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02/09/2019 - 5:13pm Pretty sure we didn't rush…

Pretty sure we didn't rush the floor did we?  Nope!


01/29/2019 - 11:04pm Woulda been 30 if bucknut…

Woulda been 30 if bucknut hadn't played their best game of the season. 

12/29/2018 - 9:47pm Totally agree with you. I…

Totally agree with you. I got called every name in the book for suggesting Shea wasn't going to play on Sundays. We're all Michigan fans, but wow we get butt hurt easily. 

You can't even ask a civil question on here without some snarky, negative response. 

So I pretty much don't post anything. Some of the writing is really good, but for the most part, this is not a football-wise board.  Ok now you can go ahead and negbang me. 


12/29/2018 - 2:27pm Let's hope there's…

Let's hope there's competition at qb next year. It's not all on Shea, but he's not good enough to make up for lousy play calling and dropped passes. Plus he ain't playing Sundays, so hope he's studying and hopefully Harbaugh doesn't feel like he owes him a starting job next year. 

11/17/2018 - 10:52am Totally agree. Love the kid,…

Totally agree. Love the kid, but just don't see him playing on Sundays. Thorson imho, may be the only qb starter in the B1G to play any meaningful downs in the NFL. That is until Dylan gets going. 

09/18/2018 - 4:26pm Where would he go?  Thinking…

Where would he go?  Thinking he might want to get that degree. Haven't seen a thing that says to me that he'll ever play on Sundays. 

Receivers wait for days for the ball to get there on long passes and he stares down his receiver on most every play.  And this is not against elite defenses.

Not impressed so far. Actually very disappointed. Maybe most of it is because the offensive line is so weak. Thought Dylan looked confident and poised in the short amount of time he's played. I see him as the QB of the future. 


09/01/2018 - 11:38pm I like Jim, but he's not a…

I like Jim, but he's not a great coach. His Michigan teams don't seem ready to play. They do some things well and then they stop and do something different and they suck. No rhythm in their offense. No continuity  or organization in their game plan.  I don't think he has very good assistants.  Also, michigan's players are just not the caliber of many of the top teams in the country.  It's easy to see that just by watching some of the other games.  Many other players play with an intensity that just isn't seen on Michigan's team.

This tight end Mckeon, simply didn't want the ball bad enough tonight.  That's coaching!  

Very frustrating to watch. Not fun to watch. 

I may not watch them much more this season. I have been watching them for over fifty years. I can't stand to watch this team anymore. I'm sick. It literally makes me sick.  


03/03/2018 - 11:49pm It was eaarly

In the first 5 minutes. Sparty was going all thug and Ward came in for a dunk and Matthews said NO.

03/03/2018 - 10:36pm Thanks for posting this

I can't believe how all of spartydom so poorly represents the BIG10.  They are the biggest cry babies and so is their coach.  Their bench runs out on the floor to talk trash on every time-out.  Except for the one they called when they were down by 7 late in the game.  They don't shake hands after the game.  Neither does their coach.  Very poor losers.  Only team in the country I've ever seen behave that way.  

There are many rivalries in this country.  I've never seen anything like their behavior.  It all starts with their coach too.  He tolerates it and exemplifies it.  Oh, and he needs some sleep.  Have you ever seen him look so terrible?  He's been eating too much and he needs some sleep.  

It's good to be a Michigan Wolverine.



01/01/2018 - 4:52pm Not panicking

or trying to be negative. Just realistic. We will be lucky to be 7-5 next year. Something wrong inside the program. Harbaugh was entirely different on the sidelines this year. Much less fire and emotion. Players on offense seemed to reflect the same personality. I don't see anything that gives me hope for a big turnaround next year.

01/01/2018 - 4:42pm Hopefully

Jay err.....(Cutler that is) Brandon won't even be the backup. I'm sure he's a great kid, but his temperament and body language are very Cutler-like. Poison! Very disappointing for supposedly having the qb-whisperer as head coach. Also quite obvious why he didn't win starting job. JO could have done everything BP did today. Especially the picks.

As a 55 year M football fan, I'm pretty much done. On a positive note, real happy about all of the academic all big ten accomplishments. That's impressive.

12/25/2016 - 11:47am Yup, just what I figured

Name calling! You lose!

12/25/2016 - 10:27am Oh well

At least you got all of the left's talking points memorized. As erroneous as they may be. Merry Christmas anyway.

12/15/2016 - 5:10pm Yeah no facts

Just like the conservative Main Street media right?

09/28/2016 - 4:31pm Sounds like Harbaugh

Since last season ended. He didn't call for one press conference, yet everything he did got max coverage. Wasn't hypin' his team or himself. Just doing his job. So you have the same problem with Harbaugh, right?

09/13/2016 - 4:01pm Only time

I pull for Norte dame is against Sparty. Never pull for Sparty against anyone.

09/13/2016 - 4:01pm Only time

I pull for Norte dame is against Sparty. Never pull for Sparty against anyone.

06/02/2016 - 5:54pm As did

Jim Czir, a center from St. Joe in the early 70's.

05/21/2016 - 7:55am My all time favorite

Horn broken watch for finger

04/25/2016 - 5:09pm We actually played

Sparty in east Lansing a couple weeks ago, so it ends up being 2 games home, 2 games away with them this year.

11/21/2015 - 7:02pm Sun rises in east

Bucknuts play first team all year ranked in top 50 and loses. At home! Both teams place large number of finalists on all- thug team!

06/11/2015 - 4:31pm Wow!

Like there's anything else to do in that state! That's all they have, and that's all they got?

05/14/2015 - 4:30pm Totally agree

Nuf said. Don't care about academic requirements,etc. With all due respect, and I love Hoke, the OL for the last 4-5 years has underperformed, to totally understate the situation.

While academic requirements may be very similar from school to school and conference to conference, a prospective student/athlete may be more comfortable in certain academic atmospheres, if you will, than in others. Michigan is a very competitive academic atmosphere, very intense, very high level. Difficult to know how this affects a prospect, but I'm sure it has its impact.

05/06/2015 - 7:04am You are precisely correct

There is no good reason the cost of a college education should cost 25 to 30 times what it did when I attended. Nothing else does! Not food, or utilities or even gasoline. Not even close. It's a huge money grab by many of those who like to carelessly toss around the term 'greed'.

04/16/2015 - 6:46pm Kid can flat out play

His shot is dno. Good floor presence and vision.

04/12/2015 - 4:11pm Coach Bakich

Has a good thing going with a fairly young team. Fun to see them seemingly getting better as the season progresses. Go Blue!

03/01/2015 - 9:24am I like our chances

Next year no matter who they have. It's been a tough year, but I really like our team next year with who we have and all the experience they have gotten this year. And the ace in the hole..... Belein!

Ed. Beilein!

02/22/2015 - 3:34pm One More Stat

Turnovers:   Spike  0         Russell   5

Huge difference!!

02/01/2015 - 11:10pm Dang sick of

How much camera time he was getting. Never saw that before. The camera went to him after every play. What was up with that?

01/18/2015 - 1:57pm Talkin' with Sewel

With Kris Kattan and Mike Meyers was insane funny.

Sorry dp

01/18/2015 - 1:56pm Talkin' with Sewel

With Kris Kattan and Mike Meyers was insane funny.

01/03/2015 - 11:46pm Don't like

This transfer thing in the fifth yr. Didnt like it at Wiscy with Russell Wilson. Don't like the thought of it at M. I don't think it's good for college football. It's like having free agents in college football. Kid comes in for one year and he's gone. Does Wiscy win the B1G without Russell Wilson a few years ago? No way. It just doesn't settle well with me. I'd rather see our own recruits develop under our coaches.

01/03/2015 - 8:55pm Sparty is pretty bad.

Just about everything they do and say is out of hatred for Michigan.  Screws them up way more often than not.  They just can't get over us.  Also, when it's all said and done, win or lose, they're still Sparty, and they know it, and they hate it.

01/01/2015 - 2:56pm I don't mean to be negative either, but

When Jimmy beats Sparty's this year, he'll be the first coach in a long time,from either team, to win that matchup.



ed.  that is, in his first year.

01/01/2015 - 11:12am Some of it is

Called " having an offensive line". Something we haven't had for quite some time.

12/31/2014 - 1:39pm U mad

Bro'? Kind of a mean streak in you. Give it up, it's New Year's soon!

12/30/2014 - 9:40am He sure

Sounded like a puppet last night. Didn't even look like he believed what he was saying.

12/30/2014 - 9:35am Totally agree

I saw the same Clayto report and thought the same thing. While I , of course don't know for sure, I'd be very surprised if Jim ever goes back to the NFL.
When Chris Balas reports that Jim coming to Michigan was never about the money, it made my day! I don't think Jim needs to go back to the NFL. JUST SAYIN'!

12/30/2014 - 12:24am The guy is a

Sparty's troll, can't you tell? He's blowing everything Dantonio sky high.

12/29/2014 - 1:53pm If Mike Weber wanted to go to

Michigan, he never would have decommited and switched to ohio. If your heart's not in it for Michigan, with all due respect, go somewhere else. Those who stay!!!

12/29/2014 - 1:53pm If Mike Weber wanted to go to

Michigan, he never would have decommited and switched to ohio. If your heart's not in it for Michigan, with all due respect, go somewhere else. Those who stay!!!

12/29/2014 - 1:52pm If Mike Weber wanted to go to

Michigan, he never would have decommited and switched to ohio. If your heart's not in it for Michigan, with all due respect, go somewhere else. Those who stay!!!

10/26/2014 - 8:54pm Won't win

Another game. I didn't think we'd win another one three weeks ago. Lucked out to win against PSU. Won't win again this year. Terrible program, Hoke is way over his head!

08/17/2014 - 3:23pm Hey the jury's still out

Until we prove something, after last year, we shouldn't be ranked!

03/05/2014 - 5:00pm I honestly don't think

John Beilein has any intention of spending as much energy as it might take to win the Conference Tournament.  It means nothing, you can put way more into it than you'll ever get out of it, and I think last year to go only as far as they did helped them get some rest and prep time for the big dance.  I know JB can't come out and say it, but it makes perfect sense to me.  I don't think trying to get up one more seed (potentially) or even the possibility getting a lower seed (by not winning the CT) makes a bit of difference to him.  JMO, but that's the way I'd approach it, and I think he does too.

02/14/2014 - 5:18pm Probably some

Water and possibly some Squirt. Gonna really hit it hard.

01/04/2014 - 12:52pm I know we struggled,

Er, sucked this year, but ohio hasn't played but two ranked teams in the last two years, and lost to them both. They deserve all the crap they get for their pussy schedule.

01/01/2014 - 7:01pm Stanford's offense

is done scoring. I hate to say it, but unless Sparty's O gives up another stupid score, the cardinal O is done. Just sayin'.

12/31/2013 - 4:04pm You lose

as soon as you call names, you lose, you have no sensible argument, you lose!!

12/31/2013 - 3:50pm I could give a rip about the B1G

and I could give a rip about sparty.  They are a good team, but entirely classless.  Their fans are so pathetic, and when it's all said and done, even when they beat us, they are still sparty, they are still not Michigan, and they know it.  That's what bothers them the most.  Enough said.