Should UM skip bowl games?

Submitted by DCGrad on January 2nd, 2019 at 11:53 AM

The general sentiment on the board even before the Peach Bowl seemed to be that this was a meaningless game.  I think some players on the team played like it was a meaningless game.

If the B1G allows teams to skip, should UM skip non-CFP, non-Rose bowl games? 

Does your calculus change if Michigan beats OSU, wins the B1G, but doesn't go to the CFP or Rose?

I did a little research, but I haven't found whether the B1G has to weigh in on this decision or not.



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Honest question for people.  (First of all, no that is stupid we should not skip bowls we should just win them).  But second of all, I did not think our players played like it was meaningless.  It was a really hard hitting first half with both teams playing really hard.  I thought they brought a lot of effort and intensity until our defense was literally too decimated to mount resistance.  Are the particular players that looked like they mailed it is?  That is not how I saw it at the time.


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No. Here's why:

1) 15 extra practices

2) Money for the school/ conference

3) Exposure for potential NFL players (NFL scouts are at these games)

4) Free trip and bowl game swag for players

5) An 11 win season would have been super nice (even with the ND and OSU losses).


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And these points should end the discussion. Under the current system, you have to play the bowl game.

The answer to the question is that we, as a fan base, should recognize these points and treat the game itself as roughly as important as a pre-season tune-up.

A chance to get excited about young players improving into next season. Not a chance to rip the coaching or worry about draft-eligible players deciding it isn't worth the risk.

So this is on us, not the team. The loss was about one one-millionth as excruciating as the one five weeks earlier and should generate one one-millionth the level of snowflaking.


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Maybe Michigan should trying winning the meaningless bowl game?

you realize that there's money to the B1G conference pot, extra practice time, and a bunch of players that are looking for a fun extracurricular experience and gifts right?



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What a stupid post...  When we win it's a different sentiment .   And all the crap about players sitting.... To me it allows the next guys up to play, so it works out. We lost .a shame .that's it. 


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Couple things:

1. I never advocated for skipping and I don't think UM should skip mainly for the extra practices, just asking if there's a situation when UM would skip;

2. Notre Dame went 6-6 in 2009 and skipped (they fired Charlie Weis), and went 8-3 in 1996 and skipped (Lou Holtz retired); and

3. All B1G schools get money from the conference even if they don't go to a bowl game.  I am about 80% sure they all get the same amount.


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I realize you're having fun but man, I wish we'd start winning some critical games - especially against these Ohio inbreds (I live in Ohio). Even a bowl win this year would have been something. At least a win against Florida would have been eased just a little of the pain administered on Nov, 24 - a day that will live in infamy.  


January 2nd, 2019 at 12:15 PM ^

In defense of the op (sort of), it’s not unprecedented. I think Notre Dame skipped out a couple of times, but those were years when coaching changes happened at the end of the season. Can’t imagine any reason UM should decline an invite though.


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Wow, this is the reason I don't visit this blog anymore. The topics brought up are so incredibly stupid. Other topics that seem relevant to discuss are so quickly derailed by the initial sarcastic responses that it's never taken seriously. Until the mods start implementing some hard rules this blog will continuously fade into being a random chat room versus an informative blog, which it used to do very well. 


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Why would you skip a bowl game? It's extra practice and a chance to give different players a bit of on-field time and a chance to get a trip to a warm-weather destination out of the deal. That, and it makes money for the institution and further, how do you frame that to recruits, that you'd rather not have a postseason unless certain things are the case.

4th and Go For It

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Should we just skip the season? Until such time as UM engineering can invent time travel technology to accurately forecast the years we'll go undefeated? Those seasons we'll play, of course, but what even is the point of playing if we're not going to never lose. I'd rather not even know football existed than suffer the indignity of 2-3 losses per season. Why, I get the vapors just thinking about it {falls onto fainting couch}.


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Absolutely not.  Maybe cut down the number of games, say to 15 or so.  Then not everyone goes bowling and it would make them more meaningful to people.  The bowl games are a good experience for the players too. 


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When you are a fan who drones on about how bowls don’t matter enjoy the fruits of your bitching with another bowl loss. Break the cycle and give a shit or expect more of the same. It’s like a contest of “who’s gives a shit less” and it’s the one thing as a fan base we are competitive in. 

True Blue Grit

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No is the incredibly obvious answer.  But I WOULD like to us put a better effort into the game to try and win it.  If some of the players played it "like it was a meaningless game", then it's likely the coaches sent them that message either directly or indirectly.  They could have done that by using the same generic, bland gameplan that got us run out of the Horseshoe.  The players aren't dumb.  Look at other teams who seemed to be excited about being there and played hard to win.  Penn State was down by 20 and almost came back to win it.  If Michigan did that and still came up short, I wouldn't be as a tenth as pissed as I am now about our effort in the game.  


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Before skipping the bowl game, I would treat it as a spring type game. Play young players and see what they have.

Win or lose, bowls are rewarding for the players.


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I think Michigan should skip the Ohio St game if they don't have a shot at winning the Big 10.  It's just too close to the NFL draft and we shouldn't risk players' health who may have a shot at being drafted.