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03/14/2019 - 9:00am Technically we went 4-0 each…

Technically we went 4-0 each of the past two years, not 3-0.

03/11/2019 - 11:23am The crazy thing about that…

The crazy thing about that bench stat is that Livers would be included as part of that for most of the season.

03/04/2019 - 3:49pm So is the Office, but you…

So is the Office, but you wouldn't call that a Netflix show.

03/04/2019 - 2:02pm That's pretty neat. I didn't…

That's pretty neat. I didn't realize that softball (and baseball) were coming back to the Olympics next year. I always thought it was kind of weird that they were removed to begin with.

Looks like US is already qualified, and there is one more Americas spot open. Anyone know how likely Mexico is to take that spot?

03/04/2019 - 1:59pm Wow. Rest in peace. I always…

Wow. Rest in peace. I always think of his bizarrely small role in The Fifth Element when I hear about him. I might have to watch that or the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie tonight.

Also, Riverdale is on CW, not Netflix.

03/04/2019 - 1:29pm Yeah, I'd probably go with…

Yeah, I'd probably go with Walton (3), Stauskus (5), Levert (3), Teske (3). Which leaves me with one dollar, which I'd probably want to spend on someone else, other than the $1 options in the chart. Probably for a 4. GR3 and DJ Wilson feel like they'd be worth more than a dollar in this, so maybe Livers.

02/07/2019 - 2:31pm That is shocking. Sunday…

That is shocking. Sunday Morning Countdown was their best show, and he's been great on it since he joined. I really liked that whole crew (even Rex Ryan, who I normally can't stand). Very disappointed in ESPN.

I guess they don't want to have too much invested in that show, since it doesn't lead into any actual games for them (all of the Sunday games are on other networks), but I'm still surprised.

02/07/2019 - 9:10am What about that big guy from…

What about that big guy from Iowa who always poked people in the eyes. Was his name Woodbury? I think he was more dislikable than Zeller and Haas.

I don't remember anything particularly dislikable about Oladipo, other than that he was really good. Am I forgetting something?

I also would add Travis Trice to the list. I couldn't stand him.

02/06/2019 - 12:30pm Maize 2014 tournament…

Image result for 2014 michigan ncaa basketball uniforms made in march

Maize 2014 tournament uniforms. Since I'd forgotten about these and had to look it up.

01/31/2019 - 10:47am Yeah, Poole flops when he's…

Yeah, Poole flops when he's shooting sometimes. But The Flop(tm) was not a flop.

01/27/2019 - 1:38pm Here's my favorite overtime…

Here's my favorite overtime proposal:

- Kick off, and 10 minute period like the NFL.

- If the first team to get the ball doesn't score, or kicks a field goal, follow current NFL rules.

- If the first team to get the ball scores a touchdown, the second team gets one possession.

- If the second team to score, also scores a touchdown, they HAVE TO go for two.

- If it's still tied after that (which would be uncommon), next score wins.

It's built on the theory that you want to find the fairest and quickest way to end a game in overtime, while still being exciting and feeling like regular football. I think in NFL games where the first team to have the ball doesn't score, NFL overtime is perfect. But when the first team to have the ball scores a touchdown, it is very anticlimactic. These rules aim to resolve that issue.

01/23/2019 - 10:09am Darius Morris's shot against…

Darius Morris's shot against Duke in the second round of the NCAA tournament.

01/16/2019 - 1:58pm I could be wrong, but I…

I could be wrong, but I believe that the school is not able to block grad-transfers, such as this.

01/16/2019 - 8:48am If NCAA approves the…

If NCAA approves the hardship transfer, they're implying that the UGA campus is not a safe place to be for black people. 

01/04/2019 - 9:13am It's funny because it looks…

It's funny because it looks like it's supposed to be one of those word clouds, that show you how frequently each word is used, but every word other than "trivia" is the exact same size.

12/12/2018 - 9:28pm Well, you put someone who is…

Well, you put someone who is already committed to not us.

12/03/2018 - 11:37pm Had a streaky season…

Had a streaky season. Started 3-0, went on a 4 game losing streak, and now finished on a 6 game winning streak. Good for third out of twelve in the final standings at 9-4.

My current roster:
(Standard scoring/lineup)

QB: Luck, Goff

RB: Zeke, Conner, Mack, Lamar Miller, Spencer Ware

WR: Josh Gordon, DJ Moore, Tate, Sutton

TE: McDonald

D/ST: Bears

K: Santos

11/12/2018 - 12:54pm That's the big thing. If I…

That's the big thing. If I had to guess, I don't think he goes to Louisville. But I'd bet in a year or two he ends up at a more traditional power. Seems like there should be some good Pac-12 openings in the next few years, Virginia Tech, FSU, hell maybe even Ohio State. 

11/11/2018 - 9:33pm John is the clear cut top…

John is the clear cut top candidate for any open coaching position in the NFL. I don't know when the last time such a strong candidate was available. Andy Reid is probably the only person that is even close. It would be cool to see him at Michigan, but he'll have his choice of open NFL jobs (and honestly probably some jobs that are not open).

11/09/2018 - 1:33pm Obviously you shouldn't…

Obviously you shouldn't expect to score 78, that's such an extreme outlier, but Michigan really didn't intentionally run up the score in that game. If I remember correctly, Michigan didn't attempt a pass in the second half and none of the starters played in the second half. Short of instructing players to intentionally not score, I don't know what else you can do.

The problem was that Michigan was very deep at D-Line and RB, and those two position groups were the ones dominating the game. 

11/08/2018 - 8:49am I'm waiting.

I'm waiting.

11/07/2018 - 1:39pm Interesting that the Big Ten…

Interesting that the Big Ten has more of both of these categories, despite playing less OOC games than the SEC and ACC (they both have 8 game conference schedules, right?) Though it makes sense that we would likely have more than the the Big 12 and the Pac 12 as we have more teams, and thus more games.

11/07/2018 - 11:12am I think in that scenario,…

I think in that scenario, the rankings would be:

1. Clemson

2. Georgia

3. ND

4. Bama or Michigan

Which would still avoid a rematch in the semifinals if they went with Bama.

11/06/2018 - 11:37am I agree with most of what…

I agree with most of what you're saying, but it sounds like Herbert may be staying at Oregon for another year.


As much as I like Shea, the Giants taking him on day 2 as their first QB of the draft would be a monumentally stupid move and would set him up for a similar career trajectory to Deshone Kizer.

10/30/2018 - 10:49pm Yeah, I agree with this…

Yeah, I agree with this sentiment. 

Maybe it's because I live in PA, so I have many friends and family members who are PSU fans, but I don't have a problem with people who are PSU fans.

But, people who have the "409 - You Can't Change History" bumper stickers can fuck right off.

10/30/2018 - 10:44am Miami Dolphins wide…

Miami Dolphins wide receivers thrown for only one less TD pass than Buffalo Bills QBs.

03/26/2018 - 11:41am When Wagner picked up his fourth foul, one of them

When Wagner picked up his fourth foul, one of them said "The problem Michigan has now is that their bigs they have in now, Teske and Robinson aren't very good defenders."

Which is ridiculous. It may not have been the best matchup for Robinson on defense, but FSU was going small so it wasn't terrible, and still he's at worst an adequate defender. Teske is clearly a superior defender to Wagner.

03/04/2018 - 7:30pm Not the best picture, but here you go.Check out

Not the best picture, but here you go.

Check out @CBSSports’s Tweet:

02/28/2018 - 12:42pm Discord could be a good tool for that. MGoArchive

Discord could be a good tool for that. MGoArchive could create a text channel that only he can post in for Torrent links. Then if you know you're going to miss a game, you can open Discord up to that channel ahead of time so that you don't see any spoilers in the main channel, and download the torrent once he posts it.

12/10/2017 - 9:26pm There was a Chiefs' game earlier this season where

There was a Chiefs' game earlier this season where something similar happened. They were playing the Redskins and the Chiefs scored a defensive touchdown on a lateral play on the last play of the game. The score not only caused them to cover the spread, but also put the game total over the O/U.

10/06/2017 - 3:17pm Agreed

If O'Korn has the stats Brian put in his prediction, we'll win by more than 11 for sure.

09/25/2017 - 10:26pm It was bad enough when they showed it near the

It was bad enough when they showed it near the beginning of the game. But then at halftime when they showed it again and had his speech going over Purdue highlights, but cut back just in time for the chair... Blech.

09/25/2017 - 10:18pm Yes, but you won't be watching it on Reddit.

Yes, but you won't be watching it on Reddit. People will post comments with links to streams on there. I'd recommend trying it out next weekend on the bye week.

The best streams are usually acestrams which need an app called ace player.

09/12/2017 - 8:17pm The Cardinals were very successful in Season 1 of

The Cardinals were very successful in Season 1 of All or Nothing.

09/12/2017 - 8:15pm To my knowledge, all Amazon original programming

To my knowledge, all Amazon original programming drops all at once, but episode by episode. Both seasons of All or Nothing definitely did.

09/03/2017 - 6:32pm De'Veon Smith

De'Veon Smith is on the Dolphins practice squad.

09/03/2017 - 9:28am Matt Wile

It looks like Matt Wile tentatively made the Cardinals. He's currently on the 53 man squad, but there has been some talk about them bringing someone else in.

08/13/2017 - 9:42pm PSU

PSU is overrated, and I think they'll finish the season worse than last season, but I'm still worried about that game because of the whole white out thing, and because they have a bye the week before.

08/11/2017 - 6:29pm As a Dolphins fan

As a Dolphins fan, it's been a tough week. Starting QB reinjures his knee and is out for the year, starting guard tears his bicep and will be out for half the season, and now starting MLB tears his ACL in punt coverage on literally his first play. We didn't even get to see him take a snap on defense.

05/02/2017 - 9:37pm Engineered


04/29/2017 - 5:15pm Is that the team that Vince Young signed with a

Is that the team that Vince Young signed with a couple months ago?

03/29/2017 - 7:30am App vs Mobile Site

I think it is smart to focus on the site overhaul before the apps. If the site overhaul is done well, it will eliminate the need to have an app for anyone who is casually browsing or reading but not participating in the comments very much.

A responsive site that displays well on mobile browsers would be just as good as an app for all but the biggest power users who spend so much time commenting on here. Obviously, those users are important, and losing one power user probably hurts revenue more than losing one casual browser, but I'm sure power users make up a small percentage of the user base.

03/21/2017 - 8:26pm Well, he either goes or he

Well, he either goes or he stays. Sounds 50/50 to me.


03/20/2017 - 9:52pm USC/BAYLOR

How about this call from the USC/Baylor game last night? They called it out of bounds off of Baylor, USC ball.

This is the most inexplicably bad call that I saw this weekend. It wasn't such an obvious turning point as the Gonzaga goaltending no-call, but that Baylor player is their best player and he was in foul trouble (I'm pretty sure he had four at this point, he ended up fouling out with a few minutes left in the game).

03/19/2017 - 7:53pm Torrent

Someone posted a gorgeous 11 GB torrent of the Oklahoma State game within 24 hours of end of the game. I'd imagine something similar will be posted soon for this game.

02/08/2017 - 1:41pm It says in the article that his teammates were

It says in the article that his teammates were intentionally fouling to lengthen the game and give him more scoring opportunities.

Kind of lame.

02/03/2017 - 9:29am Some people say that the moon landing was fake. I

Some people say that the moon landing was fake. I go a step further, I think the moon is fake. Look into it, there's a lot of shocking stuff out there about it.

01/31/2017 - 7:33pm I'm sure it will still crash, but all of those

I'm sure it will still crash, but all of those users from the mobile app that were viewing the site without ads (and therefore not generating revenue) will now be viewing the actual site (and generating revenue). If some of them don't come at all, that allows more revenue generating viewers to view the site before it crashes.

01/31/2017 - 5:54pm Personally, I wouldn't mind that, if it means the

Personally, I wouldn't mind that, if it means the site doesn't crash every time there is a commitment.

Combined with the fact that Brian wasn't seeing a dime from those views, if half of them never view the site again, and the other half view it on a revenue generating platform, it would be a net positive for him.

01/31/2017 - 5:50pm He's trying to keep the site from crashing. The

He's trying to keep the site from crashing. The traffic coming from the unofficial app is weighing on the server as much as page views on the site, but he's not getting any ad revenue from it. It makes sense. Hard to fault him for it.