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01/20/2019 - 5:47pm Penn State has two things we…

Penn State has two things we don’t in the last few years. A win over OSU and a B1G title. We are right there per recruiting metrics - actually better than Penn State per average composite. 

01/20/2019 - 1:16pm Over a five year cycle, we…

Over a five year cycle, we are recruiting better than Penn State by composite average. Not by much, but we are #2 in the B1G by composite average over five years. Our problem isn’t recruiting - we could recruit slightly better but then we’d be ahead of Clemson - our problem is just not getting over the fucking hump. Beating Ohio State, B1G Championship, CFP berth, etc. We are right there. Because Michigan offered the #439 ranked player in the country isn’t why we lose. 

01/17/2019 - 8:00am POSBANG! Beat the badgers!!

POSBANG! Beat the badgers!!


It is only Thursday. Make a thread about condiments or animal grooming. Thanks. 

01/16/2019 - 11:05pm I know there is a current…

I know there is a current joke about emailing the AD/coaches, but I’m going to send an email about hockey broadcasting to the AD. If what you say is true about Minnesota hockey, then I’m truly baffled that we don’t have more televised Michigan hockey broadcasts. 

01/16/2019 - 4:12pm Do we know if he wants the…

Do we know if he wants the basketball team to lose a game?

01/16/2019 - 2:08pm Since 2010 this is the…

Since 2010 this is the number of top 250 recruits per year compared to Ohio State.  Blue is U-M, red is OSU.  Source of data is 24/7 composite.



U-M has averaged 8.4 top 250 players per year versus OSU averaging 13.2.  In the Harbaugh era, it is 9.0 per year versus 14.0.  

01/16/2019 - 12:51pm DenardToRoundtree - member…

DenardToRoundtree - member for 19 hours.  Account nuked.



01/16/2019 - 12:17pm OT: What is Yoder doing?

OT: What is Yoder doing?


I don't think most people here care.

01/15/2019 - 10:57am (No subject)


01/13/2019 - 8:55pm Teske!!!!!!!!!!


Thread deleted because there is an open thread currently going on for basketball chat. 

01/13/2019 - 1:23pm Thomas Edward Patrick Brady,…

To: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr.

From: mgowill 

Dear Tom Brady,

I would like for you to get SB #6. 

Thank you,


01/12/2019 - 2:55pm Should be open now. 

Should be open now. 

01/12/2019 - 11:48am It was maybe premature to…

It was maybe premature to lock the thread. I emailed Seth after the second post came up. There was also some Twitter buzz about the same time.  I locked the thread this morning because the article was released in the wee hours of the night and I was being precautionary. 

01/11/2019 - 4:25pm I predict that every player…

I predict that every player who enters the transfer portal, will be honored with a post on mgoblog. 

01/11/2019 - 4:15pm Our 2020 recruiting sucks?…

Our 2020 recruiting sucks? Thanks Obama. 

01/11/2019 - 4:02pm Yes this is what I told my…

Yes this is what I told my friend to send Nick. Let’s see if it pays off Cotton. 

01/11/2019 - 1:11pm There are 4 offensive…

There are 4 offensive assistants that have left Alabama so far.  When Enos was asked about whether he would be stepping up to OC prior to the Orange Bowl, he replied that they hadn't discussed it.  Saban said the same thing.  Saban then said they were going to review the staff after the game was over.  FWIW, Saban had to replace 6 assistants last year.  This is pretty common for Alabama.

01/11/2019 - 12:11pm I heard an Alabama fan…

I heard an Alabama fan emailed Saban his concerns.  I would expect that this gets fixed shortly.

01/11/2019 - 12:05pm The SB Nation site for…

The SB Nation site for Boston College was NOT happy that he was being interviewed here.  This is a good hire.  Per Sam's article -

When it comes to recruiting, Campanile is a major presence in the Garden State. He hails from a family that is considered football royalty in North Jersey where his father is a coaching legend and several other family members have also been standouts as players and or coaches. That rich lineage and his own on-field and sideline accomplishments allow his to walk in virtually any door in his home state and be known. That worked to Boston College's advantage. Now it will work to Michigan's.

01/10/2019 - 9:30pm Cheer up sunshine - we got…

Cheer up sunshine - we got this. 

01/10/2019 - 8:57pm Miracle shots from Illinois,…

Miracle shots from Illinois, silly turnovers by Michigan, need to just tighten up a few things. 

01/10/2019 - 8:41pm Underwood looks ready to…

Underwood looks ready to HULK SMASH

01/10/2019 - 4:27pm (No subject)


01/09/2019 - 10:02pm FWIW, I kept your post up…

FWIW, I kept your post up from last night because of your detail. There was a duplicate of the same subject, but it basically had one sentence of content. If you had posted this (OSU losing) with more detail I would have done the same and dropped the one/two sentence post. Now that being said, I’m not the only mod and I’m not always on. I do appreciate your detail though. I have read comments here from others that do as well. 

01/09/2019 - 9:31pm I am tempted to stickie this…

I am tempted to stickie this for the next few days or so. Upvotes for everyone!

01/09/2019 - 9:13pm Got it covered. 
To: Jim…

Got it covered. 


To: Jim Harbaugh 

From: mgowill 

Subject: No Subject

Dear Jim,

Please recruit harder, we have noticed Nick Saban recruits really hard.  Also did you see Tarik Black liked a tweet? Lastly, if possible I’d like a cotton candy making session with the punters at the spring game. 



01/09/2019 - 8:48pm And Harbaugh doesn’t tweet…

And Harbaugh doesn’t tweet much. He could still do camps. I really don’t know why you’re upset. If he does a carnival and we lose to OSU again, none of it matters. Are people going to cheer extra really hard and make us win the game cause they got to do a potato sack race in Michigan Stadium in the spring?

01/09/2019 - 8:36pm Yup. People literally called…

Yup. People literally called for Harbaugh to stop with the antics - camps, trips, signing of the stars, Twitter, etc. So he did all that and we still lost games. Now we are supposed to cry for him to have a selfie day and turn the spring game into a carnival? 

01/09/2019 - 5:36pm Tarik Black liked this tweet…

Tarik Black liked this tweet


Subject of the offense has been discussed a whole bunch. Probably not enough substance here to retread the whole discussion again. 

01/09/2019 - 4:11pm So I had my own fun.  I…

So I had my own fun.  I looked up 2013 and 2018 Michigan - both teams that went to the final.  Looking at record for B1G only for those two teams was pretty similar.


12-6 overall

8-1 home

4-5 away



13-5 overall

8-1 home

5-4 away


So then looking at the remaining B1G games in 2019, we are favored in every one except one - at MSU.  The four most difficult games left for Michigan are @Wisconsin -2.1, @Maryland -3.0, @MSU +3.8, and H MSU -4.0.  Torvik projects 27-4 for us now, and those seem like the most likely candidates. That would leave it looking like this -


16-4 overall

9-1 home

7-3 away

01/07/2019 - 4:05pm Banned user TD Billy Taylor…

Banned user TD Billy Taylor for the comment below.  Deleted the comment in the thread as people were rightfully upset.

TD Billy.PNG

01/07/2019 - 1:00pm KenPom has them as #4…

KenPom has them as #4 overall and essentially a bizarro version of #5 Michigan.  They have the #3 offense and #17 defense.  Michigan has the #20 offense and #4 defense.  

01/05/2019 - 8:34pm Hello Bubba,
Your account…

Hello Bubba,

Your account has been blocked after a review of your account. Have a great night!


01/05/2019 - 1:53pm Izzo looks like he’s going…

Izzo looks like he’s going to explode. This is entertaining watching him freak out. 

01/05/2019 - 1:31pm People pretty much are in…

People pretty much are in flames. Have you been reading the blog lately? I’m not sure who your comment is directed to. 

01/05/2019 - 1:08pm This comment reads like you…

This comment reads like you are having an argument with yourself. I hope you win. 

01/05/2019 - 1:00pm “This will be my first year…

“This will be my first year going into next season with the same offense and same scheme and everything,” Patterson said. “I’m definitely excited about that, because I’ll know it. I’ll know it like the back of my hand."

We have the people in place on offense that we should be passing for more than 200 yards a game. I hope this changes next year. 

01/04/2019 - 4:40pm This is a place for…

This is a place for discourse. When done correctly people don’t need to be told what they should think. I think that’s where you might be a tad confused. The fact that you stated “what they need to hear” makes me think you might just be trolling. 

01/04/2019 - 4:23pm Hello urbansdaddy,
A review…

Hello urbansdaddy,

A review of your account proved to reveal many tirades and swearing - very little content or value could be found.  I would suggest that you read the FAQ before returning to posting here.  Have a great day!


01/04/2019 - 4:17pm Account has been banned. …

Account has been banned.  Posting a message the account user in a thread on the board.  I found the same and saved some screen shots.


01/04/2019 - 3:49pm Hello O-State,
You might be…

Hello O-State,

You might be a little confused.  This is a Michigan sports blog.  Feel free to return to your Ohio State sports blog.  I have banned your account.  Have a great day!


01/04/2019 - 2:37pm Account jgoodman has been…

Account jgoodman has been banned.  Dropped the N word in the Justin Fields thread.  I took a screen shot before it was deleted.

01/03/2019 - 1:31pm Washington to OSU (per Yoder…

Washington to OSU (per Yoder)


Removed because Yoder.  MGoStrength account blocked.  Don't post Yoder.

01/02/2019 - 12:16am WichitanWolverine given a…

WichitanWolverine given a week off for post in Zach Gentry to NFL thread  


Bye Felicia. 

Bye Felicia. 

01/01/2019 - 11:38pm I think you can sit in…

Hello WichitanWolverine,

I think you can sit in timeout for a week. 

See you next week!


01/01/2019 - 2:36pm I think there is a good…

I think there is a good discussion here. I would ask that people refrain from calling one another asshats or dickwads so we can talk about this. Thank you. 

01/01/2019 - 2:23pm Does anyone know the real…

Does anyone know the real reason Solomon transferred during the season?


Probably best to not have this discussion again. 


Evolution of bowl game participation


Already a bowl game participation thread up on the board. 

12/31/2018 - 10:25pm Gregg Henson claiming Nordin…

Gregg Henson claiming Nordin gone, team sources refuting


Dropped post because Gregg Henson isn’t a reliable source. 

12/30/2018 - 11:02am I’d take Bobby Petrino 

I’d take Bobby Petrino 

This could have been posted in the coaching snowflakes

12/30/2018 - 12:01am JOHNNAVARREISMYHERO…


Banned. I’m not even trying to really find stuff, but you need to back away from the keyboard. 

Harbaugh has recruited a…

Harbaugh has recruited a bunch of pussy ass players.

Also, fuck you Hudson.  You have done nothing all year and you scream like a retard on the sideline.