Allen Trieu Expecting a Good Week for Michigan

Submitted by tjl7386 on March 5th, 2012 at 11:12 AM

Allen Trieu @AllenTrieu

Good week for #Michigan? I'm hearing it will be


Just to add onto what Sam Webb and others have been saying this past week. Michigan can expect to add one or more commits this week. At least that is what it sounds like.






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    I can't help but picture Coach Hoke in his office, being all Emperor Palpatine: "Gooood, everything that has transpired has done so according to my design...."


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    Most people on college sports blogs are male, and at least kind of nerdy. And would be the kind of people to know Star Wars references.

    My problem is that I don't like to think of Hoke as Palpatine. Hoke stands for the good guys, for doing things the right way. Don't shift memes on me, bro.


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    my wife likes football....because she likes watching me squirm, jump arround like I'm insane, and screaming in agony.

    she doesn't really care about Michigan football, even though she's an alumn as well.  she likes the nachos at the concession stands better than the game itself.


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    I can tell you this, Urb has pissed some off with his handling of the McCray situation. Not offering a legacy who is highly rated, is not a great way to start off.


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    Love it.  With limited spots available already kids with serious interest have to be feeling pressure to lock their spot up before it disappears. 


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    ...or teleconference with all of them going blue at the same time would be better.  But then again, I don't type the "Hello: Everyone" or "Everyone, Wolverine" posts either.  I think it would be worth 48 hours of no sleep and constant caffiene to have the class full by St. Patrick's Day.


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    Why not make this week even greater with another football recruit or two? I'm hoping we're due for some defensive help now, given all the offensive players who have already committed.


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    Levenberry is coming to the Spring Game. So too is O'Daniel and Kendall Fuller. I think Levenberry will probably be made aware that if 2 others commit before him that the not for certain 3rd LB position wil be held for him.