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According to Yahoo Sport's Dan Wetzel Mitch to the NBA after testing positive for marijuana which netted him a YEAR LONG BAN from the NCAA

EDIT: Because some people aren't reading the article:

  • Mitch failed an NCAA administered test during the tournament - schools test during the year
  • The NCAA has harsher policies than schools do. Had Mitch failed a Michigan adminstered test it would have been 1-2 week suspension
  • Mitch dressing did not affect his test. Had Mitch been in street clothes or in AA he could have been tested by the NCAA during the tournament
  • Mitch passed 8 tests during his 2 years at Michigan, this was his only failure…

Mitch McGary took a deep breath. He wanted to tell the story of why he smoked marijuana one night in March, why the NCAA suspended him for a year because of it and why the confluence of those events is helping lead him to declare for June's NBA draft. It wasn't easy, so he started at the beginning. For months, McGary had struggled to come to terms with the back injury that limited him to just eight games for the University of Michigan this season, none after mid-December.

EDIT 2: Quotes from Mitch and Beilien from

"My family and I want to thank everyone for giving us privacy and the time to make this decision," said McGary. "As you know, it was important for us to weigh all the factors that go into something like this. With that being said, I am ready to move on to the next stage in my life and enter the NBA Draft. "Being a part of a program that values integrity, it is important to let everyone know of a poor decision I recently made. I tested positive for marijuana during the NCAA Tournament. We were notified of that result after the Final Four. I regret thoroughly disappointing my family, coaches and administration. Despite all of this they have been understanding and helpful over the last couple of weeks. "I take full responsibility for this poor choice and want to apologize to everyone, especially those I have grown close to during my fabulous two years at the University of Michigan. "I love the University of Michigan and all it has allowed me to do. I have had my ups and downs, especially with my injury this season. I want to thank all the fans for embracing me. This has been the best two years of my life and I have some unbelievable memories. I know that I will be a Wolverine forever. Go Blue."



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My senior year of college (2012-2013). I lived in a house on Tappan Avenue. Well just as the semester was beginning, at the corner of Tappan Avenue and Hill, there was a giant multi house party complete with security and a band playing. My friends and I attended said event. At said event there were tons of michigan players from various sports including recruits. (I recall shaking Shane Morris's hand and seeing LTT). There were also members of the basketball team present, in particular Trey and Mitch. Well at one point during the night we observed Mitch and trey walk behind a couple of portopotties. About ten seconds later they walk back out from behind said portopotties and blow smoke into the air. I cannot speculate as to what kind of smoke it was but it was clearly Mitch and trey. The party was later broken up to what I remember as about 20 cop cars and SUVs. A week or two later I see trey has been suspended for the opening game against NMU for a "violation of team standards." Putting two and two together this story does not surprise me at all.


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So that's why he was waiting so long.. Waiting for that result to make his decision for him. Well that's unfortunate for all parties..


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Just heard on wtka. I am so disappointed in Mitch, and pretty shocked. I wish him the best of luck in the nba and I hope if he has a substance abuse problem that he gets help for it. He has a bright future and I wouldn't want that to hurt his chances of success. Our poor coaches, they must be pretty disappointed in him.


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Only that one time! I swear!


I actually agree with you, though. Testing positive for pot does not equal serious substance abuse problem. I'd be surprised if anyone on the team didn't smoke pot, to be honest.


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But why would you think he would have a substance abuse problem because he tested positive for pot?  I don't smoke the stuff and comments like this make me shake my head.  This is 2014 right?  If he got caught drinking a beer you wouldn't automatically worry that he was an alcoholic would you?

Coach Carr Camp

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I see what you're saying, but asking if he has a substance abuse problem due to one failed marijuana test (after 8 successful ones) is like asking if someone has a learning disability if they get one C after being a straight A student. It comes off a little insensitive and uninformed to even beging implying the possibility, but I understand you didn't mean to come off this way.


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I don't personally think he has a problem. I don't have any personal knowledge as to whether or not he has ever done drugs in the past. I said, IF he does have a problem, I hope he gets help for it. Whether or not we agree with the NCAA or NBA or criminal rules/laws regarding drugs, they do exist. If he happens to have a problem, which I don't know if he does or not, I would hope he would get help for it so his NBA career isn't affected.


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I mean, couching it in "I hope that X isn't true" doesn't change the fact that it's irresponsible to introduce X into the conversation.

If I saw you have a drink, and said to a bunch of people, "geez, I hope ilah17 isn't an alcoholic" I'd consider that to be a really rude suggestion, even couched in "I hope NOT"


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Those tests were administered by Michigan right? I'm sure nobody in the athletic department would give a star player a heads up that they might be on the list to get tested. I'm not saying Mitch is lying, but passing 8 tests administered by someone with a vested interest in the test being passed doesn't really prove anything in my mind.


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I have two words for you. Plausible deniability. So, I guess I'm not smarter than that. I don't think anybody is above breaking the rules. I hope and think that our administrators and coaches wouldn't do such a thing but nothing surprises me anymore.  Edit: This is just a general lack of faith in humanity, not me passing judgement on the program because of recent events or anything.


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given the general opinion regarding weed in AA, not to mention its decriminalized status, if the school arranged the testing in a way designed to minimize the likelihood of someone getting caught.

An example of what I mean: when I was an undergrad it was a violation to have certain items in a dorm room that were officially considered fire hazards, although no one, including the fire marshal, took that official consideration seriously: no hot pots or other cooking devices, no hair dryers above a certain (pretty low) wattage, etc.

I had a hot pot in my room I used to boil water for tea and instant soup. One night I came home to a note from the fire marshal saying he had inspected my room and found the following violations of campus fire policy, etc.... He would be returning to re-inspect the room sometime between 2 and 3pm the following Thursday and if he found the offending item at that time I would be cited. However, he also wanted to inform me that he did not have authorization to open any closed dresser or desk drawers....

Needless to say, I never heard of anyone actually being cited for a fire violation.


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I mean the way it sounds the only reason this happened is because he was dressed as on official player at a game. So he tested positive for an illegal substance while being an eligible player for a game. Is it crazy harsh and bullshit in the first place? Yeah. But Mitch knows (or at least should know) the rules and should have planned accordingly. The minute he put on the uniform for the game, this was a possibility.

Everyone Murders

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Mitch made a mistake, and apparently is owning the consequences.  But as gmoney41 notes, the penalty is excessive - there is no competitive advantage that McGary gained through smoking some weed, and it's not like he was endangering anyone's safety.

I get that weed is illegal depending upon where you are, and it may be a gateway drug (to quote one of the guys in Kings of Leon "weed's a gateway to Cheetos and sweat pants" at least).  And I'm not a big fan of the drug in general, since I've seen too many friends fritter years away in a wake-and-bake rut.  But a year for getting high when you're not even competing is excessive.

Best of luck to Mitch in the NBA, and thanks for the memories.

Everyone Murders

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Wait!  Are you telling me that the D.A.R.E program may have included some incorrect information?  That's unpossible!

(I still think it's a gateway to Cheetos and sweatpants, even if that belief is based entirely on anecdotal evidence.  Or even if that belief is based on me thinking it's a funny line, truth of the matter notwithstanding.)


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I think you're joking, but just in case. I'm in a union and can still get fired for testing positive for drugs/alcohol. If you don't like a law/rule, try to get it changed. Don't break the rule and then say the punishment is stupid (Mitch isn't doing this, thankfully).