Allen Trieu Expecting a Good Week for Michigan

Submitted by tjl7386 on March 5th, 2012 at 11:12 AM

Allen Trieu @AllenTrieu

Good week for #Michigan? I'm hearing it will be


Just to add onto what Sam Webb and others have been saying this past week. Michigan can expect to add one or more commits this week. At least that is what it sounds like.






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    My fifth grade teacher used to always say, "People curse when they have the inability to properly convey their real feelings."

    Or maybe Kanye has singlehandedly made me question the mentality of modern musicians...

    But hey, at least Jessica Black has a new single out, there's hope yet.



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    But while the quality level may vary greatly, I bet is you played "Sugar Sugar" to Americans across the Country, more would recognize it than some of his music that's "stood the test of time".  Doesn't mean it's better...doesn't mean there hasn't been bad music in different eras...just means you can't say we only remember the good stuff...or as his picture shows, we won't be relating Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber to this era of music.

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    In my opinion, if you're a member of Wolverine Nation, you can claim to be a Michigan Wolverine, regardless of residency, education level, or alumni status. This isn't a two-tiered fanbase: Sparty only makes a distinction because they're jealous of our large and loyal national fan following.