Allen Trieu Expecting a Good Week for Michigan

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Allen Trieu @AllenTrieu

Good week for #Michigan? I'm hearing it will be


Just to add onto what Sam Webb and others have been saying this past week. Michigan can expect to add one or more commits this week. At least that is what it sounds like.






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    As nice as another slew of commitments will be, it'll kinda take the fun out of the rest of the recruiting period.  At the very least, the commits need to space it out a bit so that we don't fill the class before the first game in the fall.


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    We need 3 of the 4 LB as most seem like quality guys w character. Levenberry and Gedeon are a MUST! MCCray just doesn't seem ready to choose yet IMO


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    How smart is Urban Meyer?

    If I were him this is what I would do. Right now he knows that Mich has alot of momentum on the recruiting trail. There is this 4 star LB who is a legacy that really wants the offer and would commit in a second if offered. You have a couple of national recruits that you desire a little more so you think you can wait to see how things go on the legacy kid. Your rival offers and to try to make you show your hand the recruit sets a date. You let him announce and then a couple weeks later offer him in hopes of there being a very public decommit from your rival and a commit to you (Kyle Kalis). This gives you some positive national pub that you are winning the recruiting battle against the rival.


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    scholarships are too precious to play silly games with.

    If he honestly feels like there are better options out there, then he should pursue them.  Just because Rivals thinks McCray is the best option for OSU, doesn't mean OSU has to think McCray is their best option.


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    It's not as though OSU has been miserly throwing out their LB offers.   According to 247 Sports, they've issued ten LB offers.  Four of those guys have already selected other schools,  they still haven't offered McCray.   I don't know if I buy the storyline that OSU is only going to focus nationally before they turn to Ohio given the fact, they've offered two LBs from Ohio (Gedeon and Courtney Love) and two more from Big 10 states (Jaylon Smith, Alex Anzalone).

    Maybe McCray set his decision date so early to try and force OSU's hand to get an offer, but it seems to me that if he was on OSU's Plan A or even Plan B list, he would have gotten a offer already.



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    This is a stretch but hear me out.


    At Florida, Urban Meyer would have his in-state committments tell the media that they used to be FSU leans, but Urban Meyer convinced them to switch. This was not the case at all, but he would do it so it LOOKED like he was winning the recruiting battle. 

    What if McCray is already in Meyer's pocket, and he's in on some scheme to get an OSU offer and switch committments immediately thereafter? That shit would be very "Cray", as the kids say.


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    I'd guess McCray, Gedeon, and Conley.  Still don't think Isaac pulls the trigger until after he visits USC, but we'll see.  Man, recruiting's going to be pretty boring again next fall.  But that's a good problem.


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    Everyone seems to believe that McCray will commit to U-M on Thursday, and subsequently decommit if OSU offers (and for good reason).  However, is there any consideration given to the theory that he is now completely turned off by Meyer and his lack of belief in McCray?  Just saying, we're assuming he is a flight risk, but that may not be the case.


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    If when this tremendous recruiting pace results in the class being full by late spring, can we all agree to not fill the remaining 9 months to signing day 2013 with threads about "I read on Twitter that player X is decommiting"?  I am extremely excited about this class and the direction of the program in general.  I am also an eternal pessimist so I'm looking for the downside of tgmfwithomfw and subsequent recruit-a-paloozas.  I'm not used to being spoiled like this (I mean in life, not as a Michigan fan) so maybe I'm just assuming the worst.


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    Oh'Damnials this would be great news, a Levencherry on top of a great class, you be McCrazy if you think otherwise, Poggie...uh..., we be Shafting OSU like Ty Isaac Hayes.


    Too much coffee????


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     But, I'm hearing from people that Ty Isaac may indeed come off the board this weekend. The two guys who are saying this are right a lot more than they're wrong.


    Again, I'm not anything of an insider, I just trust these guys a lot, because they are right so often. 


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    This could either be really good or really bad.

    It could be really good because he wanted to go back to his home because his visit wasn't going well


    It could be really bad because he considers ND as a figurative home and wants to go there for college.

    Am I reading too far into that? Yup.


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    There are only three things I know for certain in life.


    -I will die 22 minutes after a loss to a shitty Auburn team

    -If you play the song "Bad Company" at any bar in the south, a fight will transpire minutes later, involving a delusional man and a bouncer.

    -A Pro Style running back should follow a lot of great linemen.




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    Remember how some folks on here were saying that Hoke wasn't a strong finisher?  Apparently, that critique didn't change his recruiting strategy.  That really surprises me.  I figured he would have waited about a week or two before NSD to offer any scholarships.  That way he could be considered a strong finisher like Urban Meyer.