UM 20th best University on Earth according to Times Higher Ed.

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Obviously a great ranking.  The Big Ten as a whole looks good on this list, with 8 other B1G schools making the top 100:

19 - Northwestern  
31 - Wisconsin 
33 - Illinois 
47 - Minnesota

53 - Ohio State
61 - Penn State
69 - Purdue
94 - Michigan State




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The downvoting thing has gotten ridiculous.  A few posts up there's a overrated/trolling/flamebate skirmish.  Over what?  Someboy's opinion on a blog.

I would have never guess Moo U. @ 100 in the world.  Perhaps 100 in the US but not the world.

And sparty trolls, there's nothing wrong with mocking Moo U.


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You're ahead of Iowa, Indiana, and:

Nebraska, which apparently can't even crack the top 400. Ouch. (I went through the list twice, but maybe I'm just missing NE for some reason)


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UC-Berkeley is the most overrated school in the world. 

Also, Darmouth is outranked by the likes of Michigan State, Maryland, and Arizona? And how does Ohio State outrank Purdue? This list has no credibility.


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I've seen you make this statement time and time again (Don't ask me how I remember). Why do you say this, do you have something against Cal? If anything, if you go by USNews rankings, they might just the single most underranked school on there. You ask anyone around the world and they will not only recognize them but will have a much higher regard for them than several schools that are supposedly superior to them (again, according to USNews) such as Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, Dartmouth, Duke, Brown, Cornell. A school doesn't win over 70 Nobel prizes by being overrated. 

Why do you think they're overrated again?


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I can say with certainty that Berkeley is NOT viewed in higher regard than the schools you listed outside of the country, let alone "a much higher regard" as you put it. Sure, it's above Notre Dame, but Notre Dame doesn't have a great reputation outside of the country considering it's not a hot destination for international students.


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I know you're just being a douche, but I'll still reply seriously:

Yes, MSU has a great Packaging school.  It also has the best Nuclear Physics Program in the world, one of the best colleges of Education, a good business school (including one of the best Supply Chain programs), and many other highly regarded programs.  It also happens to be a respected research university, and the home to the most important Department of Energy research lab.

Is it as strong or as respected as UM across the board? Of course not. But you're the one who looks ignorant when you post shit like that.


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Michigan ranked 12th in worldwide reputation (in academics' eyes), probably a more important measurement than simply combining arbitrary metrics. 

Agreed on UC-Berkeley.  I hear that some of their students still lives in trees like our prehistoric ancestors.


Ron Swanson

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Looks like we're #20 for the North America region according to those links.  So unless the rest of the world's universities are all below us, we're lower than that on the world rankings (according to that website)

Edit: I'm an idiot nvm, the rankings just list by region but the numbers are the world rankings


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It is rather nice to see the Big Ten Conference well-represented on this list, of course. That being said, if Herbstreit had bothered to consult this article, he would have found a way for Northwestern to win the division per his own off-the-cuff (and likely sarcastic) prediction since they finished just ahead of us.

Gulo Blue

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Ivy League has 8 schools; their average rank is 30. Average rank of the top 8 Big Ten schools is 42. The Ivy League is mostly brought down by Dartmouth. If they dropped Darthmouth and Brown, their average rank would be 11.

Average rank of the top 8 Pac 12 schools is 53.

Unless I missed them, Nebraska doesn't appear in the top 400. So including Nebraska in an average would bring us down by at least 33 spots.

full list: LINK