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07/02/2018 - 11:26pm Aside from everything I’ve…

Aside from everything I’ve ever posted on MGoBlog, this is the funniest thing I’ve read on it.  

06/22/2018 - 1:57pm It's disgusting, but that is…

It's disgusting, but that is one reason this situation is no different that what happens in the broader political sphere. They'll stand by whomever suits their interests until the costs of doing so are outweighed by the benefits.

The objective merits of whether he should stay/go don't really matter until/unless the negative balance is tipped sufficiently.

06/20/2018 - 4:48pm Don’t go anywhere. The…

Don’t go anywhere. The people who attack you would be praising you and lighting cigars in your honor if the numbers were more favorable and you posted them.

People rip the MSU and osu boards as loaded with homers, and then they turn around and whine anytime something is posted that does not fit neatly into the desired narrative. 

The numbers speak for themselves. These people just don’t want to see the numbers and blame the messenger.  

06/06/2018 - 2:31pm I'm not close to a "sky is…

I'm not close to a "sky is falling" guy, but this is embarrassing.

05/22/2018 - 8:12pm May as well

Send him a case of Wiedemann while you’re at it.

05/11/2018 - 8:03pm This is a joke

If under armour failed miserably in b-ball (it has), Skechers had and has no chance. Nobody thinks they’re an athletic brand, and the quality is terrible.

This is just attempted payback for losing in the TM lawsuit. The ESPN article correctly points out that 9th circuit reversed one of two preliminary injunctions against Skechers. But that reversal was on a secondary issue (proof of irreparable harm for the injunction remedy). The 9th circuit affirmed infringement rulings for both shoes.

And that case is at preliminary injunction stage. Adidas can (and likely will based on the roadmap in the 9th circuit opinion and very strong dissent) offer more proof as the case proceeds through discovery and trial.

If you read the district court opinion that the 9th circuit was ruling on, it was a woodshed ass kicking by adidas. Skechers did not appeal most of the issues it lost on.

04/17/2018 - 10:46am Team coached that way

That’s how the team was coached. That crap was happening routinely and beyond what normally happens in football.

Classless staff.

04/14/2018 - 12:29am ?

You say he’s and it’s disgusting more than once but also say you don’t understand the indignation?

That’s absurd.

The indignation is for everything you think is disgusting and bc that’s what he was hired to do and bc he tried to settle a case with someone represented by a lawyer without the lawyer present and bc he tried to prevent her from speaking further and bc he thinks rape is about money and bc, to induce her, he completely lied about a conversation and dollar “number” purportedly with another plaintiff bc and bc and bc . . .

04/02/2018 - 5:42pm If you had titled this Post, "Dayenu" and written nothing else

. . . Dayenu

04/01/2018 - 2:51am Yes!

It was epic.

04/01/2018 - 2:49am Reasonable

It’s reasonable for virtually all objective, non-Michigan fans to be all in on Nova. They’re a No. 1 seed, champ 2 years ago, loaded talent wise, well coached, not cocky, etc.

Meanwhile, Michigan has had 3 of 4 atypical bad shooting games.

That doesn’t mean Michigan doesn’t have a chance. They do, and I think Michigan matches very nicely with the kind of team that can pull this off.

And we’re mentally and emotionally as strong a team as we or anyone else ever have. They stay in games under circumstances where most teams would fold. Been that way since before the current win streak, and I think these are the defining traits of this team.

03/31/2018 - 5:45pm This

Agreed, and it’s difficult to understand how anyone at UM had any reason to think Ole Miss wouldn’t fight this as hard as possible. Nothing to do with Patterson or Michigan. Ole Miss just flat out denies wrongdoing, and the strongest position against immediate eligibility is the only angle consistent with the underlying position.

My one question is whether Michigan did not come with guns fully blazing bc, whatever that means, it could compromise their position in a later situation where someone wants immediate eligibility transferring away from Michigan.

03/22/2018 - 6:04pm i got it

any reference to The Californians deserves an upvote

03/15/2018 - 10:27pm Hold my beer

PSU: pedophile enablers are heroes!

Baylor: the buck stops with the victims of institutionalized rape culture!

MSU: hold my beer!

02/23/2018 - 11:40am Feds involved

Bc this involves global shoe companies that ncaa won’t touch.

Finding a federal crime is easy bc the wire and mail fraud statutes cover everything anyone other than Beilein has done.

I’m sure there’s a politicized federal prosecutor who could gin up a charge that my morning dump amounts to wire fraud.

02/07/2018 - 8:20pm double post


02/07/2018 - 8:19pm Nutpunches are not just for drinking

Those of us who live where cannabis is legal (and where it's not, of course), may choose a different or an additional option to booze.

Today's nutpunches were just the final blows from a long series of them that started in the middle of the 2017 football season. And they've been bad and painful.

To facilitate survival, tonight, I may go for a 5mg gummy (I have low tolerance so this is a good amount for me) to start my evening and top it off with a high CBD:THC ratio tincture for a restful sleep.

If anyone has read this far and is a sanctimonious hypocrite who celebrates booze but judges cannabis (I dealt with many of you during my time in AA), neg away and then F-off. They both have costs/benefits that are within relative range of each other and within range of what is socially/financially/medically acceptable.


01/26/2018 - 8:28pm You mean

like when gay bashing and otherwise vehemently moralizing phonies get busted cruising for men or cheating in their spouses?

Bc that’s now routine, vehemence notwithstanding.

01/26/2018 - 2:16pm Dantonio

Arguably a very good coach/motivator. Fine.

But I lost all respect for him when it became clear he was actively or tacitly coaching his players to cheap shot Michigan players whenever possible.

Plenty of these incidents were visible on broadcasts, and I’m sure many were not.

I know this happens in football, so I’m talking about stuff beyond the norm, falling comfortably into the realm of classlessness


01/23/2018 - 3:37pm Got it. I dispatched . . .

I dispatched a raven to John Snow warning him of the Night King's well-veiled sarcasm.



01/23/2018 - 2:45pm Why disgust?

I get that you don't want to pay for access. Neither do I bc I don't value it. 

But neither of us knows anything about their financials or data supporting their decision to charge for this. 

Perhaps it's a bad business decision; perhaps not. 

Running a business is hard always, and online businesses increasingly have to make difficult choices around monetizing the creation, aggregation, and distribution of content. It's expensive, and online ads don't support the entire operation of these kinds of businesses.

I don't see why a reasonable business choice would disgust anyone. I doubt they're printing money, and access to CB picks is not like access to bread/water/other essentials, where price gouging can be disgusting.

01/21/2018 - 1:05pm The MGo Lynch Mob

Is the reason someone would designate this post as OT

Stave off the campaign of terror.

Neg away, bitches.


01/18/2018 - 11:23pm To demonstrate

how easy it is to go out of one’s way to be an a-hole.

It’s a very successful demonstration.

01/17/2018 - 7:36pm No

Next question?

01/17/2018 - 11:02am Last Pass

Paid version. And two factor authentication when available.

01/16/2018 - 10:43pm Michigan Man!

Michigan Man!

01/16/2018 - 3:15pm He may be a

Repugnant dick with a disproportionate amount of

luck, but he’s a very good coach.

01/12/2018 - 9:03pm Meds

I already take them for my “issues,” but I would gladly take more if there’s a pill that would make Michigan’s offensive line not suck.

01/10/2018 - 11:40pm Easily

The best post on here in a while. The bar is low, but I do mean it. I dig that band. Nobody like them during my time in Ann Arbor.

01/08/2018 - 11:30pm Pot

Meet kettle.

That is all.

12/21/2017 - 9:20pm Says

The guy who’s offended.

Kettle meet pot.

12/16/2017 - 3:42pm Eliminate

Eliminate the phrase, “young man,” and any useless posts that say something like, “best of luck to the young man” whenever someone leaves or doesn’t commit.

11/25/2017 - 11:09am If we’re lucky

I’ll be thankful for every drive that ends with a punt and not a JOK disaster turnover

11/24/2017 - 5:13pm Agreed

We are not good, and OSU is very good. Even our strength (Def.) is neutered by the inept offense. End of story. I’ll celebrate losing by less than 20.

11/23/2017 - 10:53pm Even though

People on this board can’t deal with reality and, inexplicably, think that a downvote means something, I agree.

11/07/2017 - 10:33pm No!

Every single criterion in a complex system that has many subjective and unverifiable variables has to apply equally, logically and perfectly to each team that is ranked!

Anything short of that is a sham.

10/06/2017 - 5:52pm Not largest

Not important but apparently N Korea has larger stadium. Supposedly 114,000, which, when discounted for propaganda, may actually be 14,000 or even 1,400

09/23/2017 - 10:19am Any human

Any human > Huard > Millen

09/22/2017 - 2:58pm yes, this

Long development times is the one thing that stuck out to me when watching various Purdue highlights in these MGBlog previews.

Lots of people can do lots of things when they have lots of time to do them.

Things change when the physical movements and mental decisions are rushed and under stress.

09/13/2017 - 6:00pm RB cutbacks

I can't use the football terminology, but I saw what you saw on the inside zone runs, particularly Higdon's.

That wide open lane has at least 50% chance of being cut off for a 3 yard loss. Meanwhile, bulling ahead is a guaranteed small gain.

Live, in real time, that's a tough call for the RB.

09/09/2017 - 5:30pm Cincy's Dropped Bomb in 3rd Q

You didn't mention that, in 3rd Q, when it was still a very close game, Cincy dropped a bomb that would've either been a TD or 1st down inside the 10. 

We got lucky on that play, and hwo knows what could have happened after that. More concerning, that was one of several incomplete passes for Cincy when their WR was wide open.

09/09/2017 - 3:43pm Sleetflakes

Sleetflakes. That is all.

09/07/2017 - 11:12am Speight and Depth

We have the talent, but the Gator-game version of Speight isn't winning a NC any year. If he improves accuracy under pressure, he's plenty good enough to win one.

Other big concern is that, in a few positions, we're a few key injuries away from looking pretty different as a team. In this sense, we're just not fully past Hoke.

09/05/2017 - 8:15pm "Sumlin to Falcons '28-3? Shit, hold my beer.'”


09/05/2017 - 12:25pm Firecrackers

Kids with firecrackers started a fire that's destroying the stunning Columbia River Gorge (among other things where I live, like homes, lives, and entire small communities), but I still laughed out loud at the thought of that image.

So, thank you for a bit of minor comic relief from a horrible day in the Pacific NW.

09/03/2017 - 2:15am Devin Bush


08/30/2017 - 10:12pm Only concern about Hudson . . .

He'll throttle some poor guy in a crossing pattern so hard that, even though the hit is 100% legal, crappy refs arbitrarily call targeting solely b/c he throttled the guy so hard and, well, any hit that hard has to be a penalty, right??

08/30/2017 - 9:43pm 25-13 (Michigan wins)

25-13 (Michigan wins)

08/30/2017 - 9:39pm PTSD

Yeah, I'm also not cured of the RR/Hoke PTSD. I feel good (actually, really good) about this team's potential, and next year and onward look great.

But I guess I need more time (and fewer bizarro losses) to shake it completely. 


08/08/2017 - 3:27pm Saban's Glass House

His statement in this article about there being two sides -- one involving commitment to the team and the other involving pursuing better opportunities -- applies equally to him.

He quit on the Miami Dolphins for the Bama job (after repeatedly denying he woudl do so)!…


“Nick Saban calls out Blake Barnett for transferring from Alabama, forgetting he once totally lied and then quit on the Miami Dolphins”