Patterson thinks Chase Winovich will play

Submitted by TheDirtyD on November 20th, 2018 at 9:08 PM

Sounds like bruised ribs..


Quarterback Shea Patterson, Winovich's roommate, delivered some more promising news Tuesday after practice about his availability for Saturday's game at No. 10 Ohio State.

"(You'd) have to kill him to take him out," Patterson said. We're not really sure his progress yet. He's a tough guy."

"I've talked to him, he says he's feeling better. I'd assume he'd play, but you never know the severity of it. Knowing him, I think he'll play."


Junior defensive end Rashan Gary said he hopes Winovich will be healthy enough to face the Buckeyes, although he declined to say if he practiced Tuesday.

"I was just talking with Chase earlier, he is pumped up, he is ready, getting ready," Gary said. "I really couldn't tell you, but hopefully he does play. But most importantly, he has to take care of his body."



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I was thinking about this earlier today.  I thought if it truly is something more pain related that he can play through then my money would be on him playing and playing with minimal limitation.

If it is bruised ribs or something of that nature then I have a hard time believing he won't play.  Chase is a warrior and lives for games like these, especially considering it will be his last chance to play OSU.

Perkis-Size Me

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Don't forget about a broken foot. And he still threw for 400+ yards and ran all over OSU's defense. If Borges had the common sense to change up his playcall on the final play of the game, Gardner likely would've been carried off the field and would be remembered for arguably the greatest performance against OSU for any Michigan player, regardless of position. Better than Howard, Woodson, Harmon, and Biakabatuka, in my mind. He quite literally had the entire team on his back that day, in a game where Michigan was vastly overmatched and had no business even being on the same field as OSU, let alone win.

Instead, people will only remember that we lost. OSU called timeout to adjust, and Borges didn't change the playcall. OSU knew EXACTLY what was coming. Thanks for nothing, asshole. You wasted a performance for the ages from Devin Gardner.  

Yes, I'm still bitter about that game, if you couldn't tell. 


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Yep!  For his own sake I want him to be able to get out there against Ohio and do some damage. Even if he's used sparingly.  Then he'll have some time to recover before the CFP, if we make it.

B1G Championship game is Dec 1 and probably the team can get by without him if necessary. 

Semifinal games / Bowls are not until Dec 29th. 


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I'm a doctor and my specialty is McDonalds medicine. The treatment for bruised ribs is actually to tape the McRib right over the bruising. The sweet, sweet meat juice from the McRib will pass into Chase's bruised tissue via osmosis. If they got him prompt treatment, he should be ready to go by Saturday. 


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This will be the Willis Reed moment.  Chase will get 2 snaps with minimal contact and his Band of Brothers will respond by pounding OSU into the ground.