Ultimate UM Football Revenge Tour Scenario

Submitted by Indy Pete - Go Blue on November 7th, 2018 at 10:05 PM

Michigan could potentially have six games left if we win every single one. The official 4 game Michigan revenge tour (Wisconsin, msu, psu, osu) is nearly complete, but here is my scenario for the ultimate Michigan football revenge tour: 

1. Michigan defeats chief rival Rutger despite their efforts to fence the garden and defeat us for the second time in their history. We may have the most wins and the highest winning percentage of all time, but they are the birthplace of college football. We need revenge on them for giving birth to football before we did.

2. Michigan defeats Indiana. We need revenge against this team as they have had the audacity to beat us not once, but twice during Jim Harbaugh’s 54 years on this earth (1987 AND 1967). 

3. Michigan defeats an Ohio State university. The importance of winning this rivalry game cannot be overstated. This is The Game, and this year features one of the most important Matchups in the history of this rivalry.  These bozos have beaten us 15 out of the last 17 matchups. Their entire university has sold their integrity to retain a head coach who is on the verge of a second meltdown of epic proportions in the last decade. He has already left carnage and shame at one football juggernaut, and this game presents an opportunity to deliver the ultimate football justice on their home turf.  One M victory could be the death knell for a coach and a university that deserve shame and failure for their remarkable lack of integrity. By all accounts, this would be the sweetest victory on this glorious revenge tour.  However, this would not be the last stop...

4. Michigan defeats Northwestern to win the B1G title.  This school managed to beat us in the first ever match up between these two teams in 1892. That one still stings. They also have (unsuccessfully) tried to argue an academic competitive advantage over us. They also forced many emotional (and pathetic) Michigan fans to post negative things about Don Brown on our message board during the first quarter of a game less than 6 weeks ago. Can I adequately state our need to get revenge for that?

5. Michigan defeats Alabama in the college football playoff semi-final. Let me just list a few of the myriad reasons that this team sits near the top of the revenge tour: Pete Finebaum, Najee Harris, bagmen, the CFP committee, ESPN, conference affiliation with non-kindred spirit Hugh Freeze, 17 national championships > 11, A .500 all-time record versus us (2-2, nobody does that to Michigan). The sweetness of this revenge factor would be up near the top - I would argue up there with Rutger for trying to fence the garden. 

6. Michigan defeats Notre Dame. Just imagine with me that everything falls our away (including a shocking Notre Dame victory over Clemson), and we get the opportunity to avenge our only loss of this magical season on the grandest stage of all. Notre Dame chickened out of the rivalry, and then brought it back in a cowardly and disingenuous fashion to steal an extra home game. They managed to win this game despite being out-gained by a superior team due to a lucky 43 yard pop-up into double coverage. An even larger number of emotional (and pathetic) Michigan fans called for Jim Harbaugh‘s head after this game. Their fight song, their history, their stadium, their helmets, and their tradition are all really good. Each of these is at least just a little bit inferior to ours. We owe them revenge for deceiving a solid handful of uneducated people that they have a better program than us.

Michigan 14-1*

(*= avenged)

Thank you for reading what one could consider to be the ultimate Michigan revenge tour. What revenge scenario sounds sweetest to you?

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November 7th, 2018 at 10:26 PM ^

A cherry on top would be that the NC game is in Levi's stadium.  So the 49ers organization will get to see Harbaugh win a championship game there before the 49ers even make the post season or have a winning record since he was fired.


November 7th, 2018 at 10:57 PM ^

Wouldn't Iowa be more of a revenge tour than Nwestern in the B1GCG? 

The last time Michigan played Iowa was 2016 when they shot down Michigan's playoff hopes. 

Chitown Kev

November 7th, 2018 at 11:10 PM ^

If Michigan does make it to the national championship game, it will be at Levi's Stadium...and that part of the Revenge Tour will get real personal for Coach

Hotel Putingrad

November 7th, 2018 at 11:27 PM ^

My ultimate revenge tour would include Iowa in the conference chamouinship game (for obvious reasons), West Virginia in the semifinal (revenge for giving us RichRod), and Georgia in the final for stealing Reese, Wilson, and Nauta and for Kirby Smart's stupid tweets.