NBA experts think Wagner definitely, and Wilson probably, should come back to UM for 1 more year

Submitted by Ahriman on May 9th, 2017 at 6:29 PM

Obviously most people on the board wish both of them luck either way, but if both come back, with the players that'll be here next year, it could be really special.

There's not a lot of hype around Derrick, but he had an amazing year and there was this quote:

“Kudos to Derrick Walton. He had a monster season and he’s probably likely a D-League player. He shoots the absolute cover off the basketball and when you look at all the guys who are point guards in this draft after the first five, I just watched him give (Oklahoma State’s) Jawun Evans fits.

“Some people think Jawun Evans is a first-rounder and he could not guard Walton.”




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Lets hope this is what gets conveyed to our guys. Chad Ford had them both in the first round range and it pissed me right off. 


You know what this means guys.... We gotta tweet at them enough so they stay. 


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With Moe and DJ back, and the MAAR, X, Dunc, and the rest of the crew, we are going to be trouble for the B1G and in the NCAAs.  As Norman Dale said in Hoosiers: "I'd appreciate if you would support who we are, and not who we are not.  THIS is your team"  


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If they both come back then Bamba won't have a spot. We are gonna be good next year if they all come back. Hate to say it but the Spartans are gonna be good also. They will be a top 5 ranked team and they will have some height next year to. So I think it will be us or them for the B1G title.

Everyone Murders

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Well, based on that, I think I might be an NBA expert my own damned self.

That aside, I think it would be a mistake for both of them to enter the draft - they're both talented enough, but not polished enough.  And players on the bubble don't usually break through in the NBA.

If they do go for the draft, I hope they get picked high and excel.  I just don't think they're there yet.


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I tend to agree but more so because of his "havoc" playing style. If you're a good team you can not only handle the press but you can dominate it (see Michigan against VCU in 2013). The Big 12 has very good teams with good athletes with coaches that push the tempo. He didn't see that at VCU in the A10.


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Rick Pitino at Louisville? Very similar havoc style of up tempo and pressing.  I'd say it works quite well at the highest levels.  Like any style, if you have really good players, you have a chance to be really good.  Smart is on his way to getting really good players recruited by him.  I'd actually be surprised if he wasn't regularly near the top of the Big 12 starting next year, especially if he gets Bamba.


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Louisville doesn't do it anywhere near the extent that Smart does or did at VCU. And when they played Michigan this year, it was Michigan dictating the pace and flow of the game. Maybe Smart's style could work in the B1G or SEC where they play at a much slower pace but he's a bad fit in the Big 12, where every team prefers to run and gun. If you're comfortable playing up tempo, "havoc" isn't going to make you uncomfortable.


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1) Louisville's team this year was pretty different than any of their recent teams, mostly because of personnel.  Didn't have any gnat-like pressing guards like Peyton Siva, Russ Smith, etc.  So yes, they played less press and relied a lot less on TOs than usual and were slower than in years past.

Their best teams recently were their 2013 and 2014 teams when they pressed a lot more and forced the second most TOs in CBB by getting the 2nd most steals in CBB both years.  They also played fast offensive possessions, largely the result of so many steals. It was very much a havoc style that forced a ton of TOs, and that obviously worked well enough in the ACC and NCAA tournaments that year.  So that was my only point.

2) Smart has actually not played a havoc style at Texas either, probably because he doesn't have the personnel to do it.  He's definitely going to need to get great players to be successful with any system, like I mentioned and like any coach needs. If he gets guys like Payton Siva and Russ Smith, I imagine he'll be able to press plenty in the Big12.  Certainly won't be successful at the highest levels solely based on style - gotta have elite players too. And if he gets guys like Mo Bamba, he could be well on his way to playing a Pitino version of havoc with giant shot-blocking trees as the last line of defense if the pressuring guards get beat.  It sort of remains to be seen what his style will be at Texas.


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So I don't have to hear the name "Miles Bridges" until next year's draft. Michigan would have to be preseason B1G favorites if they both return, no?


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Winston, Langford, Ward and Bridges is a pretty good starting lineup.  With that, I think they will be favored over us slightly because their PG situation seems to be more stable than ours right now.  Only time will tell if Simpson is truly the answer at that position.


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MSU will be a top 10 team no doubt but picking them to win it all is crazy. Bridges isn't Lebron James. He was a mid first round pick. Their guards aren't all that great and they were a 9 seed last year with all these guys. I'd guess we would be picked # 2 in the conference ahead of Purdue.