OSU insider Bill Greene: "I think Zach Harrison will be a Buckeye"

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The hits just keep on coming.




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What an odd comment. Criticisms of Pep are legitimate. It doesn't mean everything that happens to the team is Pep's fault and it doesn't mean he's an abomination. He's just kind of okay and nothing more than that. Our run/pass breakdown is similar to that of Oklahoma's and we have an elite QB throwing to three elite wide receivers and elite tight ends. It's really not crazy to think that maybe, just maybe, we should be throwing for more than 212 ypg. 




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Patterson also had his worst game(s) of the year versus Ohio State (and ND too, arguably). Yes, the opponent had something to do with that, but with a few notable exceptions, he was not seeing the field well, and not throwing the ball where it needed to be thrown.

4th and Go For It

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And I’m sure Larry Johnson will accept a job elsewhere just hours after Harrison signs.  Maybe Harrison can tackle but what will he do when we will unveil our new 6 fullback formation. Mwuahahahaaaaaohshit they’re gonna beat us next year again even with a new coach, aren’t they? 


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My co-worker is a big Buckeye fan (I live near Columbus, about 5 minutes from the Harrison’s)  and we share intel from each of our fan sites. Apparently there’s nothing new and Greene said he thinks his relationship with Larry Johnson will win out, but his current pick of OSU is written in pencil.

When whatever information came out that caused everyone to change their CB pick from OSU to Michigan, Greene didn’t change because he didn’t hear anything new, but we know something was said to the Michigan staff that made them feel confident and Greene didn’t know about it. He’s less in the know than our staff and UM insiders, so I’m not falling for it. 

The word at Orange, where my oldest kid goes to school, is he’s going to Michigan. That’s not inside information, I have zero connections. It’s just what is going around the school.


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Marc Givler, Rivals guy and on par with Greene thinks he is staying home. He was non-commital until about 10 days ago, going so far as to say Michigan was surging all summer and fall. now he believes he will be a Buckeye. 

Givler and Greene are their best recruiting experts.  They both say Harrison is hard to read but both agree it’s about LJ and nothing to do w/Urban. 

Givler said that Zach was really surprised how badly the OSU OL dominated the DL  

Larry Johnson is sticking around. It’s wishful thinking that he leaves. LJ is the best in the business and left PSU because James Franklin is a douche. 


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We have had 3 10-win seasons and missed the playoff only because we’re the only school that has to play two top 5 to 10 programs as rivals. We’re the only team to have been consistently in the top 8 over the past four years to not make the playoffs.


This is the leap, next level is being Clemson or Bama but that would take a different kind of recruitment style.

I Like Burgers

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Probably going to need two leaps next season.  One on offense, and one on defense.  The defense loses A LOT of talent and what they have backing that talent up isn't at the same level as what's departing.  Whatever the defense was this season, it should be taking a step backwards next season.  So to make "the leap" the defense is going to need to do a whole lot of overachieving.

And it wasn't good enough against the good teams on the schedule as it was so....¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Kayvon Thibideaux, the #1 recruit in the country has just started getting some Alabama Crystal Balls, after being a mega Oregon lean all year. It's almost unfair at this point.


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They don't have to anymore. Whether or not they ever cheated, they're a big enough snowball rolling fast enough at this point that they can run squeaky-clean now and still basically pick any player they want. 

Unfortunately, it's probably not going to change much until Saban quits or dies.

(No, I'm not wishing the latter, just saying...)

Ger Sauden

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Lots of people high on Ronnie Bell, with how many offers? He may turn out to be a good player, and a fun story. Good player recruiting is good enough for some.


I was under the impression teams are supposed to be going for National Championships. Seems to be what Nick Saban is doing. His short man complex is really paying off. 


Not surprising to see someone thinks Zach Harrison could be going to the better end of 62-39. And here I thought this class was going to be a great haul, Daxton Hill, Zach Harrison, and all. 

And to top it off, next years schedule is even tougher than this years. 

Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn St, Notre Dame, Michigan St, Ohio St. The only cupcake games: Rutgers and Illinois. At least there's 2 byes.