Amara Darboh to miss 2013 season with foot injury

Submitted by Wee-Bey Brice on August 21st, 2013 at 8:49 AM
According to official M football acct: "@umichfootball: Sophomore WR Amara Darboh will miss the 2013 season with a foot injury that will require surgery. #Team134Camp" My nightmare has come true. Let the MGoPanic commence



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I think that next year would have been better.  We'll have Drake Harris, and everyone else on the team who catches passes and isn't less than 6 foot would have an extra year of exerience.  I don't see his redshirt paying off much either, as by 2016 we'll be loaded at that position. 


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We have senior wide receivers this year as well as a proven quarterback. We saw last year that height is not all that matters, as the under 6-foot duo of Gallon and Dileo was very effective. With a year to learn the system, Chesson will arguably be more of a factor this year than Darboh was for us last year, and Jackson should improve, so there should be an added height presence. 


In 2016 we will indeed be loaded at the WR position, but we don't know what our quarterback position will be like. If all is right, Morris or Speight will be back there killing it, but we can't guarantee that. I would much rather have a loaded receiving corps then than now, given our proven-effective quarterback now who can make plays with both his arm and feet. With the 2016 WRs, Morris or Speight should be able to just throw the football to a general area of the field and make plays more often than not. 



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noooo sorry to hear that wish Darboh the best in his recovery.


So now I'm guessing it is on Chesson - let's see what you got


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I wasn't trying to convey that I'm losing my marbles, it just seems that everyone has been getting beat up this year before the season even starts.  I can't remember the last year that it seemed that this many people were getting injured.  

Benoit Balls

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one time, trying to go quickly down a flight of lanscape stairs made from railroad ties and brick with a pair of loafers on.  I was in a hurry and my foot landed awkwardly on the next step down, which was not level, and the next thing I knew my ankle was purple and the size of Chaz Weis' yeah...these things can definitely happen with little or no contact



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have similar attrition like this.  It is just that these are your guys and you have known their name and about them since high school.  Hear that..... that was the sound of two other season ending injuries for major college football teams that you will hear little about this season because it is not your team.  It is when this happens and then cruel thing happen in season like last year where it becomes a major factor.


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Look on the bright side, Darboh gets his redshirt? Idk, this is not good...

[EDIT]: Does this mean true freshman will for sure get some action? If so, any of them looking good or getting some hype? 


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That's it, pack it all up, season's over. No use even trying at this point, we should just cut our losses and plan for next year. Only viable option I see at this point. That or Seppuku.


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did not know what to expect from Darboh.  On a personal level for him this really sucks and I feel bad for the guy.  In terms of what it means for this season, all that is changed is that one a different unproven wide receiver will be a significant part of the offense.  To put it in terms of past combinations, if we just lost Manningham but Gallon or Chesson can be Arrington, we're still in good shape here.  Very unfortunate for for Darboh, but he will bounce back.  For us fans, with reports of a speedy recovery for Ryan, if the bug can stay away from Blake and Toussant, this ship should still be right on course.


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Normally I would agree, but the talent at the outside receiver position is so nonexistent (other than maybe Chesson) that this does hurt.  Open up the playbook, find all of the passing plays that involve having at least two 6'2" wide receivers on the field at once, and throw them in the garbage for the year.