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12/14/2018 - 1:14pm Favorite moment from his…

Favorite moment from his Senate run is when I read some analysis of the primary, and the author said something along the lines of, "James has a name recognition issue, in that most voters don't know who he is and those that do don't like him."

11/20/2018 - 1:29pm Ben Mason seems to be the…

Ben Mason seems to be the obvious choice.

10/30/2018 - 11:40am OU is the team I'm most…

OU is the team I'm most worried about jumping Michigan in the event that both win out and win their conferences.

That said, OU has zero top 25 wins (as of now, they have only two ranked opponents on their schedule: their loss to Texas and their upcoming game against WVU). In this situation, Michigan would have the better resume (more top 25 wins, better loss), but I'm still a little worried.

10/30/2018 - 11:22am I find it hard to believe…

I find it hard to believe that they would give two SEC teams spots if ND is already taking up a spot. They'd be leaving out 3 conferences from the playoff, in that case, which I can't see happening.

10/13/2018 - 7:51am Des shouting out Mediterrano…

Des shouting out Mediterrano? Unexpected answer, but it's definitely a good place.

10/10/2018 - 2:27pm Are their running styles…

Are their running styles that similar? I know Wilson's on the smaller side, but I don't think of him as a shifty big-play threat like I think of Evans as being. I guess I've kind of thought of Wilson as more Higdon-lite.

Regardless, I do kind of feel like Wilson needs plenty of snaps this weekend, as he does seem to be the best be pass protection out of any of the RBs.

10/07/2018 - 5:20pm Where in town do they set up?

Where in town do they set up?

10/07/2018 - 2:11pm Sure, any ranking in the…

Sure, any ranking in the first half of the season is a lot of guess work about which teams are good or bad, but right now both Texas and Florida have better resumes than Michigan and deserve to be ranked ahead of Michigan. But the quality of Michigan's opponents take a big step up over the next few weeks, which is when Michigan can build their resume. Assuming Michigan beats UW and PSU, then they should be ahead of Texas and Florida at that time.

10/07/2018 - 2:02pm Isn't that the exact…

Isn't that the exact opposite of the Lions' MO the past few years? I feel like usually they fall behind then have to mount big comebacks to have a shot at winning.

10/07/2018 - 11:05am It's not a generational…

It's not a generational thing. You're crazy if you think people havent complained about coaches and players and teams and programs forever. The only different is their knee-jerk emotional complaints are being archived and documented, rather than just yelled at whatever eyerolling poor soul happens to be sitting next to them. 

10/07/2018 - 8:29am I actually expect both Texas…

I actually expect both Texas and Florida to jump UM. Texas has beaten three ranked opponents (TCU, USC, and top ten OU), even if two of those three are not as good as initially thought. Florida has a similar resume to Michigan (one loss to a ranked opponent, granted Kentucky is no ND) but does have at least one huge win and their win against an MSU squad who just knocked off #8 Auburn is looking better.

At this point, Michigan just doesn't have the resume that the other two have, but that's just a function of scheduling. Michigan's chances for high profile wins ramp up significantly in the next month. Win and they'll move up.

08/14/2018 - 10:05am I'd put MSU ahead of OSU…

I'd put MSU ahead of OSU. MSU's issues are systemic and have involved abuses committed within and/or by multiple units within the athletic department, not to mention the enabling that extends all the way through the top of the university administration. Plus, aside from Nassar going to jail, there is no real indication that anything at MSU is changing.

Then again, don't forget that OSU is also mired in another sexual abuse investigation involving their wrestling program.

08/01/2018 - 6:47am Years ago I got stranded in…

Years ago I got stranded in Atlanta for three days. The whole ordeal was insane, including a temporary landing in Alabama. But the highlight was that in the seats next to me were two brothers (probably in their mid-30s), whose mother had given them multiple giant bags of homemade dinner leftovers and who were nice enough to share. So while we circled Atlanta and sat in Birmingham for hours, I got a massive meal with salmon, mashed potatoes, etc.

08/01/2018 - 6:34am Could you elaborate on the…

Could you elaborate on the keeping people in the dark part?

07/29/2018 - 7:48am Totally agree on the reader…

Totally agree on the reader-entitlement issue. I really hope it's just a very vocal minority who can't seem to not complain this whole off season.

The new site has some bugs and some less-than-perfect elements. Seth has been pretty responsive to complaints and feedback, and has outlined what's getting fixed when and what will take longer and why.

Also, as a recent returnee to Ann Arbor, I actually really appreciate these local politics posts. Helps me get oriented to what's going on in town, when actually wrapping your head around local issues can be a little difficult. For those that don't care or are somehow offended by these posts, it's beyond me why they just don't read them.

07/27/2018 - 9:51am He threatened to rape her in…

He threatened to rape her in retaliation for reporting Gibbons's assault.

07/03/2018 - 11:55am I've been meaning to ask,…

I've been meaning to ask, what school is in 5th place? The green and black logo with a chunk of Montana/Idaho, etc?

06/29/2018 - 12:10pm It's my understanding that…

It's my understanding that al-Sayed reached out to MGoBlog, and Brian says that he'd be happy to interview other candidates if they did the same.

I don't think it has as much to do with al-Sayed being a UM grad than al-Sayed's camp contacting MGoBlog. If Colbeck et al. contacted the blog to do an interview, Brian has said point blank that he'd interview them.

06/29/2018 - 10:27am I appreciate Brian's…

I appreciate Brian's willingness to interview candidates and discuss local (whether city or state level) politics. Especially since it sounds like he's willing to interview anyone who asks.

I don't always agree with his views, but it's hard to argue that he hasn't thought about the things he has opinions about.

05/23/2018 - 4:32pm Fun (?) fact: the "Avoid the

Fun (?) fact: the "Avoid the Noid" campaign drove a mentally ill man named Kenneth Noid, who felt the campaign was targeted at him, to take a Domino's hostage in Atlanta in the 80s: LINK

05/10/2018 - 9:15am Point of clarification

apparently, the accuser recanted

From what I have read, the accuser did not recant, but chose not to cooperate with police in order to avoid the stress and difficulty of pursuing charges.

03/15/2018 - 6:46pm Thanks for this!

Name: GoBlueInNYC


03/01/2018 - 9:02am Getting fired over Lynch was

Getting fired over Lynch was my first thought, as well.

Has there been any update to that? Last I heard, he was barred from campus (as far as I can recall), but still allowed to remain with the team and practice. It seemed like there was a pretty vocal outcry over that situation that dissipated pretty quickly.

02/28/2018 - 6:16am I think one of the most

I think one of the most frustrating aspects of NCAA rulings is how little precedent seems to matter. They could grant Patterson his eligibility and then arbitrarily deny someone else in the same position (or vice versa).

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if out of this batch of Ole Miss transfers some were approved and some not, even though they are literally all making the same argument.

02/13/2018 - 10:48am I mean, I want to disagree

I mean, I want to disagree with you, but you are a doctor. So...

02/02/2018 - 10:03am There have definitely been

There have definitely been some stories about parents not believing their kids (I think at least one mother made her daughter apologize to Nassar, accusing the daughter of making the allegation up). At least one victim statement was about how her father killed himself over the guilt he felt.

01/15/2018 - 10:05am One could argue that an event

One could argue that an event focusing on the sexual needs and sexual health of women is an entirely appropriate event to in contrast to things like sexual assault and male predatory behavior.

01/15/2018 - 9:53am "eww?"

I don't know what's wrong with any of those three things, separately or together.

01/05/2018 - 2:59pm Young ran plenty: "His

Young ran plenty: "His [Young's] 43 career rushing touchdowns are second among quarterbacks, while his 4,239 rushing yards ranks third all time." LINK

01/05/2018 - 2:27pm Only one way to settle this:

Only one way to settle this: I'll become the GM of...let's say the Bucs. You become the GM about the Titans. First one to win a Super Bowl officially wins this message board debate.

01/05/2018 - 2:03pm Yeah, but how many Patriot of

Yeah, but how many Patriot of the Week awards has he won, huh?

01/05/2018 - 1:48pm Your examples of people like

Your examples of people like Jimmy G or Rodgers aren't the same as what you're advocating for the Lions. Brady and Favre needed replacements because they were getting old (ESPN's recent Pats profile claims that Belichick didn't want Jimmy traded explicitly because he's trying to plan for post-Brady). Stafford isn't even close to retirement age. Carr was also clearly drafted to be the starter, not to provide competition for an entrenched starter.

Wilson, Dak, and Cousins are really the only ones I would say kind of fit what you are actually advocating. And I say "kind of" because both Wilson and Cousins were brought in behind new starters who were definitely not established like Stafford and who didn't work out. So, I guess Dak is the best comparable, and even he didn't really beat out Romo as much as played great after Romo went down with injury.

So that's generously three out many QBs drafted who didn't work out?

Plus, as far as cost is concerned (which was part of your original point), Cousins is an unique case, with his back-to-back franchise tags; it's widely accepted his contract will be bigger than Stafford's when he's finally allowed to sign a contract. And I don't even think Cousins is better than Stafford.

Bortles, Dalton, Osweiler, and Bridgewater are all easily worse than Stafford.

Prescott and Goff might end up being better than Stafford, but far too early in their careers to say (Prescott's sophomore campaign suggesting he might not quite live up to his rookie hype).

Keenum has had a weird career, and really could only possibly considered anywhere near Stafford's level, if you ignore the first five seasons of Keenum's career prior to the past few months.

And I would reiterate, that Detroit has plenty of roster needs, and that burning 3rd rounders on players that will never see meaningful playing time just so a top ten QB can have some competition would be overtly wasteful drafting strategy. Stafford has been playing at a high enough level for long enough that I seriously doubt the lack of competition is somehow hurting him.

EDIT: I should say, I do see the logic in what you're saying. I just think odds of hitting on a worthwhile QB is so low that it doesn't make sense to pursue it given: 1. Detroit has a good (in my opinion, top ten) QB in place, and 2. Detroit has other personnel issues that could more easily be addressed in the mid-rounds. But I do get what you're saying.

01/05/2018 - 12:19pm Bringing in developmental QBs

Bringing in developmental QBs and seeing if they can be groomed is totally fine, and it's what Detroit is clearly trying to do with someone like Kaaya (Rudock seems more like a "develop into cheap back-up" type). Which is a good idea when you're talking about 6th+ round picks.

You don't spend 3rd round picks on QBs that you're going to have a tiny hit rate on (considering your stated "hit" is to find someone to displace Stafford). Especially if you're Detroit, and you've got much more serious roster deficiencies elsewhere, where that 3rd round pick could have a bigger and more immediate on-field impact.

I also suspect you and I have very different views as to how good Stafford is; I'm assuming you view Stafford as much more replaceable than I do from a quality standpoint, while I think replacing him with someone of equal or greater quality would be nigh-impossible in the current QB marketplace.

01/05/2018 - 11:42am How many teams are sunk by

How many teams are sunk by the fact that they can't find a functional QB? And you want the Lions' strategy to be "chase developmental QBs so we never have to pay for long term contracts?" That's insane.

The hugeness of Stafford's contract relative to the team salary cap will decrease as the cap is raised. It's pretty much a given that the next round of free agent QB contracts will surpass Stafford, as his mega contract eats up relatively smaller portions of an ever increasing salary cap.

01/05/2018 - 10:46am Plenty of QBs have "leaned on

Plenty of QBs have "leaned on rushing ability," from Cam and Vick to Steve Young and Kaepernick.

01/05/2018 - 10:45am What? No. Lions should not

What? No. Lions should not spend a 3rd round pick on a QB. That's crazy.

01/01/2018 - 11:40am Sorry, should have been more

Sorry, should have been more specific - I meant DCs from the Pats. Not DCs, in general.

01/01/2018 - 9:09am Did he build a stable team?

Did he build a stable team? They seem to have a lot of problem areas (e.g., offensive line, lack of a running game, weak pass rush, linebacker issues). Watching that team was like watching a team really working hard to win in spite of some serious structural problems.

01/01/2018 - 9:07am There is no reason for an NFL

There is no reason for an NFL team to accept that their ceiling is 9-7 and maybe sneaking into a wildcard spot. The NFL has too much parity built into their system for a franchise to just give up on the idea of winning literally anything (if not the Super Bowl, at least win some division titles). This isn't college where a school might not be able to recruit on the level of its competitors; any team can be built into a winner.

01/01/2018 - 9:04am I think wanting to maintain

I think wanting to maintain continuity in the coaching ranks while the front office experienced turnover is exactly how Caldwell held on to his job the past couple of seasons. Now that the FO is settling down, I'm not surprised they're choosing to move on from Caldwell.

01/01/2018 - 9:01am Martha's willingness to fire

Martha's willingness to fire people is honestly the thing that gives me the most hope for the Lions. WCF was either way too loyal or way too lazy to let people go.

01/01/2018 - 9:00am Have there been DCs who tried

Have there been DCs who tried and failed as HCs? I can only think of OCs.

Not that I'm jazzed about Patricia. I don't know that the Pats' defense has been a super inspiring unit the past few years (not necessarily bad, just not noteworthy).

12/04/2017 - 3:10pm 1. Calm down, dude.
2. I'm

1. Calm down, dude.

2. I'm not worried about it affecting recruiting going foward, I'm thinking more about actually getting to a point where the team is developing and playing the players the coaches recruited. It took Rudock half a season to get up to speed, I'd like to see the position group actually get to a point where kids come in, learn the offense, and then start.

3. I'm not sure Patterson is some sure thing that won't need a chunk of time to both develop genearlly (as other's have noted in this thread, his numbers aren't exactly impeccable against good defenses), but also to learn this offense.

12/04/2017 - 1:03pm I'm not sure teams typically

I'm not sure teams typically can go 3 deep on QBs without being screwed. I just don't know that bringing in that 3rd QB is going to be worth fucking up the position group's longer term development.

(OSU's title run being the big glaring exception to that 3 deep rule, obviously.)

12/04/2017 - 12:41pm Maybe I'm just getting ahead

Maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself wanting M's recruiting to stabilize, but I think I'd rather see a Peters, McCaffery depth chart going forward than continuing to rely on transfer QBs. I just feel like things are starting to shape up (if maybe a little thinner and younger than you'd llike), and that bringing in Patterson just throws a bit of a wrench into long term development of M's QB position.

12/01/2017 - 8:49am It's OK, they didn't deserve

It's OK, they didn't deserve their spot in the playoffs that year anyways.

11/29/2017 - 1:31pm Ah, interesting. I missed

Ah, interesting. I missed that. Thanks!

11/29/2017 - 1:15pm Has there been any news about

Has there been any news about the duration or severity of Peters's symptoms? Because, I feel like not getting cleared in time to play the following Saturday doesn't seem like an excessively long duration.

11/29/2017 - 12:50pm This prompted me to just skim

This prompted me to just skim Malzone's Hello and Recruiting posts. Reading those and seeing what the QB position was projecting to look like vs. how it actually has shaken out...Michigan's QB situation the past few years has been weird, to say the least.

11/21/2017 - 10:49am I see we have moved beyond

I see we have moved beyond "next year" all the way a pre-emptive "two years from now."