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05/24/2018 - 11:15pm hearing people talk about

hearing people talk about investing is such a great opportunity to observe nearly all the cognitive biases all at once!

05/16/2018 - 1:05pm So the taxpayers and future

So the taxpayers and future students will foot the bill?

What about the peoole (and there were lots) who covered this up in the first place?

The admin (who by the way are sapping money from EVERY university, and discouraging professors from teaching), the atheletic department, the trainers, coaches, whoever, etc.?

Will anyone go to jail who was part of keeping this under wraps?

Just like wall street, no one goes to jail. You only go to jail if you steal from the rich, liek Bernie Madoff did.

Rugged, pull-yourself-up-from-your-bootstraps, capitalism for the poor, and socialism for the rich.

(interesting enough the origin of the "bootstraps" phrase literally was mocking, something that was impossible to do, and somehow it got turned into the exact opposite)

Man loves his myths.

05/15/2018 - 11:06pm i honesty think the bean

i honesty think the bean counters intend this sort of thing to happen

even in the early mid-90s many cars were beaters by 150K miles, and now it's more like 250K, they had to account for the loss in sales 

planned obsolescence is very real, a conspiracy theory in some cases, but has a real economic impact thus has been completely "accounted" for.

05/15/2018 - 10:58pm Low key, that car is

Low key, that car is absolutely dope. (also one of the few simpsons episodes that actually sort of made me depressed)

Think of being able to isolated the kids during a road-trip.....GENIUS

05/13/2018 - 10:44pm Of course, but it's a

Of course, but it's a transactive hire.

McElwain keeps coaching, keeps a salary, and Jim can use his Florida connections to make more inroads to talented schools.

At least that's what I assumed were the drivers towards both offering him a position and him accepting it.


05/08/2018 - 12:44am Also, wasn't the whole point

Also, wasn't the whole point of Detroit's dominance that they played cohesively as a team, played high-effort team defense, and no one felt the need to be "the guy"?

It's very easy for a team to look great on paper, but not actually be able to pull it off, OKC is a great example-and I'm not even talking about just this year's team.

05/08/2018 - 12:34am hell yeah and instead of

hell yeah and on the bench they drink faygo instead of gatorade

05/08/2018 - 12:23am Heck yes, I try to

Heck yes, I try to communicate to people as much as possible how much we have lost "nature" and "wilderness".

From medical studies, to psychology, to neuroscience, they all show how just being in natural environments helps our hormonal, immune, and psychological systems (and conversely how cities literally harm them).

Human beings have been domesticating animals for over 10,000 years.

Also we've lived in the agricultural world (non-industrial) world for over 80,000 years.

Those habits, affinities and skills don't just change overnight.

And modernity is so freaking weird, each decade brings massive upheaval of old ways.

We're still anatomically modern humans which have been around for 200-300k years (believe it or not), so things like nature, animals, "the outdoors" (lol, absurd when you really think about it), and exercise (also absurd when you think about it), are so natural to our well-being.

Modern life has absolutely removed us from much of our connection with nature (and of course, helped us avoid much of the negatives of the natural world as well--but we've clearly thrown out the baby with the bathwater).

05/08/2018 - 12:00am If the amazon doc was any

If the amazon doc was any indication then, at least at michigan, the accomodations are moderate at best.

i remember seeing that basketball players (at duke or louisville, or something where its THEE sport of the school) actually had their own dorms built for them.

but football has literally 10x more players, and with basketball, usually about half of the team is off the charts abnormally tall, whereas football is more about weight, with much fewer tall ones, and virtually no one over 6'6"

so b-ball would be both logistically and economically much easier to accomodate

05/02/2018 - 6:31pm Yeah, but in fairness that

Yeah, but in fairness that was media stupidity.

Their body types were polar opposite in every way. Long-striders like Woodson always give QBs nightmares because they appear to be much further off the coverage than they really are.

And in Peppers defense, he was essentially asked to be a sort of LB who drives the play back towards his teammates, closing lanes and slipping blocks.

Not that he would've been better in coverage than Woodson (he absolutley wouldn't have been) but he didn't even play the same position. What he was asked to do on defense was not a primary statistic position.

Even his punt returning was much more NFL-style fair catch for field position.

But, yes he had some missed tackles at OSU that will haunt me forever. And put simply the team just wasn't able to get it done. Football is just such a team sport, and you really need the team as a whole to come together.

So did he live up to the hype? Nope. But I think it was more that he was over-hyped by the media rather than under-delivered by himself.

He was essentially a freak athlete who was too good to just keep at safety in college.

05/02/2018 - 6:10pm could you not also argue that

could you not also argue that offenses, defenses, and scoring, refereeing and rule changes are also somewhat of a completely different game as well in Kobe's versus LeBron's prime eras?

Statistics can be enlightening, but they can also be deployed in lieu of lengthy qualitative dicussion

05/02/2018 - 5:58pm Exactly, every time I asked

Exactly, every time I asked him to record "Martin" on UPN for me, he completely screwed the pooch.

05/02/2018 - 2:43pm You mean,

You mean,

Ze (gender-neutral-non-singular/plural-pronoun-for-those-who-see-themselves-as-both-individuals-and-individuated) Scouts (but-not-military-colonializing-type-of-"scouts") Cookies (with-zero-gluten-sugar-salt-or-whet-for-the-celiacs-(fake or not it's a free country)-diabetic-and-those-with-high-blood-pressure)

04/28/2018 - 3:21pm I know zero about the NFL, so

I know zero about the NFL, so I'm just asking out of pure ignorance.

Could the Browns have taken two QBs with #1 and #4 and then turned around and auctioned one (or even both) of them, the next day, or until they find a deal they like?


04/26/2018 - 3:13pm Don't get me wrong, I regret

Don't get me wrong, I regret hitting the "send" button in this subject matter every time.

I mainly just want to watch Devin Bush smash running-backs into oblivion. And then read the UFRs

04/26/2018 - 3:00pm It has to do with incentives.

It has to do with incentives. And skin in the game.

At the micro level you can find exemplary behavior everywhere. (I absolutely believe people are essentially good-natureed, and genuinely mean well)

But at the macro, the incentives are too powerful.

A night game at the Big House will always have 10x more ejections than a day game.

This is exactly why state laws require bars to stop selling alcohol at a certain time, no one ever starts the night with their first drink intending to drunk-drive and kill/harm themselves/others.

04/26/2018 - 2:15pm Ford lobbied for, and was

Ford lobbied for, and was awarded a $5.9 Billion loan from taxpayer money in the wake of the bailout.

They leveraged it through their lobby saying the needed it in case the market was turbulent, and that they would use it fund fuel-efficient vehicle factories

I wouldn't blame Ford necessarily, and by language their funding wasn't part of the main "bailout", but they got the money from the millionaires "representing" the american people directly because of the bailout.

04/26/2018 - 1:53pm Sorry, the point I was trying

Sorry, the point I was trying to make is that these large-company CEO-types don't have to make any great decisions, they have zero skin in the game.

I'm absolutely not against the bailout, but with zero legal reprecussions (lobbying/paying off politicians will do that--which also isn't prosecuted), it's no surprise that this is now the total norm in executive decision-making. No skin in the game and all the incentives to cook the books to show profit.

The problem is the american people pay for their mistakes, but, curiously, don't profit from their wins. (not absolutely a "bad thing", but how is the typical american doing financially right now?)

And their performance has zero impact on their life-prospects (they bank $20-$50 Million plus options/benefits, by the time the jig is up), and their future job prospects (they go on to executive positions elsewhere).

Look no further than our previous athletic director (how did his next job go?).

No skin in the game.

04/26/2018 - 1:15pm it's almost like the decision

it's almost like the decision makers themselves get paid 10's of millions in bonuses no matter what and the government (the american taxpayers) will bail them out no matter what

and almost like this happened with the banks before, and the actual automotive company before that...

God Bless the usa

04/19/2018 - 12:19am The CSG, is an unbelievable

The CSG, is an unbelievable accurate example of the lack of understanding/intention of what a "democratic body" is actually supposed to do.

The "out of touch" description is just scratching the surface.

CSG serves primarily as a resume-padder, and it nears the ridiculous song-and-dance that today's med-school applicants have to go through (though at least in the case of medicine, there's at least SOME semblance of true public benefit).

Does anybody have the specific numbers on the massive ratio shift of in-state Students versus out-of-state (which is purely monetarily driven) over the past few years?

04/18/2018 - 8:17pm Step 1:
Join a co-op house

Step 1:

Join a co-op house (either as a "house member", or a "boarder" = full kitchen and pantry access).

Step 2:


04/08/2018 - 4:10pm lol, check out our Brazier

lol, check out our Brazier burgers and piping hot fries app for iphone or android

04/08/2018 - 2:46pm Yea, a lot of people don't

Yea, a lot of people don't realize that coaches at the top level, only get to the top level because they are lot more like a CEO within a company, than say a top-researcher, or top sale-person within a company.

CEO is a lot about branding, and steering the ship. Sure when you work your way up, there were certain departments/skillsets that you often did extremely well for the short/moderate time you were there before promotion, but, it's about the whole package. That is why good CEOs really are always in demand, it is much more intuition-driven and vision-driven, it's very rarely teachable.

Harbaugh knocked it out of the park with Don Brown, recruiting-wise with Wheatley and Partridge, etc. A lot of being a "successful head-coach" has much more to do with executing on that, than necessarily knowing the right plays to call. Knowing that you can't actually do everything in each department, but knowing enough about each department, in order to keenly hire those that can do it well.

I have always believed that's why head-coachs, CEOs, directors, etc. are always a little kooky. It's just a type of intuition and instinct that doesn't necessarily always have an explicitly clean logic to it.

If it did, everyone would be able to do it.

03/22/2018 - 10:49pm They must really love

They must really love eachother, because Poole straight up spiked the empty water bottle off Beilein's head at the end.

If I would have done that with one my coach's, the video would end with me running away while he chases afterwards.

03/22/2018 - 6:04pm 27472


03/21/2018 - 11:20pm Frasers is definitely more of

Frasers is definitely more of a townie/country-feeling dive bar rather than city-dive.

I go there all the time, it's got a vibe.

But if you're only in A2 for one night on business, with another business person talking business, and you haven't be in A2 since the 80s, then yes, I would 100% not recommend going there. 

It isn't even technically downtown.

Pretzel Bell would be slightly "nicer". Blue Tractor wouldn't be bad either, more casual than Pretzel Bell. Conor Oneills gets pretty rockin, but it gets super loud too.

(i've worked in literally nearly 1/3 of all the downtown ann arbor restaurants, and know at least someone in the other 2/3s)

And YES the Pulled Pork Nachos at Wolverine are delicious (and one of the few bars that will put on this old, little-known sport called "Hockey" on the TVs), but Wolverine is also just slightly outside of downtown.

03/20/2018 - 8:09pm I usually hate "best ever"

I usually hate "best ever" discussions, but I literally can't think of a single funnier tv-character in the history of american television than Stevel Carell's Michael Scott.


(only Homer J. Simpson would rival, but, obviously not a human actor)

03/18/2018 - 9:21pm yea, if you listen to the

yea, if you listen to the broadcasters on the final play, their tone of voice implied that they had ZERO confidence in UM hitting that shot, with how poor our shooting was all game.

you can feel it, the energy is palpable, when a possible comeback/walkoff play is in the air, and to be honest, prior to the inbounds it felt like there was zero chance--the team was too cold/not really that pumped--for that shot to go in.

and i'm a hardcore "we're gonna come back, just wait for it" for all UM FB and BB, probably because when I was a kid the first season I watched was 1997 FB (i cut out all the sunday paper photos and recaps and everything).

hopefully the numbers pay off and there's a statistical correction (like that houston player's season 67% FT shooting regressed towards the mean and his missed those last two free throws, priorly shooting 9/9, 100% before then), and Michigan returns to form after such a slow/bad shooting start.


03/11/2018 - 4:06pm lol, so it's a "too big to

lol, so it's a "too big to 'fail' " scenario?

03/11/2018 - 4:03pm The most expensive auto

The most expensive auto insurance in the country!

And for some reason, we don't have any emissions testing??? (never heard of it until I lived outside of Michigan and I assumed people were playing around talking about "you gotta take your car to go get tested", my response was, "what like it's got an STD or something???")

03/07/2018 - 6:11pm exactly, it's the total

exactly, it's the total opposite.

then again, a "good education" was never meant to lead to high-pay.

that's a 20th century invention, a century which holds the record for atrocities (many of which we still fondly harbor to this day!)

03/06/2018 - 8:37pm Context is dead these days,

Context is dead these days, the thing is if you hear the actual video/audio cut, and not reading the transcription of uttered speech, there's literally ZERO malice in his statements.

To simply state something is rare or common, no matter who it implicates or generalizes to, is not, IN ITSELF, a "bigoted" or "prejudice" or "racist" or "sexist", etc. statement to make. 

But those types of stories sell themselves, so you don't need to pay journalists/writers/researchers to write anything useful today to sell media, controversy sells the best, manufactured or not.

03/04/2018 - 11:03am There's a cognitive bias

There's a cognitive bias called "The Winner Effect", people subconsciously like winners. Think of all the LeBron fans who are not Clevland fans or Miami fans. Think of all the new Goldent State/Curry fans.

Conversely people disproportionately dislike minorities (not strictly in the racial sense here, but yes that too).

People are biased against the unfamiliar (actually a significant amount are not, but they are heavily negated by the other significant amount that are, and are vocal about it).

It's also easier to mock, and stereotypes coerce people into seeing things that aren't really there. 

03/04/2018 - 8:30am Wasn't Fairley's criticism

Wasn't Fairley's criticism that he was always out of shape? It's far outside of my realm of medical knowledge but I could see heart problems hindering conditioning-levels quite easily.

Here's hoping for the best.

03/01/2018 - 4:49am -the money magnifies vices,

-the money magnifies vices, weaknesses, and blindspots

-lottery ticket buying is inherently irrational and impulse-rewarding (pre-selecting for potentially harmful traits)

-since most people work for money rather than meaning, money becomes the meaning, and when they get a lot of money, there's no more meaning to their life

-everyone comes around asking for money, the stress and paranoia is overwhelming

-the winners become isolated because they are now, by definition, abnormal

-no matter what, it's a radical shift from homestasis, which human beings are fundamentally unprepared to deal with (for good reason)

This guy, however, seems like he has a good head on his shoulders, taking it slowly and thinking about investing it in somethinh smart. One caveat is that he didn't win that much, equivalent to ~1 year income of a senior physician and median/average of a surgeon, lawyer, financier. And even less when you consider that total winnings of other lottery winners.

02/28/2018 - 6:32pm One of my favorite quotes

One of my favorite quotes I've ever heard about America is that U.S.A. stands for The United States of Amnesia.

If you travel around the world, you will here the same thing from people almost anywhere, Americans are the friendliest, optimistic, happy-go-lucky people you can find (sometimes bested by the Irish)

But America's gift: innocence, creativity, innovation, it's also it's curse: naivete, ignorance, lack of complexity.

3,000,000 years ago hominids began using tools (the shoulder is a remarkable structure)

300,000 years ago human beings were anatomically the same as today (a lot more hair though!)

100,000 years ago human beings began herding and domesticating animals

20,000 years ago human beings began farming

4,000 years ago the first form of writing emerged (math first, then writing--believed to be a spandrel of being able to read animal tracks)

500 years ago the printing press was invented

100 years ago half of the US was illiterate (literacy is currently declining in the US)

50 years ago we went to space and the moon

Today, less than 2% of the American workforce is involved in farming (and it doesn't even begin to resemble what it did for the past 20,000 years)

Essentially 0% of people hunt/gather/forage for food

Only ~13% of the US workforce is even considered "blue collar", meaning some labor is involved, a vast majority of which does not include a) working with animals, or b) working in/with nature.

Human males are bigger, stronger, faster, think-quicker (less socially emotional, but make more social mistakes), track moving objects better (but see color worse), than females.

(and to the sociologists out there, all these characteristics show up by the 2nd month of infancy, it's not "learned", and it's cross-cultural)

Now I'm not an absolutist, or am I a biological determinist, but to ignore the thousands and millions of years of design etched into human beings is pure folly.

The human male is an F1-racecar optimized for the racetrack that is the natural world. Running, jumping, tracking, hunting, killing, fighting, defending, attacking, planning, building, constructing, repairing. But all of that is gone now. Mechanized.

And we're slowly leaving the natural world behind, for better or for worse--for worse in my opinion. Males are simply becoming obsolete.

That's why they play video games so much, it's a spatial, combatitive outlet.


02/24/2018 - 2:35pm I remember reading in the

I remember reading in the physical therapy journals that they now think hamstring strains are more tendon-based than muscular, which makes for a lot more scar tissue. The likelihood of re-straining a hamstring is disproportinately higher than many other "muscle" strains.

It's not rare for Olympic sprinters (obviously more one dimensional) to take a 1-2 years to return to competition for a hamstring strain.

02/24/2018 - 5:01am Sort of. 
I actually work in

Sort of. 

I actually work in the film and video industry, and really the main problem is that the NHL, as a whole, has not figured how (or, intentionally does not want) to turn the league into a narrative-driven league. Their lack of initiative to broadcast games, in order to reach a wider audience and make it more exciting (notice i'm saying BROADCAST, not rule changes, the game is/was always fine as it is) way to reach and entertain more fans is atrocious. They don't weave any narrative, and they are severely lacking in understanding how to "reach" an audience.

Hockey is admittedly slightly harder, maybe the hardest of the 4 sports due to the unique characteristics and challenges of each sport. But just on face value I can see four or five pivotal PR/Broadcast moves I would make to covertly teach/communicate how/what the game is to the less familiar as well as entertain and drive discussion for the more hardcore fans.

I've always secretly fantasized about pitching just one, single franchise on different strategies, but alas, I'm not as far along in my career yet to get that meeting. As well as different strategies to make the game more accessible as a whole.

But if it ever happens, you heard it hear first, it was the Dairy Queen!


02/20/2018 - 11:20pm the system works!  /s

the system works!  /s

02/20/2018 - 10:19am haha, i guess i more mean,

Haha, i guess i more mean, how if it starts at :00 or :10, sometimes the GSI or Prof shows up early, or at 10 after, or 15 after, students show up at :00 or :10, or later, it changes the dynamic and allows at times people to talke to eachother for 10-15 minutes before the instructor shows up, or, talk to the instructor one-on-one for 10-15 minutes before more students show up, small groups, etc. etc.

The vagueness allows for more varied and spontaneous interactions to take place, and more leisurely, which I believe is a superior, more dynamic allotment.

When it comes to exams, in my experience, the profs were extremely specific (as often their is a proctor--lol, "proctor") when the start and stop times would be.

02/20/2018 - 9:57am In a roundabout way, the lack

In a roundabout way, the lack of certainty i thought was a hug advantage; philosophically, anything that can stifle the modern mcdonaldization of everything (life by the clock) feels like a huge improvement to our overall experience.

02/19/2018 - 6:21pm 100%Saban won at MSU as well


Saban won at MSU as well in his 5th year. Harbaugh won at Stanford in his 4th year.

It does take time. But Dabo had a run of two great QBs.

It gets hammered over and over, but it doesn't make it any less true: Harbaugh's big failing has been finding a QB, which is baffling to most, but don't forget Andrew Luck was a NFL-legacy-QB, his father had groomed him to play QB his entire life. Which is sort of upsetting given Harbaugh's alleged talent as a QB coach. But the main problem has been at the QB position.

EVerything else is just details. Yeah the O-Line is mediocre (but plenty of college QBs/teams win with mediocre lines--and yes, they've also been flat out bad at times too), and we've had high disproportionately most experienced team in the country, then least experienced team in the country, RB vision, WR seperation, LB-to-RB matchup problems, (i especially love the "our defense fades in the 4th"--ignoring the constant turnovers and 3-and-outs). And this board is essentially based on picking out those details, which is fine, of course.

But with a good QB, that's all just details.

We've never had great QB play, maybe Rudock in the later half of the season, and Speight sporadically. 

And, currently, we're still unsure when/who is this great QB coming.

Harbaugh's been great as far as every other detail goes, we've got a great DC, great defensive playcalling, offensive play-calling has been creative and innovative when he's had the personel to execute it, recruiting is actually great (there was some stat something like through 4 years only Saban and Meyer had higher recruiting), we've put great defenses on the field, statistically great seasons from 1st year CBs, LBs= good scouting/teaching etc, he's reformed the program's attitude/image to his liking, and he's still attracting a lot of attention to Michigan (which is why there's now blowback--but better than zero attention/expectations). The program has turned around, and that's a fact.

But we're still waiting on a QB...

02/12/2018 - 4:29am Certainly true!
Even better

Certainly true!

Even better than "don't spend more than you make", is "learn to live poorly and happily."

My mother grew up extremely poor in Ireland, and even though she has a nice faculty position at the University, still takes the bus to work so she can read and say hi to the bus driver every day (my dads mad she only puts like 1500 miles/yr on the car he bought for her!).

Books are cheap and you can take you places no airline (or SpaceEx) can go. Musical instruments last forever, and you keep getting better with age, and the ladies seem to like it. Walks are free, and according to doctors the best medicine in the world. Dogs and cats have the highest guaranteed ROI on the planet according to my projections. And cooking your own food is both a joy, more delicious, and cheaper--plus its a great way to trick friends into coming over (restuarants and bars are great to become a regular at too, with moderation). Smiling and being friendly costs very little and makes you feel great.

Making money, saving and investing are necessary, and a fun game if thats what floats your boat (and there's nothing wrong with being a workaholic either), but sometimes it turns into "majoring in the minor things, and minoring in the major things", and "penny-wise, dollar-dumb", and people forget that the point of saving and investing is so you can be free to do what you want, by learning the value and power of both money (keyword: compound interest) and your own time that it takes to make it.

02/07/2018 - 9:07pm Everyone talks about "Youth

Everyone talks about "Youth not being an excuse", citing that because "other teams also played 1st and 2nd year players", don't ever address that there's a clear difference between playing young players by choice and playing young players by necessity.

Also, Harbaugh clearly wants to run a complex offense, even his 3rd year at Stanford was 8-5 (yes, he inherited a different program in Michigan, which is why the 2nd year bests the 1st year and the 3rd year). Many, many, many analysts and people on here considered Michigan's schedule and concluded they would finish with 3-4 losses.

I'm not trying to whitewash Harbaugh's mistakes or say that he's perfect, but there's a fair bit of hyperbolic "sky is falling" (and yes that has to do with Harbaugh's push for publicity--which puts you in more limelight when you inevitably crash) attitude toward the program.

First 4 classes:

Hoke - #30, #6, #4, #20

Harbaugh - #37, #8, #5,,#21

And yet everyone would agree that the programs are CLEARLY trending in opposite directions.

Recruiting can also have to do with turnover and a recruits' desire to see the field early. USC gets Top-10 classes with ease, so top recruiting is a necessary-but-not-sufficient to competing for NC's

Don't get me wrong teams like Alabama and OSU prove to be an exception to the rule as they recruit so well (and in Alabama's case literally "process" 5-stars to make room for new recruits) that so many players leave early that they can regularly take ~25 players per cycle

Clemson is a great example of a team that never had the top of the top classes with great regularity but built up it's program slowly.

02/05/2018 - 10:08pm i was going to go the

i was going to go the opposite way

to me, this actually makes a case for them being "the best" fans

02/02/2018 - 11:08pm and win the BIG

and win the BIG

01/31/2018 - 10:11pm Nice BTB grad!
I literally,

Nice BTB grad!

I literally, meaning not exaggerating, used to eat at BTB 7 days a week or more (back when the Classic BTB's were only $3)--partly it was so delicious (and still is) and partly because $3 versus having to walk back to my apartment, prep, cook, eat, clean, it was just such a savings time wise--I ended up eating there so often that even the kitchen staff new me and used to give me free Horchata (which literally isn't even on the menu, so it was just their own that they brought for eachother), then sadly there was a documentation sweep throughout Ann Arbor, and like 90% of them were undocumented.

But BTB is freaking DELICIOUS, I don't care what anyone says, it's not Mex, or TexMex, or CaliMex, it's just freshMex as fresh as you can get it, and it's solid.

Always get one or two green sauces (for free) with whatever you get!

I always stop by whenever I"m back in town to see family!

01/30/2018 - 10:58pm i mean, it's politics, she

i mean, it's politics, she didn't report on it (a long with hundreds of others) because everything is a risk-reward hedging strategy based on access, messaging, on-brand statements, and party lines.

it's all unbelieveably fake, and if you notice, Harbaugh sends subtle jabs to the "serious" media reporters nearly every conference. which is exactly how he knew to milk it for all that it was worth for the past 3+ years, because whether you like it or not, they are GOING TO create a storyline for you, his attitude was "well if it's going to happen regardless, why not make it into something that could help me" (including knowing that there will be a backlash)

i worked in media for a bit, it's absolutely uneblieveable, everything just goes in daily, weekly, yearly, and decade long cycles, it's utterly predictable (hence why these "experts" look like "experts", it's like if you thought shakespeare actors were making it up on the spot), hollywood even morseso (and literally anyone within in 10 miles of the industry knew exactly what was going on for decades---my real theory is that all this stuff is coming out because it hides the pedophilia nonsense that goes in in Hollywood as well).

any time you have social dynamics where secrecy and succession is opaque and $$$$ is very high, you always get these kind of cover-ups, because each participant has something to gain and something to lose (finance, status and power), and it builds in a sort of, "who owes who" and "who's got dirt on who" culture. Thats why this happens in politics, sports, the church, hollywood, and large scale businesses.

in a weird twist of fate, the proliferation of media and attention has actually backfired on the media industry itself, as increased transparency has hit many sectors and the tide is flowing outward. But there is always a new secrecy that forms (like who GAF what the president is doing, what's that ol NSA up to?) where things really go underground.

luckily media is now actually decentralizing power and informaiton systems (not without critique of course, and in many, many new and bad ways as well), which is ultimately for the best and the younger generations does seem a bit more progressive about women's rights as a whole.

if someone believes they "know" how the world should be run they should be the absolute last person to ever be in that position (but those are literally the people who become politicians).


01/30/2018 - 7:57pm (No subject)

agree "butterfly net hands" would have been much better

01/29/2018 - 11:16pm It could also be because the

It could also be because the “Americans” part of "Native American" is itself a colonizing term, forced upon them, when they were here first. "Indians" is the lesser of two evils, or, at least "Indians" preserves their otherness, while “Native Americans” might feel too assimilating and erasing towards what they feel they don’t belong to, or, even want to belong to.

Given a choice between only two options, isn't necessarily much of a choice.