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09/03/2016 - 8:51pm And lose

Which will be the end of SEC schools traveling north.

08/28/2016 - 7:20pm The service academies are not free

One commits to five years active service plus three reserves. In any accounting textbook, that's the definition of an incurred liability.

08/19/2016 - 8:41pm Could be ok since he's not a starter.

Bring him in for 4th quarter relief, when the OL is tired and moving a ~400lb guy off the line is twice the challenge.

08/01/2016 - 9:28pm -Having the courage to tell

-Having the courage to tell my wife I was in love with her (we were "just friends" at the time).

-When each of my children was born.

-Completing my PhD.

-Becoming a portfolio manager.

-Getting fired for not compromising my integrity by lying to a client to keep an account, and landing a better job that paid twice as much 5 weeks later.

10/22/2015 - 6:59am Whenever I read about

Whenever I read about Michigan apparel deals, I always wonder how much in cumulative sales are due to the Fab 5.

10/14/2015 - 9:08pm 45-7 UM

Go Blue!

09/29/2015 - 7:09pm Odd that you said not that AAU

I thought, oh, that makes sense. Then thought, oh, what other AAU would she be head of?

06/21/2015 - 2:13pm Statistics or computer programming

Psych and Art History classes are for future bartenders. Courses that give you a foundation in how to use computers and mathematics to make sense of large amounts of data will serve you in any future career path.

06/19/2015 - 4:17pm Mr Pinkle

That is a lucid, well thought out objection.


02/16/2015 - 1:14pm Fans and people with Madden

Fans and people with Madden skilz think timeouts are only good for stopping the clock for end of game drives. Thing is, coaches "waste" them all the time for personnel and play calling reasons. If you take the default view that the Pats weren't stopping Seattle, then calling TOs to save clock for a Hail Mary type late drive makes sense. But if you think Belichick was thinking about making a stand, then using or not using TOs to maximize his chance to make sure he had the right defensive play call given what the offensive personnel was showing, it isn't so dumb to do what he did.

02/02/2015 - 9:32pm You're still thinking in terms of having to score again

Think in terms of wanting to stuff them 3 more times. Bellichick said after the game that he knew they were going to run a pass play from their personnel package. If he thought that they could stuff that, then he could use his last two TOs to react/adjust to what the Seahawks were showing on the field. Using your TOs to preserve your shot at getting the ball back ups your odds of getting scored on.

Guy is a coaching robot. I'm sure he's thought about this. If opposing team is inside my X with under Y to play, and I have TOs, do I let them score and get the ball back, or try to stop them 4 times? My guess is you can't play for both, so you pick one and optimize game management for that. He clearly choose to put all his chips on stopping them. I don't think it's all that clear cut which has better chance, as they are both low probability events.

02/02/2015 - 2:34pm No Pats timeout was the right call.

You forget that the Seahawks had 1 TO left with just under a minute to play. If they run and get stuffed, they have to call TO and then are forced to pass the last two downs. That was why Pete Carrol called the pass play. If Belichick calls TO, he gives the Seahawks a free TO and an option to stuff the run twice.

Not taking a TO only is a bad move if you assume the odds of the Seahawks scoring are greater than the odds of you getting the ball back and getting enough yards to get into FG range. This only works if you let them score. The Giants showed that teams aren't always so dumb as to grant you a quick score.

Like everyone else watching, I thought, there's no way the Seahawks don't score, so in the moment agreed with my neighbor screaming for a TO. After the fact, it is clear the Pats weren't getting the ball with more than 10 seconds no matter what, and odds of a goalie stand may have been better than a hail marry, and Belicheck made the right call.

01/25/2015 - 5:41pm Also

At least the local media stopped talking about deflated footballs.

01/25/2015 - 5:39pm Live in Boston, but grew up in WNY

So meh. Was funny going to the store today as everyone was buying food like it was going to be a Blizzamagedon Snowpocalpyse.

01/22/2015 - 9:48am The outrage is dumb

The rules say what pressure the ball needs to be delivered to the refs two hours before the game should be. It also says a pump must be furnished, presumably so refs can rein flare balls if they wanted. That puts the onus on the refs for not checking and correcting it before kickoff. Furthermore, the rules don't say what the air temp of the balls should be upon delivery, so if the Pats delivered 12psi balls @140 degrees, an then they deflated due to physics when they cooled down, the rule book doesn't say anything about whether that's legal or not.

12/30/2014 - 8:47pm Or

Dear SacBee,

As the manufacturer, we have issued a recall for your Harbaugh. We apologize for any inconvenience your Harbaugh has caused you. We engineered the Harbaugh to be a high performance football machine, but due to the difficulty of making a coach unknown to mankind we have inadvertently created a personality incompatible with the NFL. We realize now that the Harbaugh is not meant for NFL consumption, and fully plan on retiring the Harbaugh from football use. As the Harbaugh cannot be destroyed, we have elected to let it run out its competitive drive in the only place truly suitable for the Harbaugh. In the future, we hope you find one of our Former Harbaugh Assistant models more suitable to your needs.


The Victors Valiant Manufacturing Corporation

12/30/2014 - 2:52pm JCT

Jim crush Tuesdays.

12/29/2014 - 7:42pm Your comments about real

Your comments about real versus blind patriotism are spot on.

What comments did Harbaugh make back to Hart?

12/24/2014 - 4:41pm One comment on Durkin

I wanted to take his waiting on Harbaugh as a positive for It's Happening.gif, but it could always be that Harbaugh has said, you're my DC no matter where I land. If it's Michigan or if it's an NFL destination where he has the control he wants.i still think Harbaugh comes home, but I don't think Durkin putting off TAMU is as conclusive a sign as one might hope.

12/22/2014 - 6:47pm I thought this was a possible

I thought this was a possible reason for the video equipment yesterday, but based on the rumored details of the agent meeting today reported by the Edge, it makes more sense that the video equipment involved Harbaugh + Agent one one side, and Hackett + regents on the other.

It wasn't done using Skype because you don't have a meeting where you're trying to do everything you can to assure JH that Michigan is committed to doing whatever it takes to return to prominence, including shell out big money for assistants, and then ask the dude to jump on Skype. Cheapskates use skype, ballers send a video crew.

12/21/2014 - 8:06pm On the other hand, it could

On the other hand, it could also just be Michigan making sure to keep the full court press on and deciding to not risk letting a FaceTime connection screw things up and thinking HD is worth the money and effort.

12/21/2014 - 7:35pm I took the video equipment

I took the video equipment comments on Rivals to mean that maybe Harbaugh would actually be addressing players. It seems like such a very Harbaugh thing to do, and it makes sense why you would need to send equipment + tech people. I'm sure Hackett would find a way to get to SF for a real face to face if it came down to it. I'm sure FaceTime or Skype would also work. But a video conference call with 100 players logging in remotely with video feeds in Aa and SF as sources sounds exactly like what would require people and equipment on a plane.

12/14/2014 - 12:04pm Ugh. I think Harbaugh does

Ugh. I think Harbaugh does have real interest in the UM coaching job, but I don't think he's any sort of lock. Tire fire or not, if Oakland throws the GM/coaching combo at Harbauh, I think he'd be very interested. The GM/coach combo worries me much more than the money.

12/12/2014 - 8:16pm He's the director of

He's the director of marketing, not the chief marketing officer, I don't care what his business's card says. I hate the C I front of things now.

12/07/2014 - 10:11pm I see what you did there, but

He's Mullen' it over would have been better.

12/02/2014 - 7:09pm Don't rule out a face saving

I don't know what Harbaugh is thinking or wants, but from what I've read about him, IF he were very interested in returning to UM, he doesn't seem like he would want to let it look like some 34 year old rich kid gave him the boot back to college, where his shtick would work better. He seems like he'd want to let NFL teams offer up draft picks to get him, simply to prove a point; that he's still very much a hot commodity. That would allow Harbaugh a chance to save face a bit when he then took the UM job. It would make it a choice he made out of love for his alma mater, and leave the NFL on his own terms, not York's. Not saying that's what he wants, but IF his mind were made up and terms basically reached with UM, this is exactly how it would play out in the media before then end of the season.

11/08/2014 - 7:56pm So.....

Gruden, who has one few Super Bowl rings, a worse winning percentage, and has been in the broadcast booth for 6 years since getting canned by the team he took to the Super Bowl after a six year stretch with a losing record, gets GRUDEN!! type posts in every CC tread since forever, but Shanahan elicits universal DO NOT WANT posts?

Someone please explain. I'm confused.

10/25/2014 - 10:04am It makes me like JH more. I

It makes me like JH more. I feel I'm a pretty driven guy, but I'm driven FOR my family, not irrespective of it. That he puts his wife and kids first isn't a knock on his ferociousness.

10/12/2014 - 3:29pm With the way the AD is being

With the way the AD is being run, in 20 years team 135 will look at their feet and mutter, "I can't afford the $10k Former Player Seat License".

10/12/2014 - 2:35pm I do not envy the hangover

I do not envy the hangover you're going to have Sunday morning two weeks from now.

10/12/2014 - 12:06pm So let me get this straight.

So let me get this straight. It's not the coach of the 115 sons in his 4th year, it's not the tough as nails 5th year senior QB, or the strong side turned middle LB whose middle name is Mother F'er. No, it takes the punter who was suspended for all of last year for a dope problem to light enough of a fire under this teams ass to get them to eek out a narrow win at home to a mediocre Penn State team still reeling from NCAA sanctions. Fabulous.

Enjoy the feel good win for the next 13 days. Sparty gonna murder us.

10/04/2014 - 8:30am Wait, they lead the nation in

Wait, they lead the nation in sacks? We have no deep threats and a porous OLine? We. Are. Getting. Shut. Out.

10/01/2014 - 9:54pm What's his stance on the dean

What's his stance on the dean of LSA? What about the issues facing the engineering school? How about the financial footing of Mott? Can he even name one non-athletic issue facing the university?

Brian seems like a good enough guy, but as much as I love Michigan athletics, and want the regents to act to fire Brandon, I agree with Schlissel; the mission of the university is academics and not athletics. If I had to choose between the athletic and academic reputation of the university, I choose a academic every time. Football and other sports do help create a tribal vibe that I think is good for UM, but I think perspective is in order. If Brian has nothing to contribute to the academic mission of UM, he has ZERO business even running for regent.

He seems a smart guy though, so if he can educate himself on the real issues facing the university and articulate it to me as part of a regent campaign, I'd listen.

09/28/2014 - 5:17pm Maybe if Hoke was wearing a

Maybe if Hoke was wearing a headset, he might have heard the coach in the booth say, "gee, Shane looks addled". Did the guy in the booth say that? We'll never know, an neither will Hoke. I didn't know isn't an excuse when you don't even wear a F'ing headset!

09/25/2014 - 7:09am Sigh.

16-7 michigan.

09/23/2014 - 8:33pm One common characteristic. RR

One common characteristic. RR had some young defenses, filled with more underclass men then upper. Same is true of BH and his offense. Don't get me wrong, I've seen enough cluelessness to make me want Hoke gone, he's in over his head, but youth is a real thing. I wish I could find the link, but I'm pretty sure I read a mathlete post back in like 2012 that said that 2013 would be worse than 2012, and that 2014 would be the low point in terms of this, with a rapid maturing in 2015 and 2016.

09/20/2014 - 8:45am 27-10 Michigan

27-10 Michigan

09/19/2014 - 8:23pm Brandon has made it clear

Brandon has made it clear that The expectations are for Michigan to compete for B1G titles. If Michigan finishes tied for second in the East (presumably behind Sparty), and give the winner of the East a reasonably competitive game, that will be enough to save his job even if we lose all of our OOC games.

09/14/2014 - 6:54pm True, but it's not like the

True, but it's not like the other teams in the top 25 were all playing great teams. Also, given how we struggled to run against anybody last year, even the bad non-conference teams, this line and our running attack is clearly improved. Is it up to standards of a decade ago? No. Still, if the line play and the run game continue to improve this year, I think Hoke's hot seat will cool down a bit. My confidence in Hoke was definitely shaken by the severity of the ND defeat, but the reality is that barring a Harbro wanting the job, a weak B1G should allow allow this team to improve as the year goes on and put the ND fiasco in the rear view.

09/07/2014 - 9:07pm Let's all pull for the San

Let's all pull for the San Fran bowl so that DB will be in the right place geographically to start the coaching search when we get blown out in yet another road game.

09/05/2014 - 9:10pm No

UM - 42 (The answer to life, the universe, and everything. Plus a natural number)

ND - i* (1+sqrt(5)) / 2 (the imaginary golden mean)

09/04/2014 - 10:12pm I get it now!

Given the wide spread cheating going on at ND, starting a rivalry with the "we ain't come here to play school" Ohio State University makes a lot of sense. I mean, it's Dumb and Dumber, not Dumb and Smarter.

09/03/2014 - 8:46pm 52-28 Michigan

52-28 Michigan

09/01/2014 - 8:00pm To play devils advocate,

To play devils advocate, playing WR in a run heavy offense might just make it a little easier for you to put up big TD numbers since the other team is probably overloading the box so often. All the more so if the offense is predicated on running over you and not caring if you know they are running because you can't stop them anyway, type.

If a WR could put up comparable numbers when your offense probably can't run and the defense knows you are THE target of a pass or die offense would be harder to accomplish, I'd think.

08/30/2014 - 8:20pm Dude's got cat like reflexes,

Dude's got cat like reflexes, so I'm calling him Voltron from now on.

08/27/2014 - 6:10pm ACT is now overtaking SAT as

ACT is now overtaking SAT as the test students take nationally. Given the higher out of state percentages at UM v MSU, it likely just represents a rise in ACT test taking by the out of state student body. Since it's hardener to get into any school as an out of state applicant, you'd expect a higher test score on average.

I know I took SATs and not ACT when I applied as out of state. Hell, I don't think I'd ever heard of ACT until I got to UM, and that was only mid '90s.

08/26/2014 - 9:56pm I don't mean to overreact

Maybe it was the "injure himself" part that gave me the impression that the fault was being attributed to his own actions, rather than simple misfortune.

08/26/2014 - 8:33pm "A guy who retired after the

"A guy who retired after the season because he couldn't get breakfast without injuring himself got two."

I like the write up, but have to say that I think Chris Bryant deserves more respect than this. I know it's a fine line between being glib to make for entertaining writing (which I think generally is), but this makes Chris sound like a kid who ate too much and worked out too little. Frustrations of the line are understandable, but unless you have evidence to the contrary, Chris deserves the respect of a Michigan man whose body failed him despite his best efforts to contribute.

Next time, stick to a simple "was injury prone", when talking about guys who suffered broken leg in effort to be the best he could be.

/end rant

08/12/2014 - 6:45pm This is why society has laws

It may not be smart or cool to talk shit in a strangers face, but defending actions like this on the basis of Detroit street thug etiquette is wrong. Breaking someone's jaw because they offended you should land you in jail 10 out of 10 times.

07/28/2014 - 11:44pm There's no doubt that

There's no doubt that Harvard, Princeton and Yale stand apart, but all the others tend to rise and fall a little academically through time. I can remember when Penn and Columbia were the "crappy" Ivies.

From a social elitism point of view, there are plenty of Ivy goers who look down on MIT because it's too working class.