Recruit talks red faced Kelly

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Michigan is also in the running for Indianapolis linebacker Cameron McGrone, although theyhave some catching up to do ($).

“Michigan is pretty up there, but it’s just like Notre Dame, I really love Notre Dame. I hope they do good this season so the coaches can stay.”


Mr Miggle

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was planning to wait until after the season to commit. But he's not. He just narrowed down his list and is expected to make a decision pretty soon. Hard to see him choose ND when he's talking about theit coaches getting fired. He was highly complimentary of Michigan too, not just ND.

Imagine a recruit saying he loves Michigan but is worried about Harbaugh going back to the NFL. We wouldn't be optimistic about landing him.



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I would never allow my kid to play for him just the way he handles himself. I'm okay with a coach yelling at kids ala Jimmy did to Speight in his first year. I've gotten chewed out by coaches but never thrown under the bus and be run over.I see five losses Georgia, MSU, USC, Miami, and Stanford.Never know where they dropped an egg.


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,....although I will say that the possibility to play for a human being who can change color with his emotional states does carry some morbid curiosity with it on a scientific level, at least for me. That being said, Notre Dame at present does not have much more going for it other than its name and past, so it is difficult to understand the allure. Of course, I am not being recruited to play football, so perhaps that changes it for kids.


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Sparty will have a rough year but they will be good enough to beat the Domers. Bet on it. LJ Scott will run roughshod over the Irish just like last year. ND DL will be soft (as usual). Don't forget that Sparty reeled off 36 straight pts against them last year in South Bend. KeLLLLLy is a dead man walking.


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Good observation!. That is the first thing I saw with them is how soft there d-line was. If Notre Dames recruiting is somewhat based on how there season goes it will not look as good on nsd.


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Everyone reeled off points against Van Gorder's defense.  They were amazingly inept, he must have had glaring holes that every team could identify.  At least 3 of the 4 teams that played ND before Van Gorder was fired.  

Their D settled down after he left.  Weren't great, but weren't the "holy shit everyone's wide open and every third running play breaks through to the safeties" group of the first third of the year.  Remember they lost some players in the defensive backfield due to academics? (I think that was last year?) or injury, don't remember which.  But I think it was late in camp so the new guys didn't have much time to get acclimated.  That plus Van Gorder was death. 

ND will beat Sparty comfortably this year. They will easily out-athlete them, and any decent passing game is going to be a big problem for MSU.  My guess is they keep the safeties back, Kelly nickel and dimes until he breaks several big scores.  Kelly will think he's a genius and once again abandon the running game for an entire season, ND fans will get excited after the win then remember this is what happens every year. 


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Times change.

I worked with a guy that played for Bo when Bo was at Miami OH.  He said that Bo was the meanest S.O.B. he ever met in his life.

Bo would routinely grab players by the facemask and yell and kick them.  Woody, Bear Bryant, and others did that stuff too.  Nobody thought anything about it.  

Hell, I had a coach that did that same kind of stuff to us in Junior High School.

Different time.


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We were not allowed to have any water during football practice.  None at all.  No matter how long the practice, or how hot the day.

Coaches thought it slowed you down.  You were supposed to toughen it out.

One kid hit another kid so hard once that his facemask broke and it drew blood.  The coach shouted "GOOD!  THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO SEE!  BLOOD!"

This was Junior High School.  I was in eighth grade.

There was nothing about this that we did not think was just normal football coaching at the time (early '70s).  This is what every coach did as far as we knew.  They were supposed to be mean and tough.

If we told our parents about all of this, they would have said "Of course. What did you expect when you went out for football?"



Prince Lover

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Being just like Bob Knight. He would start to yell at us so loudly during a timeout or something that the whole gym would get super quiet bc the crowd was unsure what to do so they'd stop and start to listen. Then all you would hear is our coach and his voice echoing around.
My dad loved the guy. All the parents did.
Hell, to this day, I'm still under his rules, 10 minutes early is five minutes late. I can't be anywhere without being early. Hate being late....running those stairs when I was late really struck a nerve I guess.


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The thing about the Speight ass-chewing is that it was during practice and happened to be caught on film. I've never seen him do that during a game, or talk bad about a player in a presser. All you do is fluster the kids when you do that publicly. Praise in public, criticize in private.

The only time I can remember Harbaugh yelling at a player was him screaming at Kalis "Get Your Shit Together!" after a personal foul. That's totally different than degrading someone for their performance.

Icehole Woody

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I believe Kelly's contract extends through the 2021 season.  So if they fire him at the end of this season they'll be paying him for a while.  He could start a club with Charlie Weis.

Year of Revenge II

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I can.  

Philosophy=we appeared in Championship game.  We must be good, and the coach is to thank for that.  We need to lock him in with mo money.

Where they we wrong—ND was about the 10th best team that year, and very, very lucky to be in the game.  It was a fluke, and Kelly's destructive skills had not fully taken hold of the program yet.  

Like a certain farming, hospitality, and packaging school in central Michigan, their playoff experience was not a stepping stone, but the zenith of their accomplishment, and nothing more than the beginning of the end.

As far as learning anything, NO.


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Also, for recruiting there's  the desire to dispel rumors about the coach being on the hot seat, so extending contracts 4-5 years in the future has become the norm at most D1 football programs. It becomes a catch 22 of sorts: the hotter the coach's seat, the more necessary it is to extend the contract; to not do so would make it very difficult to recruit and almost ensure looming failure for the team, and therefore the coach being fired.


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takes over a program in disarray, and leads them to consistent winning culminating in a national championship appearance, after having similar success at all of his previous stops, its not unreasonable to think the coach is the reason for it. Notre Dame had to give him a contract extension, because if they didn't he would have left for the NFL. Maybe Kelly has gone off the deep end a little the last two years, but lets not forget that he's 230-88 in his career. The dude may be an asshole publicly, but he can coach. 

Prince Lover

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Rodney danger fields special. Watched it so much the tape eventually wore out. So funny. So many stars!!
The whole show was amazing. But that skit was one of the best. Along with Sam Kinison's. Hell, even Bob Saget's routine was hilarious. Yes. Yes I did just say Bob Saget and hilarious in the same sentence....