My futile attempt at stopping tomorrows "unacceptable" posts. OSU edition.

Submitted by wolverine1987 on November 24th, 2017 at 1:27 PM

Reading through the threads today, I'd estimate over 80% of the blog expects us to lose tomorrow, and only somewhat fewer than that expect a blowout ala Baumgardner's prediction. I also expect us to lose, and in truth see little chance of winning, and none if JOK starts. Of course there is always hope, and as one poster said "the odds against Rocky versus Drago were higher than this!" 

Expectations guide reaction to events, and as has been noted by Bill Connelly and others most of us predicted 9-3 this year, 10-2 if everything clicked. The fact that we will likely be 8-4 with our third QB (or a #2 guy that is unfortunately very bad at playing QB) and major offensive line problems is not actually that surprising. Yes disappointing, very disappointing and concerning for sure. And it's completely fair to question the coaching this year--particularly on the 0-line, whose inability to pick up stunts and twists is actually mystifying. Next year is a major year for this staff, and it will be fair to say that this staff has something to prove in 2018 to back up their deservedly good reputations. 

But this is known, and anticipated. I get that immediately after a loss people's emotions are frayed. But we should remember our predictions today, when it's time to comment tomorrow. Or not, and flame away...

And lastly, we suffered through a run of 3, 5, 7, 11, 8, 7 and 5 win seasons--one in seven that was good. We now have had two 10 win seasons, and an 8-9 win season with an acceptable explanation(s). Anyone that says the program isn't in better shape now doesn't know what they are talking about. And that despite a tough schedule there is every rational reason to expect next year will be much better. Go Blue. 


rob f

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make it a "floating" point level, basing it on the # of MGoPoints Msuizen has, +100. For instance, if he has 6000 points, then the threshold is set at 6100. If he gets negbombed down to 5500 points, then the minimum to post a new thread drops to 5600.

This plan does three things:

1) Keeps him from ever making another OP; 2) encourages further negging of his comments, especially those nonsense anti-Beilein posts of his; and 3) stops a large percentage of shitpoasts by newbies.

Clarence Boddicker

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Actually, the o.p. reads very differently if you think about it as having been written by a really clever dog wearing a Michigan hat. You'd think, "Wow, what a smart dog! That's pretty nuanced thinking for a dog. I've never heard a dog say anything remotely as insightful as that."


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Nobody cares

We are 2-16 against OSU since 2001, we don't have as big of a talent gap as people seem to think, especially since teams with bigger talent gaps manage to beat them. It's time to get over the mental block and upset them once at some point. People have a right to be pissed, especially if we get blown out.

The Fan in Fargo

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Crable Crable Crable. Such a talented kid and boneheaded play but man was it one of the greatest hits I'll never forget. Damn boys! There was a hit earlier in that game when Troy Smith pulled the ball down and ran. Well I think it was Smith or I really wanted it to be him but man whoever it was got absolutely destroyed. Ive never been able to see it on any replay though. I mean, he got hit so hard and fast from the side that his head hit the ground first to break the fall. That's what you call an ear hole hit. You rarely see someone get jacked up that bad. I thought to myself, man these scarlet punks are going to get murdered. Michigan overall was the far better team and no one will ever tell me different. The scarlets played great that game and Michigan shit themselves.

If the crowd helps the team tomorrow the entire game and can force themselves to not act like a bunch of idiots just standing there looking instead of cheering their team on, well then Michigan has a shot. The team has to come out fired up and hitting on all cyllinders though. Need to get jacked up and kick some ass. Like a well oiled machine baby! Wooooh!!!

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B1G Winning

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Was out west for vacation recently and was talking to a local about how living on the West coast would be awesome during football season because I wouldn't have to wait as long for The Game to start in the morning.

He then asked me what I meant by "The Game", and I explained the Michigan vs OSU rivalry. He went on to explain that it's a sham that it's promoted as "One of the greatest rivalries in sports" when Michigan "consistently gets their ass kicked every year in the game." Worst part was that everyone around the bar seemed to be in agreement the guy.

It's time to finally win one in this rivalry. Our last win against OSU was against the worst team they've had in 20 years.


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Queue the excuses:  young, injured, stolen recruits, clean program, moral victories, next year, Hoke and OL recruiting, Newsome injury, Hoke and QB recruiting, Harbaugh knows best...  God, I hate the excuses.  How did McGary put it?  Wasn't it "Just win the goddamn fucking game"?  Apparently it's "Those who stay will be champions, or have a good excuse for being losers."


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I am not saying it is correct, but I think you are going to be quite surprised at the heat this program will get this offseason from the national media. Especially if they continue the track they are on as far as recruiting goes for this years class.


November 24th, 2017 at 2:06 PM ^

If it is any consolation, there is at least a 2 currently top-40 recruits that a lot of Ohio State fans are nervous about retaining.

4* S Jaiden Woodbey and 4* QB Emory Jones have both been receiving and accepting a lot of attention from Oklahoma/USC and Alabama respectively.

Especially, Jones who has visited Alabama 4 times officially and unofficially since commiting to Ohio State, and a lot of "insiders" think it is just a matter of time before he flips. Shortly after Jones' last visit with Alabama, Urban reached out and offered former Kentucky commit QB Jarren Williams, who also has an offer from Alabama. So it looks like whichever program loses out on Jones will get Williams instead.


November 24th, 2017 at 2:39 PM ^

lol I was going to say you might want to wait for spring ball or training camp because of this very thing.



One thing you havent mentioned yet Maizen is that the 2019 class has started VERY well. And if you read a couple of things you will realize these are SOLID commits. Next year will be another step towards improvement. This recruiting class is really unexplainable but 2019 is shining bright in the distance.