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12/12/2017 - 11:56am I know this flirts with

I know this flirts with 'counterstrike' territory...but a handful of acquaintences here in Toledo close to his HS program are very high on him and all say the same thing: future NFL tackle and believe he will start at one of the tackle spots next year. 





04/18/2017 - 3:43pm This is worth a read, if only

This is worth a read, if only for one observation.  Wilton leaves is right foot planted when he throws and does not follow through with his hips, like if a pitcher's toe never left the rubber after releasing the ball.  That seems like an easy fix, relatively speaking, within the context of mechanical issues.   Will be interesting to see if his motion continues to develop.  

09/01/2016 - 3:50pm umbig11 was not incorrect.

umbig11 was not incorrect.  Minor thing, was punished with early morning  things, fulfilled demands and will not sit out any of the game.  umbig11 was correct in saying "there's something to this", but may have been slightly misleading in allowing us to think some sort of suspension was a done deal. 

07/29/2016 - 12:31pm Because I'm an idiot, I cant

Because I'm an idiot, I cant embed Louis CKs bit about "...he got a handjob from a miner...not a minor, a miner..."  seems apropos 


07/25/2016 - 8:08am Lazy, general opinion -

Lazy, general opinion - whoever the best LT in the country is.  Moving Cole to C while actually upgrading at LT would make for a weakness-free OL.  

03/11/2016 - 9:54am I suffer from Sleep Apnea

Was finally diagnosed at age 35; I have an "oral appliance".  It's similar to a mouthguard, but the bottom hooks into the top and keeps the lower jaw from falling back, which blocks the airway.  It's been life-changing.


I can tell you that this has a huge impact on how you feel throughout the day.  I can attest to the depression and general struggle to get through a day.  Everyone here has had a bad night's sleep...just imagine having those every single night, for 10 to 15 years.  You kind of operate in a general fog and getting the sleep issue addressed lifts the fog.  His quality of life should improve dramatically now that it's being addressed. 



10/13/2015 - 8:56am Fantastic.
Question for the


Question for the more tech savvy does one isolate and/or download the music from the Pure Michigan spots?  Can I do that with a program like Audacity? 



10/12/2015 - 4:45pm   

EDIT: redacted



08/12/2015 - 8:13am White dog displays a jump cut

White dog displays a jump cut on par with Fitz Toussaint's high school highlight tape. 



07/10/2015 - 10:49am You bet your ass he did

You bet your ass he did

07/10/2015 - 10:48am Someone able to embed his

Someone able to embed his announcement tweet?  'Cause it includes a short music video...yep, a kicker put together a short music video to announce his college choice.  As a consumer of recruting news, I gladly accept part of the blame for where we are in terms of Clausen-esque hoopla surrounding verbal commits.  

06/16/2015 - 8:39am Griff Whalen?

Someone who recalls better than I, what kind of role did Griff Whalen play while at Stanford?  Strictly an outside receiver?  He was an ahtletic, well-built, HS QB who switched positions for Harbaugh.  He is a touch smaller at 5'11''/200 lbs.   



05/20/2015 - 3:48pm If my gym offered a wedding

If my gym offered a wedding reception dance class, I'd be in amazing shape. 

04/07/2015 - 9:16am Watched these

Watched these's 28 minutes of touchdowns and it shows maybe 6 opponents?  

I grew up in the Toledo area and am just a few years younger than Woodson, every saturday morning I would flip to the Fremont Ross box score in the Blade to see what he did the night before.  I believe he scored 6 touchdowns in a game once...6 different ways.  

Cool Starry Bra:

I played baseball with a guy who was a sophmore when Woodson was a senoir.  He showed us that season's highlight tape once and it was a joke.  The above video is a small taste of how dominant he was.  



04/03/2015 - 9:03am Wife and I will be there

Wife and I will be there

03/23/2015 - 12:29pm You two sons ' o vichs beat

You two sons ' o vichs beat me to the obvious joke

03/11/2015 - 3:12pm He seems to be careening

He seems to be careening towards, if I may use a baseball analogy, being a thrower and never developing into a pitcher.  Like others though, I think under the current staff there is still plenty of time to see him progress and become a good player.  



01/27/2015 - 9:33am Sounds like the in-home visit

Sounds like the in-home visit did not, um, go well...someone will inevitably post the tweets here detailing the visit.  

08/29/2014 - 12:44pm I'm glad we are playing them again

I am glad they scheduled it again.  Does UM want to allow App St. to be the only team they have a losing record to?  2007 will never cease to exist, tomorrow's game being scheduled or not.  I'd prefer my most recent memory of them to be a good beating in the season opener of what turns out to be an incredible season.

Also, App St. came in and beat us, they deserve to be scheduled again...refusing to schedule them again, to me, is chicken shit and disrespectful.  

Tomorrow's gonna be a fun day as we begin to see the fruits of the past few recruiting classes begin paying off.



08/06/2014 - 10:25am 40?

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

04/25/2014 - 9:20am Satire, which was preceded by

Satire, which was preceded by their Dave Barry-esque "light fodder" stage

04/25/2014 - 9:11am The NCAA has now become a

The NCAA has now become a parody of itself. 

02/26/2014 - 3:13pm Since the Summer of '79

Since the summer of 1979, I've managed to put on over 200 lbs.  Not all good weight either.



12/12/2013 - 6:24pm My guess?

A combination of a few or all of the following:

1) both Smith and Green played as freshman, maybe they thought Smith would possibly redshirt as they developed their initial recruiting plan for 2014

2) Drake Johnson injury, haven't heard those in the know, is it a possible career ender?

3) Hand choosing bama opened up a spot in the class (I'll leave this here, even after realizing that Pallante basically took this spot)

4) Someone buried on the depth chart is transferring (I'm not saying that's the case, just maybe possible, thus changing their strategy for '14 at the RB position

Go Blue!

11/06/2013 - 10:08am No details in the brief

No details in the brief blurb, one can speculate it would allow him the time to take in his son's college games?  Granted, his son won't be playing until 2017 at the earliest probably. 



08/27/2013 - 4:46pm In the immortal words of Lou Brown

"Get him a uniform"



08/21/2013 - 9:48am So in 2015...

In 2015 our WR Corps will look like this: 

RS JR's - Darboh & Chesson

So - Drake Harris

Fr - George Campbell

Well that won't suck...

...ut damn, was looking forward to seeing him play this year.  Feel bad for the kid as he's worked hard and earned the right to play. 

In my psuedo-panic of "who can step up?", I almost forgot about Funchess and what he brings to the table as a pass catcher.  So, "nothing is fucked, you're being very undude..."



08/08/2013 - 9:19am exactly my thought, walking

exactly my thought, walking off, unassisted with no trainers in sight. 

08/06/2013 - 12:50pm Good to see Shane where he is

Good to see Shane where he is (201)

08/06/2013 - 8:17am Thread worthy?

May want to post this in it's own.  Great find. 

While one can't take much from a few clips, it didn't look like Green was carrying a bunch of bad weight as some had feared after hearing he came in at 235.  Other than that, just great to see football and great to see Shane throw a laser.



08/05/2013 - 10:38am Like the top picture, but the

Like the top picture, but the Shamrock on the shoulder is way too big and the helmets should just be gold. 

08/01/2013 - 9:41am It's only about 2 seconds of

It's only about 2 seconds of video, but you start to understand why Gallon is so good.  He sets up the defender for a move BEFORE he has caught the ball, makes the catch, puts the ball in his outside arm so he can stiff arm the other oncoming guy and walks in.  Just great instincts and awareness, but zero thinkng and just reacting. 

Don't want to read too much into the clips of Devin, but he does seem to have a better arm slot in the clips from over the winter vs. from the season...also seems to get his left shoulder closed more on some of those deep balls vs. the one against Iowa and the one to Dileo against Minn.

Gardner is going to have a monster year.

07/03/2013 - 11:13am If I'm not mistaken, that's

If I'm not mistaken, that's Shane on the far left of the group photo?  He looks like he's spent a lot of time in the weight room, combined with fully recovering from mono and has physically prepared himself to see the field this year (like everyone else, I hope he can redshirt though).

EDIT: well, I think I'm mistaken now that I actually click the photo to see the larger version. 

Godin looks large.





07/01/2013 - 1:20pm Can we assume all Freshman

Can we assume all Freshman have arrived at this point?  Or only ones that are taking a class over the summer? 

07/01/2013 - 9:36am yeah, those first few plays

yeah, those first few plays certainly felt like watching Ryan.  Couldn't recall how big he was when he came in and didn't know if Furbush had the type of frame that would keep in the SLB range or had room for 35 lbs. 

Will be interesting to see how the class unfolds the rest of the way and where exactly it ends up in terms of numbers. 

07/01/2013 - 9:31am I'm no film guru and I look

I'm no film guru and I look forward to input from the more knowledgable posters, but at a minimum looks like a big kid with great straight line speed for his size.  Rivals/Scout seem to agree he is around 230...any chance this kid grows into a wde?

Welcome aboard Noah! 

06/27/2013 - 4:20pm I thought Hernandez looked

I thought Hernandez looked familiar.  That was him in the opening scene of 'The Last Boy Scout', yes?



06/12/2013 - 9:09am It's actually a

It's actually a "crunch-enhancer".  A non-nutritive cereal varnish that's semi-permiable.  It's not osmotic.  What it does, is it coats and seals the leaf, prevents the dressing from penetrating it.



06/07/2013 - 6:16pm Will be interesting to see if

Will be interesting to see if he is in the rotation as a starter or if he plays center field with the possiblity of a role as a closer as well (which I've read is possible).  He's a hell of a hitter and outfielder.  Great kid and good for him and his family for doing their homework.



05/28/2013 - 1:31pm Saw him play a hoops game

Saw him play a hoops game this year and he had a "quiet" 33, if that's possible.  Great athlete who is going to get drafted out of high school.  A friend of a friend is the girl's hoops coach at his high school and said his family has been diligent in doing their research in terms of what pick/how much $ would make it a smart decision to sign rather than attend Michigan.   Here's to hoping he gets to enjoy at least 3 years at UM before moving on to the pros.



04/23/2013 - 4:44pm well played

well played

04/23/2013 - 4:42pm there are mo ways than one to

there are mo ways than one to tell what is essentially the same joke.


04/17/2013 - 2:35pm Agreed and...

Things that are being pointed out by experts/reporters on cnn/news sources.  They also have department store survellaince and news footage that is aiding in identifying a POSSIBLE supsect (seen dropping the bomb, from what is being reported).  CNN is backtracking and saying they have identified a suspect on film, or rather identified an indivual, but have not confirmed who that person is at this point.  Again, 5PM PRESS CONFERENCE, stay tuned.

Again, I agree it's hard to assume anything from that photo.  It was just an unusual reaction from that one individual the moment it went off and everyone else is going down, holding their ears. 

04/17/2013 - 2:21pm This Picture

This and others in this series are part of the possible identification of a suspect:…


EDIT: seems to be confusion on whether a suspect has just been identified or actually arrested.  good news either way.  5pm press conference.



04/09/2013 - 11:29am With the likes of Brian and

With the likes of Brian and this blog elevating my fandom into a well-informed obsession, it makes all of this more personal.  What I mean is, I'm not upset about the loss for me, the fan.  We follow these teams so closely and really get to know the players and coaches.  My disappointment is for them and all of their hard work to only come so close to their dream.  This team will never be forgotten and has left a special legacy for every team that follows.  I feel like there was something symbolic with having Webber there, the face of the lows experienced the last 20 years. 

This team, I think, finally repaired those wounds.  Shall it not fall on blind eyes that next year a banner will be hung in the rafters at Crisler, a Regional Championship/Final Four banner, the exact one that was taken down in the wake of the scandal.  This team shouldered the burden of replacing what's been missing in so many ways. 

Go Blue! 

04/05/2013 - 9:34am BTN has been heavy on Mich

BTN has been heavy on Mich hoops all week and has also shown the episode of "big ten's greatest seasons" featuring the 88-89 hoops season (showcasing the league as a whole).  I certainly remember the NBA talent our championship team featured and how good Illinois was that year.  What I did not remember (I was 10 or so at the time), is that it was Indiana who won the Big Ten that year and that Iowa was the preseason #1 team in the country.  Wow.  I think they mention Michigan had 7 future NBA players on that title team, with 4 first round picks?  Loaded.  


04/03/2013 - 9:27am I completely agree

...but, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, et al are not your grandfather's professional basketball player. 

04/03/2013 - 8:31am So what do people think?

At what level do you think she could compete with men?  I think she'd be a decent HS boys basketball player, bordering on good at that level (in your average high school conference).  Thoughts?

Cool Starry Bra:  I worked with a girl out of college who played soccer at Indiana, so a good athlete in her own right.  She honestly thought Lisa Leslie (the best in the wnba at the time) could compete with Shaq, she lost her mind and refused to discuss it, she was that adament.  The great thing was, it was the week after Anika played in that PGA event and really struggled, and if there was ever a sport where the physical difference might, just might be mitigated a little, it's golf. 

Understand I have great respect for these women athletes and am well aware that Griner and NCAA d1 players would run me out of the gym. 

03/20/2013 - 3:55pm With the right instagram

With the right instagram filter, I look similar to Clark.



5'10", 230, white

03/05/2013 - 1:15pm Oline, unkowns at the skill

Oline, unkowns at the skill positions, it's all mostly been covered.  I'd love to see Bellomy look sharp, confident and putting a little more zip on the ball (I know he's never going to be Brett Favre).  Hoke alluded to him maybe not being 100% in that nebraska mess.  The kid was a 3 star committed to a big ten school before UM offered, so there is/was some talent there, hope to see him take steps forward.