Recruit talks red faced Kelly

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Michigan is also in the running for Indianapolis linebacker Cameron McGrone, although theyhave some catching up to do ($).

“Michigan is pretty up there, but it’s just like Notre Dame, I really love Notre Dame. I hope they do good this season so the coaches can stay.”



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Wiltfong just recently CB'd him to Michigan, along with a couple others in the last several days.

Though Barton Simmons and Tom Loy (thr latter is an ND guy) have had him going to ND for a while now.

SF Wolverine

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I know it happens, but I think you would really have to suspend disbelief and be a true Domer.  Guy craps on his players all the time, does not developtalent well at all (esp QBs), and at some point soon has to be on the hot seat.


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but there are a lot of recruits who grow up with certain loyalties.

You mean Catholics?

Meh, Jim Harbaugh is in tighter with the Pope than anybody at Notre Dame.

BTW, is this the most Harbaugh picture ever or what?

Jim Harbaugh is in the Vatican handing the Pope a Michigan American Football helmet, and you just think to yourself "Yeah, so?  It's Jim Harbaugh, he does this kind of stuff all the time.  What's the big deal?"


Everyone Murders

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Disappointed that the OP's caption references a recruit talking about Kelly, and then gives us not a whiff of what the recruit said about Kelly.  Especially after going all ALL CAPS!!! in the title.

But not far in the subtext is this:

I hope they do good this season so the coaches can stay.

It makes one wonder whether the thought of Kelly sitting on a red hot seat is widespread among the recruits.  After years of that with RichRod and Hoke, I hope that thought is out there in recruits' minds - because if Kelly doesn't break .500 this season, his prospects in South Bend look ... ungood.

Khaleke The Freak

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is a dump compared to Ann Arbor. One team is on the rise while the other is crashing, but yea...totally the same. Wonder if that's part of Kelly's pitch "We're just like Michigan".

The Fan in Fargo

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How they are even recruiting at a high level after last years demise is weird. Something isn't right there. Heavy manipulation and persuasion I'm sure on their end. Along with a ton of bullshit. Obviously some people in the know need to inform these naive kids on how pathetic ND is along with their head coach. Just don't show or tell them you are a Michigan fan.

Ecky Pting

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IMO UM must be the leader, just by virtue of the caveat placed on ND in that statement. It's clear that in his mind Kelly's days are numbered, and if it's not this year that Kelly gets sacked it's probably within the timeframe of McGrone's collegiate career. The kid may have a slight Indiana-based bias for ND, but he doesn't appear to be a Rudy or he'd have already committed.

State Street

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Seriously what the fuck is this title? People used to get crucified for non-descript titles. I want my ten seconds back.  I'm off to continue yelling at cloud.

M and M Boys

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I dialed in because I thought it was about Red Kelly and Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay and Sid Abel and Boom Boom Geoffrion and Rocket Richard and Terrry Sawchuk and Pocket Rocket Richard and Doug Mohns and Glenn Hall and Marcel Pronovost and Jacques Plante and Soupy Sales and Sonny Elliot and Captain Boblo and......


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I honestly wonder how Kelly still has his job.  I mean, he indirectly killed a student.  He throws players under the bus at any/every opportunity.  His in-game coaching is unpleasant to watch (at least if you're a ND fan).  He always has blame for someone else, but never himself.  He espouses no decent Christian behaviour whatsoever (should be important if you coach ND).  And his teams have gotten progressively worse as his tenure wears on.

I am ashamed to admit that I once backed him as a candidate to replace Rich Rod, although I knew he didn't have enough P5 experience at the time.  (And then Hoke happened, but that's a different story...)  I will never back him to be a candidate anywhere, now...


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He benefits greatly by being preceded by Weis, Willingham, O'Leary, et al.

ND coaching hires this century have been a disaster of epic proportions.

They just don't want to go through all of that again.

If it was 2001, Kelly would be gone by now.


Perkis-Size Me

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I think ND's problem is that it's done such a horrific job at hiring new football coaches over the last 15-20 years, and they don't want to go through that carousel again and start all over with another potentially awful coach. Excluding last year, I think Kelly is doing just enough every year to not get fired. A couple of 7-5 to 8-4 seasons, with a double-digit win season sprinkled in once every few years to get the boosters off his back. 

I agree Kelly has got to be on a short leash this Fall, and if they miss a bowl game again, I'd bet he's gone. But I think mediocrity has slowly seeped its way into ND's expectations since they've been kinda meh for a long time. 

If this was 6-7 years ago when Meyer was on his "sabbatical," I'd bet they would've dumped Kelly and immediately gone all in on Meyer. If he wasn't at OSU he'd be at Notre Dame. But they need a slam dunk hire after all the shit that's come through their front door the last two decades. There aren't too many out there, and Meyer isn't going to take a lateral move (at best) to go to South Bend. 


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It's an interesting thought experiment to wonder how Meyer would have done at Notre Dame.

He's an outstanding coach, but OSU lets players get away with way more academic pretenses than Notre Dame does.  It's not as easy to recruit at Notre Dame because of this, and they make players do some actual academic work when they get there.  They actually play school.

I wonder if Meyer would have still been able to overcome those hurdles and build an NC program at ND?


Perkis-Size Me

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I would much, MUCH rather face Chip Kelly every year than Urban Meyer. Chip Kelly is a great collegiate coach, no doubt about that. But he is nowhere close to Urban Meyer's level. Kelly has zero national titles. Meyer has three, and it won't surprise me if he wins at least one more in his time at OSU. 

And there is absolutely nothing to suggest that we will be playing ND every year going forward. Even with a two year renewal of the series. 


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There's quite a difference between Oregon and Ohio state. Kelly went to a bunch of bcs bowls while his recruiting rankings were nowhere near the big boys of college football.

Kelly runs a similar system so there wouldn't be any down transition year. Also Kelly would be in a recruiting Mecca at a school with a tradition of excellence on the football field.

I agree that Urban is a better coach, but I'd rather play against Urban every year and beat Brian Kelly's Irish than play both chip and urban. That's just my opinion though. I don't think there would be much falloff if any should chip coach at Ohio state.


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I don't know what the exact stats are in regards to first year Notre Dame coaches beating Michigan, but I certainly hope Kelly sticks around for a while. I seem to recall Willingham and Weiss having the "luck of the Irish" in their first game against us. And seeing as how we renew our series with them next year...