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06/19/2018 - 9:07pm Moar Ohio guys. I personally…

Moar Ohio guys. I personally think if you want to beat O$U you get more coaches and players from Ohio. It appears someone agrees with me.

06/19/2018 - 1:19am D'oh!


06/15/2018 - 10:05pm Plus they drilled into my…

Plus they drilled into my roof the aholes when I wasn't home for the install. When I removed their crap dish I left the brack and screws in the root and just caulked around it.

06/15/2018 - 10:03pm Here in Tampa same thing…

Here in Tampa same thing. the heavy summer rains would come and that freakin' signal would go out every time, such a nuisance, not even sure how they still have customers unless it's people who live in the middle of nowhere and in that case okay, I can see doing it.

06/15/2018 - 10:01pm Satellite sucks. Get Fios or…

Satellite sucks. Get Fios or the closest thing. I plan to stream through youtube.

06/14/2018 - 11:18pm coffee with butter is pretty…

coffee with butter is pretty tasty actually.

06/03/2018 - 2:37pm He's a slippery one

Hard to bring down on the field and/or achieve a firm committment from.

06/02/2018 - 9:13pm Tarik just by himself changes everything.

And several guys who can actually get him the ball, things gonna be good.

06/02/2018 - 9:10pm they had another guy too, a RB

Can't recall his name though but he was pretty good.


06/02/2018 - 9:04pm Crap sakes, dodged a bullet with that guy

thankfully he committed to was it UCLA or Cal?

06/01/2018 - 9:01am Build a big, nasty offensive line

And everything else will fall into place.

06/01/2018 - 1:02am Wasn't that AMC?

Oh, my bad, going too far back.

05/31/2018 - 12:50am This is a kid you gotta love

These are the types of Ohio kids we used to have a roster full of.

No O$U offer. They're going to pay for that in Novembers down the road.

05/30/2018 - 11:11pm That's very strong

Excellent work GarMoe.

05/30/2018 - 5:08pm Speaking of, Grant Perry

I just had the thought about seeing him this Fall, the man is going to go off.

05/30/2018 - 4:33pm I like Greg Matthews

great WR

05/26/2018 - 3:28pm I need to see coach with that

swag back again.

05/26/2018 - 3:56am DV?

You got a better way to use Chris Clark in a play on words?

05/26/2018 - 12:39am Darn, thought today we'd be happy as

Clark Griswold on Christmas morning.

05/25/2018 - 10:44am How are you? Have you been alright?


05/25/2018 - 10:39am The way to make a small fortune..

Is to start out with a large one.

05/16/2018 - 2:44pm they have a $3 billion endowment

Would be nice to see the money come from there and not taxpayers but..

05/16/2018 - 2:42pm I see a tuition increase in the near future

Pass along the savings to the students, it's how it works

05/14/2018 - 6:17pm Oh, has humblebrag season started already

Time flies, the football season will be here before you know it.

05/13/2018 - 3:58pm Mess at QB since 20015?

Huh, that's funny, I remember a transfer from Iowa who had a pretty darn good season, looking in the bowl game like a second coming of Tom Brady. Maybe Gary (sp) wasn't paying attention that season.

05/11/2018 - 10:50pm Sparty fans always speak of "wal mart wolverines"

I'm a Meijer Wolverine, those clowns are always selling out the hometown (state) employer just to spite their rival.

05/09/2018 - 7:35pm This lady is a serious coach

Normally I don't follow much outside football and basketball but it's always interesting to watch someone who is the best at their craft work. Kind of like watching Randy Johnson pitch, I would always stop and watch the game even though I did't follow his team, just something about seeing the best in an era or a generation. I don't care what sport or level you're talking about, could be t ball, winning is hard to do. If you win that many titles consecutively, it's really special. Just the intimidation factor is  a huge thing. Every coach that faces off against her looks over at the Michigan dugout nervous before each game wondering how bad is this beating going to be? I hope to see that indimidation factor back in Michigan football for every team we play.

04/30/2018 - 8:52pm Same here, you learn quickly not to carry

the football back home at the end of the day, they were always pulling that on me.

04/28/2018 - 2:16pm Saw a pic yesterday of Patricia

And that old familiar feel of Lions incompetence just sung out to me, clear and true as ever.

04/27/2018 - 1:12pm Parisians suck in many ways because it's a big city

And like any other big city, lots of aholes rushing around who get annoyed when you're in their way.. Many are detestable simply because they think you have to dress in Armani to go down to the cafe and have a coffee. Now if you get out into the country you will see the real France, a great place with awesome people and much better food. The first and only awful meal I have eaten in France was in a latin quarter Greek restaurant. Any Greek place in metro Detroit would blow the doors off that dump.

04/27/2018 - 1:05pm How could a clown want the circus to end

Turn in your clown badge sir.

04/24/2018 - 8:11am I see what you did there.

See it, or as they say in Florida "I seen it".

04/23/2018 - 10:25pm Meh..


04/23/2018 - 1:16pm Jay Feely thread is locked down and/or deleted?

Bunch of panty waists.

04/21/2018 - 5:12pm I know people

who rent cd's from the libray and rip them, they have a massive collection of 5,000 songs.

04/20/2018 - 9:48pm Lets just say, he knew how to pad the board


04/20/2018 - 9:46pm The government has instituted the draft again?

Ouch, glad I'm out of reach now.

04/15/2018 - 9:49pm Donuts are fat pills

That's a real quote from him I think of now and then.

04/13/2018 - 1:23pm How's those roads up in Michigan?

Still jacked up from when Engler didn't spend dime one to fix them?

04/12/2018 - 4:35pm pretty much what I've been doiing

If it's over the air, I'll watch on the internet at one of the sites. If it's on B1G only, I won't watch because I don't think it's right to take (darn conscience) and usually one or two is on ESPN free at the beginning of the season. If nothing else I can follow online, listen to play by play and ESPN and google have highlights soon after. An hour after the game, the entire thing is usually available on YT at which point I iwatch more closely the parts i want to see and skip over crap and tv time outs.

04/12/2018 - 4:32pm Just checked it out, veryr impressive

I'm in for YT TV for the last four months of this year.

04/11/2018 - 2:08pm Used them at Christmas for free two day shipping

and then cancelled. Stickin' it to the man.

04/11/2018 - 2:04pm get a brain, moran!

Go usa!

04/10/2018 - 9:14pm Only giving up four runs?

Pretty solid showing by the Hurongles actually.

04/10/2018 - 9:06pm Who


04/10/2018 - 9:04pm +1 for Matt Millen remark

That guy, not sure he could organize a kids birthday party but he sounds convincing as a color analyst.

04/10/2018 - 9:03pm Thought it might be something along those lines

Once is an anomaly, two or three times a pattern but then I'm avoiding "what's your favorite candy" and "Engler is being Engler" threads and making myself scarce here lately.

04/10/2018 - 7:16pm Who is Niko?

Off season name change thread I didn't see? I've been scarce around here trying to avoid favorite candy threads so I admit I may have missed something.

04/10/2018 - 10:09am Someone let me know when we touch bottom

 on the asinine off season threads, yesterday candiy, today this. I only want to catch the up swing though something tells me it will be June-ish before we hit the bottom.

04/07/2018 - 9:01pm If they could find big Mike's wallet

Maybe it was buried with him?