Rutger fan predicts 27-19 win over Michigan

Submitted by Brother Mouzone on November 6th, 2018 at 1:15 AM
We’re 1-8, but I think we beat Michigan. There’s no question that Rutgers has struggled its first nine games, as our freshman QB struggled to acclimate to this level, we played lots of young players, and we struggled to find the right personnel on defense. Thankfully, we’ve played much better over the past two weeks, barely falling to Northwestern 18-15 during that time, and played competitively with Wisconsin.

This week, we’re ready to take things to the next level and defeat Michigan. Here’s why:

- After a big win vs PSU, this is the quintessential trap game, and Michigan will overlook Rutgers

- Michigan has so little respect for Rutgers, they run variations of the same power play over and over again, much of the time. They pull the backside guard, #50 350 pound OL Onwenu, who drills the LB in the hole. With Ash now taking the reigns on defense, The defense will be more effective against this play.

- Raheem “The Dream” Blackshear is ready to make a name for himself as one of college football’s biggest playmakers. I don’t think Michigan can stop him.

- Rutgers QB, Artur Sitkowski has an NFL future and will be the best quarterback in Saturday’s game, just like in 2014. Against Wisconsin, he threw for 261 yards and no interceptions.

- Rutgers defense played its best ball of the season these past two weeks and is poised to shut down Michigan, as Coach Chris Ash is now coaching the defense

- Michigan’s secondary is over matched against Rutgers receiving Corp, which also was the case in 2014.

- our young ones are ready to shine

I don’t doubt that Michigan will give us a good game, but it won’t be good enough.

Rutgers 27
Michigan 19




November 6th, 2018 at 10:42 AM ^

If this is a legitimate thought experiment that we are having I think Livers is the obvious choice at QB. He clearly has the arm for it as demonstrated by his clutch long court inbound passing last season.

Obviously a basketball team would have a tough time filling out any of the Lineman positions, but if we are simply filling out the skill guys with the basketball players for this week against Rutger I would have those spots filled in as follows.


QB- Isaiah Livers: He is tall and can see over the line something Simpson may struggle with although Simpson does have more experience directing an offense. Livers' baseball background and the aforementioned passes provide the best evidence of anyone on the team having a chance to be a legit QB option. 

RB/FB- Zavier "X?" Simpson: Zavier Simpson's body size and lateral quickness make him the best choice for RB/FB. He could prove to be a pretty solid choice and his bulldog personality lends itself to being a tough runner in between the tackles. 

WR- Charles Matthews: Matthew's athleticism would lend itself well to the wide receiver position and his 6' 6" frame wouldn't hurt his chances at jump balls either. 

WR- Jordan Poole: I don't really think this one requires much explanation. He has the height and the athleticism to succeed here. His personality also lends itself to being a go to wide receiver as well. 

TE- Jon Teske: Teske's size would be a huge asset to a team as a receiving option. Its tough to project anyone on the basketball team, besides perhaps Simpson, as a good blocker, but Teske may have the size to pull it off. Either way if you need a tight end he appears to be the most logical option from this team.


CB- David DeJulius: Defense is a lot tougher to project across sports, but I'm leaning on putting athletes on the field. DeJulius has the necessary athleticism and his body type lends itself well to corner. 

CB- Xavier "Z?" Simpson: I waffled on where to put Simpson on this side of the ball. He could perhaps perform as a middle line backer, but he perhaps is a little on the small size and I'm leaning towards just filling out DB positions. I also thought about putting him at Viper, but I do see him as the teams best option at corner as his defensive instincts would serve him well in this spot.

Safety- Jordan Poole: To be honest I don't know if he would be good at safety given his defensive lapses on the basketball court I just enjoy watching him do things (play with cats, shoot threes, run away from Wagner, etc.)

Safety- Isaiah Livers: Played good defense all of last basketball season. I thought about going Eli Brooks or one of this years freshmen, but I'm going with a proven defender despite the fact that he hasn't proven it on the football field.

Viper-Charles Matthews: This one is pretty simple best athlete on the team gets put in the position that requires a high level of athleticism. 


K- CJ Baird: He has a history of getting his team 3 points. 


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Wow, good for him! I certainly hope Rutgers plays like they are learning and getting better - and I do think they are getting better - but I don't think he knows exactly how good we are. He should ask Vegas...

A Lot of Milk

November 6th, 2018 at 1:38 AM ^

In all fairness, everyone on that site is bashing the poor delusional guy. I don't blame him for wanting something good to finally happen when your team has been so abysmal for the last half decade. But this isn't a fairytale. This is Michigan's time.


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"35-13 or something similar.

Michigan goes super vanilla because their very good Backup QB broke his collar bone last week, so they’ll look to protect Shea Patterson until the OSU game.

Michigan runs the ball, a lot. Rutgers contains it, for a bit. Michigan wears down RU mid 2nd half and can’t move the hall against Michigan D."


i'm going to agree with this guy but we score 41.


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I know next to nothing about Rutgers other than their record.  Can their defensive line do anything against Michigan O-Line?  Because if they can't generate pressure, then it's going to be a long night for Rutgers.  I don't think it'll be all rushing, either ... if they can keep Patterson safe in a clean pocket he'll go downfield.  Patterson probably won't do much rushing himself, though.  

My take: Patterson takes a breather in the 3rd, Peters comes in and does just fine in relief.


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This is why we play the games, I guess.   It's really difficult to pull an upset of this magnitude in college football given so many glaring disparities between the 2 teams.  


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As others have pointed out, this same poster has made similar predictions for previous games--all losses, none really close at all, and none of the other posters at the site agree with this take. It's  a shtick -- nothing to get worked up about or take seriously.


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I have to admit, this kind of reading does make me more excited for the game. 

And I totally do believe that Rutgers could have the lead for parts of the first 10 minutes due to turnovers or fluke plays, but trap game it is not.

Nice article though by a guy having some fun.


November 6th, 2018 at 4:47 AM ^

This is a fan.

M thrashed the last three teams on both sides of ball.  M has shut down corners, M Dline and linebacking core is relentless.  M is loaded at the skill positions on offense. Rutgers is a young team, very shaky at QB, lost a bunch of players for off field issues, have not recruited especially well. They appear to be regressing each season. All this and predicting victory.

I could see Michigan playing conservatively.  Two years ago, Peppers and a few Jersey boys wanted to put on a show.  I don't see that fire, but I see a team who is focused. Michigan will win comfortably, I just don't see a 50 point win.  More like 42-10.