself and the team. Thank you chase !


October 12th, 2018 at 9:21 AM ^

He was projected as a potential first round draft pick before his last year. It wasn’t like he was thought of as a 4th rounder and played his way up.  

I love Mo Hurst and watching him during his senior year was awesome, but he may not be the best example of somebody who stayed and completely elevated his stock. 


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Ok technically his draft stock was still most likely improved even though he was a 5th rounder. I doubt teams would've drafted him any higher than the 5th before his breakout final year

I was going by what his draft stock was (1st-2nd round) before his heart issue came into play


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Uggggh, reading the comments section of that hello post.  And this line ..... wow did UM whiff on a ton...


Michigan now has 11 commits in the class of 2014 and should be finished recruiting linebackers with Ferns and Winovich in the fold. The Wolverines currently have room to take ~15 players in the class, though that number should swell to around 20 when all is said and done. The main targets moving forward are SDE Da'Shawn Hand, 3-tech/SDE Malik McDowell, slot receiver Artavis Scott, and a trio of highly-ranked defensive backs: CA ATH Juju Smith, CA CB Adoree' Jackson, and IL CB Parrker Westphal, with the latter the most likely to end up in the class. They'll also likely take one more offensive lineman, though the top candidate for that spot is less clear—IL OL Jamarco Jones is the highest-rated target and has Michigan among his favorites, but Ohio State is presumed to hold the edge in his recruitment.


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This has never made sense to me, his height isn't the prototype, but his wingspan is defintely above 6'1" and his weight is 232lbs--and that's at a very low body fat. And he moves like a heat-seeking missle.

Also his torso is unusually wide, go look at any photos, he's built like a stout recking-ball.

Since LB is basically a game of beating someone to the point of attack and "low-man wins", his height is actually an advantage (much like how NFL RBs have actually been gettign SHORTER through the decades).

The only knock against the short height would be subsequent shorter arm length, however, he definitely has longer than average wingspan (although, legitimately all athletes do, hence the term "athletic gene"), and really when it comes down to measurement, he might even have the arm length of a 6'2"-6'3" player.

I don't see his height as a knock on him at all.

Also, this stuff is all pageantry, counting chickens before they hatch. Hell even just following the NFL for a few years, you can see it's all a crapshoot. The amount of washouts in the 1st round, and hidden gems in the 4th. The front offices and coaches can't predict this shit (Pats trade down every time and go for FA signings = sure thing), the "pundits and scribes" sure as hell can't predict this stuff either. It's all gambling, bread and circus show.

My original point, Devin Bush is a freak athlete, has a killer instinct, gets into the backfield, disrupts the pocket with ease, and tracks down and murders RBs game in game out, I believe that's what coaches refer to as a "ball-player".


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He's had a great season; my guess is he'll get dinged by the perception that he's "maxed out" more than other guys, but he's playing like an AA and it seems like the pros are starting to see his potential.